iSummer, chapter 8


iCarly – iSummer, chapter 8

Carly Shay paced the floor between the couch and the table until she heard a knock at the door.

&#034It’s open.&#034

When the door opened, Melanie stood in the frame.

&#034You wanted to see me?&#034 She asked, without moving and while making a note in her head about how hot Carly looked in the blue jean skirt and white blouse she was wearing.

Carly approached her. &#034Come in.&#034

Melanie slowly made her way inside the apartment. Carly shut the door behind her.

&#034So where is Spencer?&#034 Melanie asked.

&#034He’s down at the museum, filling out forms to get one of his newest sculptures in.&#034 Carly explained.

&#034What’s on your mind?&#034 Melanie asked.

Carly didn’t answer. She just quickly walked to Melanie, grabbed her by the shoulders and gave her a long passionate kiss.

Surprised at first, Melanie eyes grew wide but within seconds the pleasure took over and she closed her eyes and kissed back.

The kiss lasted almost a minute before Carly broke it.

Melanie had to catch her breath. &#034Not that I’m complaining, but why did you kiss me?&#034

&#034I needed to make sure.&#034 Carly said as she pulled on the bottom of her shirt.

&#034Make sure of what?&#034

&#034I needed to make sure what I was feeling was really what I was feeling.&#034

&#034And?&#034 Melanie asked.

Suddenly shy, Carly turned away. &#034I’m attracted to you.&#034 She whispered.

Melanie smiled. &#034That’s good because I’m attracted to you too.&#034

Carly turned back around to face her. &#034You have to understand that this is all new to me, I don’t know what the hell I’m doing. Maybe I will pick it up as we go, but still, this is uncharted waters for me. I’m nervous, listen to me, I’m starting to ramble.&#034

Melanie chuckled. &#034Listen Carly if you’re afraid we don’t have to do this.&#034

Carly frowned. &#034No. I want to. I want to do this more than anything at the moment. I just don’t know how to… do it, I guess you could say. Poor choice of words, I mean, of course I know how to do it, but I just don’t know what to do.&#034

&#034You are so cute when you’re rambling.&#034 Mel told her.

Carly stopped and smiled. &#034I’m glad you think so.&#034

Melanie stood in front of Carly and touched her cheek. &#034You also have the softest skin ever.&#034

Carly started to say something but was cut off when Melanie leaned in and kissed her.

The two girls laughed as they fell down on the couch, and then continued kissing.

* * *

The evening gave way to the night. And it was a beautiful night in Seattle. The moon and the stars shined down upon Freddie and Sam as they walked from the Groovy Smoothie. They didn’t do it often, but they were holding hands as they walked through the familiar scenes of their hometown. Freddie was being sweet and charming and Sam was like a lovesick teenager, laughing and giggling at everything Freddie said.

It was a side of Sam Puckett that she rarely ever showed, even alone with Freddie. He knew that she must be in a really good mood, plus she hadn’t mentioned food in over an hour. Freddie was deep in his thoughts when Sam spoke.

&#034We’ve come a long way, haven’t we Benson?&#034

&#034Yeah I guess you can say we have Puckett. Why do you ask?&#034

&#034I was just thinking about how much things have changed over the years.&#034

Freddie nodded. Things had changed a lot over the years.

&#034Remember when I said that one time that if you were a country, you would be El Sava-dork?&#034 Sam laughed.

&#034Yeah I do. It was when you had to pay me 5 bucks for each insult.&#034 Freddie thought back with a smile. &#034I made like 40 bucks in one minute.&#034

Sam pulled him through the park and sat down on a park bench, looking up at the stars. Freddie sat down beside her and she lay down. With her head in his lap Freddie stroke her honey blonde locks and thought about their time growing up together. There were plenty to think about but what he thought the most about was that first kiss out on the fire escape. That was the turning point for Freddie Benson. The moment when his lips met Sam Puckett’s, he knew that she was the one.

After that he slowly began to realize the reason why Sam had picked on him all those years. She liked him. It seemed so obvious once he thought about it. He kept thinking about the look on her face when out on the fire escape when she said ‘You think we should kiss?’ It’s true he had thought of it first, but it was so apparent that Sam had thought of it as well.

That night had changed his entire thinking and he was glad that it did. The next three years had gone by and his once strong feelings for Carly had all but vanished. He even turned down his best chance to be with her after he had pushed her out of the way of that taco truck and saved her life. Partly because he felt like he was maybe Carly’s ‘bacon’ but mainly because he had these conflicting feelings for that certain blonde headed demon. Obviously he couldn’t be with them both, so after Carly show no interest in him after the hero thing wore off, Freddie Benson had his answer. It was Samantha Puckett. It had always been Samantha Puckett.

He decided to himself that the best thing to do regarding Sam was to wait for her to come around on her own feelings. He knew anything else would entitle him to a beating. So he waited. And waited. He was almost ready to admit defeat, and then there was that night at the lock-in.

Everyone thought that Sam was in love with iCarly’s new intern Brad. Even Freddie thought so and why not? Brad was a good enough guy and made excellent fudge, and to Sam Puckett that carried a lot of weight. A little heartbroken he went out to talk to her. Freddie got the second biggest shock of his life when without warning; Sam Puckett grabbed and kissed him.

It was the moment he had been waiting on, only he didn’t expect it. How odd was that? Now as he sat on the bench with her head in his lap and even though even after that kiss they played it cool until it was almost time to graduate, he wouldn’t change a thing. It was slow getting together but it was all worth it.

&#034What are you thinking about?&#034 Sam asked, snapping Freddie out of his thoughts.

&#034Us. Everything.&#034

&#034Don’t think too much about the past.&#034 Sam said as she reached up and ran her fingers through his hair. &#034I was pretty mean sometimes.&#034

&#034I know why though.&#034 Freddie said, the smile never wavering from his face.

&#034Whatever Freddiffer.&#034 Sam said, playfully pushing his head away.

She sat up.

&#034It looks like some clouds are moving in. Dark clouds.&#034

&#034Rain.&#034 Freddie said.

&#034We should get moving, we don’t have an umbrella.&#034

&#034Where to?&#034 Freddie asked. &#034If everything went good, I say Melanie is still at Carly’s and we don’t want to disturb them and I don’t really want to stay with my mom. And I know you don’t want to stay at your mom’s.&#034

Sam jumped up. &#034Let’s get a hotel room.&#034

Freddie stood up as well. &#034I can’t argue with that.&#034

Sam and Freddie made their way to the nearest hotel where they could stay the night by themselves without disturbing anyone else.

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