My 1st time with my pregnant cousin


This story takes place when I was 20 my name is Mike. My cousin dawn was 22. We had grown up close she had always fixed me up with her friends. Even tho I’d been married since 16 . Her husband was a good friend of mine we all worked together . Well he split and went back up north . Only to find out a few weeks later she was pregnant with her 2nd c***d . Me & her would take turns driving to work. Usually on her days I’d wind up driving her car . So it was a hot southern summer day we had been working & on the bottom fell out . Her windshield wipers all of a sudden quit working. So I pulled off to a car wash so I can get out and check them out. We’ll I couldn’t get them working. I climbed back in the car the rain was coming down so hard we couldn’t see the outside of the car wash . We started talking just shooting the shit . All of a sudden it was lightening right beside us she jumped over.almost in my lap . We continued to talk she was saying she wished her husband would come home . Son i asked why? That bastard left yout fuck him!! Well then she just blurted out cause she was so damn horny. . I told her I know the feeling my wife had turned into a nun. She said we could help each other as she reached out and grabbed my cock she turned & kissed me with a passion. Before I knew it she had my cock out of my basketball shorts. She broke the kiss and had my cock in her mouth in no time. So I’m trying to get my hands up her shirt so I can rub her beautiful tits . She lets up long enough to unbutton her blouse and unclaspher bra . She was the 1st girl I had that could deep throat my dick . She was wiggling her ass around so I took the invitation to get my hands lower .. she had jeans on so I was trying to maneuver the buttons. I finally got them unbuttoned and unzipped but I barely could get my hand to the top of her mound . I kept trying to readjust so I could get a better reach. She noticed the hard time I was having so she let up off my cock and moved her jeans and panties to her knees . Everytime the lightening would crash I could feel her grip on my cock grow tighter. Well I finally had access to her young hairy pussy it was so wet & tight I barely could get a finger in her she was moaning in pleasure. I rubbed her clit I finally got 2 fingers in her tight pussy. Soon as I did she bounced up laid on her back with her head against the passenger window she didn’t even bother taking her jeans the rest of the way off she just balled up with her pussy in the air towards me . I was ready to blow a load already so I took it slow and bent down running my tongue up her slit till I found her clit I licked and sucked it till she cummed all over my face. Then she pulled me up saying I want that cock in me now so I obliged she had the tightest pussy I’d had in a long time. With a boon in my mouth my cock slamming her pussy I reached around and slid 1 finger up her ass . As I did she cam violently sending me into my on orgasm as I blew my load deep In my cousin I realized it wasn’t raining anymore. We put our clothes back on her only partially & we took off toward home. Before we got there I pulled off in a old cemetery….. I had to knock one more piece off before I got home …

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