I showed her how (pt2)


So there we were,both of us, looking into each others eyes. Me; still in aw, her; licking her lips! She leaned in to my ear and whispered;
– How was that love?
– I..I…it was great I mumbled.
– You like it when &#034mommy&#034 takes control baby?
– Yes, I said, more firmly this time.
– Well, let’s continue!
She took a step back, undressed herself and for the first time I saw her naked. And what a sight! Her breast perky and perfectly sized, her stomach tight and firm leading you down to her well shaped and trained tighs and then; as she turned around to take off her shoes, she ent over and again I saw her beautiful ass. I gasped silently and sat down on the bed. She turned again, this time facing me and sat herself down over my lap.

– This time it’s your turn to work, she said and pushed my body onto the bed.
As she did, she moved her ass onto my neck leaving her vagina straight over my mouth. Without any hesitation I started to lick her. She moaned louder and louder and the minutes passed until he finally curved her lower back, throwing her head back and letting herself go over the edge. I could feel her body trembeling as she sat down on my face. For a moment or two I wondered if she was just going to sit there, but she slowly got herself up.

Her face was red from excitment and her nipples hard.
– Now you will feel what it’s all about she said, staring into my eyes.
She laid herself on the bed, ass up and told me to put it in! I slowly lay myself on top of her, feeling her warm skin against the head of my cock, feeling it slide in between her ass cheecks. I took a deep breadth and slowly put it in! THe sensation was incredible. For a moment I couldn’t think, I was just enjoying it!

– Is that it, she said turning her head towards me! Show me what you got!
And I did! I pulled my hips back and with a thrust i filled her up until only my balls where hanging out. She screamed in pleasure so I did it again, and again and again! Feeling our bodies becoming one, her moanes ringing in my ears, my own body shaking! I could now start to feel my cock throbbing, her pussy was just that good. Until now she had ben in control of what was going to happen, but not any more! I gave her one final hard thrust, pulled out and pulled her down the bed, placing my legs on each side of her head. I put my cock inside her open mouth as deep as I could. I could feel my balls touching her chin. She looked at me in awe, as if she had not expected this. I pulled my cock out and placed it among her tits. As she pressed them together I started fucking them, harder and harder until I couldn’t take it any longer! I thrust my hips forward one final time and exploded all over her face! She lay there, completly still, as cum ran down her face into her mouth and onto her breasts.

But I wasn’t done! Still covered in cum, I turned her over again, with her ass in the air! I spit on my cock, making ready for what was to come.
– Are you ready, I asked?
– Anything for you, she whispered.
And as she said so, I shoved my cock into her asshole. Her body flinched, but didn’t move away!
– Oh baby yes, she yelled as loud as she could!
I grabbed her waist, and continued to fuck her. Again, it didn’t take too long until I came, but this time in her ass.

I took a step back and looked at her, she looked literaly fucked up. I smiled, bent down, picked up her things, went over to the window and threw them out!
– What are you doing, she said calmly.
– You’re my whore, correct?
– Yes!
– Then this is what you’ll do. Go naked out and gather your clothes and don’t ever come back!
She looked at me, a bit in shock I think, but then she smiled, stood up and walked silently out off the house. I lay back in the bed, still wondering what I’d just done. It felt so unlike me, but then again, this was all new to me!

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