First Squirter!


I got my first squirter yesterday!
I was at work, driving around delivering food and when I got to one of my destinations the customer was late.
I Got on my phone and started looking at ads on craigslist.
Most of the ads where boring and dated so I decided to post my own ad.
I posted an ad in the platonic section on Craigslist for a smoke buddy.
I wasn’t looking for anything in particular but a nice female to come over and smoke with, if it went someone else awesome!
10 mins later I got a reply with a phone number that said text me.
While I was still waiting for my customer I began texting.
I figured it was a young woman since she said text me instead of call her.
We texted for a few minutes, she sent me a pic and I got a hard on right away.
She was thick red bone black woman.
I have always loved bbw woman since I was a k**.
We finally got on the phone and talked.
Her voice was very sexy which kept my dick hard the whole conversation.
She asked me to come get her so we can smoke while we on the phone.
So I picked headed to pick her up after work.
She was waiting on me outside her apartment building in some really short shorts and a halter top.
Her ass was phat and she had a huge cameltoe trying to jump out the front of her shorts.
Her breast where huge and firm and to top it off she had a huge blue weave running down to her phat juicy ass.
She looked so young and ghetto.
I said hey what’s up baby jump in the truck and she did.
I laughed when she got in and she asked whats so funny?
I said you are ghetto as fuck and laughed some more.
She said whatever no I ain’t and laughed with me!
We got in my truck and road home.
I asked for a hug as soon as she got in my apartment and she said sure, so I hugged her and grabbed her phat ass to test her; to she if she would allow me to do so lol.
She looked me in the eye and tried to kiss me then turned away, I couldn’t help but laugh out loud because in my mind I was thinking that she wanted my big fat penis!
She asked what was funny and I laughed and said &#034you&#034 and smack her on her ass; she laughed and seemed to like it so I put my arms around her and my dick on her booty and started humping her!
I was really excited at this point but I stopped and started washing the dishes I had in the sink from two days ago and she began to roll up a joint.
When she finish we went into my room and smoked on my bed then after smoking I told her to lay down so I can rub her feet ( I have a foot fetish plus it’s my why of getting a chick naked, I do the foot rub then full body rub.
I guess I’m good with my rubbing skills because once I get to that point I always get the pussy.
I rubbed her all over then I notice her huge camel toe again in her shorts so I said something about it and started rubbing it.
I asked her to please take of her shorts and she did.
I went and got a condom and for whatever reason I asked if she squirt and she said yes.
I put my condom on and started stroking it and she was loving it.
Then I stopped and asked her how do I make her squirt and she said just keep doing what I’m doing.
I was just on top long stroking it then I would just put the head in and splashhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
she did it all over the place I was like holly shittttttt.
I stopped and got a blanket to put under her and proceeded to stab her deep in the pussy and splassssssshhhh ssplasssshhhh all over the place again !
We took a shower and I took her home.
It was really great but I’m 29 with my own everything she is 22 with a baby and nothing so the sex was cool but I will have to set her back in the sea for the next lucky dude on cl.
I’m into updating and mutual dating because you only live once !
I know it sounds bad in the end maybe because I’m a self centered asshole to some degree but I love sex I just need some substance as well you know!
OK maybe I could of left out the end part but if you read to these point hit me up and let me know what you think.
I love getting my dick sucked and I love love love to eat pussy but this is craigslist so you do have to wear protection at all times and oral sex is best reserved for those you really care about because I bump on your privates or lips isn’t cool!

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