Happy time with Aunt!


I am Shaw, 24 years old, mature lover from Sri Lanka. This is the story of how I had sex with my aunty when she was 39. She is a sex bomb. white colour skin with lil bit chubby curved figure. She is my dad’s younger b*o’s wife. This was happened in 2012 and I was studying aboard at that time.
I came back to my home for a vacation in mid of 2012. My aunt’s and our homes are near by. They don’t have c***dren. So they loved being with me. So am I. 😉 I loved being with my aunty and watching her. I knew she also had some kind of feeling on me too. When I was in Sri Lanka, my uncle went on a business trip to Japan for a 3days. Before he left the island uncle asked me to be with my aunty until he comes back since I was her favorite relative. I was so much happy to do so.
They had a maid, an old lady who comes early in the morning and leaving the house around 5pm. I was asked to be with my aunty at night because she is all alone during that time. At the first day on my Uncle’s tour, I visited my aunt’s place around 3pm. We had a nice time chatting. She asked about my uni life. I told her much more things about uni life and how I enjoy my life. It is easy to talk with her because we are so close. She asked about my girl friends and I passed some hits on my sex life too. 😉
At around 5pm she went to have a bath. After the bath she came out only with the towel. It was also a short towel which only covers half of her thighs and half of her big boobs. She was roaming with me only wrapping that towel. I told her she has a curve body and nice thighs. I knew she wanted something from me. she showed me her beautiful body several time. But we two were afraid to step more because our old maid was still there. At around 6pm maid went and I was too honey. Aunty came back with a transparent short nighty on and was with me. I can clearly see through her dress. I was scanning her whole body. Nice big boobs with two large nipples. mmm. Immediately I asked my aunt whether we can have a beer together today. And she agreed at first place. I went to the town and came back home with some beer bottles.
After some minutes me and aunt started having the beer and enjoyed lot talking pretty much everything around us. She was getting high and giving so much posses. I was rock hard seeing her beautiful body. we made some sex jokes too and she was totally ok with em. So I decided to move on 😉 I told her how beautiful she is and how lucky my uncle is. suddenly she saw my hard dick inside my trouser and asked whether I have a boner in side. I was amazed with that question but gathered some courage and answered yes. She laughed loud. 😀 With the gathered courage I said I want to kiss her lips. While laughing she replied no. I knew she is positive and shy to go ahead. I jumped on her suddenly and tried to kiss her lips. She tried to push me away while still laughing. It was like a game for we two. I hold her hands tight and pushed her towards the couch and finally kissed her lips. She was not replaying me at first. After 2, 3 minutes kissing her lips she stated replying me. She stopped pushing me away and was sucking my lips like a teen girl. Then I stopped and she too. She had a lusty look on her face and was shy too. And so I am. I stared again. I touched her smooth legs with my finger tips. She was turning on quickly. I lowered my head and kissed her thighs. They were so lovely. I heard her moans. When I was looking her face again she was pressing her boobs with her eyes closed. I was too honey and removed my dress immediately and went top of her, kissing all over her body over her dress. I passionately kissed her lips again and asked whether we can go to the bed. She answered with a low noise saying lets stay here some more time. Then she touched my dick. It was one of the best feeling I ever got. My favorite aunt is touching my dick. I asked her to remove her dress and she did. WOW. What a great figure. i touched her two boobs and sucked them a lot while she moans loudly.
After that we two went to her bed room had an awesome sex that I never forget. I enjoyed it a lot. we tried each and every position that night and slept naked.
We had sex until my uncle comes back home. and still when I have time, I visit my lovely aunt and fuck her. We are like two young lovers. We share our everything. I still enjoy having sex with my aunt than any other teen girl I have been with.

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