my b*****rs best friend part 2


Well when I left off we were going back for a drink both with nothing on I could not take my eyes off him. I wanted more but I knew my b*****r would be home soon so I asked him what were we going to do because I wanted him again he said to call my b*****r and see when he be home so I did while I was calling him he was sucking on my tits again Hard and I liked it my b*****r said he was still there and they just got the tire off and putting on the spare so he would be back in about a hour I told him to call me when he got close he said ok. Now I was watching him suck my tits back n forth I told him to bite them hard again so he could leave his mark on me he liked that and started sucking them real hard. Then I pulled him up and kissed him wet and soft then I whispered in his ear that I wanted to suck and fuck him again and I wanted him to talk bad to me and be rough he looked at me and said ok, as he pushed my head down to his Huge black cock I was sucking him he said suck that cock white girl and I did and started licking his balls. He picked me up and took me by the hand to the table he turn me around and slid his cock in me from behind and was fucking me again so good I was talking fuck this white bitch fuck me he was pulling my hair and driving his cock in deep then he came and I came with him it was soo good we kissed for a long time till the phone rang. I answer it my b*****r said he be there in 5 min I told him to pick up a burger for me we got dressed kissed some more then he said I better leave my wife will be looking for me soon I gave him my number and said call me we will see each other the next day told him to call me when he could get away. I spent the night there and when I got up that next my pussy felt so good but my tits were sore I went in the bathroom and saw that they were hickies on them and black n blue around my nipples it looked so good he had left his Mark for sure I liked it. I thought about telling my husband what a night I had but part of me wanted to keep it to myself till I was with Mitch again which was what I wanted then I got dressed and was talking to mike my b*****r about his day was going to be he told me he was going fishing for the weekend and would not be back till Monday he was going to ask my husband to go with him and was waiting for him to call back I said let me call him and find out. So I was talking to him he asked did anything happen and I said no but if you go fishing I would make sure that it did with that he said ok. I told him to bring my bag in the closet and the toy bag when he came over and pick up some booze for a long weekend for me anyway. Well after they left I was hoping that Mitch would call I had left to go to the book store I was out of KY jell no call when I drove up him and another guy were standing out side the apt building with some black woman so I just got my bag and went in I sat around for about 3 hours then my phone rang I wanted to answer on the first ring but I didn’t it was Mitch. He said that his wife had gone to her s****rs for the weekend but his cousin was there and was going to stay and that he could not get away I asked him not even for a fast blow job he said no I told him to try and hung up, I was drinking I had a few when he called back to say he cant get away so I asked if he thought his cousin might want some at least some head. He said he would talk to him but not to say anything if they just show up just act like we were friends. I said ok then a knock on the door it was them. I asked if they wanted a drink they said yes sure he was a big guy a little older than Mitch a little bigger fat I just say it and dark so we had a few drinks when his cousin went to the bathroom when he did Mitch told me he told his cousin that I was a slut and that I would try to fuck them both maybe after a few drinks he heard that from a friend so I played along. I had another drink then went in the bedroom and put on my purple teddy that showed my nipples and my crouch less panties and thigh nylons white and my high heels . When I came out his cousin almost fell out his chair I told them I wanted some Black cock and did they think they could help me. Dam the cousin jumped up and came right at me he grab my tits I like the way he was doing what he wanted to me and I grab his cock Wow he was bigger then Mitch also he knew what he wanted and that was my mouth on his black cock he told me suck this nigger cock white girl and I did on my knees I went, so big and fat cock and I was sucking it right there in front of Mitch who had rocked my pussy the night before Mitch got up and got behind me took his cock out and was rubbing my pussy with it dam . I pushed his cousin back on the couch while Mitch slid his cock in my pussy while I sucked him ever time I tried to stop he pushed my head back down I liked the way he was treating me A lot I wanted him in me too so I told Mitch to go in the room and get the KY in my bag while Mitch was gone I kissed him deep I asked him his name and he said call me Daddy Slut wow Mitch came back out with the KY and I got up and put my ass to Daddy and gave him the KY he pour some down the crack of my ass then slid a finger in there I sat back on him as he slid his fat black cock in my ass Dam it felt good then I lean back on him told him to lift my legs up so Mitch can get his pussy he did I had 2 fat black cocks in me and I was loving it so much. They were taking turns fucking me first Mitch in my pussy then Daddy in my ass While Mitch would fuck me daddy would talk to me you like this nigger cock don’t you slut I would say I love it then daddy would thrust his cock deep in my ass and suck on my neck hard and wet we fucked like this what seemed like hours till daddy came in my ass and Mitch in there pussy now Mitch got up and moved to the table I got off daddy and he grab me and had me suck him clean I loved the way he was taking control of me I cant lie after I was done I got up and went to fix him a drink. My pussy and ass now full of cum I was just getting started, I gave daddy his drink and went to work I was kissing his tummy and moaning he said you like that black cock don’t you just then Mitch told him that I was married to a black guy he asked who put those hickies on my neck and tits I looked at Mitch he said I did yesterday I fucked her all night last night oh so she is a slut then I said hell yea if I could fuck two men like you I will be a slut all day and night as a matter of fact my husband will not be back till sun night and I am all yours till your done with me. With that I grab Daddy hand and took him in the big bedroom and sucked him and fucked him for about a good two hours till Mitch came back in and did the same. more to cum

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