Life Change for s****r and I pt.4


Saturday morning, Clare and I had another quicky like we usually did when we woke up, then rushed out to do our usual peeing, then breakfast, then did some packing so we wouldn’t have all of it to do after dinner, then we decided to just sit around camp and did some talking, and walk over to the lake and talked some more, and when we would just be talking, Clare would sit on my lap and put my dick in her pussy, since she kept me hard most of the time, due to her being so sexy looking, and even her walk was sexy to me, watching her butt with it’s natural swing and butt cheeks jiggling with each step she took, and even her tits have a little bit of a bounce to them.

At noon we fixed some dinner to eat, and after we finished eating, we then cleaned everything up and put any left overs in the ice chest and then finished packing everything up in to our backpacks, so that we would have them for the next time as far as the camping gear goes, and the clothes put where we could take them into the house to be cleaned or put away where they belong.

&#034What do you think mom will think when she sees that most of our underwear is still clean?&#034

&#034No telling sexy. The way her and dad have been acting, she may not think to much into it, except that we had easy access to each others bodies, when ever we decided to make love to each other, maybe.&#034

With everything packed and ready to go, I said, &#034We can go ahead and carry these two ice chest down to the tree, then we can either take the last one down with us when we carry our backpacks down or take it back down, as soon as we get back from taking the first two down.&#034

&#034How about we see how we feel after taking the first two down, and even time may play a part in it too.&#034

&#034You do have a point there, cause we still need to get dressed before going down with our backpacks.&#034

&#034Yes we do, which I wish we didn’t have to. I wish we could just run around the house with no clothes on, at home even.&#034

&#034I know just how you feel, cause to me clothes are such a hassle, having to dress every morning, then undress every night, when the air sure feels good to a body, day or night.&#034

&#034You got that right. To bad so many people don’t see it way.&#034

&#034You got that right. The first thing people wants to do if someone was to walk into a store with nothing on to cover themselves, is call them a sex afender and put them in jail or prison.&#034

&#034How is that a sex afender when one just walks in to buy something?&#034

&#034I have no idea.&#034 as the two of us picked up the empty ice chest with one that had food in it, that we had not ate which wasn’t a lot of food, &#034The only thing I can think of is, if it is a guy he may afend some other guy by the size of his dick, like the one without clothes being bigger than the one with clothes on, and the same might go for the women if it is a woman that has no clothes on, cause of her tits being bigger than another woman that may want a little bigger tits, but then they are not u******e, cause if they are u******e, I would thing they are still growing into their size yet.&#034

&#034Do you like the size of my tits baby?&#034

&#034As far as I’m concerned, your tits are perfect just like they are, and even if they do get bigger, they will still be perfect, even if they were to be smaller so either way, your tits are just perfect no matter what. As long as they are real and not fake for me.&#034

&#034You mean to tell me there are guys that likes fake tits?&#034

&#034I would say yes, cause they like bigger tits, and a lot of women likes them bigger, or wishs their tits were bigger.&#034

&#034How do you find all this stuff out?&#034

&#034I’ve heared some women talk from time to time, and have seen a lot of women with fakes, and men talking about how they like those big tits on a woman with fake, as well as with some women that has real tits.&#034

&#034Mom has those D size tits and she does not see how women would want bigger tits cause her’s are to heavy at times, the few times I’ve heared her say something about a woman with big fake tits.&#034

&#034I’ve heared that too, from a few women myself, including mom, but I didn’t really know how big her’s are.&#034

&#034You do now, since I just told you.&#034

&#034Yes I do now for sure.&#034

When we finally got to the parking spot and sat the two ice chest down under the tree, I reached in and pulled out two bottles of water for Clare and me, then we started back up to camp.

When we got back to camp we decided to wait and just carry the third ice chest down when it was time to meet dad for him to take us back home.

I sat down on the log then Clare sat down on my lap sliding my dick into her pussy with her feet behind me, &#034You know, I really do not want to leave here. I wish we could just stay here but yet, I wish mom and dad would have let us drive out with your pickup, so we could have gone to town and get what ever we may need instead of bring stuff to us.&#034

&#034Yes, that would have made it easier I would think, cause dad had to use his to make a round trip each day when it would have been closer for us to go in and get ice then come back and not have to drive all the way home and back, along with buying the ice he brought out to us.&#034

&#034That means he had to buy more gas than you would have had to right?&#034

&#034Yes he did.&#034

&#034Do you think you and I can camp out up here again this summer?&#034

&#034Maybe. We’ll just have to see what my schedule will be like at work, since I’ll be going full time when school is out.&#034

The whole time Clare was sitting on my lap with my dick in her pussy, she was fexing her pussy muscles around my dick, the whole time we was making small talk, &#034I’m about to cum baby.&#034 then I flexed my hips some and sucked a tit into my mouth, which then she soaked my dick with her cum and I felt it run down and drip off of my balls.

&#034Oh fuck, that’s it, I’m cumming baby, damn, it feels good, shit.&#034

When Clare calmed down some, &#034Oh fuck me, that felt good baby. I’m going to miss having your cock in my pussy when we get home, and we are just sitting around like this, with mom and dad around most of the time.&#034

&#034Mostly mom, since dad works all day.&#034


&#034Speaking of which, we might better get dressed and start making our way down, since it is getting close to time.&#034

&#034Yes you are right. It sucks that we have to leave here.&#034 then she kissed me again with me kissing her back.

When Clare stood up I heared the popping sound as my dick slid out of her pussy, then she turned and bent over and sucked my dick into her mouth and took it as deep into her throat as she could, then just sucked on the head and licked up and down the shaft of my hard dick till it was cleaned off from her cumming, then said, &#034If I do not stop, I will keep sucking that big beautiful cock, and then we will be late getting down to meet dad, and he might end up hiking up here to see if we are okay or not.&#034

&#034Yes, and he might like what he sees and want you to give him a blow job too.&#034

&#034I’ve got to get this cock soft first and right now, it is all the cock that I need.&#034

&#034So, in other words, you will think about giving him a blow job, when you get my dick soft?&#034

&#034Mmmmaybe. It might depend on how horny I am and whether or not you can take care of it or not.&#034

&#034I will all ways try to take care of your hornyness any time that I can.&#034

&#034I know you will baby, and I will try to do the same for you when I can, and I do know that you are horny right now, but, time is getting away from us right now.&#034

&#034Yes it is and it sucks, that we can’t stop the time long enough to take care of the problem.&#034

With us dressed and ready to load up the backpacks onto our backs, I helped Clare get her backpack on her back, then I put my backpack on, and then we each took a hold of a handle on the ice chest and started down the trail, to the parking spot.

As we got to the parking spot, dad was there and had just finished putting the two ice chests in the back of the pickup and started toward the trail, leading up to the camp site, &#034I was just fixing to go up and check on you two.&#034

&#034Sorry about that, we were a bit slow in getting dressed to come down here.&#034

&#034Getting dressed? When did you bring these two ice chest down?&#034

&#034Shortly after dinner.&#034

&#034Wasn’t you dressed then?&#034

&#034No we wasn’t.&#034

&#034I do not think I want to know any more. Let’s get you two loaded up with this stuff.&#034 as he took the ice chest from the two of us.

Once everything was load and the three of us were in the pickup and dad was pulling away to head home, Clare sat next to me with her head on my shoulder and a hand on my thigh, while I sat with one arm around her shoulders and neck, and my other hand resting on her forarm that was on my thigh.

As soon as dad was parked in the drive way, he got out, as I got out and held the door for Clare and helped her out and stepped to the back of the pickup, &#034You two get the camping gear put away and get your backpacks and bring them in, I will get the three ice chest and take care of them.&#034 as he was taking the first chest out of the back of the pickup.

As Clare and I were taking the backpacks and getting them turned to get the bags with our clothes out of them, &#034I didn’t see anything different with the house from out here.&#034

&#034I didn’t either sexy.&#034

I took the backpack into the garage as soon as I had a bag of clothes sitting on the tail gate, with Clare following me into the garage with her backpack, and after putting my backpack in it’s place, I took her’s and put her backpack with mine, then we went to the pickup and got the bags with clothes in them.

I opened the door leading into the kitchen from the garage, then let Clare step into the house first, then followed closing the door behind us, to see mom and dad just standing in the kitchen not saying anything between them two, but watching Clare and me as we stepped into the kitchen, &#034How was everything?&#034 mom asked us.

&#034We really didn’t want to leave there.&#034

&#034I know the feeling. We never want to leave there either, when it’s time to pack and go.&#034

I reached in the fridge and took out a can of pop, &#034I’ll take one of those myself, please baby.&#034

&#034Sure thing sexy, here take this one.&#034 as I handed Clare the one I had got first.

&#034The way you two are talking to each other, I would say there is a relationship going on with you two.&#034

‘Yes I guess you can say that.&#034 as I closed the fridge door.

&#034Oh good, I’m so glad. Can we expect a baby on the way yet?&#034

&#034More than likely, since Clare didn’t have her pills with her. Now, can someone tell us what this is all about, and why you are asking these questions, and for setting us up like we were?&#034

&#034Well I guess with the trouble you two seemed to have with other relationships that you two have had, it seemed that the only way to get around those problems, was let you two do what others have done in our f****y including us.&#034

&#034What?&#034 Clare asked leaving her jaw dropped open.

&#034You mean that you two are b*****r and s****r too?&#034

&#034No, we are not b*****r and s****r but, we are first cousins. My s****r and older b*****r are b*****r and s****r, and since Randy was the only c***d my dad’s s****r had from being married to a guy she had met, and I had no other b*****r than your uncle, and Randy and I got along better than we did with anyone else, we decided to do what my siter and b*****r did and got married to each other. Does that all make since to you?&#034

&#034Yes I understand.&#034

&#034Yes I got it now.&#034

&#034Now did you two decide to marry while on the mountain?&#034

&#034Yes we did.&#034

&#034Good. Now your honeymoon suite is ready and waiting for you up stairs, first door on the left. I will ring when supper is served, and I will gather any dirty clothes you may have Monday morning, when you leave for school.&#034

&#034We do hope you find everything to your liking till then.&#034 dad added.

&#034Sounds like it to me.&#034

&#034Yes, same with me too.&#034 Clare added as we then turned to go to the first door on the left up stairs, which used to be Clare’s bedroom before we left to go camping.

When Clare and I got to the door that used to be her bedroom door, I opened the door then stepped back for her to step into the room first, and when I stepped in behind her, we found a full size bed and not the twin bed she had before we went camping, then I saw a lot of my stuff in the room as well as a lot of her stuff too.

&#034I can not believe what we just heared down stairs, and now this. It’s like a dream come true in a way as far as the room, and you and I get to live together as husband and wife too.&#034

&#034I know just what you mean. I did not know that our aunt and uncle are b*****r and s****r either. and here mom and dad, are really first cousins to boot.&#034

&#034Really same here. Makes me wonder about grandma and grandpa. How about you?&#034

&#034That has crossed my mind since finding out what we just found out.&#034

&#034Oh wow, look at our bathroom.&#034 Clare said stepping in to the bathroom, where we used to be able to just walk through from one bedroom to the other bedroom, when no one was in using the bathroom.

I stepped into the bathroom to see that there is no more a door leading to my old bedroom and it had another sink and counter with two sinks, and one sink moved around so the two sinks are side by side, with a linan closet with new wash wrags and hand towels and bath towels, &#034Wow is right.&#034

We even noticed that the door leading out into the hallway was not there either, so in stead of three doors leading to the bathroom, there is only one door now.

We went back to the bedroom and stepped out into the hall way, to meet mom and dad standing there, &#034How is everything?&#034 mom asked as I followed Clare out the door.

&#034We like it but, we want to know what you did with my old room.&#034

&#034It’s not finished yet, but we are turning it into a baby’s room but since we do not know if your going to have a boy or a girl, we have to wait to finish it, plus we wanted to get all of this done, before time for you two to come home.&#034

&#034Would you two rather have your first home in the country or in town?&#034 dad asked out of the blue.

&#034Myself in the country but Clare, and I, haven’t talked about that just yet because of school and my work, which is what we have talked about the most but mostly school, as far as what we are going to tell our class mates if she starts showing, if, she is pregnant.&#034

&#034You have time to talk about that but we will give you pointers as to what to say and listen to what you may have come up with as to what to tell your class mates.&#034 mom said, then she turned and started toward the stairs.

&#034The baby’s room will take about another month to be ready for any of your in put so till then it’s locked and off limits.&#034 then dad turned and started toward the stairs behind mom.

Clare and I turned and went into the bedroom and closed the door, then we started undressing each other while we kissed each other, and since she just had on a tank top T-shirt and short shorts, and she had her shoes off all ready the same with me, and me just having on a tank top and pants, it took no time at all to be down to our birthday suits and then on the bed, with her on top of me.

Clare wasted no time lining my dick up to her pussy and sitting down on top of it, sliding my dick into her pussy to the hilt, then she went to bouncing up and down, &#034Now that some questions are answered, it is time for you to fuck the shit out of me, cause I have missed this beautiful cock of your’s, way to long.&#034

As soon as Clare had a rhythm going with her bouncing, I started matching her by flexing my hips up when she was on the down stroke, then relaxing my hips when she was on the up stroke, of her bouncing.

It was not long till Clare was squirting all over my belly and legs and balls, soaking the bed under us too, &#034Oh fuck me, I’m cumming baby. I’m cumming all over your big cock. Fuck it feels damn good, in my pussy, I can not go another minute with out it, fucking me, till you fill my pussy up, with your baby making cum baby. I need you to cum in me baby, please.&#034

When Clare finally quit cumming and had calmed down some, she laid down on top of me, squashing her tits into my chest and kissing me again with so much pasition, then I rolled us over till I was on top, then as we kept kissing each other, I started pumping in and out of her pussy with my dick, as fast as I could.

After just a couple of strokes in and out of Clare’s pussy, we broke the kissing off, &#034Oh yes, fuck me baby, just like that, don’t stop, fuck it feels so damn good, keep going.&#034

&#034Damn sexy, your pussy is squeezing my dick so much, I will not be able to hold off much longer.&#034

&#034Good. Don’t stop, I’m about to cum, now cum with me.&#034 keeping her legs and arms wrapped around me.

After a couple of more strokes in and out of Clare’s pussy, &#034Oh fuck me, don’t stop, cum with me, I’m cumming baby, fuck.&#034

I was so close to cumming, and when she said to cum with her, that is just what I ended up doing. Cum shot out of the head of my dick right into Clare’s pussy, just as her cum squirted out again, soaking the bed, my legs, balls, and belly, again.

When we finally quit cumming and got calmed down some, &#034Oh fuck baby, that felt so damn good, even if it was a quicky, I’ll be good to go till bed time, I think, but then, I may need it again right after supper tonight, then bed time again.&#034

&#034I do wish I could have lasted a little longer than I did, this time around.&#034

&#034Oh no baby, you lasted just right. Had we had more time up on the mountain today, then I would have wanted it to last longer, but for right now, I needed it quick and fast and you delivered, just right.&#034

Then we heard mom calling us for supper, &#034Damn, what timing she seems to have. I wanted to keep your big beautiful cock in my pussy, a little bit longer.&#034

&#034I know just how you feel. At least you can get back into your pussy right after supper, if, she leaves us alone long enough.&#034

As bad as we wanted to stay in position like we were, I lifted up and pulled my dick out of Clare’s pussy, then we put on the same clothes we had just pulled off of each other and headed down to supper, with my cum still in her pussy, causing a wet spot in her short shorts.

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