My s****r’s Friend Dakota Wants Me To Give H


Eighteen year old Dakota has had a crush on her friend, Samantha’s, b*****r, Preston for the longest time. The trouble is she never went for it because she was afraid of making her friend mad, and she thinks Preston would probably say no because he sees her as one of his s****r’s little friends and nothing more. She waited around until she was eighteen hoping the right opportunity would eventually come along, but one never did. She finally has a boyfriend that wants to have sex with her, but she decided to make one last ditch effort to get something started with Preston. She knew she would have to offer Preston something that really got his attention if she was going to get him to bite.
She told Samantha to tell her b*****r that she would be stopping by because she needed to talk to him about something. She knocked on the door and Preston invited Dakota in and asked her to take a seat on the couch. Preston liked it when his s****r’s friends asked him for advice as he thought it was his role as an older b*****r to help his little s****r and her friends out whenever they needed it.
“So my s****r said you wanted to talk to me about something?” Preston asked.
“Yeah, I know she is not home right now, but I kind of wanted to ask you something,” Dakota replied.
“Go ahead what is up?”
“You know how I have been dating Johnny for awhile now?”
Preston acknowledged that he had seen Johnny around quite a bit and asked Dakota what the problem was.
Dakota nervously replied while avoiding eye contact with Preston, “I want to have sex with him.”
“Congratulations go ahead have fun,” Preston replied with a smile on his face not really understanding why Dakota was telling him this.
Dakota laughed nervously and told Preston yeah, but there are a few problems. She told Preston that she has never had sex before and that she didn’t want to get pregnant. Finally, she said she was afraid she wouldn’t be any good at it.
“You’re telling me you haven’t had sex with him yet?” Preston asked.
Dakota nodded her head no.
Preston asked, “well have you thought about anal sex?”
Dakota and Preston talked about how some girls do anal to keep their cherry and how it is pretty common nowadays.
Preston said, “I don’t know what else to tell you if you don’t want to have sex in your vagina have sex in your ass.”
“Will you do me a favor?” Dakota asked.
“Sure what is up,” Preston said.
“Will you teach me how to have sex with my butt?” Dakota asked.
“Woe… I don’t think I am the person for that,” Preston said.
He added, “I am sure John will be just fine.”
Dakota slid off the couch, got down on her knees and moved in front of Preston. She touched his leg and said “please,” as her head was just a few inches from his dick.
Dakota grabbed his hand and said I won’t tell Samantha. She also pointed out it would be at least another hour before she gets home. Preston was hesitant, but the temptation of a cute blonde’s 18 year old virgin ass was too much to pass up.
“I am not going to say no,” Preston finally said after Dakota did her best job of selling it to him.
“But are you going to say yes?” asked Dakota smiling.
“Ok let’s see what happens,” Preston said.
Preston stood up and Dakota still down on her knees started unzipping his pants and pulling them down. Once his pants were down Dakota grabbed his cock with her hands and began sucking his cock. She couldn’t believe she had managed to finally get Preston’s cock so she eagerly sucked it. She pulled her top off and then took his cock very deeply. Preston was in heaven as he watched the petite 18 year old down on her knees sucking him off.
Dakota looked up at Preston smiled and said, “your cock is really big.”
Then she resumed sucking. Dakota reached behind her back and unhooked her bra and let it fall to the ground. She resumed sucking and took Preston’s cock deep in her throat several times. Dakota stood up and Preston got down on the ground and pulled Dakota’s pink lace boy shorts down. She got up on the living room chair in a doggy style position as Preston stuck his tongue on her pussy and then teasingly licked her asshole.
Dakota cried out in pleasure from the sensation of Preston running his tongue over her virgin asshole. She had never felt so sexually empowered and dominate in her young life. Preston began to spread her cheeks with his hand’s as he continued to prep her ass by lubing it up with his mouth and tongue.
Dakota continued to squeal in pleasure as she had never felt anything so good and so naughty. Here was a guy that she had been desperately trying to get attention from the past few years eagerly licking her asshole.
Dakota slid her own finger into her ass to prep it as Preston slid his head down and began to eat her pussy now. After her ass was good and ready she decided she wanted to suck Preston’s cock a little bit more so she slid off the chair and back down on her knees as she engulfed Preston’s cock with her mouth once again. She did this for a couple of minutes to make sure his cock was good and lubed with her spit.
Now that Dakota’s ass was lubed with Preston’s spit and his cock was lubed with Dakota’s spit she got onto the living room floor and positioned herself to take her first cock in the ass. At first she tried to take it doggy, but Preston never got more than an inch deep. Frustrated Dakota rolled over on her side and Preston got behind her. They kissed and Dakota guided Preston’s cock deep into her ass as she moaned in pleasure. Preston started moving his cock in and out of the petite blonde’s ass. The noises Dakota was making drove Preston wild. Dakota started rubbing her clit to increase her pleasure.
Dakota was so proud of herself she was taking all of Preston’s cock in her ass and she was bringing him so much pleasure. He was so into it and she couldn’t believe this is all she had to do to get his attention. She decided to try and get on top and ride him. She slowly impaled herself with his huge cock until she was taking the first four or five inches of it in her ass this way. She enjoyed the amount of control this position gave her. So much so her first orgasm caught her completely by surprise. She got very weak and her legs gave out as she came on top of him with his cock shoved deep up her ass. She rode his cock for a long time in this position cumming several more times until she decided to turn around and face him while she rode his cock.
Dakota couldn’t believe how easy Preston’s cock slid into her ass now. She also could see into his eyes and watch his facial expressions as her ass brought him incredible pleasure. Finally, she got back up on the chair and Preston held her legs up as he penetrated her ass. Dakota loved that she could still look into his eyes, but she could also look down and see his cock before it disappeared into her ass with each stoke. She came again and again, but soon it was time Preston to cum. She slid his cock out of her ass, got down on her knees and opened her mouth wide as Preston shot his cum into mouth.

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