Husband’s friend Sergio


One evening I was out walking at a local track and ran into Sergio, one of my husband’s co-workers out jogging. I had been around him on several occasions before and we had always flirted a little bit and even talked on occasion, but nothing serious. After a few laps he stopped jogging and began walking with me. We started talking and it wasn’t long before he began to tell me how he always enjoyed seeing and how I turned him on. Well, after a little small talk he asked if I would go riding with him in his car to go somewhere else to talk, and I agreed. We drove a very short distance and he pulled over in a secluded parking lot. We talked very briefly before we began to kiss. As he was passionately kissing me, I found my hand on his leg. He was wearing jogging shorts, which I quickly noticed was very much incapable of concealing his cock which had grown extremely hard. He continued to kiss me as I began caressing his raging hard on through his shorts. His breathing immediately began to change and his cock began to twitch with excitement. I tugged at his shorts so that the tip of his cock would protrude from the waistband, which did not take much effort since it’s length was already trying to fight its way out. I almost immediately reached in and grabbed his cock, releasing it from the constraints of his shorts. I was somewhat surprised to see he was uncut, with only a portion of the head of his tremendously hard cock showing above his foreskin. This was my first encounter with an uncut cock. He was completely shaved and smooth, including his balls which seemed heavy and full. The tip of his cock was leaking thick, creamy pre-cum, which glistened against the contrast of his light brown Latino cock. I continued to gently massage his cock and I knew at this point there was no turning back. I had to have this cock and I knew he wanted me more than anything else at that point. I leaned over and began to lick and kiss the tip of his cock, tasting his pre-cum as it continued to slowly seep from his enraged cock. I could tell this was driving him crazy and I began to feel in total control. I love to be in control and it is a huge turn on for me. I began to caress his balls as I started to suck the tip of his cock in and slowly take more and more into my hot, wet mouth. I could feel his legs begin to tense and quiver as every muscle in his tight, fit body began to tighten. He was moaning gently and I knew then that he was experiencing a blow job like never before. It was making me so fucking horny to know he was so aroused by me and that he had never had his cock pleasured like this before. My pussy was soaking wet and aching to be fucked. I wanted his cock in my pussy so bad I couldn’t stand it, but this was not the time, nor place. I wanted to make sure I had him hook, line and sinker. It was only a moment after I began to suck his cock that he began to shake, his breathing becoming even more rapid, his hips gently thrusting his cock toward my mouth. I knew he was about to explode. I stroked his cock with my hand as I slowly licked down the shaft to his tight, full balls. I began to kiss his balls, followed by licking and then gave each one a proper suck before returning to sucking his cock again. As he began to cum he let out a loud moan of pleasure like I had never heard before, it was almost a scream. I took as much of his cock into my mouth as I could and continued to suck, sucking stream after stream of his hot cum into my throat, swallowing and sucking and I could feel his cock and balls twitching as he emptied his load into my mouth. His entire body went completely limp, with the exception of his cock, which surprisingly remained hard as stone. He told me he had never had anything like that before and couldn’t believe what he had just experienced. He said that made him want to fuck me even more. His cock stayed hard the entire time he drove me back to where I had left my car, I could not believe he had maintained his erection after cumming so hard. This guy had more left in him and could have easily continued to fuck me over and over. I knew I would have to eventually test that theory, and I knew I wouldn’t have to wait long.

Following my initial encounter with Sergio at the local track which ended up with him releasing his entire inventory of sweet Latin cum down my throat he began calling even more than before. This was no surprise at all. I knew after that blow job I gave him that he would be begging for more and not to mention I wouldn’t have minded having his stiff brown cock in me either.

Things were kind of odd at first. I would talk to him on the phone while he was at work, with my hubby. And of course he was talking about when we could hook up, etc. He was persistent and more or less begging for my pussy.

His girlfriend and soon to be wife, who thought she was hot shit, lived just a few blocks down from him. She was oblivious to it all at this time. But I will admit it was a turn on to have her man begging for me to fuck him. It would get me wet just thinking about it sometimes when they would both be at our home eating and hanging out occasionally.

Well anyway, a couple of weeks following our first “encounter” we decided to meet at Sergio’s apartment one morning after his girl and my hubby went to work. The two men having different days off worked out well in such a situation. And my job at the time was not very strict about when I showed up and left so this made this equally as easy.

I showed up at his door and he hurried me in. He was wearing work out pants and a t-shirt and I was dressed for work in my slacks and blouse. He immediately grabbed me and pulled me in towards him and started kissing me. We kissed and made out for a few minutes just standing in the living room area. He stopped and pointed toward the bedroom and asked me if I wanted to go in there. Of course I did, but I said nothing and just walked that direction. I entered the room and gave it a once over. It was well decorated as I expected. He was a very “metro” male and everything was neat and in place. His apartment, his room, even himself were all equally as groomed. I stood facing the bed and before I even had a chance to turn around he had moved in behind me and wrapped his arms around my hips. I could feel that his cock was already at maximum hardness through the thin layer of his work out pants. I had no doubt what was next.

He kissed my neck and I rubbed my ass against his cock through the layers of our clothes. His hands began to work my pants loose. I felt his thumbs in the waist of my pants and panties, pushing them down just below my ass. My pussy was wet. Just being there, knowing that my hubby’s friend wanted his uncut Latin cock in my pussy more than anything on earth at this moment, was enough to excite me. He loved my ass and as we stood there he rubbed and massaged my ass as if he were in a trance.

I can’t lie, I wanted to suck it again but I don’t think another blowjob was in his plans today. He was after my pussy and that was all. His hands moved from my hips. I felt his hand reach into his pocket and then I heard the familiar sound of a condom being opened. I felt him behind me as he slid it over his cock. I leaned forward with my hands on the edge of the bed and arched my ass up just a little in a teasing manner. His hands gripped my hips again and I knew it was time. The next thing I knew I could feel his thick cock parting my pussy lips and the length of his cock sliding in deep until I felt his heavy balls press against my wet pussy. He gripped my ass hard, and gave me a few mild spats on my ass as he drove his cock in and out of my pussy. This later became a familiar position because he absolutely loved my ass. It felt good but before I could cum he began moaning and stiffened up. I knew he was close so I gripped his cock tight with my pussy and as he moaned he pulled his cock out of me and tore the condom off as quickly as he could. With a couple of quick tugs he began to unload. I could feel his warm load pooling on the small of my back, my “cum catcher” as my hubby calls it. He stood there a minute or two and just rubbed and caressed my ass before going to get me a towel to clean up so I could get to work. I cleaned up and prepared myself for work and he blabbered about how good that felt and that he had wanted to fuck me forever and how he promised not to cum so quickly next time. I knew he was well hooked by how he was acting and I knew that next time I would have to blow his mind before I let him cum. So I bid him farewell, told him to call me later and went to work just as I would have any other day.

Well, as the days past following our quickie at his apartment he kept calling as I knew he would. Sergio talked about how next time would be even better and he hoped that we wouldn’t be rushed as much. After a couple of weeks we decided on one of the days that I was working a few towns over that he would come there and get a hotel room. I took a very extended lunch and met up with him there.

I arrived at the hotel room and he met me at the door. He was dressed in jeans and a nice button up shirt, nice shoes, very well groomed and smelling edible. I was dressed in slacks and a blouse as I normally dress for work. I had on a matching bra and thong, the thong was already becoming rapidly moistened with each minute. I knew I was not going to allow him to have as much control of the action this time. That’s just not how I play. I would remain in control or this little game with him will be over soon.

As I entered the hotel room he shut and locked the door behind me. Again he came up behind me placing his hands on my hips. I grabbed his hand and more or less pulled him to the bed. I turned around, started kissing him as I unbuttoned his shirt. In the process I spun him around so that his back was facing the bed. I unbuckled his belt, unsnapped his pants and got the last two buttons on his shirt loose. I leaned in hard and started kissing him heavily, my hand down the front of his pants massaging his cock. His uncut, brown cock was smoothly shaven balls and all. I could feel his precum running from his foreskin onto my hand. I removed my hand and raised it up to see if I could see the glistening wetness of the precum. It was there, a shiny off white droplet of his sweet nectar pooled on the web of my hand. I raised my hand a little higher, careful not to lose the drop, but to ensure he could see I had captured it. With his eyes wide, I looked directly at him and softly licked my lips, then licked the thick cum drop from my hand, never taking my eyes off of his eyes.
I smiled as I made an exaggerated swallow, just so he knew it was gone. Then I began to gently lick down his chest, teasing each nipple with my tongue, continuing down as my tongue d**g across his abdomen muscles and until I was fully squatted in front of him. I slid his pants down and quickly began working on his rock hard cock with my mouth, fucking his dick with my face and gripping his ass tight with my hands. I could feel him began to tense up so I stopped quickly. I pushed him backwards onto the bed. He laid all the way back with his legs and feet still hanging from the edge of the bed. I removed his pants, underwear and socks completely. I moved between his legs and grabbed his cock with my hands. He reached up to grab my head and I stopped and told him no. I told him to keep his hands above his head until I told him otherwise. Obediently he complied. With his cock in my hands I licked the tip, followed by a quick suck and licking the length of his shaft. My tongue teased his balls which we full and heavy, tight as water balloons and seeming to be on the brink of an explosion at any time. I removed my hands from his cock as I kept licking his balls. I could tell this was driving him crazy. Little to his knowledge I had not even gotten started.

I gently sucked and massaged his balls with my warm, wet mouth for several minutes. It was driving him crazy that he wasn’t allowed to touch his cock, nor was I touching it now either. He was being pleased in a way I was sure he never had been before even though his cock was being totally denied. I knew his arrogant little girlfriend had not ever given him anything like this before and I decided to even take it one step further. He needed to know right now who the boss was.

I gripped his balls with one hand, beginning to lick them again. I licked the underside and then beneath his balls and eventually his tight asshole. He groaned with pleasure as I teased his ass. His cock began to twitch as if it were having a seizure. I think this was when Mr. Pretty Boy realized he was in some deep water so to speak. I took both hands, one on each side and spread his legs apart, then his cheeks. My tongue darted back and forth as I licked away as if I were eating another lady’s pussy. I grabbed his heavy balls to hold them up so they were not in my way as I continued to devour him and shove my face into his ass. I felt his cock throbbing, his balls clenching and heard him moan. Without his cock even being touched he shot a huge load across his stomach, chest and even a few streams made it to the side of his face.

I’m not sure he knew what to think. I assume he was relieved, but at the same time hoping I wasn’t disappointed that he had came so quickly. But it’s just the opposite. Everything I do is to make a man cum. That was my full intention. I rose up and crawled up beside him on my knees. I kissed his lips, them licked up his cum which was still shining on his cheek. I followed the stream all the way down his body back to his cock, lapping up every single drop of cum that I could find.

His cock was still rock hard as he sat up and gave me a look like “what the fuck just happened.” At this point I quickly removed my clothes and told him I hope he wasn’t done. I moved up, pushed him back down and straddled him. I rubbed my already wet pussy on his cock, coating it and his balls with my juices. I looked down at him until he opened his eyes again at which time I told him, “I’m about the fuck the shit out of you.” I reached back and guided his hard brown cock into my pussy and began riding him as he lay there and moaned. With each movement of my hips his cock as deep in my pussy and his balls were pressed tight against me. He gripped my ass with his hands and tried to drive even deeper into me with each thrust. My pussy squeezed down on his cock, retracting its grip with the movement of our bodies as I rode him hard like a stolen Harley.

His body began to tense. I could feel him on the edge of orgasm. I had remembered that in the heat of things neither of us had slowed down enough to get a condom. My hubby’s friend and coworker was balls deep inside of me and about to unleash another furious stream of hot Mexi-cum into my pussy if I didn’t get off of him quick. My plan was to take a mouthful from him anyway so I was ready to jump off and direct the nectar to my mouth at the right time. At the last minute I jumped up to remove myself from my position atop my stallion. I was going to jump up and suck him off as he began to cum but to my surprise he was one step ahead of me. He grabbed my hips, and groaned, “fuck that” and held me down tightly on his cock as he buried it as deep as physically possible in my pussy and unloaded a second wave of cum equal to or bigger than the first that flowed deep into my womb. Pressing into me deeply, holding me down as I would feel stream after stream of cum spraying deep into my womb. He didn’t even hesitate before he shot his load into me. This alone almost made me cum. Not so much the feeling, but the fact that he was so “into it” that he could have cared less about me getting pregnant and ultimately my husband and his girlfriend finding out about us.

I climbed from his cock as it slid from my freshly fucked pussy followed by a flow of Sergio’s steaming hot cum. He remained still, almost completely motionless as I gathered myself and prepared to return to work. He had hardly spoken at all. I honestly think he was at a loss for words. I knew by his lack of after action that I have struck my target. Before I left I grabbed his cock, which was still semi-erect, gave it a little kiss and then kissed him and asked him what he thought about that. He just said, “oh my God” a few times. I laughed softly and told him that I would catch him later. And off I went…..for now. And I knew then he would be heading back home to his girlfriend who just all of a sudden became way more insignificant as she even was a week before.

One evening my husband and I decided to cook out on the grill and have a few drinks. I innocently suggested he invite some friends over to accompany us. Without thought he asked if I minded him inviting over his friend Sergio and his fiancé. “Sure,” I said. Little did my hubby know only a week or so before my tongue was in Sergio’s ass shortly before I rode him until he basted my womb with his spicy Latin cum. I excused myself to change clothes before our guests arrived.

About an hour later Sergio and his fiancé arrived. He and my husband stood around by the grill and had a few beers as she and I tended to things in the kitchen. I couldn’t help but laugh inside that this bitch was in my house, helping me prepare dinner and her future husband does absolutely anything possible to try to get his cock in me every chance he gets. The mere thought of the cluelessness of her and my hubby was somewhat erotic in itself.

They guys finished cooking and we all came inside to eat. There he sat across from me and there was not a doubt in my mind as to what he was thinking. He was infinitely horny and I know the situation was just enhancing it.

As we finished our meals I told them I was going to step out to the garage to get more drinks to bring in. As I exited the house I heard her tell him he should go help me since my husband was already at working clearing the table. As soon as I rounded the corner of the garage Sergio grabbed my hips. He leaned in behind me and said, “oh my God I want to fuck you so bad.” I told him to behave and spun around to face him to tell him this was not the time, nor the place. As soon as I turned he kissed me and pulled me into him. I could feel his rock hard cock pressing against me as we briefly kissed. As the kiss ended, I reached down and grabbed his cock through his jeans and repeated my earlier statement and directed him to behave. I smiled and walked away to go back inside.

During the remainder of the evening we played some cards and just had general chit chat. Some of the conversation included Sergio talking about how he liked to go work out at the gym near where he and my husband worked. He said they had all new equipment and was very rarely anyone there. This of course put my mischievous mind into overdrive.

Everyone had to work the next day so we bid the couple a good evening and they left.
The following day I knew I had to play my game some. It really turns me on to tease and watch men really work for what they want. I knew the garage encounter was fresh on his mind. Hell, knowing him his cock was probably still hard.

After work I came home, did some wife duties and close to dark I changed into my workout clothes. I believe I wore a snug athletic style tank top and yoga pants with my tennis shoes. I told my hubby I was going to walk on the treadmill since his friend had sad there was usually nobody there this time of the evening.
Almost as if scripted, I pulled into the parking lot and Sergio’s car was there along with 2 or 3 others. I went inside and saw him working out on a bench across the room from the treadmills. I began walking on the treadmill and started to wonder if the others would ever leave. After about 15 minutes, the other guests slowly filtered out leaving Sergio and I there alone. Up until this point I had not even spoken to him, although my demeanor must have been doing some type of communicating because he appeared to be having to “adjust himself” as he attempted to concentrate on his workout.

A few minutes after everyone else had gone I got off the tread mill and walked over to where he doing barbell curls. I told him it looked like he was having some “issues” down there. He laughed it off and said, “yeah something like that.” I reached down and grabbed his cock. He was hard and immediately grabbed me and started to kiss me. I put my hand into his gym pants and stroked his cock as he kissed me. I could feel his precum lubricating his cock as I stroked him. I quickly turned and leaned over a bench, pulled my yoga pants down just a couple of inches and said, “is this what you wanted last night?” He grabbed my hips, his erect cock poking out of his waistband, and he moved close behind me. He tugged my pants down another few inches and almost immediately my soaking wet pussy seemed like it just sucked his cock right in.

He grabbed my ass, squeezing it and gently smacking it as he drove his cock in and out of my pussy. My pussy gripped down on his cock, I could feel his balls against my wetness. A few powerful strokes later he stiffened like a board and with a grunt unleashed at least a dozen streaming shots of cum into me. I quickly just pulled my thong and yoga pants back up, not even bothering to clean up after the mess he made inside me. I turned and grabbed his dripping cock and stuck it back in his pants for him and asked him, “now, is that better.” He laughed and said, “hell yes.”

With that, I gathered my things and headed back home. Already plotting the next move as his seed seeped from my pussy as I drove. What a great way to burn a few calories at the gym!

Sergio and I had become regular fuck buddies fairly quickly in the following months. My husband traveled a lot which allowed Sergio and I more access to play. We would meet occasionally at hotels in the surrounding areas for day time fuck sessions. Living in the same small town and him working with my hubby meant we saw Sergio and his now fiancé on a regular basis. I enjoyed seeing them out together actually and loved to completely ignore his existence on the planet. He would try so hard to inconspicuously get my attention or make eye contact and I would totally ignore him. I think in the long run it just made him fuck me even harder the next time we would hook up.

One time after seeing them both in the grocery store and hearing him tell her he was going to work out later I decided to conveniently be at the gym again. I walked in and he was there alone working out. He saw me walk in and didn’t speak. I continued the act of completely ignoring him as I walked on the treadmill and watched him lift weights through the mirrors instead of looking directly at him. Even though I was playing my game with him it still didn’t mean I wasn’t craving his cock. Eventually he stood up to do a few reps of upper body workout on the machine. About midway through one of his sets I walked over to the area he was in and acted as if I were going to do some weight workout as well. Instead, as he raised his arms again to grip the bar I quickly squatted down in front of him and slid both hands up the legs of his shorts. He was instantly hard. He took his hands from the bar and was moving them to my head and I quickly ordered him to put his hands back on the bar above his head. He complied without a word. I pulled his erect cock out of his shorts and stroked it as I licked and sucked his balls. Occasionally I would slip my tongue down and tease his asshole. He loved my tongue darting around his tight little ass. I licked the length of his shaft up to the head and began sucking. My blowjob quickly turned into him more or less fucking my mouth as his hips began to thrust his cock deep and hard into my mouth. I allowed this to continue until he shot an enormous load of hot salty cum down my throat. I swallowed hungrily so I didn’t allow a drop to escape. His cock stood erect like a flag pole even after I finished. Instead of putting his cock away for him, or even speaking to him, I simply stood up and walked off leaving his dick standing at attention. Out the door I went and into the car and back home. I love playing with his head.

Several months passed and Sergio was promoted and moved several hours away which obviously through a small kink in the games. He would still call and email constantly so it was not long before we found a hotel between the two of us and made that our new rendezvous point. Again, during the day we would sneak away while our spouses worked and we would fuck like rabbits all day.

One day he let me know he and his girl would be coming in for the weekend so she could visit relatives. I told him to hit me up if he could get free and we would see what we could get into. Shortly after they arrived in town I got text from Sergio asking me what I was doing. I was just doing some chores around the house and my husband was in the garage as usual working on his motorcycle or something. Sergio said he had taken his wife’s car after they got in town and told her he was going to go see some of his old buddies from work. He asked if I wanted to meet up at some point so I told him to give me about an hour and I would meet him at the office where I worked. He agreed and I jumped in the shower to clean up and get ready to go meet. After getting dressed I told my hubby that I had to run up to the office for just a little bit to finish up some work on the computer that I couldn’t get done the day before. It wasn’t uncommon for me to put in a couple of hours from time to time on the weekend to finish up scanning documents, filing, etc. So, I jumped in my car and drove up to the office where Sergio was already parked around on the side of the building waiting anxiously. I parked my car in my normal parking space and had to giggle when I saw he was waiting for me in his fiancé’s car. I walked over, got in the passenger side of the car and immediately leaned over and kissed him passionately and grabbed his crotch to make sure he was ready. Needless to say he was. His cock was stiff within the confines of his jeans and as I kissed him he fumbled to put the car in reverse and back out of the parking lot. He knew where to go. We had a “parking spot” just down the street a short distance on an old abandoned road. He no more than started driving and I was unbuttoning his pants in a hurry. His cock sprung free and I immediately went to work. He just kept moaning, “Oh my God” over and over as my lips sucked his foreskin while the tip of my tongue darted in to the hidden head, teasing and tasting the savory pre-cum which was oozing from his rock hard cock. About the time I began to actually suck his cock I could feel the car leaving the paved road so I knew we were out of the open public and close to stopping. I sat up and kissed him again, gently stroking his cock as he found a concealed area to park. Once the car was parked he came alive. He moved me back into my seat, reached down to the side and reclined it so it were just almost flat. I lay there watching him look at me, breathing heavy, like he was deciding where to start. He dove into my neck, licking, sucking and kissing as he began to unsnap my pants and attempt to tug them down my legs. I was soaking wet and upper horny, I lifted my hips and pushed my pants and thongs down below my knees far enough so I could spread my legs enough for him to take position between them. He crawled between my legs and drove his hard cock into my pussy as deep as he could. I felt his cum filled balls pressing against my wet pussy and his pubic bone grinding into my clit. He was motionless, just pressing into me and I knew he was already trying hard not to cum. I told him to start fucking me and reminded him we only had a few minutes. There was no time to waste. He dug his feet into the floorboard for traction and began thrusting his cock in and out of my pussy. My hands gripped his ass, digging my fingernails into his ass as I commanded him to fuck me harder and asked him had he missed this pussy. “Fuck yes,” he replied as he slammed his cock into me a few more times before the familiar final thrust and his stiffening body alerted me that he had reached his goal. I could feel his cock inside my pussy, twitching and pulsing as his warm, stored up juices flowed deep into my womb. Shot after shot I felt spray against the inner walls of my pussy, his cock pressing into me hard, his body shaking and his breathing almost asthmatic and gasping. My fingernails still dug into his ass cheeks, I wanted to make sure I left my claw marks like a bear marking territory on a tree. He began to move back and try to slip out of me but I pulled him in one last time and kissed his lips before releasing him from the grip of my hands and pussy. He opened the passenger side door and slid himself out, pulling his jeans back up and wiping sweat from his forehead as he tried to gather his breath and composure. I lay there for a moment, legs still spread wide and reached over to bring the seat back to an upright position. As I did, I could feel his hot load of cum slipping out of my freshly fucked pussy. He was paying me no attention as he tried to dress himself and get his shit together. I sat there a few more minutes and allowed the remainder of his seed to leak from my pussy and settle into the material of her car seat. I knew this was her car and I knew she would spend her 6 hour ride home the following day sitting in the spot where her man’s cum overflowed from my pussy and into the material of her car seat. As he walked around to take his position in the driver seat I pulled my pants back up and leaned back over to his side so I wouldn’t disturb the gooey gift I…or he…had left his bitch wife. He dropped me off back at my office where we shared a departing kiss and went our separate ways.

Months past and Sergio and I continued to meet each other for our periodic day time fuck-a-thons. Although I was married and he was engaged, his emotions began to fill his mind. He would shower me with gifts when he could and he hated the fact I remained with my husband. He wanted me to himself and began to stress those thoughts more as time passed. To his dismay, my husband and I had decided to have another c***d and when I announced I was pregnant Sergio was livid. He took that as a sign I had no intent on ever leaving my husband regardless of any side entertainment I had going. He didn’t speak to me for the majority of the time I was pregnant and I had caught word that he was pressuring her to set a date for their wedding when just months before he had no desire to ever set a date. I suppose it was his way of getting even with me even though I could really care less if he married her or no. I knew I could do whatever I wanted with or without him if I wanted. It was my choice, not his. He had just forgotten that and I intended to remind him when the time was right.

Several months after I gave birth to my second c***d, the day had come for Sergio to take the bitch’s hand in marriage. He send me an email and told me he would be coming to town for their wedding the following weekend and went on about how he hoped everything was ok with me and how everything had been great with him. I waited a day or so and simply told him congratulations and my offered my best wishes.
The weekend of the wedding rolled around and I decided to send him a message the morning of the wedding and ask him if everything was going ok. He said it was but he was bored because the wedding was not until later that afternoon and he was told to find something to do while the bride and planners finished all of the final details before the wedding. He said he had just been out driving around all morning and having some time alone. I told him I was up at my office (although I was actually at home at the time) and that he was welcome to come hang out there while I finished up my work if he wanted. He said he was about 30 minutes away but indicated that he may take me up on that because he was tired of just driving around aimlessly. Once again my plan was in play. I hurriedly got dressed to get up to the office before he did. I wore a lacey white bra and matching thong beneath my blouse and mini skirt, tasteful but just enough to get him “off balance” if need be.
He arrived about 5 minutes after I did. He parked behind the building knowing that his vehicle would be hidden and that I would leave the back door open for him. He walked into the office where I was pretending to be busy working. His hair freshly cut, white t-shirt, his jeans and cologne that almost melted my panties instantly. He looked just like a man that was a couple of hours away from being married. All he had to do was slide into his tuxedo and walk down the aisle. I glanced up at him, acting as if I was more interested in my work than him, and asked how he was doing. He said he was ok and followed up by telling me I looked sexy and that he had missed spending time together as of late. I spun around in my chair and looked him up and down. He stood there staring at me quietly. My blouse may have “accidentally” been unbuttoned slightly enough to expose the top of the white lace bra against my dark tan cleavage. He was giving it all he had not to look at me, he tried to divert his own attention by starting ridiculous small talk about the weather or some dumb shit. I knew he was just trying to do anything he could to get out of the situation before his cock started swelling. He was doing a fairly good job so I decided to rush things along and act like I needed to leave. I stood up and told him I was about to have to go and that I hoped his wedding went well. He told me thanks and just smiled. I reached out to give him a hug and he accepted, pulling me tight into him. I could feel the bulge in his pants and I knew it was time to set the hook. I looked him in the eyes and simply asked, “what’s going on with your cock?” He didn’t really know what to say, he mumbled something about it being good seeing me and tried to adjust himself in his pants without me seeing, which was impossible at this point. I grabbed him by his shirt and kissed him quick and hard before he could react. I told him he needed to fuck me right here and now. I sit back on the desk I had been working at, spread my legs and laid back offering myself to him. Just as I thought he couldn’t resist. I didn’t even look up once I had laid back, but the next thing I felt was his fingers pulling my thong to the side followed by his nose pressing into my wet, freshly shaved pussy. His tongue barely touched my wet pussy lips at first, but one he tasted my juices and dove in passionately. He reached up grabbing my hips and pulling me into his face hard. He was smashing into my pussy like an a****l which had not eaten in weeks. He sucked my clit, teasing with his tongue and bringing me to a quick, hard orgasm right there on my desk.
I pushed him back, slid my thing off and turned around offering my ass to him. I leaned over the desk and in just seconds he had freed his cock, removed his t-shirt and was slamming into my pussy. He grabbed my ass hard and was pulling me in to meet each of his powerful thrusts. As I moaned in approval of his rough fucking, I reminded him between my moans that I owned his cock. I made him tell me that it was my cock over and over until he groaned deeply and snatched his cock out of my dripping wet hole. He gave his cock a couple of quick tugs and release massive streams of cum all over my ass and my lower back. If I had to guess, the poor guy had not came in a month. I quickly grabbed his shirt from the edge of the desk and wiped the gobs of thick semen off of my back and cleaning any spots on the desk where it may have dripped. I turned around with his cum soaked shirt in my hand, he was standing there as if in deep thought with his semi hard cock, still drippling droplets of cum, hanging in front of him. I squatted down quickly before he had any time to react and I licked all the cum I could find from his exposed cock. I grabbed it and squeezed it like I was milking a cow and pulled the last remaining drops from his dick and onto my tongue. I stood back up and passionately kissed him, our tongues stirring the mixture of our saliva and his cum. All I could think about at this point is how he was about to show up for his own wedding in a shirt soaked with cum and a mix of my pussy and his cum coating the inside of his mouth. “You may kiss the bride” never seemed so comical to me.

He put on his cum stained shirt, told me I was “wrong for that” and he walked toward the door. I told him to stay in touch. I planned to have regular visitation rights with his cock. He just shook his head, said “what the fuck” and walked out. I literally laughed out loud knowing what a powerful statement I had just made.
A few weeks later his calls began again, and we were right back to how things were before he vowed himself to his wife. Occasional meetings midway between our homes continued for a few months until he gave me the news that they were moving back to town. Nothing really changed much following their move other than we didn’t have to drive as far to find a hotel to fuck at.

Eventually however his wife’s suspicions rose due to his constant going and coming. Always bathing, shaving, getting dressed up nice, etc. every time he was just “running to the store” or going to hang out with the guys. His credit card bills and cell phone records were going to a Post Office box which further grasped her attention once she started connecting the dots. At one point she found a copy of his phone bill in the trash and was immediately concerned regarding a certain number which more or less covered each page of the statement. Of course she called the number and of course I answered. She just hung up but I knew that her long time suspicions she had tried so hard to ignore for so long had just become factual reality. She not only knew her man was fucking around, but knew with who and knew she couldn’t do shit about it. He would tell me she would cry and beg him to quit seeing me. He said he would tell her he had quit but he said he could tell she knew those were only meaningless words. She knew I was giving her man things she never had in ways she never could. He told me once that he would go home after just fucking me and make her feel guilty for something so she would give him a blow job while my juices were still fresh on his cock. He obviously never shared the fact with her that she was savoring my pussy, but he admitted the when he would do this she seemed to devour his cock and give better head than normal. In a way, I was just amused knowing that she unknowingly enjoyed my pussy almost as much as her man did. And more time past. . . . .
Well Christmas time was closing in again and one evening my husband and I decided to go to a party that his work was having at a local Country Club. As usual, everyone was drinking, dancing and having a good time. My husband though seemed to get extremely wasted pretty quickly and was more or less off doing his own thing. I danced, had some drinks, and just mingled. Sergio and his wife were at the party as well, although we had not hooked up in a few weeks because we had been arguing about nonsense. So, at various times throughout the evening I would notice him watching me dance, giving me “that look” and trying to be flirtatious. I more or less ignored it because I play by my rules and I don’t bend for anyone…..or any cock. I stay in control. I had a couple of cocks on reserve at this time, so no one cock was going to control me. So I had a few drinks and needed to go the restroom. I told my hubby to go get in line and get me another drink while I was gone. When I came out of the restroom he was standing there, dressed to kill in his pressed clothes, looking nice as always. He was telling me he was sorry for our argument and that he missed me and all that. I just told him we would discuss it later and headed back to dance. An hour or so had passed and the situation basically repeated itself. This time when I came out of the restroom he pulled me into him and told me he wanted to take me out behind the building. I knew there were security cameras outside so I immediately said no. Then he mentioned the empty banquet room just a few doors down from where we were standing. I told him ok, but had to go back to the restroom first. I was wearing a short skirt, exposing some cleavage as usual, and my thong which I removed and threw in the restroom trash can. Don’t want things like that to slow me down! So I came out and moved into the rear banquet room. He was already there and secured the door behind me. We immediately started kissing, his cock, as usual, was instantly hard and I could feel it pressing into me. I began to rub his cock through his pants, his breathing increased, his hips began to move and thrust into my hand.. I slowly unzipped his pants, releasing his rigid brown cock from the restraints of his slacks. He was so fucking hard, his cock dripped of precum. I loved making him this fucking horny. I slid off my high heels and squatted down before him, unbuckling his belt, unsnapping his pants and fully released his entire cock, which was maybe a little longer and thicker than my husbands. I began licking and sucking the head, tasting his sweet precum and feeling his cock throbbing between my lips. I licked his balls and sucked his cock with intensity. He began thrusting into my mouth, I could tell by the twitching of his cock that he was close to cumming. I stopped just before he came, stood up and kissed him. He spun me around, lifting my skirt and exposing my ass and wet pussy. He loved fucking me from behind. He loved that ass! He drove his hard cock deep into me, fucking me with hard slow thrust, deep, slapping his heavy balls against my dripping wet pussy. I was squeezing his cock with my pussy, I could tell it was more than he could take. His hands gripped my ass harder, his legs began to tighten and the BOOM, his cock exploded a huge load of his hot latino cum deep into my married pussy. With my pussy dripping wet from our mix of cum, he turned me around and kissed me again. I thought we were done but I should have known better because he ALWAYS fucked me multiple times. He sat me back on the table I had previously been bent over on, spread my legs and shoved his still hard cock into my cum soaked pussy. He fucked me so hard. I could hear his cock slamming in and out of my pussy, I could feel a combination of our cum splashing against his balls with each deep stroke. Soon, he came again, this time he pulled his cock out and came on my stomach, dripping down onto my pierced clit and freshly abused pussy. He started gathering himself, getting his pants back up and pulling himself together. I wiped the cum off my stomach and pussy with the table cloth which was over the table I had just been vigorously fucked on. We kissed again and he exited the room returned to the party. I gave him a few minutes to get clear of the area then I left the room and returned to the restroom to clean up a little more since his massive load was still dripping from my pussy. As I entered the main area I saw him and his d***ken wife were standing on the side of the dance area and where in what looked to be a heated conversation, on verge of an argument. As I made my way across the room, she walked away from him. She and I just happened to cross paths about half way across the room. I didn’t say a word, but apparently I had a smirk on my face that she didn’t like given her current state of anger with him…..for whatever he may have done to piss her off. Lol. As she walked by she asked, “what the fuck are you looking at?” I said, “excuse me?” She said, “you heard me.” I simply replied with a devilish smile, “fuck you!” She said, “I wouldn’t want to fuck you.” In which I replied, “Your man sure does not seem to mind it.” She looked furious and just walked away at that point. What made it even more comical to me is that as I told her that his warm cum was literally running down my inner thigh. I thought to myself that I should have told her, “bitch, you will be fucking lucky if I’m not pregnant.” I danced a song or two and at some point my hammered hubby had apparently been taken home while I was getting my brains fucked out. I danced a few more songs, and drove myself home and went to bed. Thinking back, I should have rubbed my wet pussy all over my passed out hubby’s face just to add to my fun.

We fucked a handful of times in the weeks to follow but soon after I began to grow tired of the whole thing. Mainly the drama his wife was bringing to the situation. There comes a time I guess when it’s just not as fun and time to move on. I quit taking his calls and that was pretty much that. Every ride must come to an end.

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