Lucy’s visit to the osteopath


My wife Lucy had a bad back recently and had to visit an Osteopath to have it put right.

When she arrives, she was shown to his treatment room where he began by asking about her health before asking her to strip down to her underwear so that he could check the alignment of her spine and hips etc. She was not expecting that so she was still wearing the kind of sexy underwear that she normally wears, but not to draw attention to that fact she decided to comply and duly stripped for him.

Off came her blouse and jeans to reveal a matching light blue bra and thong set made from a very fine lace material, that meant the nipples on her perfectly formed 36DD boobs were clearly visible through her bra, and her pussy slit and little pubic hair line was clearly visible through her thong.

She realised straight away that he liked what he saw because as he lifted his head from his notes he took a slow intake of breath as his eyes widened and he stared for a moment taking in the view.

Lucy told me that she didn’t know what came over her but she liked the effect she was having on him especially as he was quite a good looking guy, and she started to juice up.

He asked her to stand up straight so that he could check her alignment and he began to scrutinise her body from the front. She knew he was concentrating more on what was inside the underwear than her posture – but she loved it! Her nipples are always erect but they began to thrust even more forwards creating a couple of large extrusions.

He asked her to turn around to check her from behind and she was now unable to see him or see what he was doing. He had a free view of her lovely rounded arse eating her thong. All sorts of things were going through her mind so when he touched her back to feel her bones she nearly jumped out of her skin. She told me he had a lovely touch and she closed her eyes to enjoy the moment whilst he equally enjoyed his moment. He ran his hands down her spine, periodically asking “does that hurt?” or “what about that?”, until he reached the small of her back. “Your vertebrates here are a little out which is causing you the discomfort. I will just have to sort them out in a moment” he said then carried on a little further down brushing his hands gently against her buttocks as he withdrew.

“Could you lie down on your front for me Lucy?” He said

As she did so, she glanced at the front of his trousers and noticed a bulge appearing which he was trying hard (no pun intended) to hide and he was moving to a position directly above her head.

He stood with his cock inches away from the top of her head as he began to massage her shoulders and she had to check the bulge out and moved her arms up as if to stretch and … bingo … direct hit! She made contact with his manhood which was, by now, in full glory. “Oh sorry!” she said, but she wasn’t at all.

“Okay Lucy I am going to have to click your bones back in again so could you relax for me?” Then he positioned her where he grabbed one arm and the opposite leg and with a sharp pull on each of them the click was done. Can you imagine what her arse must have looked like when he did that? He then repeated the same to the other side.

“Could you turn over on your back for me pleased?” he said
Of course she did as she was told.

Now my wife was lying on a bed in another mans office, in just her underwear with juices flowing freely from her pussy and feeling as horny as ever. To top that, he was standing there with a mighty erection, giving her orders that she was complying with and feasting his eyes and hands on her practically naked body.

What could happen next?

Well I will tell you what!

Lucy sat bolt upright and pretended she had cramp in her groin and snapped at him to grab her thigh and rub it for her. She was that convincing that he didn’t even hesitate and rubbed her thigh like there was no tomorrow, brushing so close to her precious mound that he actually got juices on his hands. He knew he was in there so when the pretend cramps eased he took his chances.

“Lie back down for me Lucy; I will have a closer look to see what may be causing the cramps”

With that he began to examine her thighs more closely. “Could you open your legs for me Lucy?” he asked to which she eagerly complied.

“Let me just move these out of the way for a minute” he suggested as he expertly whipped off her thong. Wow she was feeling on fire!

“Where does it hurt the most now?” he asked.

“Just inside there” she said.

He didn’t need a second thought. His fingers slipped straight inside her and he began to massage deep into her love box. Her eyes were closed and she was purring like a pussy cat and she then had the first wave of orgasm run through her body.

“I can’t reach the problem area” he said “I’ll have to use this it’s a bit longer”

She opened her eyes to see what he meant just as he positioned his swollen 9” member at her opening. He slowly and erotically pushed it in as she closed her eyes again and licked her lips with contentment. He reached up and round and unclipped and removed her bra to free her wondrous globes and lay on her and began licking her nipples whilst driving his shaft in and out.

He had only been going about 10 strokes when he pulled his cock out and shot his load all over Lucy’s chest and stomach which was a little disappointing for Lucy – she had wanted a proper session.

“How does that feel now Lucy?” He teased as he washed his tool in his sink.

“Fantastic!” Lucy replied “But it might come back again”.

“Well in that case you had better book anther appointment with me for next week so that you can have some further treatment”.

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