Late Start with Latina prostitute in Amsterdam


So being a british pakistani male, it is safe to say I was a late starter sexually growing up at home. Although I had access to my b*****rs porn vhs cassettes, i needed some physical action that would not involve me and a close friend wanking with each other. I needed more than that.

One summer when i was 18, I went travelling across europe via inter-rail and visited a number of countries. It was a great experience and I loved meeting up with women from various european countries and having some fun, unfortunately none of it was sexual.

At the end of the month travelling, I still had no action so decided to make my way to Amsterdam. My two travelling friends went to the south of spain.

I arrived in Amsterdam and was in awe of the red light district. I spent the first night visiting the sex shops, watching porn and jerking off to various videos in the booths until i could hold on no longer and blew my load in a booth with an open door. I could feel someone watching me from behind but enjoyed the attention so carried on until my cum landed on the floor. I had aimed for some tissue in my hand but i was so worked up I overshot my cum. I cleaned up and left spending a few hours walking round drooling over the prostitutes.

I eventually saw one girl from Venezuela. She had an amazing body with a firm booty. All her curves were in the right places I plucked up courage to speak to her. she told me the price and I agreed to return the next evening.

The next night I was so worked up and nervous. The thought of finally losing my virginity to a beautiful woman was getting me hard but also anxious hoping I would perform and rise to the occasion. I made my way to her and she was standing in the window showing off her body. I went to the door and she opened it inviting me in. I undressed after I passed her the money and had a quick shower with her. this was so hot. We then finished and lay down on the bed. She took hold of my cock and i felt it throbbing getting slowly harder and asked me what I wanted.

I asked her to suck me then fuck me and she did. She worked my cock perfectly sucking and licking me. It didn’t bother me wearing a condom as she was so good at what she was doing. I got so hard and concentrated on not cumming but knew it wouldn’t be too long before I blew my load. I asked her to sit on me so I lay back and she positioned herself over my cock before slowly sliding in. she gasped as i entered her and told me I was big especially around the head.

She then rode my cock for a few moments and I could feel the build up cumming and knew I would only last a few seconds so I told her I was close. At this point she squeezed her pussy around my cock and worked it faster. This felt amazing and it felt like she had moved up a level. I came so hard I was shaking and she continued to squeeze my cum out with her tight pussy. I lay back and she got off me before cleaning me up.

I then left and will never forget my first time!!!

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