Forgot the keys to my apartment


I’d just got back from a Spanish lesson and I realised that I forgot the key to the building and to my apartment at the apartment. And my neighbor, who is actually also my friend, was at school and the owner of the apartment wasn’t in town for the next 2 days. So I just had to wait at the door until someone from the building comes in so I can ask them to let me in. It was so hot outside and I was sitting on the steps to the building’s entrance.

After 10-20 minutes, my friend’s hot mom comes carrying lots of bags from the grocery store. So I offered help and I got to her apartment and dropped the bags. She noticed I was sitting outside and asked me what was going on, and I just explained the situation. She smiled and offered that I could stay over until the owner comes back to give me a spare key. So I sat on the sofa and she got me cold orange juice and sat next to me. She said: &#034You’re very very sweaty, how about you take your shirt off?&#034 I felt shy but I couldn’t say no, after all she’s really sexy and I’ve always wanted to show her my body to try and attract her. She’s tanned and she’s about 165cm tall, she has medium length straight dark brown hair and her body is very slim and quite fit. So I took my shirt off and asked her to turn the fan on cause it was still feeling hot. She said I can take my pants off as well but I felt embarrassed. She insisted that I take my pants off, and eventually I did. She was wearing a very short white dress and she wasn’t wearing a bra cause I noticed her small perky tits peeking out of the dress. She got me really horny in just a matter of seconds and it made me sweat even more and I got a hard on.

My dick was poking out of my boxers, and I was so horny that I wasn’t thinking anymore. All I wanted was to fuck that woman. But I felt too shy to make the move, so I tried the smart way. I dropped the juice on my boxers and my white boxers turned orange. She told me to give her the boxers so she can put them in the laundry machine. I refused a couple of times out of shyness but then I just took them off. She stared at my dick when I took the boxers off and she went to the kitchen to put it in the laundry.

After a few seconds she came back naked and said: &#034I hope you don’t mind, I decided to wash my dress as well&#034 and she sat right next to me. We chatted about university for a few minutes and then she started asking me how many girls I’ve had sex with… and while asking these questions she would caress my thigh more and more. She then asked me if I had ever been caught having sex, and I said no and asked why. She said she’s always fantasized about her son catching her fucking one of his friends. And right after that we started making out and I had my hand in her pussy and she grabbed my dick with hers. We fucked on the couch and I came inside her hoping that she was on birth control, and then we fucked in the shower and when it was about 3pm we fucked right in front of the door expecting her son to get back home. And we heard the keys but kept fucking. Then my friend walked in on us and started swearing at his mom and left keeping the door open. And we continued fucking with the door open until I came in her again.

That night my friend didn’t want to come back home and decided to sl**p over at his girlfriend’s place so she let me stay over.

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