First time sex in a moving vehicle.


I was surfing the net as usual, answering E-mail and yes checking out pictures and videos. I came across one e-mail from a guy that was interested in me fucking his girlfriend. He sent me a video and some pictures of his woman and she was smoking hot!! They talked about her being with another manbut never followed through. One day while they were surfing the net they came across my profile and some pictures I posted. She got interested again as did he. We set up a meeting in a local cafe and had some coffee and conversation. We hit it off really well and she began to rub my leg with her foot. Soon the topic changed to sex and she suggested we go somewhere a little more private.
We ended up in their van. A full size conversionvan that the bac seat was gone and a blanket was laid out with a few pillows. &#034I never had sex ina moving vehicle&#034 she said with a grin. Her Boyfriend moved to the driver seat and started the van. Her and I got into the back and started to kiss deeply. The van started to move and she rubbed my cock through my pants. My hand moved under her skirt and to my delight she was not wearing any underwear. She was wet, hot and ready to go. I laid her down and moved in to taste that wet pussy. My tongue touched her lips and she moaned &#034OOoooo yesss&#034. Slolwy I licked her sweet pussy lips, gently sucking them into my mouthsavoring her taste.
Soon my tongue found her clit. With just the tip of my tongue I flicked her clit and she gasped &#034Oh shit&#034 and came. Her body twitched and jerked as she came but I kept my mouth on her pussy licking and sucking. &#034Oh God that was fantastic&#034 she purred. &#034You really know how to eat pussy&#034 she cooed. She pulled me upand kissed me feverishly. We then proceeded to get underessed, she had a great body and a nicely shaved cunt with just a small strip of hair above it. She got onto all fours facing the front of the van. Her man positioned the rearview mirror so her can watch. I touched her pussy lips with the head of my cock. I could see her man looking in the mirror. Slolwy I pushed my cock into her hot soaking wet pussy.
&#034Oh GODDDDD YESSSSSS!!!&#034 she cried as I buried my cock deep into her. &#034Fuck her good man&#034 her boyfriend said. I slowly started to fuck her. Pulling out then slowly going back in down to my balls. Everytime I was in deep I felt her pussy squeeze my cock. She was so tight. I picked up the pace, our bodies pounding into one another, she started to fuck me back matching my thrusts. &#034Fuck your cock feels so good&#034 she cried. I held onto her hips as I fucked her harder. Slamming my cock into her. &#034You like fucking a strangers dick?&#034 I asked. &#034God yesssss fuck me&#034 she screamed. I kept pounding her and soon I heard her say &#034OOooooooooooo yesssssss&#034 her cries of pleasure got louder &#034MMMmmmmmmmmmmm fuck yesssss&#034 . She stopped fucking me but I kept moving in and out of her. She then yelled &#034Shit, shit, shit UUuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh&#034. Her body tensed &#034I’m cumming&#034 she gasped.
She came so hard I thought her pussy was going to break my cock! Her breathing was heavy as if out of breath. &#034Igotta lay down&#034 she said. So I pulled out and she got onto her back. I spread her legs and plunged into her again. &#034Fuck her man dont let her rest!&#034 be man yelled. I slowly began to fuck her again. &#034Oh shit oh fuck&#034 she whimpered &#034Yeah fuck her dude&#034he yealled. Once again I pounded her cunt. &#034Fuck, fuck, FUCK!&#034 she screamed as she came again. I felt the tingle start in my balls. I am gonna cum soon. I told her. &#034Yesssss cum in me&#034 she yelled. I fucked her faster and harder. &#034Fill me up&#034 she said. &#034Hey you are wearing a condom dude right?&#034 he asked.She looked at me and said &#034Nocondoms I want his cum inside me!!!&#034 We felt the van slow down. &#034I am cumming&#034 I screamed. As I started to cum she yelled &#034Oh fuck yes shoot it in me!!&#034 I plunged deep into her cunt with every shot of cum. &#034Fuck yes, shit&#034 she groaned with every cumshot.
By the time her boyfriend pulled nover and put the van in park I was done cumming. She pulled me close and kissed me deeply. I rolled onto my back and she moved down to clean my cock off with her mouth. &#034MMmmmmm we taste so good together&#034 she cooed with a grin. Now her boyfriend was in the back, &#034What did you let him do?&#034 he asked. She replied &#034I let him fuck me, then cum inside me what do you think?!&#034. &#034You said you were not gonna let himcum in you remember?&#034 he asked. &#034Well that was before he made me cum with his tongue, and fucked me doggie.&#034 She said. &#034Now go back into the drivers seat and take us back to his car&#034 she commanded. He looked defeated and did what he was told. Soon we were moving again back to my car. &#034He has NEVER made me cum like that&#034 she whispered. &#034And you filled me up so much, your cum is still coming out!&#034 she giggled. &#034Well I am glad you liked it&#034 I said. She then smiled and moved back to my cock.
She looked up at me and started to lick my cock again. Kissing it and gently sucking on it. Soon I was rock hard again. &#034OOoooo it takes him alot longer to get hard after sex.&#034 she said. Then she took my cock deep into her throat. She kept my cock deep in her thraot as she worked her tongue over it. I never had a blow ob like that before. She started to bob head up and down &#034MMmmmm&#034 escaped her as she blew me. She moved faster wanting my cum. I was amazed that she didnt even use her hands. It was a great sight to see. &#034Oh fuck I’m gonna cum&#034 I gasped. &#034MMMMmm HHHmmmmmm&#034 she cried. &#034Shit I’m cummmmmmmiiinnnngggggg&#034 I yelled. She stopped with just the head of my cock in her mouth. The first shot of cum came and then she deepthroated my cock. &#034OHHHHH FUCK!!!&#034 I screamed. It felt like I came again. She swallowed every drop of my cum. She even licked my cock and balls clean. &#034Mmmmm you tasted so fucking good.&#034 she said.
She collapsed on the floor and giggled. We talked some more and she revealed to me that she never swallowed before and that she was glad that she did with me. We got dressed and soon we were back at my car. Her boyfriend stayed in the van as she walked me to my car. &#034I am so happy that I did this&#034 she whispered. &#034He has been after me to do this for so long&#034 . We kissed once more and she handed me a piece of paper &#034This is my cell number, call me if you want to fuck again.&#034 she smiled and got into the van and they drove off. yes I called her again and we fucked 4 times since then and no her boyfriend was not there. each time I came inside her pussy.

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