I love being his favorite servant


*Revised 100%*
…The following is estimated to have taken place sometime back in the early 18th century… This story is fictional…

My name is Benjamin. I was always fascinated by the &#034extravagant lifestyle&#034 of the royal members, ever since I was little. Even though growing up in the poor side of the kingdom was not the best way to observe &#034royalty&#034. But I had heard the stories about the great lives of kings and queens, so I thought it would’ve been just grand to work for such fine people. The small famil’y I had was composed of my fathe’r who worked hard for what literally was at times &#034bread crumbs&#034, and my sweet mothe’r who always looked at the bright side of things.

As a boy I was sent to a nearby house where I was taught by a wise, older woman, how to serve those &#034higher&#034 than me so that one day I would be in the king’s palace and I will never have to starve another day in my life…

I grew older and with the help of my in house training I was soon ready to move up in the field. By the age of 14 I began working at the King’s palace as an apprentice servant, and I was constantly supervised to make sure I did the job right…

*… When I turned 18 I became a full time servant at the king’s palace, and by then I had learned all the trade had to offer. There wasn’t anything on the list of chores us servants of the palace had to do that I hadn’t already done myself. Plus, in the council’s eyes, I was already considered an &#034adult&#034 which meant I would begin serving the king on my own without further supervision, being deemed unnecessary. Our council was comprised of 5 elderly men, they were the ones to vote on certain political things and such &#034complicated&#034 subjects. But if I had learned nothing else throughout all those years, I at least learned that it’s not easy being a servant at the King’s palace. After all, King Frederick was known by his staff to be the most demanding of all the kings before him.

…A year had already passed since my independence from being supervised as an apprentice servant of the palace. As a full time servant, I was on my own without supervision of the others, and I had witnessed a lot of &#034events&#034 in that one year’s time of working independently.

My first given task as a full time palace servant was to &#034hide the evidence&#034 so to speak. I had witnessed several of the kings &#034affairs&#034 so it was no surprise that I was given the task of cleaning up afterwards. After all the Queen could never find out of such a thing or bad things were likely to happen… But there were other things that the king kept secret, and they were the deepest, darkest of secrets that could’ve most certainly gotten him overthrown, or worse… I clearly remember this deep dark secret being revealed to me on several occasions, since much of it involved my participation…

It was Spring, and the Queen was off to a meeting in Spain for three weeks so needless to say, I had a lot of work those few weeks. On the last day of those three weeks I was picking up the dirty bed sheets which were &#034stained&#034 from the previous night caused by the king’s love making session. It was with a lovely looking lady who had beautiful long blond hair in curly locks. I remembered this affair in particular and I took kindly to her specifically because her eyes were the same color as mine, a very light, almost sky blue.

I was picking up the love stained sheets off from the royal bed, mainly for the return of the Queen later on that day. I always did this task alone since no one was supposed to find out about the King’s secret affairs. I had just began my job as I started by untucking the dirty sheets from the edges of the bed, when suddenly the King &#034just so happened to be&#034 walking over to his room. He invited himself in as he walked over towards his wardrobe and dresser. His majesty then turned his attention towards me as he said, &#034Come here servant…&#034 I instantly let go of the dirty sheets, leaving them on the bed, dashing over to him as I stood in front of him with my head bowed down, facing the floor beneath us and I said, &#034Yes, your majesty… How may I serve you, your highness?…&#034 The King placed his fingers under my chin and he lifted my head upwards so that I would be facing him as we talked. He looked into my eyes deeply, and after a little while I finally gazed back into his, as he reached out his hand, gently caressing my soft rosy pink cheeks with the back of his rather large fingers.

As the King touched my cheek he was breathing heavier than normal and due to the demeanor in which he was acting I knew something was expected to follow. I had seen him act this way before with me, which was quite a few times since the first time he did this kind of &#034thing&#034 just a few months after I started as a full time servant. Thus, I knew exactly what it all meant, so I tried my best to mentally prepare myself for what was about to follow. His majesty then inhaled deeply before saying, &#034Benjamin my boy… Why don’t you go close the door to my room now… and be sure to place the lock on it. We don’t want any unexpected visitors coming in and seeing us now would we?…&#034 I suddenly became nervous once he had confirmed my belief and I replied, &#034N… No we wouldn’t… I’ll be sure to do it right away, oh gratefulness…&#034 Along with becoming nervous, all of a sudden I started feeling the usual &#034butterflies in my stomach&#034, kind of effect and I rushed to shut the door as he requested of me.

The king began undressing himself while I went and did as I was instructed to, locking the big heavy door. Once I was done I turned my head to see him now, and I started blushing at the sight of his majesty almost completely in the nude, wearing only his undergarments. Then suddenly I snapped out of my daze when he said, &#034Come servant… Kneel before me…&#034 I was still clothed in my servant robe as I started to nervously walk towards the King. He then leaned over, lowering his undergarments down to his feet, as he kicked them off, and he was now standing completely in the nude in the middle of the room. I took a few more steps and then paused briefly as I stood right in front of him. The King motioned his hand for me to continue as instructed so I instantly began kneeling down before his majesty on the shiny, polished wooden floor in front of his fully naked body, and I stared straight at his long, fully hardened, uncircumcised cock as he stroked it gently with his hand. I gazed at the large ring he had on his finger as he moved his hand up and down the length of his throbbing cock, pulling his foreskin back just enough to reveal his pink cock head to me, which was now oozing his pre cum.

The king then placed his other hand firmly behind my head pushing it towards the throbbing flesh of his manhood as I gave little to no resistance, knowing the consequences that could have resulted from such resistance. I slowly opened my mouth, parting my lips as he pushed his hips forward. His exposed, thickened cock head pressed into my mouth through the small opening of my soft lips which grew wider as he pried further pushing his way inside. I gagged on the sudden pungent taste as it touched my tongue and his majesty held my head in place while he gave his first thrust pushing his cock further into my mouth. &#034Mmm!… Ugghhh!…&#034 The almighty King humped into my mouth the same way I had witnessed him do with the blond lady he had been with the night before. His majesty pulled his rather large cock away before sliding it in deeper, as he shoved his dick further into my mouth and he thrusted in even more. I felt his blunt, thickened cock head pushing it’s way into my small tight throat hole and I gagged again. &#034Uggghhh… Mmmmnn!…&#034

The king saw my struggle and he pulled his hard cock away pulling it from my mouth. I then lifted my head to face his majesty once more as he said, &#034Alright now, up… On your feet servant…&#034 I slowly raised myself up and once I was standing again the King said, &#034Stand by my bed servant…&#034 I walked over to his majesty’s enormous bed and I awaited further instructions. He looked at me and he demanded, &#034Lean over boy… place your hands flat on the bed before you where I can see them…&#034 I placed my hands on the bed in front of me as I leaned over on the edge of his big long bed, exactly the way I was instructed to do. I was now facing the same dirty sheets I was about to change for him as his majesty lifted up my robe from behind and he brought it up, raising it over by my head. I helped him as I reached behind me and I held the back my robe up with one hand behind my back. I then waited patiently for the King to make the next move, while I remained leaning over with my servant robe lifted from behind.

His majesty continued by pulling down my raggedy looking servant undergarments and he got into his position as he came up closer behind me. My undergarments were now hanging down by my knees and my robe was promptly lifted higher allowing him better access to my bum. His majesty guided his hardened cock downwards, pressing it in between my smooth bum cheeks. His majesty spat on his cock applying a generous amount of his own natural lubricant on the thick engorged head of his cock and he pressed it in between my bum cheeks once more. He whispered softly now saying, &#034… There you go… that’s a good servant… That’s it… Uuuhhh… Uhhh!…&#034 I gripped the sheets firmly and I yelled as his majesty carefully pushed his hardened cock inside me. I said, &#034… Aahhh!… Urgghhh!…Uhhhh!… Ahhh!… Uhhh!…&#034 He thrusted in further and he smacked my bum, moaning louder as he said, &#034Sshsshhh… Uhh!… Keep quiet servant…&#034 I didn’t want to face the consequences of disobedience so I quickly replied, &#034… Yes your majesty… Ugnnn… Mmmm!… Mmnn!… Mmm…&#034 I closed my mouth whenever I felt that I was going to moan loud in order to further please his majesty. I began to enjoy the way his cock filled my ass hole massaging my young prostate and I moaned some more, &#034Mmm!… Uhhh’mmm… Ohhhh’mnn…&#034 He thrusted deeply into me and he went a bit faster sliding his hard cock into my bum with greater intensity. The king moaned louder saying, &#034Uuhhh!… Yea… Uhhhh!… Ohhh!…This feels so good…&#034

The King greedily pounded his hips upon my ass while I was pushed forward with each of his powerful thrusts and his moans became louder. &#034Uhhh!… Oohhhh!!! Uuhhhhh! Uuuhhh!…&#034 His thrusts into my bum became more harsh and more frequent but this time he didn’t stop me from being loud as I moaned more loudly, &#034Uhhhh!…. Uuhhhh!… Oh, your majesty!… Uhhhh!… You may have me however many times you want your highness… Uuhhhh!… I’m yours!… Uhhhh! Uuhhh!…&#034

After several more uncontrollable thrusts into my bum, his majesty suddenly began to slow down. The King was gifting me with his royal seed as he thrusted in deeply, and his cock began releasing a lot of his sperm deep inside of my bum. He continued grunting loudly as he said, &#034Uuhh!… Ohhh! Yea… Take my seed, you obedient servant boy… Uuhh! Uuhhhh! Uhhhh! Uuhhh!… That’s it… Ohhh!… &#034 His majesty kept his spent cock lodged far inside of my bum for a little while before he finally pulled it out of my cum filled hole. I sighed as I felt his semen dripping cock slip out of me and some of his warm cum leaked out from my well stretched anus as it tricked down to my balls before dripping onto the floor. After his majesty was done with me he began dressing himself back up and he inhaled deeply saying, &#034Ehh Hmm… Well done servant… Now, don’t forget to clean up after yourself… And remember boy… You mustn’t speak of this to anyone! Understood servant?…&#034 I turned to face him as I nodded my head saying, &#034Understood, your highness…&#034

The king brought his undergarments back up and he folded down the multiple layers of his long colorful robe once again before walking out of his room to resume his daily activities. I stood back up as I reached for my cock which was hard this whole time and I quickly stroked it fast. I felt myself reaching my own orgasm as I moaned, &#034Uuhhh! Oh y… Yes your majesty… As you wish your highness… Ohh perfect one!… Uhhhh!… Uuhhhh!.. Uuuhhh! Uuhhh! Uuhhh…&#034 My semen began to shoot out of my cock landing all over the floor, mixing with the king’s cum which had spilled from inside my bum hole.

I began cleaning myself up before continuing my job which was to &#034hide the eveidence&#034 which I was also a part of…. I then reached down to pick up my own undergarments and I quickly lowered the back of my robe, dressing myself once again before anyone came in and saw me half naked. I then cleaned up the mess we had made on the floor and I wiped myself clean with the same used sheets. After pulling off all the dirty sheets from the royal bed, I walked down the hallway to the wash room. My mind was still thinking of my fruitful encounter with the King, which had only occurred just moments ago, as I carried on with my chores as usual…

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