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iCarly – iWant To Kiss # 3 – iClimax

[After an iCarly segment that wasn’t fully thought through, &#034just friends&#034 becomes nearly impossible for the girls.]

The scent of fried bacon and freshly baked bread floated in through the opened bedroom door, while birdsongs found their way in through the window. It would’ve been a pleasant way to wake up, if not for the fact that Carly Shay hadn’t really been sl*eping. It was more like dozing off every now and then. Nevertheless, she had no problem getting out of bed that day.

&#034Good morning, s*s.&#034 The table was already set for two and if the kitchen was any indication, it looked like the Shay f*mily would be having a fancy breakfast. A frying pan with eggs and bacon, an empty jug with some oranges next to it, a bag that Carly recognised from the local bakery and Spencer searching around for something to squeeze the oranges with.

&#034Have I told you lately how much I appreciate you?&#034 Carly asked, smiling at her br*ther as she sat down. Spencer had found what he was looking for, and quickly filled the jug with orange juice.

&#034No, you have not,&#034 he answered in a quasi-serious tone. &#034But I’m glad to hear it.&#034 He brought the juice and the bread over to the table (&#034Careful, hot buns&#034) and went back to check on his eggs. After ensuring that she liked her bacon crispy (&#034I love crispy&#034), those were brought over as well.

Half an hour later, their appetites were satisfied. The two of them cleared the table, collected the breadcrumbs for feeding the birds, and went into their respective rooms to get properly dressed. Spencer would be attending an exposition for post-modern art. Or rather, he would be trying to get the Alarm exhibited. After telling her to ‘be good’, he was gone.

Naturally, Carly took advantage of his absence.

* * *

Sam woke up gasping for air and covered with her own sweat. A second passed, a second of pure thoughtlessness, before the memories of her nightmare hit her.

She was standing behind Carly, unable to move. Carly had been calling out her name, but Sam was unable to answer. Every time Carly called out, she sounded more distressed. Every time Sam tried to communicate, she was pulled away from her friend. Near the end of the dream, she could no longer even see Carly. She could only hear her, slipping into panic… hysteria… insanity…

It was all just a dream. If she’d just keep telling herself that, she’d calm down. She was Sam Puckett, not some scared little k*d. The day she’d let a dream get to her would be the day she’d become a vegetarian. It was just a dream.

It took a while for her to realise what had woken her up: the vibrations of her phone, resting on a nightstand. She reached out and grabbed it, her heart skipping a beat when she saw the sender. A nightmare about losing her best friend was scary enough, but Carly rescuing her from that nightmare was just uncanny.

Hey, wanna come over? I need to talk to you. xx Carly

Something told Sam that this was too urgent to wait for her inevitable visit, and too important to discuss over the phone. Coupled with the rather symbolic nightmare, it was enough motivation for Sam to get over there as quickly as she could.

* * *

When she arrived, the door was invitingly left open; Carly was sitting on the couch. She wasn’t as upset as the day before, which was good, but she also seemed to be anticipating something, which was weird. Sam walked in, closed the door and sat down in a chair. Neither of them said a word, unwilling to break the silent tension. Now that she was closer, Sam could see the gloss on Carly’s lips. She could tell that Carly was wearing her helping bra. She noticed that Carly was leaning slightly towards her, with her arms and legs slightly opened.

Sam knew body language, and Carly’s was pretty unambiguous.

&#034So… you wanted to talk?&#034 Sam asked, simultaneously wondering if somebody had just turned the heat up.

Carly nodded. The brunette tried to keep a neutral face, but Sam could see the nervous energy, that hint of a smile constantly breaking through. When Sam looked down, away from Carly’s eyes, she noticed that her legs were spread just like Carly’s, and that she was leaning towards the other girl. Almost an exact copy of Carly’s position. She knew what that meant, too.

A few seconds of silence, then Carly spoke. She sounded nervous but confident, and from the way it came out so fluently, Sam could tell that this was a prepared speech.

&#034I think we might be more than just friends. I think there’s romance between you and me, or at least potential for it. And that’s the way I want us to be. I want us to be together. Romantically.&#034

&#034I don’t… wow. This is big. When did you start, um, feeling this way?&#034

&#034I think I always felt this way. I just never recognised it until Freddie pointed it out.&#034

The irony wasn’t lost on Sam, but this wasn’t the time to muse on that. Rather, she had to decide what to do about her apparently bisexual friend. She wasn’t sure of her own feelings, but she did know that she didn’t want to lose Carly in any case.

&#034I’ll try it. I can’t promise anything, but I’m willing to try.&#034

* * *

Freddie had known about Carly’s feelings, but to see them as a couple was odd. He’d seen them in this position before: Carly with her arm around Sam, and Sam leant into Carly. But now that they were dating, something did seem different about it. Perhaps it was just the knowledge that they were more than friends now.

They told him the news as soon as he walked in, and he’d been thinking about it since. There was some empty banter, an awkward silence, more attempts at empty banter and a longer awkward silence. Eventually, Carly brought up the topic on his mind.

&#034I hope you’re not hurt. Not too much.&#034

The odd thing: he wasn’t. In any other situation, the last person he’d want to lose against was Sam. When it came to Carly, however… Sam cared deeply about her, and ultimately, she was the one Carly wanted. Freddie could live with that, under one condition.



&#034Be good to her.&#034

&#034…I will.&#034

Carly’s grateful smile told him all he needed. She did love him. Not that way, but she loved him none the less. It would have to suffice. Sam’s smile wasn’t so much grateful as it was reassuring. He wanted Carly to be happy; she’d make Carly happy. Without any words, an odd friendship was formed between the two, based on a mutual goal.

To Freddie Benson, this felt right. It wasn’t the ending he’d hoped for, but now that it happened, he wouldn’t change it if he could.

* * *

That evening, the two girls were alone in Carly’s room. Both were nervously anticipating what they knew would come: one of them was excited, the other somewhat scared. The last time, it had been fake, a stage act. This time, it was genuine and intimate.

Sam Puckett had the chance to turn back; part of her wanted to. The fact that she didn’t was testimony of her commitment to the other girl. When their lips made contact, all doubt was removed. She wanted this as much as Carly did. Her eyes, initially widened in shock, were closed as she leaned deeper into the kiss.

Carly Shay also had the chance to turn back, but she had no intention to do so. This was it. She was going to kiss Sam. When they locked lips, a soft moan escaped her. She wrapped her arms around Sam and pulled the blonde closer, further into her. Making out like this was a bit soon, but she didn’t care. It felt right.



&#034I’m never letting you go.&#034

&#034You’d better not.&#034

And they kissed some more.

And took their clothes off.

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