High Heels


Friends had told me about my hubby many times, that he is cheating on me with other women. I don’t know why I didn’t react on that. It did bother me, but our sex life had changed into a once in month or less, and that one time was usually a fast job. I would lay on my back, legs fully open and he does his job pretty much in few minutes. If he’s over me 5 minutes he’s doing overtime. Usually it’s over by 2-3 minutes without me getting any kind of orgasm out of it, So I don’t count that as”sex” by any standards. My friends had been telling me about my hubby Steven, that he had been seen fooling around with younger women and they said that he’s fucking them in whenever he can.

I met him almost 10 years ago. I was 21 years old back then and he was all over me and really interested in me, but his main goal was to fuck me every time we saw each other. He made me do everything he ever imagined and I let him fuck me just anywhere, even in public places. He loved to get me to suck his cock while we were in his car and parked somewhere, where there were lots of people, like he wanted to make sure that others knew that he’s getting it.

He isn’t that handsome, nor has he a big tool in his pants, but he thinks and acts like he does. He thinks he is like a ”movie star” with big cock and he loves to fuck young women. I’m 31 years old now, an old hag I guess. I try to keep myself in good shape in the gym and I’m glad that my b-cup tits haven’t turned into saggy bags yet. They are still nicely firm and tender as ever. Also as I go to the gym often, I have a slim figure, and quite often guys think that I’m a few years younger than I really am, or they are just playing gentlemen in that case? Some men like my brunette hair, but I think that they mean” I like your perky tits”. I don’t rebuke them for that because I don’t mind the flattering at all. I like to get their attention and the fact that they notice me. I hope that they see me as a woman with more than than just arse and tits.

Ok, I have to admit, that there have been several guys who have asked me to go and have some drinks with them, but I have turned them down. I’m married and don’t want to cheat on my husband. Not even though he does that to me. I try to be good wife for him even if he doesn’t fancy me anymore. He earns a good salary from his job and as I don’t have a job, we pay all the bills from his salary. This make him feel, that he has the right to do what he likes and I guess I let him to do that.

Still it started to piss me off as my friends told how he was hitting on young girls so openly and I wanted to know how many more things he has kept from me. I knew his password for his laptop and started to search for more info about what he was up to. I was stunned to learn that he had an account in couple of dating services, and in one he had openly said that he is free man. He had sent lots of messages to other women and tried to lure them into his bed. I also found some nude pictures of young student girls in motel beds with him and I was really furious. As I dug deeper, I found that he had started to search for girls as young as 16 years old to be his fuck buddies. He wanted to have fuck buddies from girls who basically were half of my age. He’s a 51 old git and chasing teenage girls.

I decided to put him on his place and started to plan how I could do that so he would really know where he belongs. As he had cheated me for a long time with several different women, it felt just right me to find a fuck buddy of my own. Many guys had tried to get me into dating, but sadly I had turned them all down. There were a few guys from the gym who were always flirting with me. I guess I would start from them; at least they were in good shape as opposed to Steven, my hubby. His sport was mainly just driving his car and fucking other women. I guess he could fuck these women once or twice before they kicked him to the kerb he was so bad in bed. One position and low stamina wouldn’t get him very far.

The next day at gym I noticed Marc and Joe. Both were eager to flirt with me and I guess they had some kind wager on as to which one of them could eventually pick me up. They didn’t know it yet, but it was going to be a lucky day for both of them. Since Steven had fucked so many other women in past years, I planned to have my own fun with these handsome and hot guys. Marc is a black guy, and his dark skin usually glimmers from the sweat when he’s pumping iron like a mad bull and I bet that he’s harder in bed. He’s around 2m tall, muscular and he has something wild in his eyes. I hadn’t allowed myself to test it until today and I wanted to know is he a man or just another cherry picker. Joe is as muscular as his friend, white skinned, with dark hair and a bit shorter than Marc, but that won’t matter at all. They both are taller than I and I like their muscular bodies. As I am looking at them, my pussy is getting wetter moment by moment and I feel that I have gone beyond the point of no returning. I was through the front door of the gym and now I can’t stop myself. I just walk up to them and say hello and the guys are as playful as usually.

They started to flirt with me and I just smiled to them. They have been doing that for ages and are still trying to win me, or maybe it has become some kind of tradition to them, to flirt with me as they did with other girls in the gym, but it seemed different with me. They are doing their best to make them to look better than each other. I hoped that they have as much stuff in their pants as on their body. At that point I didn’t care and. I just want to get fucked by these two guys. I’m so ready to be taken even right now, right here, in front of everyone. My pussy was so wet and I felt so horny that I felt the need to rip off my tight clothes and get them to **** me.

I just teased them and guys were laughing as it felt like a typical day for them. Then I picked up my towel, wiped my forehead and smiled to them. I said that if they want to fuck me, today was going to be their lucky day if they wanted to meet me outside in 5 minutes they could take me into their flat and fuck my brains out. Their jaws dropped to the floor and they were stunned. I just smiled, and blew a kiss to them, winked and walked away slowly. They watched me as I went into women’s locker room, took my gym bag and walked out of the gym. I guess at some point the guys really noticed that the deal was real and they rushed to grab their gear in time to meet me outside. I didn’t care about the time, just wanted to get them out of the gym so I could have a chance to feel their hot, hard cocks in my pussy.

Marc and Joe were still thinking that I was pulling their chain and k**ding about the”deal”. I wasn’t and the boys took me to Joe’s flat. It was closest, and the car ride to there felt like it took an eternity. I wanted to feel their cocks inside my wet pussy and already the guys were almost ripping my clothes off my lovely slim body. Marc parked his car in Joe’s parking space and then I was virtually carried into Joe’s flat. The flat’s door wasn’t even shut properly before they started to pull my clothes off. I felt their hot hands on my body and their strong big arms around me. Hands were tearing my pants off, other hands pulled my top off and soon I was completely naked. It felt so great and I moaned from the pleasure it gave me. I wanted to get fucked by them. I wanted them to fuck my brains out.

I moaned loudly as I felt fingers on my pussy and guys noticed how wet I was. I told them to fuck me now with their hard cocks and they fulfilled my”order”. I was slammed on my hands and knees on the king sized bed, and Marc was the first man behind me. I smiled at him and offered my arse to him eagerly. I had shaved myself this morning and he seemed to like what he saw. Joe came in front of me and told me to be a good little slut and suck his cock. I smiled him and opened my mouth.

I wasn’t wrong about them. They both had good sized cocks between their legs. Joe had me suck his thick tool as Marc slid his black cock into my hot and wet pussy. It made me cry out from the pleasure and I didn’t feel any shame about the situation at that moment. I was fully naked, on my hands and knees on that bed and spit-roasted by two guys from the local gym. Marc’s lovely thick cock felt so big as it slid into me and stretched my pussy into its limits. It really felt awesome, as Steven’s cock was just a tiny thumb against this. I don’t even remember what it felt like inside me, as our sex life was basically dead as it could be. I moaned and groaned like those porn stars in the sex movies, as Marc started to fuck me with long and strong thrusts. He filled my poor little pussy with his hard member and for the first time in years, I felt myself to be a woman, or maybe more like a slut wife and I loved it, but still that felt like real cock and he fucked me like a real man would fuck.

I was panting heavily and I tried to suck Joe’s cock as much as I could but Marc made that difficult with his pounding cock and I got my first orgasm within first 5 minutes. I rarely got orgasms with Steven even when we had sex, and I usually had to rub my clit to have an orgasm. I felt Marc’s strong grip on my hips as he rammed his mighty cock deeper and deeper into me. He said that I was so tight that I could be virgin if he didn’t know better. I don’t know why, but that really turned me on. A real stud like Marc said that I was tight and he really seemed to enjoy fucking me. Guys had flirted with me for years now and now they had the jackpot. I was sweating like never before in bed. Marc’s cock was so deep in my pussy and Joe’s cock was in my mouth. It felt so hot, that my whole body trembled from strong waves of orgasms. I loved being their slut and feeling their cocks in me.

Joe f***ed me to take his cock deeper into my mouth while his friend punished my pussy with his big black cock. I enjoyed every second of it and I did have regrets, that I didn’t do this earlier. Then I heard how the guys were talking about a little break so they won’t shoot their load into me too soon. I had asked them to fuck my brains out and it seemed that they were planning to fulfil my wish. I felt how Joe and Marc pulled their cocks out of me and they pushed me on my back on the bed. My legs were pushed fully open, and this time it was Joe who jumped over me. His hard pole found my wet swamp easily and soon he was pumping me like mad man. I screamed from pain and pleasure. His thrusts were rough, his pace was fast and he was just like an a****l. His muscular arms kept me in my place so easily, that I felt totally owned by him. I felt how his hard cock rubbed my pussy from the inside and it made me to tremble like never before.

The guy over me was so strong, that he just needed one arm to overpower me completely. I submitted to his will and took his hard member as deep into me as he wanted. My poor pussy was stretched to meet their sizes and it was painful at first, but after my body had adjusted to their size, the pain changed into pure pleasure. I felt his muscular body over me and I clawed some scratches on his back with my nails, but that didn’t make him stop. It made him to fuck me even harder and I moaned as hard as he fucked me.

I had never been fucked like this before, so my body was now in the middle of strong waves of pure pleasure. My slim body shook from the powerful orgasms, my firm b-cup tits moved along within Joe’s insanely fast rhythm and he made me to feel that I was just a slut, piece of meat, fuck hole to them to use, and I loved it.

I groaned, moaned, screamed and panted with sheer pleasure under his body and I hoped that he could shoot his hot load deep into my pussy, and I didn’t mind if I got pregnant by him, or by Marc. I certainly would not for Steven. He hadn’t ever given me this much pleasure in bed, and now I found out how hot sex could be with others.

Then Joe stopped and I begged him to continue, to use me hard and shoot his load into my womb, but he just smiled and said that it was Marc’s turn to fuck me and Marc was ready and waiting next to me. I panted heavily and nodded with a smile. Joe moved off and Marc moved in. Soon I was screaming like a banshee again and I loved the feeling that black cock gave me. Marc took his time to fuck me and he played with my firm tits. I felt his hot lips on my nipples and that made me tremble even more. My nipples were harder and tenderer than ever before. The guys laughed and they knew that a little wife like me, is just a common whore and loves to be fucked roughly. What could I say to that, other than that they were right? I was a slut, whore, fuck hole and I enjoyed being their sex toy.

I was moaning, groaning and panting heavily as Marc really filled my wet pussy with his black member. I really felt how it slid deep into me, stretching me to my limits and I loved the feeling as it was as deep in me as no others had. I was really horny in that moment and I wanted more and more. After long years of really bad and boring sex, I was totally hooked on this kind of sex.

Then Marc pulled me on the top and told me to ride on his cock. I did as he asked and it was really nice for me. The guys played with my tits and I felt Joe’s lips on my neck and his hands on my tits, while Marc’s hands were on my hips. My whole body trembled really strongly and I moaned like a whore. Joe whispered something into my ear and I at first I didn’t understand what he said, I just obeyed him and leaned towards Marc, but as I felt his hard cock rubbing my arsehole, I understood what he was up to and tried to stop him. It was too late for that, as Marc kept me down and Joe’s cock was already stretching its way into my darker hole. I screamed from the pain, as I had never been butt fucked before.

Joe grunted behind us and he told us that my butt was even tighter than he would have imagined. I felt sharp needles in my head, my butt was burning, his big cock f***ed its way into my arse and I shook from the pain. I almost fainted from it, but luckily Joe’s cock slid in and he gave me time to catch my breath. I was sweaty, and panting from pleasure and pain. Two big cocks were inside me and my body was aching down there. I was kept in place by their strong hands and they said that this little slutty wife needed to breaking in. They would do it for me and after that I would be ready to be gang fucked by other guys from the gym.

I imagined that in my mind, all those guys around me, wanking their hard cocks and r****g me in turns in their shower room. Cock after cock using my holes, 2 or 3 guys at the same time. I really had mixed feelings about that, part of me felt really sick about it, but the other half really wanted to be gang ****d by all those guys.

Then Joe started to move in me again and at first it was really painful, but few moments later I got my biggest orgasm ever and then all the pain just disappeared. My body tingled and twitched before it hit with full f***e. I trembled really strongly and I screamed so loud that the guys covered my mouth with hands. I blacked out after that, but the guys didn’t even notice that I was out cold and they just fucked me like mad men. Marc was under me, Joe was above us and both of their cocks were buried deep into my arse and pussy. I barely woke up to have another orgasm, this time a gentler one and guys seemed to have had enough for them. First Marc shot his hot load deep into my pussy, and then Joe emptied his hot seed into my arse.

As we all three were laying on that bed, tired and sweaty, I told that I need a favour from them. I told them about Steven and how I wanted to put him in his place. They listened to what I had planned and I was glad that they wanted to help me. I smiled and I had to do some shopping for ultimate revenge for Steven. I barely got myself up from that bed as my knees were shaking badly when I walked towards Joe’s shower. Needless to say, I got fucked by both of them in Joe’s shower, but that was much easier now as my holes were stretched and well lubricated.

I was dead tired from all that when I returned home and Steven was bitching about how I hadn’t cleaned our house while he was away. I didn’t have energy to argue with him about it, just went to shower again. I felt Marc’s and Joe’s cum leaking from my pussy onto my inner thighs and I needed to wash myself and take care of things. Steven will be put in his place soon.

It took about two weeks to get all things together that I needed for the revenge, but also in that time, I visited Joe’s flat and Marc’s flat in turns. I got fucked daily and I really loved being fucked by real strong men like them. Steven didn’t even noticed anything different in me and he was just in his own fantasy world, where he is the ultimate lover, God’s gift to all women and he’s the best. His world would be coming down soon.

All things were ready and set for the evening. I had bought a nice really sexy dark evening dress for myself, high heel shoes and a few other things. I just waited for Steven to come home and when he came, I told him that it was our wedding anniversary that day and we are going out tonight. Of course it wasn’t our wedding anniversary, but Steven didn’t even remember that. GIT! He was just drooling over my dress, or my body under that slightly revealing dress. In a few moments he was ready to go out with me and he thought that he’s going to be lucky tonight. He didn’t show any interest in my body before, but this dress made my slim figured look even sexier if possible. Guys said that I was sexier naked than with that dress on me, but they are biased.

At first I gave Steven wristbands and put those on his wrist. I made sure, that he noticed that I was braless and he’ll forget those wristbands for now. He did look at those wristbands for a while, nice engravings on the silvery surface made them look awesome. He didn’t notice anything weird about them and was just drooling for my braless bust. He was so easy to tease. Then we left for the restaurant where I had reserved a table. We had few dances and his hands were all over my body and he was begging for us to return home and have the rest of the fun there. I wasn’t ready to go yet and I continued teasing him with my body. He was so sure that he’ll get his 3 minutes of fun tonight and maybe have a nice chat session with his internet friends after that. He didn’t know how deep in trouble he was right now and I pulled him further and further my way. Everything went like I wanted and after a nice evening out at his expense, we returned home by taxi. Marc and Joe were in our home waiting for us and Steven was going to taste his ultimate defeat soon.

He was so sure that he’ll score today, really soon, but I had something else in mind. The taxi left us at our front yard, he paid it and it took off. After that Steven almost dragged me inside and was pulling his necktie open while entering the front door. I had put my hand in my tiny handbag and took a black round remote into my hand. He tried to kiss me as I pressed the button of the remote. Steven screamed from pain as those wristbands gave a strong jolt to him, not once or twice, a but few times to be sure that he’ll listens me.

He was in pain and tried to tear those bands off from him, but those were locked tightly. I had those specially made for him and those act as a tracker and punishment device for him. I put my leg on his chest. I pressed that sharp heel against his chest and told him to listen to what I had to say. He was stunned that I was so angry with him. I zapped him once again just to keep him quiet and kept him on the floor by my leg. My high heel shoe kept him in his place and I had the chance to tell him what I had in my mind. I was so fed up with his other women and now his play time was over. He’s not going to able to fuck anyone again. He was staring at my shoe on his chest and I bet that hurt him, but he kept his worthless mouth shut. I made sure that I wouldn’t let him continue his games anymore and I’ll make sure that he won’t bother any women anymore.

I asked Marc and Joe to come in and Steven wasn’t sure what was happening, as two muscular guys walked into the room where we were. I told Steven, that it was better to him to obey now or he’ll be punished. He nodded quietly. I took my heel off his chest and walked away from him. Next I told him to take off all of his clothes. Steven just got up from the floor and tried to escape. It was futile as guys caught him easily and they tore his clothes into pieces while I was fetching his final gift from other room. I heard Steven’s cries as he tried to fight back, but Joe and Marc gave him back double what he tried to do.

When I got back, I had a chastity belt for men in my hand, specially made for Steven. It had engravings saying that Steven is a cheater and a liar. I tossed it to guys and they f***ed Steven to put it on. The guys laughed at him when he begged me to stop and take that thing away. He promised to stop all those things if I forgive him. I zapped him twice with my black remote and he screamed from pain again. After that he put that belt on. I made sure that the locks were secure and he wasn’t able to get those open in any way. Then I made him crawl to my feet and beg my forgiveness and kiss my shoe. Steven crawled like a bug or a worm to my feet and did what I had ordered him to do. As he started to kiss my shoes too many times, I lifted my leg up and f***ed his head on the floor with my shoe. Steven saw that heel more closely than ever before. I gave him my answer and it was ” No ”.

I had one more extra gift for him and I let my friends install it. Steven got a gag ball into his mouth, as I didn’t wanted to hear his whining, begs or pleas anymore. Steven looked really nice now. The belt made sure that he wouldn’t be able to fuck or masturbate any longer and his bathroom breaks would take more time now as he would have to keep his belt clean down there. That wasn’t my problem.

I was feeling a bit horny while I had watched Marc and Joe as they had installed that gag ball on my dear husband. Steven was tied on the floor on his belly and he was placed in that way so that he saw what I was doing. When Steven was taken care of, I had presents for Marc and Joe. I pulled Marc’s strong and thick black cock out of his jeans in front of Steven. I rubbed it and told Steven that this is the size that a cock should be. Steven had just a worthless thumb and I made sure that it’ll be used just for one thing, and one thing only.

Then I showed Joe’s cock to my husband, it was as big and mighty as Marc’s was. I smiled and went on my knees to greet both of those cocks properly. I kissed both them at first and started to suck their semi-hard cocks in turns. While I was sucking one, I rubbed The other cock with my hand and the guys seemed to love it. I was still in my evening dress and Marc wanted me to take it off. I did what he wanted, and I revealed to Steven that I didn’t have anything under that dress on that evening. No Bra’s, no panties, just that Dress and shoes. I smiled at him and continued sucking these two real cocks. Steven had to watch how his own wife was serving two other males in front of him and he couldn’t do anything. He was tightly tied and certainly in a difficult position to see everything, but his discomforts weren’t my problem.

I had an idea to show to my bug husband what it’s like when a hard cock slides into woman’s pussy. I walked towards Steven, leaned on the heavy chair and put one shoed leg into his forehead. Just to make sure that he’ll see what I want him to see. He saw how his own wife bended over to another man, offering her shaved pussy to him to use and how that black cock started to slide into his wife’s wet cunt. I moaned even louder so Steven knows what moaning from pleasure sounds like. When I looked downwards, Steven watched how that black cock filled his wife’s pussy time after time after time. I rubbed my own tits and it felt so awesome. Steven was dealt with and put into his place and I had at least two muscular lovers, maybe more in the future. That gym gangbang sounds better every day and I think that someday.. I’ll try it. No….I will certainly try it.

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