Chapter Nine
Jennie (Tulsa De’Horr)

On Friday morning I woke Jimmy in the usual way by bringing up coffee for the both of us and of course sucking his beautiful, delicious tasting dick. Sometimes I wish we didn’t live in two different apartments and I could have access to his cock all the time. I could maybe go to sl**p with his cock inside my mouth. Then again I don’t want to take the chance of ruining what we now have with each other.

While on the way to work this morning I leaned over and eased Jimmy’s cock out of his pants and gently started to suck him with soft gentle strokes of my mouth. I wasn’t trying to cause him to have an orgasm as all I was doing was trying to feel the comfort of having his cock in my mouth. I was able to get him stuffed fully into my mouth before he became hard. Now was just a matter of keeping him inside my mouth as his cock became hard and started to grow down my throat. It did not take long for the head of his cock to start growing and start to slide its way down my throat like a snake after its prey. As his cock grew I would swallow with my throat using those muscles to increase the feelings he received through his cock.

After he reached full hardness I pulled my mouth off just long enough to remind him that he hasn’t told me anything about what our scenes for the day was going to be. Jimmy inattentively let his hand rub up and down my back and said to me he hadn’t told me anything because it was going to be a surprise. Jimmy informed me I had been in the business long enough now to just go with the flow and make a good scene out of about any situation I might find myself into. I smiled to myself as I realized he was going to let me write the script as I went a long. Again I pulled myself off his cock and said, “Okay as long as you make sure there is enough cocks for me to work with and insure my fans get to see the slutty whore they come to love me for.”

When we arrived Jimmy parked the car and then just sat there for a little while enjoying the feelings flowing from my mouth, down through his dick, and then up into his brain. That was when he said that a man would be a fool not to marry you. Right away I was hoping he wasn’t going to say what I thought he was going to say or where this might be leading too. I sat up, and with a grin on my face I looked at Jimmy and told him, “We could never get married.” “Why is that,” he asked. “Well for several reasons,” I answered him. First I’m 43 and you are 26. Then you are going to want to have k**s and I’m way passed the age of wanting any more c***dren. Lastly you are going to want a nice girl whose faithful to you and I am a very proud slutty whore and that I’ll never want to change. Which is why I’ll always be available to suck your dick.

I think I saw just a little sadness in Jimmy’s eyes as he tried to hide it from his face and then he said come on or we’ll be late. Once inside I went straight to the makeup chair where my costume for my first scene was brought in. It was all white and looked beautiful. It started with four inch heels and some hose that reached up to the tops of my legs where they were held up by a lacy white garter belt. The bra was only a half bra that left my nipples and the top half of my breast exposed. Then there was a clear transparent white gown that wrapped around me and was tied in a knot over my left shoulder leaving my left side fully exposed while also leaving nothing else to the imagination. After that a small white hat was pinned to my hair that had a white vial attached to the front of it that came down to just before the bottom of my nose.

Once my hair and makeup was done a stage hand led me out the back of the warehouse where it open up towards the lake. I could see rows of chairs were set up and every chair was filled with a man. Down the center of the rows of chairs was an alter and what looked like a preacher standing behind it. Off to his right stood a very tall man with just a shirt and a suit coat on. He wore no pants and I could see from where I stood his cock was enormous. Off on the left stood the only other woman in this entire scene who I guessed was playing the brides maid. That was when I notice that none of the men had pants on. It was then that Jimmy came up my right side and took my arm in his and handed me a bouquet of flowers. He told me he was giving me away and reminded me that everything in this scene is unscripted. How it turns out is up to me and the others in this scene.

With that said the music played and Jimmy walked me down the aisle. When we reached the alter the preacher asked who gives away this whore and Jimmy declared that he was my b*****r and that he was giving me away. With that Jimmy then stood beside the groom whose dick was already starting to grow. I love when a dick starts getting ready for me in advance.

Our preacher then told me and the groom to face each other and then he ask for the rings. Jimmy and the brides maid came forward and she knelt before him and started to untied the bow of a blue ribbon from around his cock. On the ribbon was a wedding ring she then handed to the groom. After the groom took the ring she then stood up and Jimmy knelt before her and pulled a red ribbon from inside her pussy until a ring emerged and he handed it to me. They then took their places beside us and the preacher went on with the wedding.

Looking at me the preacher said will you whore please kneel before the groom and take his cock into your mouth and place your hands on his hips? I did as he requested and sucked in the grooms huge cock that was still growing. It was as thick as Jimmy’s, but the head was immensely huge. The preacher went on to say, “Will you whore promise to be the complete nasty slutty whore your husband deserves? I pulled off the cock only long enough to say, “I do.” Will you whore, the preacher added, “Fuck and suck off any one your husband ask you too?” I released his cock only long enough to say, “Yes, I do.” He then turned to the groom and ask him if he would promise to use me as his complete whore to which he replied, “I do.” Would you, as her master, make sure your whore is used daily by other men so that they might get to enjoy the many pleasures a man needs to enjoy from a whore like her? He said, “I do.” With that done the preacher then pronounced us Master and Whore and then added you may now facial your bride. Mr huge cock then pulled his cock out of my mouth and sent a torrent of sperm all over my face. It was running down everywhere off my face. When he had finished pumping his cock dry I then sucked his cock back into my mouth and cleaned all the sperm residue off his cock. While doing this I was hoping he would get hard again and shove that monster cock of his up my pussy for round two.

Instead I was turned towards the guest and they all stood up and approach where I was kneeling. Off to the side I could see a padded bunch was brought to me and I was f***ed down on my knees at the side of the bench. My arms were then stretched out to the ends of the bench and then tied to little rings on each end. Then a small stool was put under my knees bringing my ass up higher so the men would not have to stoop to far down behind me. Once I was secure the preacher was the first to step in front of me and inserted his cock deep inside my mouth. Out of the corner of my eye I could see the brides maid was already getting fucked by my new so called husband. I could tell her scream was real when he shoved that big head inside her now expanded pussy.

I wasn’t allowed too much time to dwell on that when suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my ass as the first of the wedding guest that had made his way behind me choose which hole he desired the most. Almost at the same time another cock was being shoved inside my mouth along with some of the sperm that was still running down on my face.

My pussy came alive exploding on its own when my taste buds got a good taste of the cock now thrusting in my mouth which was partially covered with the sperm from my face. Hands were running all over my body, pinching my nipples, and rubbing my clit as the cocks in my ass and mouth continued their marvelous assault on me. I could not see the line of cocks behind me but the line in front of me had me feeling thankful I was a very lucky women able to receive the complete attention of all these men.

It was then I felt the presence of the other whores inside my mind enjoying themselves as much as I was. I was feeling proud of myself with all these other experienced whores inside me enjoying the fucking I was receiving. After all they have been getting fucked like whores for hundreds of years and I was still going on less then a year as an extreme whore. Would it be possible for me to ever be good enough to out do these other whores, I thought to myself? I’ve already made up my mind I was going to beat Margiory at sucking off cocks and swallowing down all of their sperm. Then I thought to myself that it was going to take a lot of practice on my part in order to beat her. A trembling thrill went through my body as I imagined all the practicing it was going to take in order for me to beat her cock sucking skills. She did 243 and I was hoping to beat her record by doing an even 300. Then a thought of us spending the rest of eternity trying to out suck each other crossed my mind and a huge smile eased across my mind as the cock inside my mouth pumped my mouth full of it salty paste like sperm. No sooner then when he stopped pumping his sperm inside my mouth I was eager for the next man to step up so I could begin to feed off of his cock.

Our little Wedding orgy lasted another forty five minutes before Jimmy yelled out that we needed to wrap it up. Soon all the cocks that had not cum yet were gathering around my face and I could hear their fist pumping their cocks all around me. Even some of the guys that had all ready cum once were back trying to feed me another load of sperm.

Since that day back in my apartment when I first sucked Jimmy’s cock I fell in love with sucking cock. His cock looked so strong and powerful and yet had a softness to it that felt wonderful as I hesitantly, while at the same time eager, slipped his cock inside my sucking mouth. What I begin doing to Jimmy’s cock felt so nasty to me because at that time it was the nastiest thing I had ever done and never dreamed I would be placing some man’s cock inside my mouth. It was then that I found that being nasty and doing nasty things for this man was turning me on like I never felt before. Shamelessly I licked, slurped, and tried to shove as much of his cock as I could inside my mouth. I made love to his cock with my lips and mouth as best I could while using my tongue all over his cock at the same time. My tongue tip dug deep into his piss slot as my mind reminded me that this was where his piss comes out of. That sent jolts of tiny sparks to my brain which in turn sent tiny sparks to my pussy bringing me to my very first orgasm without having to touch my pussy. It was then that I knew I wanted to make movies for Jimmy. I remembered some of the things the girl from the movie I watched earlier did to the cock she had been sucking and I tried them on Jimmy. My mind was on fire with just the thought of me sucking his big cock and how nasty I must have looked as my head and mouth took over as if I’d been doing this for years.

When I heard Jimmy tell me it was time for the money shot I didn’t understand what he was saying until he explained it to me. I then remembered the blonde from the movie I watched earlier as the sperm started to leak from her mouth and how much I want to taste it. Jimmy stood up and pulled his cock from my mouth and started to pump his cock towards my face. I kept staring at his cock head and the hole on the end waiting to see his cum start flying out not really knowing what to expect. At this moment in my life I had only seen one blow job and now here I was with a cock pointed at my face ready to send hot streams of sperm towards my face and open mouth. I was not only willing but I was begging him to to do it. Thoughts of how I was about to allow this man, who I only meet just today, shoot his sperm at my face and inside my mouth was setting me on fire with desire. My mind was on fire and my body was trembling as I waited for what seemed like forever for my first taste of sperm. I heard myself tell Jimmy things I had never told a man before as I stared transfixed at his piss slit.

After seeing that first pearl of sperm appear at the tip his cock it then shot out a long thick rope of cum towards my face. It landed with a splat just on the left side of my nose and then laid a line of sperm down the side of my nose, across my upper lip and onto my out stretched tongue. I then closed my mouth and allowed my taste buds to get a good taste of sperm for my very first time. More streams of hot sperm was being shot on my face and into my eyes until Jimmy placed his still shooting cock at my lips and I eagerly took him in. Soon I felt more streams of sperm being shot into my sucking mouth. I found that I was really enjoying the feeling of his cock pumping sperm inside my mouth and then feeling it fall back onto my tongue. Soon my mouth was filled with his sperm and I begin to suck his sperm soaked cock for all I was worth.

My body was still trembling as Jimmy pulled his cock from my mouth and right away I felt like a c***d that someone had stolen candy from. Strings of sperm hung from my chin and ran down my face and I wanted more. My ex husband had grunted his cum inside my pussy thousands of times and never once did I feel what I was feeling now. To me it felt like I was a nasty whore allowing a man to use my mouth for his pleasure and in turn experiencing the pleasure of what it’s like giving myself freely to a man to use as he wished.

Jimmy had just given me my first facial and my first taste of sperm and right then I knew it was something I would being doing again and again. Being able to taste and feel a man’s orgasm is so much more thrilling then just listening to a man grunt his load into your pussy and then roll off only to fall asl**p. My mind and my still trembling body were both telling me how much better it is being a cum slut and a whore then what I had felt being a good girl with my ex husband.

I guess it is true that once you taste the forbidden fruit you can never go back. I had my taste and I was sure as hell not going to go back to the way I was.

As my mind came back to the Wedding Orgy I was covered in sperm. Everybody had finished cumming on me and now they were scr****g up all the spill sperm with plastic spoons and then pouring it into a glass for me to drink down. I don’t mind drinking sperm from a glass except I really do prefer if straight from the cock itself while it is hot and still fresh.

When they had finished I was untied from the bench and I then held the glass up and with my head tilted back I poured the sperm into my mouth until I could not hold any more. With my mouth full of sperm and open wide I gave the camera a good view of my sperm filled mouth. I then stuck my tongue tip up through the middle making it look like an island in the middle of a sea of sperm.

I followed this up by letting some of the sperm leak from my lips back into the glass. What was still left inside my mouth was then used like mouth wash before I swallowed it down. Three more times I filled my mouth until I had drank the entire glass of sperm and then using my fingers I was able to get what was left on the inside of the glass into my mouth and down into my stomach.

Jimmy then yelled cut and I was about to get up when I noticed this guy laying on the ground next to me with a semi hard cock that was almost long enough to reach his belly button. Right away a hunger filled my brain and without thinking I moved over in between his legs and lowered my head to his cock. With my mouth open I lowered my face about half way up his cock and applied pressure to his cock with my chin and then I pulled down with my chin until his cock head rose up like a snake and entered my mouth.

Placing my hands on the sides of his hips I grabbed his wrist and started giving this man a mouth only blow job. He wasn’t objecting and with my mouth full of cock I was again quickly filled with the ecstasy of having another cock filling my sucking mouth and bringing my orgasmic body to more earth shattering orgasms. Soon I was feeding on this mans cock with complete abandonment.

With a good portion of his cock inside my mouth I would hold his cock there while my lips, mouth, and tongue worked his cock like it was going to be my last meal. I would lower my mouth till his cock head entered my throat and I would swallow with my throat muscles while inch by inch I would take more and more of his cock down my throat.

After about fifteen minutes of this his body gave indications he was on the verge of sending a big load of cum for my sucking mouth. I slammed my head down the length of his cock six more times and then I pulled back until just the head was locked securely inside my sucking mouth. My tongue dug deep into his piss slit anxious for that first taste of his sperm. When it did arrive it splashed out over my tongue and hit the back of my throat before falling back down to cover the head of his cock and my tongue. I held my lips tight against the ridge of his cock head making sure a tight seal didn’t allow any of his sperm to escaped my hungry mouth.

After his cock had finished pumping sperm into my mouth I started a slow up and down suck of his now very sensitive sperm soaked cock. After about a few minutes of this I pulled my lips up to his cock head and open my lips a little so as to let a little of the sperm slide down the shaft of his cock. Then I would suck in a huge amount of air through my mouth forcing the just released sperm back inside my mouth and causing a loud slurping noise around his cock head. I then repeated another round of slow up and down sucking of his cock while my mouth remained full of his sperm. I repeated the suck and release for several more times and his cock remained hard until he was ready to release another load of sperm into my mouth.

I haven’t any idea of how long I’d been sucking his cock for this second load of sperm, but when he finally reach the point he couldn’t hold back any more he filled my mouth to over flowing. His sperm was now freely flowing down the shaft of his cock and pooling at the base. After his cock quit pumping sperm inside my mouth I swallowed his entire cock down my throat until my face was buried in that pool of sperm at the base of his cock.

Noisily I sucked as much sperm as I could get inside my mouth and then I pulled up until only the head remained inside my mouth and I swallowed his sperm. Again I took him deep until my face was buried in his pool of sperm again. I kept doing this until I had sucked up and swallowed all the sperm that had pooled at the base of his cock.

I didn’t know who this man was as I had never seen him before. I don’t even remember seeing him using me during the Wedding Orgy. However, here I was still sucking his cock and he was allowing me to continue. I was so lost in my mind and my own orgasmic bliss I didn’t want to stop sucking his cock until I heard Jimmy yell, Cut it’s time to get cleaned up and go home. I didn’t even notice Jimmy had three cameras on me during the entire time I was sucking off that guy. Later Jimmy told me I had sucked him for just over forty five minutes. Then Jimmy told me that he was a big fan of mine that had won a chance to come to the studio and participate in a movie with me.

That means you got him a Hotel room right? I ask Jimmy. Why? Jimmy asked. If he’s my biggest fan then I think I need to spend the night sucking my biggest fans cock, I told Jimmy.

When I got home late the next morning I went to Jimmy’s apartment with coffee and a couple of Danish. and he asked me how my night went? I told Jimmy that we didn’t sl**p the entire night and I was able to suck him off five more times while he laid there watching my films. Then on the way to the airport I got to suck him off one more time. I then climbed up on the bed at Jimmy’s feet and raised his cock to my mouth for a good long slow suck of his wonderful cock.

As his cock begin to enter my mouth I thought back to the first time I suck this cock and how it made me feel. Jimmy created a cum whore that night and ever since that night I haven’t regretted a single second of becoming a cum whore. My only regret is that I wished I could of discovered what it was like to be a whore twenty years sooner.

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