loving little fag boy


So, here it is. The next 20 years of my life in California Institution for Men Correctional Facility, aka Chino State Pen. I had no idea what was to come, never the faintest idea. Personally I thought I would get killed within a week’s time.

You see, I’m not really inmate material. I eventually did become one but not as you would think like into one big bulky muscled tattooed thug. Instead, when I first walked into prison I was a 19 year old, 5′ 1&#034, 130 lbs, fair skinned curly red haired Emo twink.

Now, what is a nice cute androgynous lace and fishnet wearing bi-sexual white boy Emo twink like me doing 20 years in a hard core jail?

Fact is, I am innocent.

I was giving a friend of a friend a ride to the next town over. Going to his house to check out some music he had of a band who was playing in his town. I was to spend the night at his place and go to the concert the next evening with my other Emo friends.

I never met him before but being a friend of a friend, I trusted him to be cool. Besides he was a drop dead gorgeous black haired Emo twink with the bluest eyes I ever saw on a guy accented with black eyeliner, blue eyeshadow and a light hint of lipstick on his mouth. I wanted to make out with him so bad but I just kept driving and listening to his ipod on the car stereo. I was finding myself getting horny as we chatted about the band on the ride while I would look at him.

At one point the music stopped and we drove about 30 seconds of silence when I just broke out and told him I was in sooo love with his eyes. They were so beautiful and blue and I really wanted to make out him. He smiled and put a hand on my torn fishnet leg and said that he also was attracted to me and complimented my ear rings and piercings. It was night time, we still had 30 min ride to go and my little Emo dick got so hard when he put his hand on my leg, never removing his hand and gently stroking my stocking clad smooth hairless leg as the conversation started to turn sexual. He leaned over at one point and kissed my cheek. He told me that there was a large parking lot we can stop for a few mins and have a wank before we got to his house. I was lust ridden and agreed.

Within moments I see the lot and slowly pull into into. A few cars and trucks but generally empty. I park my car away from everyone and kill the engine and everything became quiet. We put some music on but real low, jumped into the back seat and started making out with extreme lust. He was a perfect kisser, soft velvet tongue and full lips. Yes, he was wearing lipstick I knew it cause I can taste the wax and the cherry flavor of it. I move my hand to his crotch and feel his hard cock. I was impressed with how big it was. Most Emo twinks that I have fooled around with have small stubby clitties like I do instead of instead of man sized cocks! I said that I wanted to suck him but he was already undoing my zipper on my shorts. He found my little hard nub under my black lycra panties and started playing with. I was in heaven. Within moments, I came right in his hand when he brought it to his lips and licked my cum of his black nail polished fingers. I kissed him tasting my Emo twinky cum on his lips and tongue. We stopped after deciding to wait another 5 min ride to his apartment and we would be making our own music in his bed instead of the back seat of my car.

He pulls out of his bag a small compact mirror checking himself out like chicks do and re apply his lipstick on that sexy mouth that I couldn’t wait to kiss again. When he’s done he leans over to toss his bag in the front passenger seat when unbeknownst to me, he sees through the front windshield a police car approaching our spot. Meanwhile, I was still a sexual mess completely relaxed in my back seat enjoying my cum stained panties and had no idea about the approaching police car. He opens the back door and jumps out and runs. For a moment I was like, ‘What the fuck?’ when I heard the familiar police siren.


In complete fumbling panic I try to compose myself but I was too late. The back seat was completely filled with the bright blinding light of a policeman’s flashlight. The I hear him say, ‘You in the back seat, get out of the car slowly and keep your hands where I can see them. FUCK, my cum stained clitty is hanging out, my shorts are down around my knees. If I try to fix my self at this point, I thought this cop just might think I’m going for a weapon and start shooting.

With great embarrassment I slide out the open door where my gorgeous dark haired lover ran off from. Stepping on the the parking lot’s gravel pavement.
The cop complete ignores my appearance as if he seen worse than I actually felt but I was never the less, embarrassed as fuck. I have never been pulled over by a cop let alone standing in front of one with my shorts down my ankles now, exposed in my cum stained black panties and fishnet stockings.

He asked if there was anyone else in the car. I replied no. He asked if it was my car? I said yes. Then he asked why did my friend run when he saw the cops? I said I really don’t know that I just met him. I don’t think he believed me. From his perspective, we were two cross-dressing sissy freaks having gay sex. He asked me to pull my shorts up and keep my hands on the hood of my while he searched my car. He asked if the bag in the front seat was mine. I told him it was the guy who ran off. When I hear him babble in a panicked voice into his police radio all in police code.

He comes back to me now very alarmed with his gun drawn on me. What the fuck? Why does he have a gun on me? Within seconds as if there was a police station a minuets away, five police cars come screaming into the once quiet dark parking lot. More cops all around all looking on the ground with flashlights, looking in my car, asking me my name, who my faggot boyfriend is and why is there a bag in my car with a stolen 9mm and 10000 pills

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