Fun with Hubby’s Friends


This is my first story put into words so go easy on me as I’m far from an English major. This experience is 100% true and anyone that follows me on twitter (@TheRealJadaGold) knows that I’m no stranger to adventure. Joe and I are quite the the couple when it comes to teasing and seeking pantyhose fun.

Last Friday evening Joe and I were just wandering around the house with no particular plan or destination for the evening. We decided to lay low and possibly run out to the local racetrack to play some slots and kill some time. Normally I dress to kill but, on this night we decided to &#034bum&#034 it and not be the center of attention. As we got to the casino our trip didn’t exactly go as planned. After about an hour we had lost the contents of our &#034fun money&#034 budget and the night was approaching a miserable end.


Joe received a text from a friend of his who we will call Harry for the sake of discretion. Harry has been a friend of Joe’s for quite some time. He is a rugged and tough individual who has been hardened by his 10 years spent behind bars. We have had a history with Harry and I was his welcome home gift when he got out of prision a few years back. The text read &#034Yo come by we need to talk.&#034 Not looking much into it, we figured it was just to have a short conversation and our night would conclude as eventless as we thought. Not being dressed to impressed at all I still planned with the hopes of playing and made Joe stop at a local Rite Aid to get a pair of thigh highs incase there was a chance of some playing.

To my Pleasant SURPRISE….

When we arrived at Harry’s house, he was not alone. Sitting directly to my left when I walked in was a tall, olive skin, and extremely handsome gentleman who I have never seen before. I was so embarrassed and at the same time pissed that I wasn’t dressed appropriately for a first impression. After a few minutes of conversation and exchanging some flirtatious talking I pulled Joe on the side and said &#034Babe, you have to take me home to change!&#034 Joe was confused but knowing how whiney I get when I do not have my way he didn’t think twice and just told his friends we will be back in a little bit.

When we got in the car I just blurted out my entire plan of who, what, where, why and how! I told him how I thought his friend Paul was so hot and how he was looking at me even though I looked sub par for the evening he was still exchanging flirtatious glances and letting me know that I looked hot. I told Joe that I was going to go home to put on this sexy little black dress he bought me with a pair of Tan Wolfords that I had picked up earlier in the day incase Joe had got horny. I told Joe how when we got back to his friends I would want to tease his friend and hopefully see if he bites on the bait and turns this uneventful night into a magical fuck fest beyond his belief. I finished off my outfit with a pair of black patten leather spiked Louboutin heels and I was ready for my &#034second,first impression!&#034

We’re Back!!!….

I screamed as we arrived back to his friends house. When we got back there Harry was hanging out in his outer room with a female friend of his and Paul was just sitting watching the NBA game on the living room couch. His eyes widened when he saw me like he just didn’t see me 30 min ago! He stuttered as he spoke almost having trouble with the words &#034Wow&#034 as it slipped out of his mouth. I laughed and sat about a foot away from him on the couch. Paul was a nice guy and a bit shy to say the least. He was very respectful and having Joe nearby I feared that he would be way to shy to try anything with me without knowing that Joe is completely ok with it. After a few beers we both started to ease up a bit and the conversations started to get a little friskier as i began to dangle my heel and led to me taking a heel off and rubbing my pantyhosed foot up slightly on the bottom of his pant leg. Paul started to tense up but didnt totally pull away. Joe looked at me and smiled then said &#034i’m going to go outside for a smoke, BRB.&#034 Once we were alone Paul started to get a little more ballsy. He reached down with one hand and grabbed my foot and with his other hand he began to rub my leg. I lifted my foot up and pressed hard against his crotch, feeling his huge bulge on the toes then heels of my foot. Paul seemed very nervous saying &#034What if he comes back!&#034 I smiled and said &#034 He loves this, now give me that cock!&#034 Ones of Joe’s biggest enjoyments is walking in on me already in action and he was about to get exactly what he wants. Paul slid down his pants and I proceeded to give him a footjob with my feet and felt his cock throbbing with every stroke. I couldnt take anymore of the teasing and crawled onto the floor and inbetween his legs…taking his huge cock in my mouth, gagging and tearing from my eyes. Thinking of how slutty I was being was turning me on more and more..My pussy was dripping wet at this point and I havent even been touched.

The Door Closes (Click)..

Joe re-enters the room with the sounds of slurping and moaning..The sight of me on my knees, my skirt pulled up, and my pantyhosed ass and feet just twitching in excitement. I sucked Paul’s cock for what seemed to be 30 min when he picked me up from a squatting position and put me on my back on the couch. Reaching down he shredded my pantyhose crotch cotton and slammed his cock for the first time inside my pussy. Without warning and without a condom I couldnt even resist it if i tried. The pleasure and the excitement led me to orgasams never achieved by this cock hungry pussy. Joe watching in excitement and routing Paul on now gave Paul a level of confidence and excitement that escalated higher and higher with each thrust. My toes curling and my legs waving with the shimmer of my pantyhose it was a sight anyone would die for. He flipped me doggystyle, dominating every inch and making sure he filled every aspect of my pussy. I was screaming but not even comprehending my own words other than YESSSSS!!! YESSSS!. He finished with a final thrust and pulled out blasting his load all over my pantyhosed toes. I laid on my stomach rubbing and massaging his cum into my pantyhose. Enjoying the hot goo between my toes and taking a breath, closing my eyes, and wondering what round 2 had in store for me…….


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