Here’s to You, Mrs. Robinson


Looking back on it, those summer days seem so unreal; unbelievable. Sometimes I can’t believe it all actually happened at all – let alone happened to me! Yet, during the summer of my junior year in college, I found myself, for a few glorious months, passionately involved in a hot and heavy affair with a fantastic woman, an older woman – who happened to be the wife of my Dad’s business partner.

Even today, when I think back on it, I still hear ‘Scarborough Fair’ going through my head. It was the song Mrs. Robinson used to hum in that deep velvety voice of hers, whenever she was getting dressed; running a brush through her heavy black hair, smoothening her dress into place, repairing her lipstick in the front of the bathroom mirror, while from my position on the bed, I watched her: fascinated by the ritual of feminine fussing and primping she put on, before she donned those dark glasses of hers, and went out to face the world. I was to learn that whenever she hummed that little tune, she was feeling really good: a well-satisfied, sexually-satiated woman. When those sweet memories flood back on me, they inevitably bring another picture to mind: the image of that elegant lady’s long sensual body, all naked and inviting, and just waiting for me as she lay stretched out on that motel room bed.


Mrs. Robinson didn’t say a word when I nudged her hip; just turned over obligingly to flop on her belly, to lay with head turned to one side, black hair spilling down on the pillow, eyes closed, and a little smile on her painted lips. It gave me the chance to just sit there and contemplate her smooth naked back, and her gorgeous ass. I loved that womanly ass of hers; softly voluptuous, and oh so caressible. Couldn’t get enough of that ass. I loved to lay on the bed, and watch her as she got up to go to the bathroom, fascinated by the jello-like jiggle of Mrs. Robinson’s plump rearmounds as she padded off to the bathroom.

Now I would lay on that same bed, propped up on one shoulder, staring at the upturned ass, poised just inches from my face. I liked her best just like this; when she was perfectly happy to let me do what I wanted to her, while she lay there – all soft and warm and passive. Once she let me take her clothes off while she just stood there, with arms dangling down at her sides. With trembling hands, I unzipped her dress, came around in front of her and pulled it off her shoulders and down her front, and then kept on undressing her piece by piece, with her smiling at me all the while, and not saying a word. I really liked her like that.

She never said much when she was in one of those quiet moods, just let me do what I wanted…to a point, that is. One time she confided in me that she liked it best when a man acted like a man; a real man, the kind that knew how to take charge of things in the bedroom. I kinda liked that too. Of course, there were other times, most times in fact, when she wanted to be in charge, to control things, everything. If she was in a bad mood, she could be a real bitch, treating me like I was stupid or something, ordering me around like I was the hired help. It was hard to tell with her.

And I never knew when we met in the coffeeshop just what kind of mood she was in. This attractive lady would stroll in with that air of supreme self-confidence she had; always well-dressed, meticulously groomed, perfectly made up, looking great: a tall and slender brunette in high heels and some exclusive designer outfit, with those big dark glasses of hers. With her dark silky hair tumbling down to her shoulders in a mass of thick soft folds, Mrs. Robinson was one helluva beautiful woman. She even smelled good!

The minute she sat down, she began explaining the way she arranged things: a competent woman with a mind of her own. She knew just what she wanted. And she seemed always in a hurry, eager to get started. She hated wasting time; constantly looking at her delicate Cartier watch, telling me how much time we had, and explaining what I was to do. She would already have gotten the room, and she’d slip me the duplicate keycard under the table. She would tell me how long I was to wait before I went upstairs. I was to leave first, to avoid the lobby, come back by the side door, and be sure to use the back elevator. She always asked if I had parked around the back, so that her cream-colored Mercedes wouldn’t be seen in the same parking lot as my beat up old Toyota, even though she knew I parked out back every time we got together. Mrs. Robinson was like that – super-careful. But then, I couldn’t blame her really. After all, she had a lot more to loose than I did if her husband ever found out she was spending her Thursdays at the Holiday Inn humping some college guy. A guy young enough to be her son.

Of course I knew her son, Kyle. Besides Mr. Robinson being my Dad’s partner, the Robinson’s were friends of my parents. They lived nearby, in the same plan as we did – Fairmont Acres, and we saw them a lot. Kyle was away at Kent State now. He was a jock, and a loud-mouthed jerk, who was always bragging about girls were always coming on to him. It’d blow his mind if he found out that I was banging his good-looking Mother!

Yeah, he’d really go nuts if he knew the truth about his Mom: that classy Mrs. Robinson, with her big expensive house, her fancy dinners parties, her bridge games, and her charity work, was one horny bitch who was crazy about young guys, and who fucked like a mink.

Oh, yeah she liked her sex alright, but she liked it her way. Everything had to be her way. Whatever we did in bed, she called the shots.

I remember sitting on the bed together, both of us naked, with our arms around each other, when I buried my face in her soft, wonderfully smelling hair and kissed her along the neck. She arched back and let me ease her down onto the bed. She reached up for me, but I pulled back and instead nudged her hip urging her over, and after a slight hesitation, she let me roll her onto her belly. And then that day, for the very first time, I kissed Mrs. Robinson’s ass.

She folded her arms under her head; a dreamy smile curled her lips. Her long legs slid open, scissored languidly on the sheets, and she gave an excited wiggle, rubbing her pussy all over the mattress. You could tell she loved it: being felt up, having a guy play with her ass. Her wriggling response fired me to go for more, and I started to fondle that generous, nicely-shaped bottom, using both hands, grabbing full handfuls of meaty ass; squeezing and moving the wobbly mounds all around while Mrs. Robinson hummed, and squirmed in growing excitement. How I loved getting my hands on that wonderful ass!

That day, on a whim, I pried her cheeks apart and held her open to me. Suddenly, she tensed up as she realized that I was looking into the opened crack to examine her asshole. It was small and pinkish, and I watched it clench down, tightening before my very eyes upon being exposed like that. Fascinated, I extended one finger and lightly touched her there.

Instantly, a hand shot back; grabbed me by the wrist, pointed nails digging viciously into my flesh. &#034No!&#034 she snapped, yanking my hand away. &#034Not there! I don’t like that!&#034 Her tone was cold, hostile, insolent, demanding. The vehemence of her reaction took me by surprise. It was the sort of sharp rebuke an angry parent lays on a naughty c***d. And I didn’t like it. Not one bit.

It ruined the mood, for both of us I guess, and though later she tried a little to make it up to me, she still remained kinda frosty for the rest of the afternoon.

And after that, whenever we got to rolling around on the bed, kissing and feeling each other up, and I tried to stick a finger in her butt to play with her asshole a bit, I got the same violent reaction. The hand would fly back to stop me, grabbing my hand and flinging it away. Once she even slapped my hand and snarled at me to cut it out. After that, she’d suddenly turn cold and hostile, as though I had turned off a switch. It sure put a damper on the afternoon. But I couldn’t help it. The more she cursed me out, rejecting my exploring finger, the more obsessed I became about visiting that clenching little asshole of hers – in more ways than one.

I though of her angry reaction…a lot.

Of course in the end, it always went down her way: She’d be naked, down on hands and knees, floppy tits hanging down below her, and she’d want me to fuck her from behind. Other times she’d kneel on the bed and get down on her elbows with forehead on the pillow, offering up her beautiful rich ass in my direction. The first time she did this, I just stood there with my hardon sticking up in the air, just staring at her. I guess I didn’t move fast enough, because she looked over her shoulder at me and snapped: &#034What the hell are you waiting for, Benjamin…do it! Fuck me!&#034

Yeah, Mrs. R. was one of those randy chicks who simply loved a good fuck, couldn’t get enough of it. And she went crazy when she was taken from behind. She wouldn’t go down on me. No way was she going to give me a blow job. Wouldn’t take it in her mouth, or even as much as kiss my cock when I tried to offer it to her. And no missionary position for that gal! No, she wanted it one way. What she wanted was a good stiff cock up her cunt, from behind, always from behind. You would never know it to see her strolling so coolly in her high heeled shoes through that coffeeshop, but Mrs. Robinson loved nothing better than being mounted and fucked like an a****l.

I’d climb up on the bed behind her, on my knees, grab her by the hips, and slip it into her wet. She’d explode – just go wild: squirming hotly, panting and moaning, and shaking her head, her hair flying around like a crazy woman’s, as I pumped into her and did my level best to hold on, and keep from coming too soon.

Yeah, Kyle would never know just what a sexy Mom he had; besides being a classy lady, she was a great lay. Quite a piece of ass! But there was one other little piece of information about his oh-so-proper Mother that he would never believe; that no one would ever believe. It turns out that his Mom, our Mrs. Robinson, was really into the kinky stuff! And what really turned her on was being tied up. That turned her on big time!

That little piece of news was something I had only found out about only two weeks ago, when she told me to bring a handful of my old ties with me next time. She casually asked if I remembered to bring them as she sat on the bed unhitching her long black stockings, and rubbing them down her beautiful legs. And when I hauled a bunch out of my backpack to show her, she smiled at me and told me I was a ‘good boy’. I almost expected a pat on the head!

Then, standing up and turning around away from me, she reached up in back to undo her bra. I watched her fingers work open the little clasp, as she asked me, over her shoulder, if I ever played games with my ‘little girlfriends’. Did I like tying them up, for example. I just stared at her; not sure I had heard what I thought I’d heard!

I was still standing there with a fistful of ties in my hand, when she turned around to face me directly, casually brushing the dangling bra off her arms. My eyes went immediately to her naked tits. Mrs. Robinson has nice tits. They’re big, but not too big, and they don’t stick out like they do on some girls with big boobs. No, hers are sort of soft and floppy; two slightly flattened mounds that wobble when she moves, like now when she was bending over to run her black lace panties down her legs. She stepped free of the inky puddle of silk as she explained what she wanted me to do.

She would get on the bed, and lay flat on her stomach. She showed me how she wanted me to wrap the ties around her wrists and ankles and then stretch her out, tying her arms over her head and her spread-open legs to the corners of the bed. Then I was to take the pillows, both of them, fold them over, and jam them under her belly to jack up her hips. This also had the effect of nicely serving up her gaping cunt, so I could kneel between her out-stretched legs and fall on her, slithering up her bare back while my prick slid smoothly up her pussy.

I found out that just tying her down was enough to get her all hot and bothered, and by the time I shoved it in her, she was already sopping wet and practically begging me to fuck her. It pressed all her buttons: being tied down and stretched out like that, spread-eagled on the bed. And that day I fucked her silly, and Mrs. Robinson, all hot and sweaty, just kept taking that pounding, urging me on all the while through clenched teeth, cursing and calling me every name in the book. The bitch couldn’t get enough. I never met a woman like her before or since. She was insatiable!

That was an unforgettable afternoon.

END of 1/2

Part Two

For the next six days, I found myself constantly thinking of Mrs. Robinson’s lovely upturned bottom. I was obsessed with it: couldn’t shake the image of that wonderful mature womanly ass, just sitting there before me. I thought of her ass, and of her vehement rejection whenever I tried to finger her butt. She sure hated that! Took charge immediately. Once she even ordered me to get dressed, and get the hell out! She scared me, and got me mad at the same time. I thought of that now, as I remembered last Thursday, when I had tied Mrs. Robinson down. It got me hot all over again, just thinking about it!

.It came to me that once I had her tied down like that, I could do anything to that ass of hers. Anything I wanted, and she couldn’t do a damn thing about it. Oh, she’d bitch alright, but she had to take whatever I dished out to her. By now, I was sick and tired of her calling the shots; always pushing me around, telling me what to do. Next time, it would be lots of sex alright, but not sex her way. It’s be sex my way!

And so today, such thoughts were going through my mind as I looked down on the naked lady all laid out before me. I urged her over onto her stomach and I knelt behind her with my hard cock at the ready, hardly able to keep my excitement in check. I went about tying her to the bed while sporting one painfully stiff hardon. I couldn’t help smiling to myself when she obligingly turned over, not suspecting a thing. She buried her face in the pillow, and silently raised her hands over her head, offering me her wrists to bind. I worked carefully, adjusting the ties; tight but not too tight. As she once said: ‘It would never do for her to be seen leaving a motel with ropeburns’!

Once I was satisfied that she had just the right bit of slack, I went around to the foot of the bed where I’d left my backpack to dig out the tube of K-Y jelly that I bought just for today’s visit. Looking down at the naked lady before me, I carefully greased my rock solid prick…and came damn close to shooting off! But I bit my lower lip, took a deep breath, and shook myself. I had to get a grip on myself.

By now the situation was getting to me, and I was really hot. Here was this mature woman, a beautiful nicely-curved woman, completely naked and stretched out helplessly before me. And I could do anything I wanted with her! And the most she could do was bitch about it. She couldn’t tell anyone. Just like I couldn’t. As she warned me more than once: this had to be our little secret, what went on this room. No one must ever know.

Impatient by now, she twisted around as far as she could, trying to look over her shoulder, without much success, straining up to see what I was doing.

&#034Come on, Benjamin!&#034 she ordered, all hot to trot. &#034What are you waiting for?&#034

&#034I’m just getting ready,&#034 I said, coming up on her with the tube of lubricant in my hand.

I climbed up on the bed, to kneel between her legs.

I gave the woman an affectionate pat on the rearend, and she answered with a excited little wiggle to her hips. And when I grabbed her wide ass in both opened hands, she let her head fall back down and kinda purred. Tightening my grip, I dug my fingers into the sides of her spongy cheeks, curled my thumbs deep into her crack, and pried her open.

&#034Benjamin! What are you doing!?&#034 her voice was sharp, instantly alert, suspicious. I knew that tone of voice: the bitch was back.

I didn’t answer her, just kept holding her spread rearcheeks wide apart with one splayed hand, while I used the middle finger of the other to apply a dab of gel squarely on Mrs. Robinson’s stubbornly resisting asshole.

The minute I touched her anus, she let out a helluva protest, just like I knew she would.

&#034No, not there!&#034 she hissed, twisting around and yanking on her bonds. &#034Benjamin! No! What do you think you’re dooooing?!&#034

I ignored her, just let her straining cheeks snap shut, and then immediately fell on her outstretched body, snaking up that warm, lightly-sweating back till I lay d****d over her naked body, my hips resting comfortably right on her heavenly pillows, my cock nestled in the hot, tightly-clenching rearcrack of her soft warm bottom. I buried my face in her fragrant hair, and with my lips beside her ear, I whispered: &#034Mrs. Robinson, let me tell you something. You’ve got one big beautiful ass. Has anyone ever told you that? And now you know what I’m gonna do?&#034 I wiggled my hips. &#034I’m gonna fuck that pretty ass of yours.&#034

&#034What are you talking about?&#034 She strained upward as far as she could between her outstretched arms. &#034Untie me!!&#034 Her voice was louder, an insistent bray. I could feel the wave of fear that raced through her at my threat; her ass tensed instinctively under me; her crack tightening down as he butt contracted on my solid prick.

&#034You still don’t get it, do you?&#034

I moved my pelvis, nudging my prick up just a little in her hot crack to let her get the feel of me deep in there, in that most intimate place.

&#034Nooo,&#034 she raged, yanking on her bounds in frantic desperation.

I lay on top of her, letting her feel my naked body, my full weight pinning her to the mattress. I felt her quiver under me. Then she got deadly still. The voice she used now was that voice of cold authority – the one I knew so well. The voice of one who’s used to being obeyed…of Mrs. Robinson in charge.

&#034Benjamin,&#034 she enunciated slowly and clearly with a cold threat in her voice, &#034you are to untie me – this instant.&#034

&#034No can do, Mrs. Robinson. You see, you’re really in no position to tell me what to do. Now settle down and be nice, or I’ll have to spank you too – then I’ll fuck your ass anyway. Anyway you look at it you loose.&#034

She started in on me again, but I just ignored her, placed my finger back on its little target and pressed while Mrs. Robinson’s ass squirmed and gyrated frantically. She tightened up and reared back, but I just kept the pressure on that little ring of muscle till it yielded to me and my fingertip popped in, getting a whimper from the writhing lady.


I screwed my twisting finger up her asshole, well-lubricating her rectum, while Mrs. Robinson stretched out was making little throaty grunts with each little poke I gave her. She tightened up, closing on my finger instinctively as she reared back; I jiggled it a little, diddling her till she gurgled. She whimpered and tossed her head, shaking the soft folds of hair. Then I slowly eased my finger out of the sucking hole and watched it snap shut.

Frantically, I grabbed my prick between my fingers and pressed the head right into her ass, forcing it into the resistance of the stubborn reargate, while she groaned, and arched back.

When I felt her resistance just beginning to weaken, I shoved harder driving my prick through the fleshy ring of muscle, gaining just a bit of entrance. She threw her thick hair back, and clenched her jaws as my prick f***ed its way into her rectum for the very first time. She gave a tight grunt, at each inch that I gained.
I clamped her hips, and held onto her as I kept pressing forward till my cock, which had been encountering a second wave of resistance, suddenly popped in and slid smoothly right up her rectum.

Mrs. Robinson gurgled from deep in her throat and, as I wiggled my hips. I heard her give out with a long wavering &#034oooooh,&#034 a deep-throated moan when, with a powerful thrust of my hips, I drove up into her till my prick was all the way up in; my hairy crotch smack up against her smooth white rearmounds. It nearly drove me crazy when she tightened on me, clamped my prick in a vise-like grip like small fist. I wiggled my hips happily, letting her get the full feel of me up there, letting this mature, wonderful woman know she now had my entire college-boy’s cock up her ass.

The skewered woman was twisting against her restraints and giving out with low hollow moans, distinctive sounds of love-making that I recognized; no longer pleading sighs of distress, but now something else – deep seated groans of sexual pleasure, the full-throated moans of a healthy, sensual woman caught up in the throes of passion. I smiled to myself, inanely pleased to be the one to f***e this excruciating pleasure upon her.

Her passionate moans spurred me on. My hips were bucking instinctively, pumping into her with savage urgency, my prick sliding deep into the older woman’s bowels in slow methodical strokes while I tightened my grip on her hips. I f***ed myself to slow to a more measured pace and brought forth a low groan of deep-seated pleasure from the impaled woman. At that moan I drove my prick all the way up her churning ass, till I could grind my hips against the softly pliant cheeks of Mrs. Robinson’s lush, lovely bottom. It was then that I felt the first tremors begin to build in the body stretched-out beneath me.

I clenched my ass against the repeated thrills that racked me, each more exquisite than the last, threw back my head, and with a single brutal thrust, lunged into the woman under me, burying himself deep in her gyrating bottom. Unbelievably, I was fucking the elegant Mrs. Robinson up the ass!

The lusty woman was crying out and squirming, raging like an a****l, totally out of control.

&#034Oh, yess…lover…fuck me…fuck me… fuck meeeee!!&#034 she repeated mindlessly in a breathy moan, tossing her thick black hair wildly about, caught up in sexual heat, burning with unbearable pleasure.

I felt the wild escalation of my own creamy pleasure, and knew I couldn’t hold on much longer. The skewered woman beneath me was thrashing about like a mad woman as we fucked in rapid, heart-pounding thrusts. Then I felt it: a deep-seated quivering, the unmistakable trembling of a beginning orgasm that rose up in her out-stretched body. A tremendous surge of pleasure shot up in me, shook me as I arched back and grunted. And I came, erupting massively, pumping my cum repeatedly into Anne Robinson’s warm, wonderful bottom, as she quivered and cried out and then moaned a shivering moan of profound satisfaction.


She finally came down to earth and got herself together enough to get up and climb woozily out of bed. She started to walk away, but turned around and leaned over, bring a hand up to my face as she leaned down to give me kiss. Then I watched her pad off, still warm and naked, to the bathroom, humming her little tune: ‘Are you going to Scarborough Fair?…’ – all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, with a little smile of contentment, and a bit of a swagger in her walk. So here’s to you, Mrs. Robinson.

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