Mrs. Smith {Part V}



I almost laughed when you &#034 ordered&#034 me to blow you. Truth was, I was going to offer to do just that as payment for getting me out of my jam. While a boys first time at intercourse should be with a girl his age, perhaps with someone he’s in love with, his first blowjob should be with someone who knows what they’re doing.

But I let you think you were blackmailing me, knowing it would make it even more erotic for you.

When you came, I couldn’t believe how much cum there was. I had trouble swallowing fast enough so some dribbled down my chin. I knew it was unsightly but I figured it was a turn on for you so I left it there till you were done.

Afterwards you went and showered and we went food shopping. I couldn’t wait to see my bosses face tomorrow when I showed him the video.

I suggested we go to a movie. Sitting side by side I was shocked when you reached over and held my hand like we were on a date. I realized you were getting even more hung up on me so I promised myself there would be no more sexual stuff.

We went back home and when it was time for bed you seemed disappointed when I told you that you could sl**p in your own bed tonight.


I felt a little rejected after all that we had done these past few days. I took it hard, she must have gotten what she wanted from me. I could not go to sl**p. There was something that was gnawing at me. Normally at times like this jerking off would drain off enough excess energy to allow me to finally fall asl**p.

I tried conjuring up every thought imaginable. From Ms. Smith down on her knees blowing me to her beautiful pussy. Nothing seemed to help me get off. I knew that I needed something more. I got out of bed and tip-toed down to the laundry to see if there were any panties hanging around. Sadly, there was not, I piddled around searching for something that might help push me over the edge and finally drain off this energy, but I could not find it. I knew where the mother load was, but it was too risky.

Well, it was too risky for my mind, but my cock was having different thoughts all together. ‘Go do it.’ I started to whisper in my head. ‘She’s asl**p and you won’t get caught’. It began again. Like a zombie controlled my cock I began to climb the stairs up to her room. ‘She did not even wake up when you fingered her’. My cock began again as I quietly pushed the door ajar just enough to peek in.

There was no sound of movement so I crept in to get to her dresser. ‘I said she did not wake up the last time, do it again.’ My cock said again when I was equidistance from her and her dresser. I looked at the dresser then again at her lovely legs. My mind knew what it wanted but my cock was saying something different. I stood transfixed not knowing what to do or think.


I thought I heard a noise so I sat up groggily and looked around but the room was empty. I was hoping to get a good nights sl**p for work tomorrow, when I could tell my boss to go to hell.

I lay back and relived the days events. I had given 2 blow jobs in the span of an hour but had gotten no sexual satisfaction in return. I knew the only way I was going to get a good nights sl**p was to get myself off.

Stripping off my panties and tossing them on the floor, I leaned over and got my vibrator from my night table drawer. Turning it on to slow I brought my knees up and spread my legs. Teasing myself I ran it over my vulva, before sliding it between my lips and placing it on my clit. I felt my clit harden and instantly began to get moist. Sliding it down to my entrance I circled it, raising the vibration. Sliding it up and down over my clit and now wet hole, I began breathing harder.

Wanting to add some fantasy, I pictured a male model doing me, but his face kept fading and turning in to Pontes. I stopped fighting it and imagined him next to me, his young dick taking the place of the vibrator.

Turning it to full, I slipped the rounded head inside me, my other hand massaging my clit.
My orgasm began to build and just before I let myself go I said out loud, &#034Oh Ponte&#034 and then with a loud moan, the dam burst and my juices flowed out.

Sighing contentedly, I put the vibrator away and drifted back to sl**p.


I decided to get the panties and was just outside the door with it slightly a jar when I heard a buzzing noise. The sound got me harder and harder. I took my new found jerk rag and began slowly jerking off. When she began moaning I almost blew my load right then and there. Soon, her moaning got louder and I had to hold off mo own orgasm. “OH Ponte” I heard her moan which broke my concentration and I only had a few seconds to cum in her panties making sure not to let any shoot against the wall or down on the floor.

I stood waiting for the sound of movement thinking that she would come get the real thing, but it was not happening. I went to my room and crawled into bed to sl**p the night way. sl**p I did, but my mind kept wandering back to listening to her masturbate and moan my name. The dreams I had were wonderful and intense.

When I woke up the next day she was already gone. She must be pleased with herself getting back at her shitty boss, with my help of course. She would have to be fucking this guy just to keep her job and all I got in repayment was a blow job. I should have asked for more, but at that time I would not have thought that she would have done anymore than she did. Now, I am sad that I missed my chance to actually slide my cock into her.

I piddled around the house while she was at work trying to keep myself entertained. Trying to figure out a way to get into her. It was not until shortly before she got home that I finally figured out the best way to get this done.

I wet into her room and pulled out all of her drawers. I found the one that held her toys and got them all out and laid them out on the bed waiting for her to come in the door. Just waiting for her was almost too much. When I heard the door open and close and her voice I just waited.

“I got the fucker fired.” she said, “Ponte, where are you we need to celebrate. Not only did he get fired, but I got a raise.”

He voice was getting louder as she came up the stairs. “You better not be jerking off in my panties again, pervert.”

Her face turned and looked at me sitting on her bed with her toys all out in front of me. The look of joy from the good work she did getting Tom fired turned to shock and horror as she saw me with her treasure trove of vibrators and dildos.

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