iSummer, chapter 12


iCarly – iSummer, chapter 12

When Carly arrived at the Groovy Smoothie, Melanie was already there, waiting on her.

&#034I see you got my text.&#034 Carly shyly said as she sat down at the table where Mel was sitting.

&#034Yeah.&#034 Mel replied with a smile as she nervously shifted her weight in her chair.

&#034So about last night.&#034 Carly started. &#034It was great.&#034 She whispered. &#034It was the best night of my entire life.&#034

It was the words that Melanie had been wanting to hear but she could sense that &#034but&#034 coming next.

&#034But I’m so confused.&#034 Carly admitted with her head down.

&#034I don’t want you to feel like that, Carls.&#034 Melanie said to her. &#034What can I do to help?&#034

Carly looked up at her. &#034I don’t have a clue. I was coming here to tell you that I think I may be bisexual but on the way I was thinking about it some more and I can’t be bisexual. I have never been attracted to another girl before and I don’t see myself being attracted to any other girls in the future. If I’m only attracted to one other girl does that make me bi? I don’t know if it does or not but I feel like it doesn’t. When I think about boys, I don’t get disgusted so I’m still straight right? I don’t know. This has never happened to me before. Last night has totally just turned everything on its head for me.&#034 She said in her classic speed delivery style.

&#034Do you regret last night at all?&#034 Mel asked.

Carly shook her head. &#034No. No I don’t.&#034

&#034But you would never do anything like that again.&#034

&#034No. It felt awesome, I would love to do it again… I mean… yeah but I’m not, you know, a girl-girl type. Am I?&#034

&#034I don’t know. Are you?&#034

Even though they were whispering, Carly suddenly felt like everyone one was listening and began to wonder if her first idea of meeting in a public place was really the best bet.

Melanie saw the nervousness in Carly. &#034Are you afraid someone is going to hear us talking about this?&#034

&#034Yes. But only because it’s none of their business, not because it’s about you and me.&#034 Carly told her.

&#034Right.&#034 Melanie replied, not really believing her.

Carly saw that Melanie didn’t believe her. She took a deep breath and stood up on the table as Melanie, surprised, didn’t have time to do anything but listen.

&#034Everybody! I’m Carly Shay and last night I had sex with this woman, Melanie Puckett. And I am falling for her.&#034 Carly announced to the Groovy Smoothie patrons.

Melanie, both proud and shocked by the gesture and by what she said at the end, grabbed Carly by the hand and pulled her off the table.

&#034I don’t know what I am. But I know I am falling in love with you.&#034 Carly told her as now everybody watched and listened intently. Some clapped and cheer as Carly gave Melanie a passionate kiss.

With both of them slightly embarrassed by all the attention, they slowly and quietly made their way out of the Groovy Smoothie and started across the street to Bushwell Plaza.

&#034There’s one other thing we have to figure out.&#034 Melanie said as Carly took her hand as they crossed the street.

&#034What’s that?&#034

&#034What are we going to do when the summer is over and I go back to New York and you go back to California?&#034

&#034Well, let’s worry about that when the time comes. I’ve done enough thinking for one day.&#034 Carly said.

&#034Fair enough.&#034 Mel said as they made their way into the lobby of the plaza. &#034Say do you know where Sam and Freddie are at?&#034

Carly shook her head. &#034With those two… who knows?&#034 She said.

&#034ARGH! TOO MANY PEOPLE IN MY LOBBY!&#034 Lewbert yelled as he saw the girls. &#034I JUST MOPPED THERE!&#034

The blonde and the brunette just walked on up the stairs, ignoring the crazy man.

After surfing the internet and watching some TV, both Carly and Melanie went into Carly’s room not knowing that Sam and Freddie were napping in the iCarly studio.

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