First time with son’s 24 yr old college buddi


First time with son’s college friends

I always used to work around the house in my daisy dukes, when my son’s friends (24 ish) would come around to visit him in the evening, I never worried about changing. I love young cock anyway, and the thought of their young dicks getting so hard it would be uncomfortable for them was exciting. I had noticed they would be sitting around drinking beer and talking and his friends would always be staring at me and covering their crotch with their hands or their beer. I would take advantage of this and bend over weeding the flower beds or picking something up giving them a good show.
This went on for several months during their college break, and then one day my son was at work (he did not go to college) I was out working in the flower beds around 4 PM in the afternoon when I heard a truck pull up into the driveway. I walked around the house to see who it was, it was Robert (my son’s 23 yr old black friend) and Mitch (his 24 yr old friend). As I picked up my tools they came in the gate and said hello. I said hello and then asked what they were doing. They said that they were going to meet my son this evening and just going to shoot the bull with him for a while, I told them he did not usually get home for another hour. They said that they knew that but were bored and just came to wait on him. It was summer time and hot so I asked them if they wanted to wait in the house where they could drink a beer and cool off. They agreed so we went in. The boys went into the living room and turned on the TV, I went in the kitchen and got 3 beers out of the fridge and went to sit down. We watched TV and talked until I finished my beer, then I told the boys I was going to go get in the shower after working outside and to help themselves to some more beer. I went to the bathroom, undressed and got in the shower, as I let the water run over me I started thinking about teasing a little more. As I did I was getting wet and fingered my pussy as I washed off. As I was doing this I glanced back towards the bathroom door and could see a dark shadow there and knew it was Robert! So I knew he was looking so I decided to trim my pussy hair and let him see me doing something down there. As I was trimming it I would glance thru the frosted shower door and noticed that there was no color difference on him from top to bottom and remembered he had white shorts on. I figured he had them down and was stroking his cock.
I got finished trimming my pussy hair and turned the water off and heard him leave, got out wrapped a towel around me and went to my bedroom. I was picking up some clothes that were in the floor all bent over with my naked pussy showing from under my towel when I felt someone at my doorway. When I looked around I saw both Robert and Mitch standing there with both of their cocks out stroking them! I screamed and asked them what in the world they were doing? Robert said they have been horny for me for as long as I have known them and they wanted to see me nude. At first I said no, then I looked at their hard cocks and asked them if they liked me that much. They said they had dreamed of seeing me nude and had even snuck up to my window at night to watch me undress. I was flattered and getting wet.
Well after a minute of thinking, I dropped my towel and asked them what they thought. To my surprise Mitch started shooting cum all over my floor. A lot of it! They said I was everything they expected and Robert walked over to me still stroking his young black cock. He asked what I thought, I said he had a nice one and lowered myself to my knees and started sucking him! Then Mitch came over and I had 2 young cocks to suck! I sucked one then the other and gently rubbed my pussy which was almost dripping. I had both of them hard as a rock and ready to cum, and wanted it on me. I then told Robert to jack off on my pussy (I wanted a load of black cum on it) and told Mitch to jack his off on my tits, so I laid down on the floor and they shot hot cum on me at the same time! I got up rubbing all of it on me and licked their dicks clean and told them to get back in the living room as my son would be home soon. I also told them that this was our secret! They did and I showered again but not after tasting each ones hot cum. So good!

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