Lesley part 27


&#034Your doing fantastic….get the fuck back in and do him again. Get him needing you so badly, that when he’s ready to fall…he’s gonna fall like fuck. Haha.&#034

It was nearly 230am and Lesley was standing naked in Robs office on the excuse of going for a pee. She had sneaked into Robs office, knowing he would he in there, probably sl**ping. He wasn’t. She had given him a big hug when she went in, but didn’t kiss him because she knew he had probably been watching her earlier giving Mcpeevie a blow job, which had resulted in him firing his jizz, all over her face and in her mouth. She wouldn’t do to Rob what she had been doing to the fat jock for the past few days.

&#034I know….it’s just hard. He’s insatiable. He’s always fucking hard. And….he doesn’t seem to need sl**p. This is the first time he’s actually went over….the fat fuck. I’m sore everywhere.&#034

&#034Lest me see ya ass hole….he sure did you hard!&#034 Rob asked.

She turned round and bent slightly, pulling her cheeks apart.

&#034Jesus….I could get my fist in there….did it hurt much?&#034

&#034Er….yes and no. I was sort of out of it….it a ‘good place’ surprisingly. I felt him fingering my bum hole, and it…..felt good. When his cock tried to get in I just let myself relax as much as I could. By body was saying ‘get out’…but my brain sort of….overruled….the ‘get out’ thoughts, and, I just sort of concentrated on letting the pleasure outmanoeuvre the pain. When he was right in and fucking me hard, it was unbelievable. When you do my bum you are loving…when he did me the first time…fuck, it was…brutal….but fucking brilliant. I didn’t know bum fun could be so….good. Heehee. Just wish it was you….&#034

&#034I’ll make sure you get plenty ‘up the bum for fun’ girl….don’t worry about that. Haha. But not tonight. As I said…get back in there, and get straight under the duvet…take the lead, and make him think he’s the most desirable male on the planet. Worship his body…..big as it is. And in the morning…..shave his cock as he asked. I’ll get it all on tape…no problem. Do it in the bedroom though, I’ve no camera in the bathroom. Now….go!&#034

Lesley smiled, turned, and walked towards the door. Rob watched her arse as she walked, noticing how red and angry the marks on her fleshy arse appeared. Mcpeevie had given her a real pasting when he was doing her doggy style. Rob had watched that, again, twice. Luckily he had a perfect camera angle for that episode and had stroked his own cock while watching Mcpeevie give Lesley a real good working over. She had screamed her way through two mammoth orgasms and he had heard her whaling through two brick walls, never mind the need for audio. He had also noticed her nipple free breast, and how red it was. She had been riding him cowgirl and he had pulled her forward, latching his mouth in to the aforementioned nipple. He had held it between his teeth for nearly a minute, as she bounced up and down on his massive fat cock. . The flesh extended every time she moved, and it really looked damned painful, but….she never mentioned it. He wasn’t surprised. Over the years, old Rob had gained a vast knowledge of the female psyche, and still, at times, was left bewildered. Lesley, he knew, needed to be dominated. She also had a penchant for pain. To take Mcpeevies cock in her arse, and not be overcome with pain and revulsion, told him she was also a probable masochist. He knew that when she took his own cock anally, the first time, she had taken it with minimal complaint, and had indeed encouraged him on. Rob suspected she was enjoying this, a lot more that she would ever admit too. Rob, on the strength of her performance tonight, had had three wanks during the evening and was feeling like having another one now. He had tons of footage already, that, with care and precision, would make for a good length sex production, that, he would upload onto his personal pay per view pornside. Unbeknown to Lesley she was already a practicing star. Her sexploits with the two lesbians at the porn shop had already made her a requested favourite. His followers would he delighted when this production hit their small screen. He might even make it a series. He chuckled. Their would be plenty ammunition. Of that he was sure. He also wondered if she would be up for a threesome with himself and Mcpeevie…that would be good….oh…and profitable. He laughed. Turning on his monitor, he watched Lesley make cock sucking look like licking a lolly. She was a master. He could see her tongue licking the huge saggy scrotum, hanging beneath what he believed was the thickest cock he had ever seen. Rob was impressed, and showed his appreciation by performing his own tribute by jacking off in to yet another tissue. His fourth….and counting. He stretched out on his office settee and went to sl**p. The cameras didn’t!


Lesley looked at the bedside clock and saw it was 530. Mcpeevie had just been to the toilet and had crawled into bed and cuddled up to her. She feigned sl**p when his hand cupped her breast and pulled on her nipple. She hadn’t responded and soon he was snoring gently. She then tried to move, but the huge arm, under her own arm, plus the hand gripping her breast, made it nearly damned impossible to move. She managed, eventually, to extricate his hand from her breast and push it out of the way, allowing herself, at least, to form a gap between them. Thinking about the circumstances of her predicament, made her realise that she was having to compartmentalise the events occurring. She did not like this man AT ALL. She LOVED HIS COCK. She did not admit to liking his methods….but if she was ever asked, she probably would not have objected to them. Lesley’s need for more and more sex was becoming very apparent to her, and at the moment that need was being adhered too. Even if it was the sadistic Scotsman… Mcpeevie.

Since he had fucked her pussy and backside, they had had sex four more times and in the end she had had to stop him each time. She kept losing consciousness after cumming. That was ok…she thought…once or twice. Not five or six times, though. He had cum twice….once in her arsehole, the second time he did her there. And once on her face and in her mouth. He could have done her more…she was sure. His cock just wouldn’t stay down. Even now, she knew, it was erect. When he cuddled into her she could feel it. It was there…. It was the only thing on his body that was as big as his belly…..and by fuck that was big. She smiled. But….she couldn’t lie….she loved that cock. She loved it probably more than Robs…although she wouldn’t tell him that of course. Rob would be upset. She slipped her hand back and stroked it…feeling the vein running up its length to the huge mushroom head. She wondered how that head had managed to get past her tonsils and her sphincter muscle so easily. But it had. She must be just made to take big cock she decided. He snored on.

She slipped out from under the covers and he turned over in his sl**p and onto his back….making him snore all the more. In the early morning light, she could see his cock standing, proud….as if waiting….for attention. She was tempted…really tempted…..but was sore from the battering her holes had already taken. She went to the bathroom. She noticed her black and blue breast but on checking realised it wasn’t sore so wasn’t concerned. She looked tired. Which….shouldn’t have surprised her as she had been having sex all night and sl**p had been secondary. She saw the baby oil bottle and thought it best to lube herself up agin in case he wanted her arse when he woke up. Forward planning her sexlife….what a wise girl she had become. She giggled. She physically checked her pussy and bum hole and realised they were tender, but nothing worse. She applied some baby oil and then headed back to the bedroom without a care or thought as to the ludicrous situation she was in. She even took it all in her stride when she got on the bed and a voice said…&#034Their yea are…me wee slut. Ave missed ya. Now..why don’t ya climb on here, and have yourself a wee ride on me totem pole. Heehee. In fact…go reverse and I’ll finger your arse…..now big Al thinks that Lesley is getting to like her bum played with…Am I right?…… Are ya liking the cock in ya arse better than ya cunt?….be honest!&#034

&#034Well….its….I I I. I love your cock where ever you decide to put it. Your the best lover I’ve ever had…Al…I really mean that…&#034

&#034Not surprising though….I’m such a ‘suave…sophisticated….sexy, sort of guy. Your not the first woman to fall foul of my charming ways&#034…..he chortled, believing every word that came from his own, sad, sadistic mouth. &#034But…my sexy little minx…..&#034 he said, as Lesley positioned herself in reverse cowgirl position, above his huge cock…&#034…..your the first one I’ve developed feelings for……fucking strange…coz I’ve fucked a few good looking women..believe me…….ooh that’s fucking gid…..now move ya arse and milk that cock…ya fucking dirrty bitch. Lean forward…that’s it….fuck me…have you been oiling ya self up, again?…. Ya fucking have…that’s fresh oil, that is….&#034

&#034Well…yes…it is. Just in case you wanted my bum when you woke up. I like it&#034

&#034Like it!!! I’ll say you fucking like it!!! Your an anal slut…you fucking well are…an anal slut. ! Come on…move ya arse…your my whore now…Lesley….understand!
? If we are gonna make this work….the rules are simple…I’m the boss!&#034

&#034Oh yes….yes…yes….Big Al…yours…yours. No arguments.&#034

&#034Right, first thing in the morning…. I’m gonna phone Mary….she’ll be devastated….obviously…..but….has to be done…I’ll invite her down…introduce you….then….I’m sure she will understand that big Al has found a right wee cracker, and then you and the k**s can move in with me and Mary! Our house is big enough for us all take live in. Mary and you will get on fine…..she loves fucking my sluts sometimes….gets that strap on cock of hers intae action….ooooh a canna wait&#034

&#034Wwwwwhat…..I. I. I. LIVE TOGETHER? I thought it would just be me you and the k**s&#034

&#034No no no Its a greaat idea. Get the k**s of tae school…it’s the school I went tae, so it can’t be bad eh?…..then me you and Mary can get naked and fuck all day. She’ll be in ya cunt with her 10&#034 rubber cock and I’ll be in this back hole that ya keep ready for me&#034 he said as he shoved both his thumbs into her bum hole, and stretched….&#034she’s got loads of fuck buddies, I’m sure she’ll share with you…oh, I and I’m sure you can find one or two of your own…..aye Lesley…it’ll be fucking greaat….you’ll see…now…..shift ya fucking arse you cunting slut….I’m so fucking hard…Im gonna ram this arse in a minute till ya scream for mercy..aye life’s fucking good!&#034

Lesley couldn’t believe the nightmare she was now in…..no way could this predicament have been foreseen….

Strong hands lifted her bodily off the cock inside her pussy and she heard words say….&#034right Lesley….place me cock head at ya arse hole and I’ll lower you doon!… Oh Mary will love ramming your arse, Lesley…she’s an anal fucking addict…what a lucky wee slut you are….aye…a lucky wee slut!&#034

Lesley groaned in what she knew was misery….but to big Al, he thought all his birthdays had come at once.

&#034Aye Lesley…..ya lucky tae have foond me!!&#034


Along the corridor, Rob was using a tissue agai. This time it was too mop the tears up…..

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