Fun With Professor During Tution


Hi I am swathi I was virgin till I was 18 ,but used to keep masturbating and wanted somebody to take my virginity.My pussy would always be on fire and the brinjals and bananas could not quench my thirst for a real cock.

I lived in Bhopal and used to go to Shamsher Singh ,my professor for tutions at his house ,i used to go there in the afternoon along with my friend Sneha.It so happened one day that Sneha was not feeling well and when i reached prof. residence ,i came to know that his wife and son had gone to Punjab.

Prof.Shamsher was a well built Punjabi with broad shoulders,6 feet height and fair complexion.I secretly had a crush on him. I always knew that he had an eye on me and that day even I was feeling horny.I was wearing a deep neck T shirt and my cleavage was visible quite clearly, every time i would bend to write,he would start peeking inside.

Then he came and stood next to me and put a hand on my shoulder,I got up and said that I was feeling tired and wanted to go home,He said he would rub some oil on my Back ,he started massaging my neck and with his other hand over the Tshirt and when he felt my Bra ,he started fiddling with it.

Before I could say anything he went inside and brought a Parachute Coconut oil bottle,he asked me to take of my shirt,i objected and before i could put another word he had the T shirt over my shoulder and his eyes were lustfully looking at my size 36 knockers which were looking sexier in my undersized black bra.

He started rubbing the oil on my back and soon his hands were feeling my bra and with one snap he opened the Bra,as I was sitting the Bra fell down.

I wanted to cover my breasts but he asked me to lie down on my breasts ,he started rubbing on my back and i was feeling good then his hands came and cupped my breasts i tried to shout but he put his fingers on my mouth and turned me around and then kissed he me deeply on my lips soon he was squeezing my breasts and then his mouth went lower and he started sucking them,this was the first time some body was sucking my breasts although a lot of guys had pulled then from outside.

He was slightly rough with the sucking and although it was hurting I was still liking it and then he opened the buttons of my denims and within a few sec my jeans was down,he went down ,tore apart my panty and started licking my virgin pussy,there was some hair on my pussy and he was making strange sounds while licking it ,his tongue was inside my pussy and he was exploring the depth of the same soon I saw his shorts expanding,he was having a hard on and I was enjoying the view,

I was feeling good and extended my arm and grabbed it from outside the short,I too pulled his trouser down and a 10 inches monster came out with full f***e,even in the neighborhood boys whom i had secretly seen peeing did not have suck a big cock

He said,” kalyani do u like the cock”,I was too dumb stuck to say any thing, he pushed the big one in my mouth and soon I was sucking it like a hungry dock licks the bone and was liking the musk smell of that dirty cock and within a few minutes he was ramming hard and i was sucking even harder and soon he came came in my mouth .

My mouth was full of that sticky white liquid still i gulped it down.He took out the dick and wanted to put it in my pussy which was tight being a virgin and it would not go inside and then he took out some oil and rubbed it on my pussy he positioned his cock on the pussy from outside and within 2 shots he was inside me.

It was paining like hell but slowly the pain subsided and I was enjoying,he was pumping with full f***e and my hands were scratching his back and after a few jerks he came and he took out his cock and asked me to suck,it smelled awful but I was in a different world and I was sucking him again,before I could realise I was sitting on him and jumping up and down and he was holding to my melons and biting them and sucking them.

I kept on jumping and did not let his monster dick come out of my pussy and soon i felt liquid gushing inside my pussy ,he was coming and even my body was getting stiff and soon I also came again and the mixed cum of both of our was on his dick and when i got over him i do not know what happened i licked that leftover and then we rested for a few moments after which his cock was again stiff and we went to the washroom where he cleaned me and i cleaned him and soon we were sucking and fucking again.

We fucked continuously for 4-5 hours ,by that time my pussy had swollen and I was having a tough time to walk,I slowly dressed up and dragged myself home ,i slept like a log and this expedition continued for 4 days,all during which Sneha was sick and we must have fucked 4-5 times daily.

One day when I went to his house Prof.Mohit was also there and they both were drinking,I had scored poorly in Prof.Mohit’s hsitory test and for getting better score in History prof Shamsher convinced me to offer my pussy to Mohit also.He had a equally big cock so my frequency of sex increased to 7 shots during day from both professors .

This continued for good six months

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