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I work in a private firm on marketing. So i don’t always have to stay in market. I rent a room for mine since i am single. I have a mature maid who cook my meals three times daily. Since my c***dhood i like granny women. I can’t explain this addition but i love granny. Even granny maid is easy to find and available than young maid. It is boon for me. This time i employed a granny maid. Her husband died few months ago. She has a only daughter married to another city. She only live here. She just need to earn her only. I found her body slim and sexy. I can feel her soft and warm smooth body by seeing only. She do understand that i liking her sexy body. She like me as a house owner because i pay her much and never treat her like a maid. So she even don’t mind over me. One day i hit a long conversation with her about her entire life and i slowly moving into her private life. During talking she asked my why don’t i marry since i am adult. I replied her in a funny way, if i have a lady like you do i really need to marry? Ha ha ha! She like my reply and tell me she noticed i always look her body with a hungry eyes. Then she asked me, &#034do i really like her old wrinkle body?&#034 I got the chance and explained her my love towards old lady. In the meantime i got a emergency phone call a go out. Next day she was cooking and I back in the room with a plan to make fun with my granny maid. I entered into the room and getting fresh. She comes to me with telling I don’t like old lady. Instantly i do understand what she wanted to tell. Even today she was looking good since she works here. Today i cann see her boobs easily than other days. Suddenly i grabbed her boobs, she got startling but didn’t resist me. I kissed her and took to my bed room. Took off all her clothes. Her pussy was shaved. Asked her when she shave her old shaggy pussy. She answered me she did it morning with a hope today i will do something with her. How did you know i like shave pussy? Asked her. I know man like shaved pussy by my experience, she replied. Her pussy was saggy, loose, wide, big & pregnant marks in her belly. Before start sucking her pussy i requested her ro wash her pussy with Dettol. She did it and i spread her legs and begin to eat her pussy. She requested to suck her boobs i did little because i always like to eat pussy than any things. She got wondered because she never seen her husband to get crazy with pussy like me. She moaning with pleasure and telling she didn’t know feeding pussy has such ecstasy. Then i pulled out my cock and put in her mouth. She gave me a good blow job. Then i spread her big read shaggy and loose pussy. Put my dick into her loose wet pussy. She was frequently asking me about do i really loving her loose pussy. She believed that man like young and tight pussy and reason why she wanted to assured if i liking her old loose shaggy pussy. After an hour long fucking through doggy, cow girl & missionary i cum into her pussy and she climaxed nemours time. She finally believed i love granny and requested me to not marry.

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