Jen’s Birthday Surprise


Jen and Jim were happily married. They had a unique relationship in that they truly did enjoy each other. They were more than just lovers and husband and wife. They were friends. They liked so many things together and that included an extremely active and imaginative sex life. They had discovered early in their relationship the importance of keeping sex fresh and new. This included exploring sexually fantasies to see where they would take them. Over the years they had lived many of those fantasies out together and separately.

Earlier that year Jen had surprised Jim for his birthday with a threesome with an eighteen year old girl. Watching him fuck her while she licked his balls was and incredible turn on for him. Jim had several fantasies about having sex with young teen girls and the girl who Jen recruited was very petite and looked very young. Jim said it was the best night of his life.

Now it was Jen’s birthday and she wondered what Jim would give her. She suspected it would be kinky!

“Good Morning Baby!” he said with a big smile

“Morning sexy man!” she said as she sat in his lap

“Well today is your birthday and I do have a surprise for you! I can’t tell you more but something will happen today and I will assure you that you will be safe but it will be intense so enjoy it!” he said with a smile

“Hmmm mysterious! I like it!” she said as she kissed him

Jen went through her day and wondered what would happen. She started to become more and more nervous as she anticipated the unfolding of one of her sexual fantasies but which one? She had many but she did love the idea of having sex with a stranger or maybe she would finally live her fantasy of going to a glory hole. Then there was all her role play characters; teachers, nurse, stripper or cheerleader. She smiled at how many things could happen. She was walking to her car when suddenly she felt someone put his hand on her mouth. She was surprised by being suddenly grabbed. She started to struggle and then another man stepped in front of her and put a cloth bag over her head as her hands and feet were tied. She felt herself being lifted and put in a car where she was f***ed to lay down as the car sped away.

Jen felt terrified as she was held with her head in man’s lap and could feel his large cock grow hard against her cheek. The man’s hand squeezed her tits. Jen moaned against the tape that had been placed on her mouth. She felt the car stop and then could hear a noise of a large door being opened. The car pulled in and she was roughly pulled from the car and put in a chair were her hands and feet were quickly tied. The bag was moved and the tape on her mouth pulled off cause a brief pain.

“What is going on here…” she tried to say but suddenly her head was held as a gag ball was put in her mouth and secured to her head

The men quickly tied her to the chair in a sitting position. She looked around and realized that there were at least eight men in the warehouse with her. She could feel fear as the men went through her purse and pulled out her phone. She watched as a guy held the phone to his head.

“Jim? We have your wife! Either you do what we told you or we are going gang bang the bitch!” he said then he pointed the camera on the phone at Jen and took a picture

He then did something she assumed was to send to Jim.

The men then cut away most of Jen’s clothes. She watched as they all laughed and then each would come by and feel her tits or roughly finger her pussy. Jen grunted as each man took turns with her and then she heard her ringtone for her husband.

“So are you going to pay or do we just use your bitch!” the man asked

Jen watched as the man listened and then hung up the phone.
“Well guys the little shit told us he is not going to pay his gambling debt so looks like we get use this slut for the night!” he laughed

The man walked over and removed her gag ball. He held her face in his hand and Jen could feel the strength in his hand and knew the man only would throw her around like a rag-doll.

“Your old man has a problem and he owes me money. He says he can’t pay and that we are to use you! If you resists we will make it hard on you! If you are a good slut and relax you will just be gang banged! Keep your mouth shut and I will leave the gag ball out. Understand?” He asked

Jen shook her head yes. The man lowered his pants and a large cock was suddenly in front of her. He held her head and pushed the cock into her mouth. Jen started to let the cock slide in and out of her mouth and she felt her pussy growing incredibly wet. He released her head and the wife began to suck the cock with obvious willingness.

“That’s nice but this is what I want!” the man said as he grabbed her head and fucked Jen’s mouth

The other men laughed as he pushed his cock to the point that she gagged. He then backed off but used her mouth like it was a cunt. Then he pulled out and a large black man stood in front of her. He pushed his black cock into her mouth and held her head as he fucked her mouth and pushed his dick into her throat making her eyes water.

“Not bad but I really plan on fucking this slut in her ass!” he said as he pulled his dick out and looked her in the eyes

Another man took his place and Jen found herself now being used by a third cock. Yet another man pushed his dick along her cheek and she felt tits being squeezed roughly. He looked up and the original man had her phone and was taking pictures of her being f***ed to suck one cock after another.

“This one will probably be on your Christmas Card this year!” he laughed as he took yet another picture of her being used while the men all laughed

The men continued to use her mouth and each one would use her long enough to have pleasure but never enough to cum. Jen was squirming as her pussy flooded with juices. If she could only rub her pussy just a little would cum so fast and she knew it would be a mind blowing orgasm. Instead each man just used her!

“How about we position this bitch so we can fuck her and get our cock sucked?” the leader said

Jen found herself quickly repositioned so that her head was over the back of the chair. They put a rope around her neck to make sure she could not move. They also tied her arms and hands to the back of the chair. Quickly each of the men take another turn with her mouth. Jen’s head spun as cock after cock used her face.

Then they stopped and the leader walked up to stand in front of her. She looked up at him and he smiled. She felt so pleased with the smile. Maybe she had pleased him?

“We are going to fuck your ass, bitch!” he said as the smile became a sneer

Jen felt a cock head pressed against her anus. She screamed as the cock pushed into her. He let her get use to him but then started to pump her with long deep strokes. Each stroke made her grunt as the man used her ass.

“The slut’s ass is nice and tight!” groaned the man fucking her

“Not after the eight of us have used it!” laughed another man

Jen felt the cock leave her ass and then groaned again as an even larger cock pushed up her anal passage. A cock was pushed into her mouth and she was suddenly being taken by two men at the same time. She heard mumbling among the other men as they were cheered on to use her like a whore.

Jen felt intense erotic pleasure but she needed her pussy to be touched to make her explode into orgasmic heaven. Like before the men used her ass and mouth for short periods of time and then they would pull out and two more would take their place. Jen could only moan as she was used for the men’s entertainment.

Then the black man was in front of her again and he pushed that monster cock into her mouth and held her head and fucked her mouth.

Jen felt a mixture of fear and pleasure; overwhelm her body. She wanted to cum so badly!

The man pulled out of her mouth and the guy who had been fucking her ass suddenly pulled out as well.

“OHHHH God! Please don’t stop! Please use me!” she begged and then heard the men all chuckle

“So you admit this is what you want! Would you like us to fuck that horny little pussy tonight?” The leader asked as he held her face
“Yes please! I want you all to fuck me! Fuck me and send me home to my husband!” she said and this made all the men howl with laughter

Then they released her from her constraints and the leader lay on his back. Jen quickly mounted his cock. The pleasure of a cock sliding into her pussy was beyond compare but then she felt a cock pushed deep up her ass! She was starting to moan when another man pushed his cock in her mouth. Her body could take more and she exploded with an orgasm so intense she nearly passed out. It made no difference as the three men just continued to use her.

Jen felt the men keep using her but now it was different. She realized that the three using her were quickly reaching their own orgasms. The man who was her pussy was the first and he groaned as her flood sperm into Jen’s pussy. Nearly instantaneously the man fucking her ass also announced that her ass was being creamed. Jen only had a second to feel the pleasure of making the two men cum when the guy in her mouth exploded. She sucked his cum hungrily down her throat. She was lifted up and a moment later found herself guiding a cock into her own ass. Then another man entered her pussy. Then all three worked in a frenzied pace to fuck together. Jen could not believe the incredibly sexy feeling of a cock in her ass and pussy at the same time. She wanted to please these two men but her body seemed to be possessed. She could only shake as the men pump her ass and pussy like they were synchronized machines. Not only did the fuck in unison but the both groaned and emptied their nuts into her at the same time.

The remaining three men put her on her hands and knees. She was then used by one after another. Each of them added their large load of seamen into her. By the time they were done there was a large puddle of sperm between her legs on the floor. Jen lay there as her body shook with post orgasm bliss. Then she felt another cock slide into her sloppy pussy. Two hands held her shoulders as another cock used her. She could only moan as she wondered when all these guys would be done but then she decided it did not matter.

Then the man fucking her nuzzled next her ear. She could feel his breath as his breathing increased. He moaned as he filled her pussy with cum.

“Happy Birthday Jen! I hope you enjoyed your present!” Jim said as his cock slipped from his wife’s pussy

Jenny looked at him and smiled that sexy smile.

The end

(A word from the Author: This story was the request of a couple that read one of my other stories. The wife has a fantasy of an 8 man gangbang..I offered to be one…haha…anyways I hope that it worked for them. If you like the story let me know with a thumbs up. As always I look forward to your comments and messages.)

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