Meeting With Son’s Teacher


Written of a friend sexy_cumlover

I am sitting in my office at work when I get a call from my sons school telling me that his teacher needs to talk to me about my son right away. I tell them I will be there after I get off work. Hanging up the phone I think to myself what did he do now. I show up at his school after all the students have left for the day and find my way to his teachers classroom.

“Hi, Welcome.” I hear from his teacher. You are standing before me in a tight skirt that comes down to mid-thigh and a top that shows off her ample breasts. “Well I really called you in here because your son Chris is not doing to well in class. It is like he has other things on his mind… and at times he displays inappropriate behavior, it’s he like that at home?”

A little worried and taken a back I ask “What kind of inappropriate behavior has he been doing?” I cant take my eyes off your ass as you erase something from the blackboard as you speak. I keep looking over your body.

You notices me checking you out but say nothing. “Well he has a tendency to…. how shall I say it…. look at my breasts instead of what I’m writing on the board. And one time while I was wearing a skirt he was trying to sneak his phone under my skirt to take a picture.”
Sorry to ask sir but do you allow pornography in your home?”

Turning red I have to admit that yes I do have some at home but that I’m sure my son doesn’t know about it. As we speak I think to myself that I can under stand why my son is watching you and not the board. I tell you that “I am sorry but you are a very attractive woman and he is just a boy starting to become a man.”

“Yes sir I understand. Boys will be boys. But I think your son is a bit to horny for his own good. I think I need you to tell me what your porn films are about. Because I fear your son have seen them. Is there a part with up-skirt in the film?” Hinting at the picture he tried to take.

Turning red again I have to admit to you that yes there is one video with that in it. “But you can find that anywhere on the internet.” I say. I can feel my self starting to get hard as we talk about this. My mind starting to think about what you look like naked.

You look at my pants and you can see my dick getting hard. “Sir I need you to move your movie collection then. And maybe tell your son not to watch those sort of movies, and to spend a bit more time on his school work.” You bend over your desk making me able to look up your skirt a little. I can see you are not wearing any panties. You reach for a paper that tells parents about porn and k**s. “I would like you to read this and talk with your son about it.” You see my cock is really hard now. I see you look at it and cover it with the paper you just gave me. “So sir do you have any questions for me now you are here?”

My cock throbbing from the peak of your bare pussy. Dirty naughty thought race through my head. “Yes I have a question. Do you always dress like this for class?” I stand up looking you in your eyes.

“Yes sir. I guess its like my school outfit. Why do you ask?”

My cock now doing my thinking for me. My hand moves fast under your skirt and to your bare pussy cupping it. “Well if you are bending over all the time flashing your students your pussy then it’s no wonder Chris is distracted.” I say.

“Sir I can see your penis is getting erect. I do not think this is a good idea.” You say.
But I can see it in your eyes that this is what you want.

I push my fingers in to your pussy. “Its a better idea then flashing your students.” I say. As my other hand rips you shirt open exposing your breasts to me.

You give out a little moan as my fingers enter your pussy. You look at my pants. “Looks like you need a hand too.” You say with a little smirk.

I pull my fingers from your pussy and lick them clean as you watch. I push down on your shoulders telling you ”Since you made me this way, you should do something about it.”

Saying nothing you just go right to your knees. You start to unzip my pants. While you look me in my eyes. “To be honest, it has been way to long since I have gotten a nice dick.” You purr. You get my rock hard cock out and starts to lick my cock head. I can see and feel you really wanted some big fat cock.

I let out a soft groan as I feel your tongue licking my cock head, lapping up my precum. I look down at you, You’re a horny girl aren’t you?” I ask as one of my hands moves to the back of your head pushing it closer making more of my cock go into your mouth.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm” You say not wanting to take my cock out to answer. I can hear even with my hard cock in your mouth how bad you want my cock. You start to suck harder and harder. I push your head all the way on to my cock. You keep it down your throat as long as you can. You can’t hold it down any longer and pull back gasping for breath. With you spit dripping down your face on to your breasts and your ripped shirt.

I smile down at you asking “How many times have you flashed your students, wishing one of them would fuck you.” As my hand moves down an grabs your breasts massaging them pinching and pulling on your nipples. “Or do you do it just to get us fathers here so we can fuck our k**s slutty teacher?” Not waiting for an answer I push my cock back into your mouth.

You make some sounds while having my dick deep in your throat, but I have no idea what you are saying. You really go for it fucking your own face with my cock. I look down on you, your legs spread. I can see your wet pussy just dripping with your juices. I can see how horny you are.

I want more then just your mouth. I pull you to your feet making my hard cock pop out of your mouth. Yanking your skirt to the floor I bend you over your desk as I rub the head of my big hard throbbing cock along your pussy lips and to your asshole. “This is what you really called me here for isn’t it slut? You have been waiting for one of us parents to fuck you like a dirty whore, right here in your class room haven’t you.” I say. I push forward making just the head of my cock enter your pussy.

“Y-yes sir… I want your cock!” You moan loudly as I enter your tight wet pussy. “Mmmm yes this is just what I needed! Fuck me as hard you can! I have waited all day for this, fuck me hard!” You groan.

I grab you by your tits squeezing them hard in my hands as I ram my cock deep into you with one hard thrust. Making my balls slap against you. “Well then take it slut. Take my big hard throbbing cock in your slut pussy.” I start to fuck you as hard and deep as I can. Driving my cock into you over and over. Your desk starts to move across the floor as I fuck you.

“It is to good to be fucked so hard right here in my class.…” YOU thinks to herself. I can feel your pussy getting tighter and tighter around my cock. “Oh fuck I’m gonna cum!!!!” You scream.

I cover your mouth with my hand and just keep fucking you. As hard and deep as I can. Telling you “Keep quiet or we will get caught. Or is that what you want all the other teachers here to know what a dirty whore they work with.” I thrust harder and feel the head of my cock hitting your cervix as you whimpers.

You still scream. But my hand covers most the sound. I can see and feel your legs are shaking. You know You are about to cum with my hard cock deep in your pussy.

“I know you want it slut so cum, cum on your students dads hard throbbing cock. Show me what a whore my son really has as a teacher.” I slap your ass hard leaving a hand print. Your pussy muscles massaging my cock milking the cum from my balls making me ready to cum deep inside you.

You can feel your tight pussy just begging to get a hot load of cum.
Your legs start to shake even more. I can here your stilettos shake and move round on the floor. I pull your hair and pull your head back. Whispering in your ear “Cum for me you cheep whore, show me what my taxes goes to.” Your hole body start to shake. You start to cum.

“That’s it whore, cum on my cock. Cum like the lil dirty fuck toy you really are.” I drive my cock past your cervix and into your womb. I start to cum shooting rope after rope of hot thick cum deep inside you. Fucking my cum into your womb telling you “You are now my fuck toy and you will take my hard cock when ever I want your pussy.”

You try to keep just a tiny bit of dignity by saying “We will have to see.” But we both know I have you right where I want you. I pull out of your wet pussy, with a few drops of my cum leaking out. You start to get dressed. “Thank you, I think that was it for today.” You say regaining your calm.

As I stuff my cock back into my pants I tell you “If you have any more trouble with my son to feel free to call.” I look down and see some of my cum running down your leg making me smile. I give your ass one last hard slap making you jump. I walk out the door knowing that I will be fucking you again and soon.

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