Moving in with Jim and Candy – Part 6


It was late August and the summer was starting to cool down. I was just finishing up my shift at the adult book store when I saw a customer come in through the back door. Lots of people come in through the back since the bigger parking lot is in the back, but something about this guy caught my attention. He was heavyset and older, probably in his early 50’s. His hair was still fairly dark, but had some silver/grey coming in at the temples. He was wearing a polo shirt and loose khaki shorts. He wandered around the store looking at different items. At one point, he squatted to look at something closer and when he did that, his cockhead slipped out of the leg of the shorts. It looked like it was dangling, not hard and the head was…impressive, to say the least. He stood up and turned around, smiling at me. He knew I had seen his cockhead peeking out. I just tipped my chin down and smiled back with a sly smirk. He came up to the counter and asked, &#034Can you break a 20 down to small bills for me?&#034

I said, &#034Of course. How would you like that?&#034

&#034All fives will be fine.&#034

I popped the cash drawer open and swapped his 20 for four fives and handed them to him. He smiled and pointedly glanced at my crotch and then to the arcade and walked away, smiling. I found myself getting stiff in my shorts and I reached down to adjust myself. The next shift started coming in and I clocked out so I could get on with things. My curiosity got the better of me and I slipped into the arcade, checking each booth and buddy booth. He was in the last (and largest) buddy booth, with the door open. That’s typically a sign that the person inside is open to some company. He looked up and saw me and grinned, &#034Come on in and close the door behind you.&#034

I smiled back and did as he said. As I closed the door, I noticed the movie he was watching was a daddy/boy feature and the boy in the scene was sucking off the daddy with gusto. Between the movie and his easy going way, I got super hard in my shorts. His smile grew broader and he said, &#034So I take it you’re open to play? Are you gay or bi?&#034

I grabbed my dick and said &#034Bi. I love to suck and fuck with men, women or trans. How about you?&#034

He said, &#034Bi, but I don’t get to play as often as I like. My wife is out of town right now, so I can get out and play a bit.&#034

He started squeezing his cock through the shorts. I reached behind me and threw the latch on the door so no one would walk in. I stepped up closer and asked, &#034Oral, anal, or both?&#034

He gasped a little, &#034Just oral for now.&#034

I smiled wide, &#034Giving or receiving?&#034

He bit his bottom lip. &#034Both, I hope.&#034

I took a page from Candy’s book and went a little dominant, &#034Good. Take off your shirt and drop your shorts. I want to see your dick.&#034

He did as I instructed. He was heavy set, but not flabby and had a nice thick cock with a huge mushroom head. He had some body hair, but clearly shaved his cock and balls. He was so excited that he was already dripping some precum. I dropped my shorts and pulled off my shirt, showing him my raging hardon and swimmer’s abs. He reached down to stroke himself, but I stopped him, &#034No. You don’t touch your cock unless I tell you. You don’t get to cum until I let you, understand?&#034

He nodded mutely and waited for me to make the next move. I reached down and grabbed his erect cock, giving it a quick stroke. His precum oozed all over the head and he moaned deeply. When his mouth opened as he moaned, I stepped up and put my cock in his mouth. He immediately closed his lips around my shaft and started greedily sucking my dick. The movie showed the daddy doing the same thing to the boy. I started gently thrusting my hips, fucking his willing mouth. I grabbed the back of his head and pushed my cock deeper into his mouth and throat. He didn’t gag or choke, so he was not only ready for this, he was clearly used to deep throating. He reached up and started tweaking my nipples. My own precum started to flow at that point and he swallowed it happily. I felt my own pending orgasm start to build, but I didn’t want to cum just yet. I pulled my cock from his mouth and knelt down in front of him, taking his huge cockhead into my mouth. He wasn’t long enough to deep throat, but he filled my mouth very nicely and groaned deeply. His precum was sweet and a little spicy.

His excitement started to grow and he started to thrust into my mouth, eager to give me his load. I used my tongue right on the underside of the tip and he started to strain. Suddenly, his cock pulsed wildly and started to fill my willing mouth with his cum. I started to swallow, not missing a drop of his white goo. Once he was spent, he pulled me up and engulfed my dripping cock in his needy mouth. He took me all the way down and deep throated me and started to swallow. The milking sensation of his throat sent me over the edge and I started to spew my hot young semen into his mouth. When I stopped shooting, I noticed his dick was still hard and throbbing. I told him &#034Jack your dick for me, daddy. You can cum again, can’t you? This boy wants to see you cum!&#034

He grabbed his dick and started stroking hard and fast, moaning and groaning all the while. I sat down on the bench net to him and started to stroke my own hard cock. We sat there, jerking off and watching each other stroke our hard cocks. His eyes glazed over and he started to pant, &#034Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, I’m going to cum again!&#034

With that, he exploded a second time, his cum flying all over the two of us. Watching him shoot off and seeing his thick daddy cum all over excited me and I started spewing my second load, but I came on both of us. With that, we both started to soften.

We started licking each other clean, savoring our cum again. Once we were clean, we pulled our clothes on. He smiled at me, &#034Thanks, k**. I really needed that.&#034

He pulled out his wallet and handed me a business card, &#034If you want some more daddy action, call me and we’ll make arrangements.&#034

I smiled, &#034What about your wife?&#034

He smiled, &#034Well, we like to play in threesomes, but she’s picky about the third. I think she’ll like you.&#034

He unlocked the door and walked out. I went behind him and headed for home. When I got there, Jimmy and Candy were there making dinner. Candy asked, &#034How was work today?&#034

I grinned, &#034Very stimulating.&#034

Candy narrowed her eyes and walked up and french kissed me. She pursed her lips, &#034I can taste cum in your mouth. Buddy Booth?&#034

I nodded, &#034Uh huh. Nice older guy.&#034

She grinned, &#034Did you just suck him or was it mutual?&#034

I smiled, &#034Very mutual.&#034

Jimmy grinned at me, &#03469 or one at a time?&#034

I shrugged, &#034One at a time, but we sucked each other off and then jacked off to a second load.&#034

Candy kissed me again, &#034Good. Enjoy it. Are you up to playing with us later tonight or are you all worn out?&#034

I grinned, &#034Let’s eat dinner and then get cleaned up. I think I could cum a couple of more times tonight.&#034

To be continued….

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