My wiffe and I Fucke by 4 men Part 2


My Wife and me fucked by 4 men part 2

Well, it had to happen, just when we thought that we were in the clear and nothing further would happen, an envelope appeared on the mat, by the front door.
I opened it and found a USB pendrive inside, and a short note giving me instructions.
I was to wait for my wife to be present, and then watch the content of the pendrive. We were to follow the instructions given on it.
If we didn’t follow them explicitly, then copies of the video taken on our first meeting would be sent to friends and relations.
When my wife arrived home from work, we played the pendrive on our laptop. There in glorious colour was the whole video of our first encounter, graphically showing my wifes cum filled pussy, dripping with the aftermath of her gangbang with the men.
The video followed on with me being f***ed to suck all of their cocks and then be serially assfucked by them all.
After the video, came spoken instructions.
We were to wear only top coats and nothing else, then go and stand at the bus stop at the bottom of our road, at 7pm on the following Friday. When a car stopped and asked for directions to the snooker hall, we were to get in.
Friday finally arrived and with a certain amount of fear and trepidation, we made our way to the bus stop, arriving there at 6.50pm. both dressed in only topcoats as ordered.
While we were waiting for the car to turn up, my wife admitted, that although frightened at the thought of what was going to happen, she was sexually excited.
I slipped my hand under her coat and moved to her perfectly shaven pussy. Before I had parted her delightful pink lips, I could feel the wetness there. She was almost dripping.
I must admit that the thought of seeing her with several men, being used and abused was really turning me on.
All sexual thoughts suddenly diminished as a Silver Mercedes 220 cdi with dark tinted windows pulled up at the bus stop and asked for directions to the snooker hall.
We got inside the car, and were seated with one male in the front seat and another in the rear. My wife had got into the car first and was seated next to the rear seat passenger, who roughly pulled my wifes coat open to reveal her totally naked body, I could hear his audible intake of breath as he surveyed her. His hand then moved between her legs, roughly forcing them open and inserting two fingers into her. Her pussy obviously impressed him, as he removed his fingers and looked at the wetness on them. He showed them to his friend in the front seat, and said the bitch is soaking, she will enjoy what we have planned for her.
We were both blindfolded and continued the journey in darkness.
After 15 minutes the car stopped and we were bundled out, still blindfolded. We were led into a room, which must have been quite large, as there were many voices.
I was pulled away from my wife, and placed on what felt like a padded saw bench. My wrists and ankles were tied to it, then my blindfold was removed. The lights in the room momentarily blinded me, but as my eyes adjusted to the light, I could see I was right. It was indeed a very large room, filled with about 20 men and women.
My wife was in the centre of the room, in what appeared to be a large purpose built sling. She was totally naked and she was held in a spread eagled position by the sling, as it turned and her pussy faced me I could see that her lips were wide open, and her swollen clit was clearly visible. In her mouth was a ball gag with a funnel attached.
There was a table beside her with several different sex toys on it, ranging from vibrators and dildos, to more bizarre things like a large speculum and a catheter.
There appeared to have been a system for who would take my wife first, because everyone had a raffle ticket. They formed a bunch around my wife, and the first lucky guy spat on jis cock and rammed it straight into my wifes pussy . She took a sharp intake of breath, the seemed to start enjoying it, the guys cock was not that big but was very thick. While he was fucking her I could see a large butt plug being worked into her tight arse. The ball gag and funnel soon became clear as 4 guys were wanking over it. And obviously near to cumin. One by one they emptied their loads into the funnel , as they finished they were replaced straight away.
The butt plug that had been in her arse was removed and a guy wriggled under my wife and soon had his cock inside her arse fucking it for all he was worth. Next a woman with a big strap on took over from the guy who had finished fucking her pussy. Large globs of his cum started leaking from her pussy, soon to be stopped as the strapon dick. sealed it inside her. One after the other they fucked her, played with her, sucked her pinched her clit, pulled her nipples.
After what seemed hours the fucking stopped, and the large speculum was placed inside my wifes pussy. Cum started pouring out, and as the speculum was opened. it was obvious just how much cum was inside her pussy. Her pussy was so stretched now that her pee hole was clearly visible, it didn’t take long before one of the women inserted the catheter into it.
A bucket was placed under her pussy and the golden nectar started trickling out from the catheter. Some had a sip but mainly it just drained into the bucket along with copious quantities of cum.
The finale was all the men wanked over any part of my wife that they could, covering her completely with cum.
The contents of the bucket were then poured slowly into the funnel and my wife was f***ed to drink.
The room rapidly emptied and I was blindfolded again and reunited with my wife,. Our coats were put back on and we were lead back to the car.
We were dropped off at the bus stop and made our way home. Once inside I said to my wife that I expect that she wants to go and have a shower. Instead she took her coat off revealing her cum covered body. I want you to lick my pussy clean first and then the rest of my body. When you have made a good job of it. I want you to fuck my pussy and when I can get you hard again I want you to fuck my arse. Then you can clean me with your tongue before we sl**p.
My wife doesn’t know that I was f***ed to watch her, and that I was really hard throughout the show. I might have to tell her soon.

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