From Tease to Sleaze to Swing


continuing from my earlier story from Tease to Sleaze in 30 years

The next day.

During breakfast, she broached the question again.

“Let me try and show you”

Luckily, there was a banana on hand

I sat her on the table. I went down on her and tongued her deep, meanwhile, I started massaging her anus with my right hand. It was hairy and sweaty but I tickled it till I could feel it give and let my finger insert. It was warm down there but I needed some more lubricant. The olive oil bottle from last night’s dinner was on the tsble.

Saru was moaning, I told her to open the bottle and pour it on her belly. She poured until I felt the oil reach my forehead. I then took my left hand and wiped the oil on my forehead. I stuck my oily fingers in her anus and inserted the banana up her snatch. She came at once.

“ I need you to find me another man”

I told her, it is not that easy in such a short time.

“Never mind”, fix it up when I stop over on my return”

“Don’t you want to meet him”

“Surprise me, you select who ever, you also need to have me when he is there”

All I can say was that it was a tiring weekend, the things she could do to your balls in her mouth was amazing

And, so I put an ad in Adultfriendfinder – I made it really perverted. Took a pic of her in traditional sari with her face obscured. I also wanted to make her taste pussy if possible

“Aunt and nephew” looking for “Uncle and Aunt” (I had suddenly acquired the taste for mature flesh). Find out if she is traditional or bi-curious

I got a quite a response and zero’d in on Jeff and Kate. Jeff was a large well built 6 ft aged 55. Kate was blonde around 53, big built with a generous bust. They rang in and asked to meet. I explained that Saru was away. They were wary but clearly told me not to expect any action unless Saru was there. They were active swingers although they appeared to be a normal middle class couple. They also showed me medical certificates and told me to get the same before we took things forward.

We met at a pub and I showed pictures of Saru and told them that since she was here for a short time, we needed to get into action next weekend. I also told them what she might want to experience.

Saru landed on Friday night. Although tired, she was excited. Since, I needed to prepare her for what she might experience, I joined her in the shower after the long flight and soaped her thoroughly while massaging her anus. I soaped my erection and this time, I entered her anally, boy, it was tight and she screamed but the spasms of her rectal muscles drove me wild.

Saturday night came. Saru was dressed in a sari but the blouse was low cut to show cleavage and the sari was tied low to how a lot of midriff. I had reserved a suite in a hotel. Jeff and Kate were at the bar. They were excited sice they had never had an India, a traditionally ressed one at that

Saru was shocked – I did not know there was a lady?

“YOU have spoiled me for old women I replied”

“But I want all the attention!”

“We’ll see to that, trust me!” I discretely left Saru with them while I checked in. After a couple of rounds, I could see Saru getting comfortable with them. Kate had her arm around her. Jeff had his hand on her knee. Jeff and Kate were exchanging signals like two modems. Best I step back and let them initiate things. We dragged things on through a wine infested dinner. Then it was time to go up.

We got into the lift and Jeff grabbed Saru and started kissing her. Kate was pressing up against me. We entered the suite.

I then slowed things down and declared

“Saru is dressed like an exquisite present. You can rip things off or slowly unwrap. We got all night!”

Jeff started kissing Saru full on. I stood behind her, pressing against her buttocks while unbuttoning her blouse. Jeff then started fondling her breasts, kneading them. I beckoned to Kate, told her to untie the sari knot below Saru’s belly button. Kate untied it, and also the underskirt, she reached in and started massaging Saru’s crotch. Saru was getting overwhelmed. So many hands on her!

Slowly, the sari dropped. Saru was clad only in her panties, blouse and bra, kissing Jeff full on, fumbling at his crotch. Kate was rubbing her pubes through her panties. I then pulled Saru to me and kissed her full on, deep throating her. I then removed her blouse and panties.

She was naked in front of strangers!

I turned her around and started rubbing her clit while licking her earlobe.

“That’s one rainforest, I want to get lost in” said Jeff. He was on the sofa, removing Jill’s trouser and massaging her crotch. Her blouse was open and her floppy boobs were falling out. Jill go naked and decided to tease Saru. She pressed herself up to Saru and kissed me. Saru was confused, the sensation of a woman’s skin on hers was something knew.

Jeff undressed and surprised us with his 9 inch gong. He lay on the bed and Saru broke free to suck him off. Kate undressed me and started licking my balls and tickling my ass, I was in heaven. I moved forward to the bed and started licking Saru’s ass, with a lot of spittle so that it would dribble. Her pussy was foaming. Jeff then got up, turned Saru around and started doing doggy style. Jill went below and started lapping up the cock in the pussy. I moved over and let Saru suck me. Oh boy, it was frenetic.

Jeff then withdrew and made Saru mount him. I then butt assed Saru. She was screaming both in pain and ecstasy. We were both bucking her. Jill on her knees thrust her pussy into Saru’s face.

I withdrew from Saru’s ass and plunged into Kate from the rear. Saru had a close view of my knob pulsating in Kate’s pussy. I was squeezing Kate’s tits really hard.

Jeff kept pumping into Saru and suddenly he climaxed and cum snowed over Saru’s rainforest
“Your turn” said Jeff

I was a bit unnerved, plunging my dick into someone’s cumpool. I was a bit tentative. Kate slapped me and said the best was yet to cum (pun intended)

I slid into Saru’s messy snatch. She was sore but her hips were bucking. Meanwhile, Kate was sucking Jeff’s dribbly cock dry.

Squelch squish, I suddenly found Jeff and Kate tickling my balls. Next Kate was on top of Saru’s face forcing her wet pussy on her. I eventually came hard.

Saru look a sight, her glistening flabby body with a mound oozing with cum. Kate went down on Saru and started sucking all the cum out and sucking Saru’s clit. Kate then faced us and swirled the cum in her mouth. She then suddenly full mouth kissed me. I had never tasted anyone else’s cum. I suppressed my gag reflex but found the best way was to spit it all over Saru’s face. Kate and Jeff were all over Saru, licking her clean.

I sat down and closed my eyes. The next minute, I found Jeff trying to blow, sorry but I was not bi curious. Jeff was okay and respected my boundaries.

Kate came over and made me eat her out. She was awesome and vagina had a life of it’s on with my tongue inside.

A hour later, it was toy time. Kate reached into her bag and got two coins, a double dildo and a strap on.

Heads meant Vagina/cock

Tails meant Arse

I got tails, Jeff got heads and Saru got using the

Jeff then anally entered Saru, Saru using a strap on anally entered Kate, Kate using a double dildo entered me. I was apprehensive but anything with a woman is fine. I felt Kates finger up my ass, then it was two. She had a strange way of relaxing me, then the dildo came in and Kate mounted me. We all bucked clumsily at first but it all came together. I suddenly saw my dick become erect. Kate reached out and wanked me till we all climaxed together.

What a night, Saru’s discovered women and double penetration. All she needed to try was a gang bang. I tasted cum but realized I was not bi. Jeff and Kate were great people, challenging boundaries for us without being f***eful. Alas, I doubt we would meet until Saru’s next visit.

Saru flew back, more sore than ever. I did visit her but we could not do anything since we wanted discretion, She did disclose that she had developed a “deep friendship” with a widow. I promised her more of the same, the next time she travelled out of India

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