iWant To Go Further #1


iCarly: iWant To Go Further #1 – iWake Up

(sequel to ‘iWant To Kiss’)

[Carly and Sam are still early in their relationship. When the more experienced Carly wants to go faster, how will Sam take it?]

&#034Hey Spence.&#034

His surprised face was the second-best thing Sam saw that morning. The best had been Carly sl*eping next to her, but then again, it was hard to compete with that. Poor thing must’ve been tired. Not that Sam had anything to do with that. It wasn’t like they’d spent the previous night making out until 4:30… honest.

&#034I didn’t know you were staying over?&#034 he asked in lieu of a greeting.

&#034Yeah, my mom’s out of town, I decided to stay here for a while. You don’t mind, do you?&#034 she answered.

It wasn’t a lie, not really. Her mom really was out of town and she really had decided to stay at Carly’s for a while. It wasn’t her fault that correlation didn’t imply causation.

&#034Does my answer even matter?&#034 Spencer’s tone indicated that he already knew the answer. Fortunately, he didn’t sound annoyed.

&#034Absolutely not.&#034

He made a hand gesture that Sam interpreted as approval. Approval, and permission to raid his fridge. Granted, it took some creativity for that second interpretation, but she was notoriously creative when it came to meat. Spencer must’ve noticed her staring, seeing how he wisely moved out of the direct line between her and her objective. Moments later, the blonde was happily munching on a large chunk of ham.

&#034So, what’d you do last night?&#034 Spencer inquired. &#034I had trouble falling asl*ep, with all the noise you two were making.&#034 Sam stopped her feeding process, looking up at Spencer from the corner of her eye. He couldn’t know, could he? He wouldn’t ask if he knew, would he?

&#034Girl stuff.&#034 In a way, she supposed you could call it that. Spencer clearly wasn’t satisfied with that answer. &#034Girl stuff. None of your business. You’d just be squawked out anyway.&#034

&#034No, go on. I can handle it. I’m an adult.&#034

Sam raised her eyebrows at him, pausing to give him a chance to change his mind. When he didn’t, she shrugged. Not like she didn’t give him a choice.

&#034We talked about bleeding from our–&#034 The last word was drowned in Spencer’s song (&#034la-la-la-la-la-la-la…&#034) as he walked out of the kitchen with his fingers up his ears. Sam snuck up to his bedroom door, waited for him to go quiet and yelled: &#034–VAGINAS!&#034 Hearing his anguished scream was extremely satisfying.

Of course, they hadn’t really been talking about that. Or rather, they hadn’t really been talking, full stop. The memories brought a wide grin to Sam’s face. Perhaps she could get an early-morning treat. Well, another early-morning treat: the ham was really good. For a moment, she was torn with doubt over whether to stay and enjoy the meat, or to go upstairs and enjoy Carly.

Being the creative mind that she was, she took the middle road by bringing the ham upstairs with her.

* * *

Having another person’s lips on yours is an extremely pleasant way to wake up. Carly reached that conclusion when she woke up that day. The taste of ham did nothing to diminish that, possibly because it helped her identify the lips as Sam Puckett’s. When they broke contact, Carly opened her eyes to quite a lovely sight.

&#034Morning, cupcake.&#034

&#034Morning, hammy.&#034

Hearing Sam chuckle was a pleasure to Carly’s ears. Her next words, on the other hand, were worthy of a frown, even if delivered in that ‘tough girl’ voice she knew and loved.

&#034You’re gonna need to work on your terms of endearment, cupcake.&#034 Sam’s words were accompanied by a light kiss on the lips, really no more than a peck. Still, it was enough to bring a cheeky smile on Carly’s face.

&#034Make me, hammy.&#034 She meant it as an empty challenge, forgetting for a moment that Sam Puckett didn’t know the difference between an empty challenge and a triple-dog-double-dare.

The results were very favourable, though: Sam leaned in and licked her from shoulder to cheek. Left shoulder to right cheek, mind. Carly squirmed in pleasure beneath the stronger blonde, who now held the brunette’s wrists pinned to the bed.

&#034Come up with a better pet name, and I’ll go lower.&#034 That promise stirred up something in Carly. To be exact, it stirred up a mixture of surprise, excitement and plain old horniness. She decided to focus on the surprise first.

&#034I thought you didn’t want to do that yet?&#034

The previous night Carly had begged and pleaded for Sam to go further down, not to mention her own attempts to do so on the blonde. Sam had consistently refused, wanting to just kiss. Eventually, Carly had given in. Kissing was nice, too.

&#034Yeah, but maybe I’m feeling playful. Besides, by the time you come up with a good name, I’ll be ready.&#034 Oh right. She had to come up with a name first.

&#034What about Sammy?&#034

&#034Try harder, cupcake.&#034

&#034Do you like muffin?&#034

&#034Come on, be original. You just made me a cupcake without icing.&#034


&#034I said original, not cliché.&#034

&#034But coming up with a name is hard…&#034

&#034Tough luck.&#034

&#034You’re mean.&#034

&#034Yeah, but you love me.&#034

&#034Yeah, that’s true…&#034

&#034Hehe. C’mere and give Mama a kiss.&#034

&#034Oh. Can I call you Mama?&#034

&#034Only Mama gets to call Mama Mama.&#034

&#034Not fair.&#034

&#034Totally fair. You want me, you’ll have to work for it.&#034


&#034No buts.&#034


&#034I said no buts. Now are you going to kiss me or what?&#034

&#034Make me. Hammy.&#034



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