Karen and Michelle’s Sad Story – Chapter 1,


Chapter 1, Karen’s **** and f***ed Marriage

This story starts s*******n years ago in a small rural town in the mountains of Washington State. Karen Peterson was the sweet 15 year old daughter of very strict and very conservative, religious parents Jack and Laura Peterson. She was also a genius that had skipped two grades and was in her senior year of high school. Karen was a very good looking young brunette with shoulder length, naturally curly hair. She was about 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighed 110 pounds. Her breasts were a perky 34B, with a 24 inch waist and 33 inch hips. You could tell that she would be a real beauty as she got older.

Karen was at least two years younger than the rest of her classmates in the Senior Class. She was virtually ignored by them and because she was two years ahead of the k**s her age, they ignored her as well. Because of this, she was pretty much a loner who had few friends and had a lot of time on her hands which she spent reading and studying. She would read college textbooks for fun in her spare time. She already had enough credits to graduate with a 4.0 at the end of the fall semester of her senior year. However, she wanted to finish and graduate with her class mates in the spring, and maybe go to her Senior Prom.

Karen had never been on a date or been to a school dance. This was because her parents would not allow her to date until she was 16, and even then only on group dates. Because of this, word got around real quick that she would not go on a date with any boys and they started rumors about her being gay and various other things which just isolated her even further.

In March, Darrell Mitchell, also a Senior and a second string linebacker on the varsity football team the previous fall, asked her to go to the Senior Prom with him at the end of April. Now Darrell was 19 years old, having been held back in the 5th grade. He was 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighed 210 pounds, all muscle.

Because this was her Senior Prom, her parents allowed her to go on a date by herself, but told her she had to be home by midnight. Her mother took her shopping and bought her a beautiful lavender strapless gown that really highlighted Karen’s figure. She also went to a beautician and had her hair and nails done in a total make over.

Darrell came by Karen’s house to pick her up for the Prom at about 6:00 pm. She was every teenage boy’s wet dream. They did the normal routine of having pictures taken at both Karen’s and Darrell’s house to capture the event for posterity.

After both he and his parents got several good pictures of Karen posing in her lavender prom dress they finally went out to his car. It was an old convertible that he had saved up and purchased, fixing it up on weekends and after school. He drove her around town as she relished the wind blowing in her hair and he wanted her to enjoy herself, it was her prom after all. Finally he took her to the fancy restaurant on the edge of town where they had steak and lobster for dinner. As they ate he couldn’t take his eyes off of the beautiful vision sitting across from him. All he could think about was what he planned on doing with her after the prom was over. Finally they finished dinner, got in the car and then drove on to the dance.

The dance itself was everything Karen could hope for. They danced most of the dances together and she felt included by all of Darrell’s friends. All in all, it was the most wonderful night of her young life. Now Darrell, being the typical horny young man that he was, had rented a hotel room and had planned on taking Karen there about eleven p.m., All with the intent of partying and having sex with his beautiful young date. When the time came, they left the dance and Darrell drove them to the hotel.

When Karen saw where he had taken them, she refused to get out of the car saying, “I’m not going to any hotel room on our first date. Girls who go to hotel rooms are whores and I’m no whore. You need to take me home this instant.”

Darrell argued back, “But Karen, all of my friends and their dates are going to be there. We had this all night party planned for after the prom and we all got rooms. It’s clearly understood that there is always a party after the prom. Now come on in and let’s party a little.” Of course the party with his friends was true, but he and they had planned it for several of the couples to start making out in the room and then progressing to get Karen to do it as well using peer pressure.

Karen was no dummy and knew that if she went into the room she would end up in an environment that could quickly spin out of her control. She wasn’t ready for that yet so demanded again, “Darrell! You take me home this instant. This date is over. I will not get out of this car and if you know what’s good for you, you will take me home.” She was so adamant against going into the hotel room because she might get out of control and she was definitely not ready to lose her virginity to Darrell on their first date, her first date ever.

Darrell lost his temper and flew off the handle and they ended up arguing back and forth for several minutes until he finally got back in the car and tore out of the hotel parking lot. But instead of taking her home as she had asked, he drove out to an old abandoned forest road on the edge of town which was a popular haunt of many of the high school lovers. Once there, he pulled Karen out of the car and yelled, “You bitch. Do you know how much it cost me to rent that room for the night?” ‘SLAP” He slapped her to emphasize his point. She looked startled with her jaw dropping and her hand coming up to cover her face where he slapped her. He continued, “I just wanted to party a little with my beautiful date tonight and you got all righteous on me and refused you cunt.” ‘SLAP’ He swung his hand back and hit her on the other side of the cheek. Karen’s other hand went up to her other cheek and she started crying uncontrollably.

Karen began begging, “Please don’t hit me please. Just take me home. I won’t tell if you take me home but please don’t hit me…… Sob…sob…sob…….”

Darrell continued yelling and hitting at her, “I spent over $500.00 on you tonight and I’m going to get my money’s worth. If you won’t put out then I’ll just have to take what is coming to me.” He grabbed the top of her strapless gown and yanked it open hard to expose her breasts. He found she had a slip on underneath the gown that he had to open to gain access to her beautiful breasts. It was an old fashioned garment that hooked up the front. He couldn’t believe that she would wear something so old fashioned under such a modern prom gown. He realized that she was even more conservative and prudish than he thought. He thought about all of the things he would do to Karen in the future if he got his way as he unhooked the front of the garment and pulled it apart to expose her breasts. She kept fighting him so he back handed her hard and knocked her to the ground.

Before she had a chance to recover, he pulled his cock out of his pants, exposing his 6 inch long and 2 inch diameter cock. It was as hard and as stiff as it ever had been. He realized that brutally forcing Karen to submit to him was really turning him on just as he had been told it would. He quickly got down on top of the dazed Karen and started to squeeze and pinch her breasts again. He was so strong that she could not fight him off and all she could do was scream and cry and beg.

She begged, “Please……please……please don’t do this Darrell. Sob…sob… Please don’t **** me. Sob…sob…sob… I’m a virgin. You can’t do this to me, please. Sob…sob…sob… I’ll report you to the police for r****g me. Sob…sob…sob…”

This made Darrell even madder and he slapped her on the face several times and then cruelly twisted her nipples making her scream. He began to chew and bite her nipples and breasts, drawing bl**d on both of her nipples and leaving bite marks over both breasts. He reached for her arms and quickly tied them behind her back with her bra that he had torn off. He reached down and pulled her gown up into her midriff then yanked down her panties and tore her hose off. Once her pussy was exposed he put her left leg on his shoulder and with his right hand he pulled her dress up further out of the way and with his left he reach down to grab his cock and guide it to her pussy as he knee walked into position. Finally he was in position and pulled her right leg and put it over his left shoulder. Once he felt his cock entering poor Karen’s virgin pussy he proceeded to f***e his thick cock into her without any preparation. It took several tries before he was able to get the head of his cock into her tight virgin cunt. Each push took him a little deeper until he reached her hymen. When Karen felt him push against her hymen the first time she begged again with panic, “Please Darrell. Don’t **** me. Don’t take my virginity away from me. I’m saving that for my husband. I beg you, please don’t do this. WAAAaaaaaaa…………”

Darrell of course ignored her and in a final thrust, rammed his cock through her hymen, ripping it away, and at the same time he bit as hard as he could onto her right breast not caring whether he drew bl**d or not. Karen screamed in pain at both the rupturing of her maiden head and the severe bite on her left breast that drew a drop or two of bl**d. Darrell was so excited from the thrill of r****g Karen that it didn’t take him more than a couple of minutes of thrusting in and out of Karen’s cunt as f***efully as he could until he was pumping load after load of cum into her newly opened cunt.

After he was done, he pulled out, wiped his cock off on her beautiful gown, and got up. He put his pants on as if nothing had happened. He pulled her up and told her to get dressed so that he could take her home on time.

Karen quickly got dressed. It didn’t appear that there was anything torn on the dress that she would have to explain to her parents. Her parents she thought. What was she going to tell her parents? They wouldn’t believe her if she told them she was ****d. They would accuse her of being a whore and a daughter of Satan. They would accuse her of leading Darrell on and corrupting him with her feminine wiles. She tried to stop that line of thought but they had always spoken to her like that. Always accusing her of lustful thoughts and acting like a whore. She had to tell them the truth she thought. But would they believe her or would they accuse her. Did she want to go through those kinds of accusations. She finished dressing in the dirty and cum stained dress and climbed into the car.

Darrell took off like a bat out of hell. They drove in silence for the fifteen minutes to get to Karen’s home. Karen continued to debate in her thoughts whether or not to tell her parents. She didn’t think she could stand the accusations she knew would come if she did tell them. Before she knew it she had arrived at her house with about 5 minutes to spare.

Before Karen could get out of the car, Darrell grabbed her by the arm with one hand and grabbed her by the chin with the other. He squeezed her chin hard and looked her in the eyes and held her there as he told her, “If you know what’s good for you bitch. You won’t say anything to anyone about this. If you do I’ll spread it around school about what a whore you were and how you couldn’t wait to fuck me and that you couldn’t wait to have your first fuck. Soon it will be the talk of the school how little miss prissy couldn’t wait to drop her panties for a big cock. By the time it’s all over, your reputation will be non existent. If you don’t say another word to anybody, I’ll keep it between just me and you. But if you tell another soul, I’ll make you regret it for the rest of your life. So keep your mouth shut, if you know what is good for you.”

Karen was too scared to do anything else and shook her head yes and then begged in a soft whisper, “Please let me go. Sob…sob… Please……….”

Darrell let her go and Karen ran to her house. She stopped on the front porch for a moment or two to compose herself. Then remembering Darrell’s warning about not saying anything to anyone, she opened the door, and made a beeline up the stairs toward her room as she yelled to her parents, “Mom… Dad… I’m home. I’m tired and am going to bed.” She then ran up the stairs and to her room.

Karen went into her room, closed and locked her door and undressed. Noticing the bl**d and cum stains on her dress, she took the dress into the bathroom and rinsed out all of the stains, hoping that her mother wouldn’t notice anything when she took the dress to the cleaners. She took off her also cum and bl**d stained panties, evidence of her lost maidenhood and buried them in the trash. She planned on taking it out to the outside trash at the first opportunity the next morning. She noticed thankfully that there had not been any bruising on her face other than a split inside her lower lip that wasn’t too noticeable, but the bites and bruises on here breasts, she noticed, would take a while to disappear and she hoped that her mom wouldn’t notice. She knew if she played her cards right, she might be able to actually hide her **** from her mom and dad. She didn’t have any friends at school to worry about. The only thing that continued to haunt her was the thought that she might get pregnant. She hoped that by some miracle that she didn’t get pregnant after just one time. Karen got dressed in her night gown and lay down on her bed and silently cried herself to sl**p.

Karen was able to put on a tremendous act over the weekend and her parents never realized what had happened to their precious little girl. She acted as if she had the most wonderful time, which in reality she did up until Darrell ****d her, and told them everything about the evening with the exception that she led them to believe that Darrell brought her straight home from the dance. She blocked out of her mind the fact that she had been ****d.

The following Monday at school went as normally as could be expected. Darrell kept his promise and had not said anything to anyone about Karen. She hoped that at that point this was the end of it and she would not have to see Darrell again.

After a couple of weeks as a matter of fact, everything seemed to be going her way. A month later at the end of May things got even better as she graduated from her high school as valedictorian. She gave what everyone said was a good speech. They congratulated her on her speech and her accomplishments at such a young age. The newspaper even did an article on her. She also had received a letter of acceptance to Harvard along with a full ride scholarship. In short Karen was on top of the world and felt as if everything was going her way. If she would have stopped to think, she would have realized that she had missed her period earlier that month. But things were so hectic that she didn’t even think about it.

She had a wonderful sixteenth birthday party on the 8th of June and celebrated with the f****y. Her parents had invited their siblings’ families and she got to spend some quality time with her cousins, Krystal, Nika and 10 year old first cousin Jasmin, whom she loved dearly. It was a wonderful birthday and at 16 she felt she was ready to take on the world. All thoughts of the **** had been f***ed so far to the back of her mind that she never even thought of it anymore.

During the second week in June, around the 12th, her world came to a crashing halt. Karen’s period didn’t start on time. She feared what that meant and realized that she hadn’t had a period since the night she was ****d. She didn’t want to be pregnant. She didn’t want to have to tell her parents. She absolutely didn’t know what to do if she was, but she had to know.

Karen went to the d**g store and bought every type of early pregnancy test available. She went home immediately, went into the bathroom and took a bath. She soaked in the hot water for over an hour, reheating it several times as she tried to work up the nerve to take the pregnancy test. Finally she got out of the tub and dried off. She took a clean glass, pissed into it and dipped the test strip into it. She stood by the sink in the bathroom the appropriate amount of time with closed eyes. She took deep breaths trying to calm herself and prayed that it would be negative. Holding the test stick in front of her she opened her eyes. The test strip indicated the test was positive. All of the worry and memories of the **** came flooding back to her. She wailed in despair and collapsed to the floor, sitting down hard. She just sat there in a daze staring at the test results.

Karen reached up and grabbed the glass with the piss and began to test strip after strip of the pregnancy test. When she exhausted the strips in one test she grabbed another. Every one of them came up positive. Karen was in such a state of panic that she became almost catatonic. She cried silently as she stared at the last of the pregnancy tests in her hand. Everything else in the world came to a complete halt as far as she was concerned. She sat there on the floor in front of the sink with her right leg extended, her left leg bent with her foot flat on the floor. Her right hand was lying on her upper thigh and her left hand was holding the test strip in front of her. Her face was a reflection of fear, of worry and of sadness. She could think of nothing else and sat like that for hours.

That is how her mother found her two hours later when she came home from work. When her mother came home, she had called out for Karen but didn’t get an answer. When she went searching to see if she was all right, she walked in to the bathroom and saw Karen sitting there naked on the floor in front of the sink and focused on something in her hand. She couldn’t quite tell what it was, but from the catatonic state that Karen was in, she suspected. It was definitely something that was obviously bothering Karen. She stepped closer and she noticed the pregnancy test strips on the floor around her daughter. Her heart sank as she saw that the tests were all positive. Karen had gotten herself pregnant. She immediately yelled, “How could you. You are nothing but a little whore of Babylon. That is why we didn’t want you to go to that stupid dance but you insisted. You just aren’t ready to make good decisions about sex and this is the result. You are nothing but a filthy little tramp.” When she finished screaming at Karen she turned and stormed out of the room and Karen just returned to sobbing and starring at the positive test as if starring at it would make it change to negative.

When Karen’s father got home a few minutes later he briefly talked to his wife and found out she had not gotten Karen’s side of the story. He went up to her room where he found her in the same position that her mother had found her. His cock leapt to attention at seeing his sexy young sixteen year old daughter sitting naked on the floor. He quickly adjusted his cock and proceeded to yell at her and berate her just as his wife had done saying. “Well look what you’ve done now you tramp. We told you not to parade yourself around and tease the boys. We told you that nothing good would come from you going to that dance. But you insisted that nothing would happen to you if you went and that if you could be graduating high school then you should be able to handle a chaperoned school dance. Now look at you. You enticed that good young man into having sex with you by dressing up in that sluttish outfit you wore and now you’re paying the price.” After about 15 minutes of berating her in that manner, he finally calmed down enough that he asked her to tell him how it happened.

Karen then tried to explain, “When the dance was over, Darrell took me to a hotel and tried to get me to go in but I refused. We argued and argued and finally he got back in the car and I thought he was going to take me home. I didn’t notice until too late that he drove to the woods where he ****d me. Waaaaaaaa Sob……sob…sob….” She began crying again before she could get any further.

Her parents, especially her dad, just couldn’t/wouldn’t believe that as happy as she had seemed the day immediately after the Prom, that she had been ****d. Her dad said, “If he ****d you, then why didn’t you tell us that night. You acted so happy the next day that we can’t believe that you’re telling us the truth. You’re obviously lying to deflect your whorish behavior from yourself. I won’t hear any more lies from you. Now tell me, how many boys you have had sex with you whore of Babylon.”

Karen squeaked out in misery, “Just Darrell……Sob…sob…sob.”

Her mom, who had been standing at the door, spoke up and said, “Well for now just go to your room and stay there. We won’t do anything until we find out for sure at the doctor’s tomorrow morning.

Karen’s mom and dad took off from work the next day and accompanied Karen to the doctor’s office. As expected, the test came back positive. Once they got home from the doctor’s office, Karen’s dad called Darrell’s parents and asked them to come over for dinner that night as they had something very important to discuss. They agreed to be there at 7:00 pm.

Now Darrell’s parents were some of the nicest people that you could know on first appearance. Both appeared to be religious and were a gentle and soft spoken couple, almost the exact opposite of Darrell who tended to be a bit of a braggart. After a dinner where Karen sat and ate looking as if it was her last meal before going to the electric chair, they all sat down in the living room to discuss the situation. Her mom and dad were in easy chairs while Nancy and John Mitchell were on the love seat together. Karen and Darrell sat on the couch at opposite ends from each other. Karen looked like she was about to be sent to the gallows. Tears were streaming down her face. She had been told by her mom and dad that she wasn’t to say anything.

Karen’s Dad explained, “John and Nancy… The reason we asked you here is because yesterday we found out that Karen was pregnant. We know for a fact that she has only dated Darrell and base on what she has told us, we believe he is the father. Apparently she enticed him to have sex with her at the prom. You know how hard it is for a boy to resist the wiles of an evil woman. But since he is the only boy she has dated I ask that he do the honorable thing and marry Karen and take care of her and the baby.

Darrell’s dad explained, “Of my three c***dren, Darrell, the youngest of the three always did seem to cause the most discipline problems. We agree that if he is the father that he should do the right thing and marry Karen. I can’t promise anything at this point because he is nineteen and an adult. We need to discuss this tonight and let you know tomorrow if that is all right. By the way, what does Karen think of this?”

As Karen began to speak up to say she could never marry Darrell her father broke in ahead of her and said, “If he is the father, she’ll marry him and that’s final. I will not have my daughter having a bastard c***d. She doesn’t have a choice in the matter. That’s something she should have thought about before getting herself pregnant.”

Late the next morning, Darrel’s parents called and said that Darrell had agreed to marry Karen. They decided to get together again that night with the two k**s there and discuss the arrangements for the wedding. Karen’s dad hung up the phone and went straight to Karen’s room. When he opened the door he found her lying on the bed crying. He said, “Your worries are over now. Darrell has agreed to marry you. They’ll be here tonight and we’ll iron out the details. Now get a hold of yourself and clean up so you look presentable for you fiancй tonight. You will accept his hand in marriage and I expect you to love and obey him. The bible says you are his help mate and I expect you to obey him without question. You must submit yourself to him as your lord and provider. You will support all of his decisions for you and your c***d or your mother and I will disown you.”

Karen looked at her father as if he had just landed from Mars but didn’t say a word to him. Over her sixteen years of growing up with him, she knew that any argument always ended up with her being spanked with his belt until her got tired while her mother held her down. They always said it was for her own good but she could never see how it helped. All she knew was that she feared her father. As he closed the door she turned over and buried her head in her pillow and began bawling again even louder and harder than before as she saw all of her dreams of a future being dashed against the rocks.

At dinner that night they decided that they would have the marriage done as soon as possible at the county court house with just the immediate f****y attending. Darrell’s dad said that he had called an old army buddy he knew that owned a gas station and convenience store in a town about forty minutes away and that he had arranged for Darrell to begin work there the week after next. This would allow time for the wedding and for a few days of a honeymoon.

Both parents decided then to go to the town and see if they could find a house for them. Karen’s father had saved up over $50,000.00 for her college. Since she would be getting married now and not going to college, he withdrew it and used it to buy a nice three bedroom cabin at the edge of town that had been semi abandoned for about 30 years as the previous owner wasted away in a long term care facility. He had used it as a vacation home and use to come down and spend a few weeks in the summer until he was seriously injured in an attack by a bear while hiking in the woods behind the cabin. Since he had not been able to visit the cabin, he had hired a local care taker who ensured that it was well maintained and any problems immediately fixed to keep in good shape. It was fairly isolated from the rest of town and surrounded by trees giving the impression that you were living deep in the woods even though you were living near town. His son had finally convinced him to sell it, but it was a small community and more people were moving out of town than in so it had set on the market for 6 years. They were able to get the house for less than 20 thousand dollars and that included it being fully furnished.

After all of the bl**d tests were done and the marriage license obtained, Karen and Darrell were married the following Monday at the courthouse by the Justice of the Peace. Darrell’s dad had a cabin up in the mountains and he gave them the keys and the supplies to last them the rest of the week and the newly married couple were off to the cabin. Darrell had the biggest shit eating grin on his face, barely believing that he was married to one of the most beautiful cunts this side of paradise and boy did he have plans on what he was going to do to her now that she was his to do with as he pleased. Karen on the other hand looked like a girl that was going to her own funeral and dreaded every minute of the foreseeable future. All she could think about was how her parents could betray her and f***e her to marry her r****t and what would he do to her next.

End of Chapter 1

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