First Night Out in Yrs; Ending in k**napping &


This is pure fantasy written at the request of someone. (Jenni I will ask you to do certain things throughout the story. Start when I say start, stop when I say stop. Please comply it will get you off even more. Don’t read this in the morning or at work. Read it before bed when you can really get off the first time. I worked so hard I really want you to cum bad.)
Sexy shoes that wrapped up her calves, a tight shirt really showed off her nice ass. (Start in panties and a t-shirt. No touching yet) The straps stopped with her tight red shirt it really showed off her tits. It was cut so low you could almost see her nipples. Under her clothes a red see through bra with a red thong with a slit down the middle. She was ready to go out. She hadn’t been out since she had broken up with her boyfriend, almost 2 years ago. Tonight she just needed, to be crude to get her pipes clean. She needed something warm inside her, moist with anticipation her night begins.
She hailed a taxi to go down town. On her way she sent a text to her friends at the bar &#034on my way girls.&#034
All of the sudden she heard her taxi driver yell something over the phone he got very upset. The next thing she knows the driver had pulled over &#034get the fuck out,&#034 he screamed. She could see it in his eyes. Startled she jumped out of the taxi. The tires screeched as the car sped away.
&#034What now,&#034 she said? Suddenly realizing how dark it was she put her lite jacket on. Yellowish hazy street lights dotted the street but only every 1-200 yards. Just far enough apart for the darkness to really cover the streets. With no other option she started to walk in the direction the taxi was going. No sign of anything all the way to the horizon. It started to get cold. So, she started to walk.
The night started to get cold and dark. Starting to walk faster she had the weirdest feeling that some was following her. All of the sudden someone grabbed her. They quickly put a pillowcase over her head and place noise canceling head set over her ears. ( start touching yourself).
Her head was racing. What do they want? Where are they taking me? What are they going to do to me? Suddenly she was out cold, it must have been gas. When she woke up she was on a doctors table she could feel someone giving her an enama. She could feel the warm water inside of her. It was the end of the procedure suddenly she felt all the liquid gush out of her ass. There must have been two gallons of water. Her eyes where still covered so she couldn’t tell. Still no one said a word. She was so nervous. She was dragged to another room and strapped to a wooden rack.
Her legs were strait but she was bent over at the waist. Her head was under a pipe so she couldn’t stand up. Her hands were strapped to that same pipe. Her blindfold was removed. She could hear someone behind her. Just then she realized she was naked, suddenly she felt someone’s hand on her pussy.
&#034Hear are the rules,&#034 a deep voice said. &#034You can’t cum unless you ask for permission. If you don’t you’ll be punished. If you can’t handle it say mercy. You may be lucky,&#034 he said.
Ahhhh. She felt a sharp pain on the back of her legs. He was caning the backs of her calfs. The metal pole prevented her from falling down as he left welts. As quick as he started he finished. Not a split second later his fingers were buried deep in her pussy. He promised if she took the pain, pleasure would follow. He pulled something out of a box. It kinda looked like an oxygen mask, he told her it was a pussy pump. He lick all over her pussy to make sure it had a good seal. Then he started to squeeze the air ball making it suck harder and harder against her whole pussy. She almost couldn’t stand the feeling, her clit was so engorged it looked like tiny little dick. She couldn’t believe it, her pussy was 3 or 4 times the size and so much more sensitive. She notice a zipper sound behind her, she felt the tip of his penis resting on her lips. He pulled a leather strip like a belt and wrapped it around her lower belly right on her hips. She couldn’t wiggle away. He pulled hard against the strap and thrust his cock In her so hard and deep it almost knocked the wind out of her. Followed by the lowest grunt. In and out. Harder and harder. She started to beg if she could cum? And he stopped. (Jenni stop fingering you slit for 15 seconds right when your on the edge)
Next he puts a clothes pin on each nipple, and one on each of her pussy lips. She could barely stand it, but a sound distracted her a vibration . He had promised pleasure with pain. He had a magic wand in his hand. She felt him put it on her clit. It made her legs jump. It made the clothes pin bounce around while still clipped to her lips. The sensation was unbelievable. (start twisting on one of your nipples, really crank on it)Her face turned bright read you could see her pussy engorged. He started to tongue her ass hole, slurping like dog trying to get his tongue as deep inside her as he could. She could barley bring herself together to ask to cum but you could see it in her eyes. &#034Cum, cum for me right now!&#034 She screamed like a cat getting its tail stepped on. Her body began to shake. &#034Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,&#034 and then her pussy squirt like a hose it just kept surging liquid.She stood bent over with her pussy gushing fluid. The ground was soaking wet. Her legs were limp she couldn’t get her feet back under her because the ground was to slick. She couldn’t talk, her words were so mumbled you could barely understand her. He pulled a knife out of his pocket and quickly sliced through the ropes quickly. She fell limp to the ground with a huge smile on her faced. &#034Thank you, master&#034 she slurred. He turned smacked her on her tit, then walked out of the room leaving her lying in her juices.

When she wakes up she’s being pushed towards a hole in the wall about the size of the body. She started going through the the wall head first half way she was stopped. He attached a few straps and she was stuck. Her head and tits on one side. Her legs and ass on the other. She couldn’t see what was happening on the other side of the wall but she knew something was. Then things started to happen again.
She felt the tongue again, however she can’t see who’s it was. She assumed it was the same person. It felt really good,she could barely stand it. But she knew the rules were still in place. (take your little jeweled butt plug, and get it ready) she could feel her pussy drooling he had his fingers deep inside her ass.(put it in, not slow fast) All of the sudden it felt like there was a whole hand in her ass. You were sure of it, I was in wrist deep. This is never happened before, she had never experienced this. You could feel my fingers moving around deep inside with the edges of you ass whole wrapped around my wrist. I started to pump really hard. Then I pulled my hand out fast, making a little red rose out of her asshole.(with you dildo in your pussy fuck your ass with that butt plug). You felt a big dildo getting worked into your pussy. You felt me place the tip of my head right on your asshole making them kiss. I slowly ease it in. I grabbed a bar on the wall, and really started to pound. You couldn’t help but make noise, lots of it. Begging to cum, pleading. &#034Ok, Jenni if your gonna cum you better mean it.&#034 You began to scream, your pussy tightened so much the dildo shot out of your pussy. Followed by a flood you squirted all over my balls as I kept fucking your ass. My balls really started to make a lot slapping sounds bouncing off your pussy lips with each thrust. I pulled my dick out of your ass and walked around to your face. &#034If you don’t suck like you’ve never sucked before I’ll blow my load all over your face&#034 I said. &#034No, master I hate th…&#034 &#034What did you say&#034 I snapped? &#034Yes, sir.&#034 I lifted your chin up and told you to stick out your tongue. I placed the tip of my dick on your nose, and some of my pre-cum leaked dribbled out. I slowly slide my purple head past your teeth over your tongue and slide down the back of your throat. I grabbed your hair ramming my dick farther and farther down. (Jenni get as close to cumming as you can. Orgasm at the hottest part to you.) Really bringing up that thick saliva, I would hold it in for so long you would gasp for air when I pulled out, almost throwing up a few times. I was about to cum my balls were swelling up. I thought about nutting on your face, but you’d been a good dirty little girl. I ran to her backside only to find a sopping wet puddle on the floor between her legs. Then I began to fuck I needed to cum so bad. I could feel my orgasm building, my nails cut into her ass I was holding on so hard. I lurched forward really grinding against your pubic bone. I couldn’t nhelp but giving a low groan as I emptied my balls in your slit. I ran back around to her upper body. Without a second of notice I climbed on your face fucking your throat even harder than before I was like wild a****l who wanted his dick in your throat. I pulled my dick out an started to stroke it really hard, like I was gonna cum on your face. Just then you noticed someone else fucking your asshole, I loved the look on your face when you noticed the other dick in you. I wanted to cum all over your face so, so bad. Instead I had you open your mouth a right before I came. I must have dumped a gallon of cum in your mouth. I noticed your hips twitching I could tell the other guy was cumming in her asshole. I pulled out of her mouth. &#034I told all the other guys your pussy and mouth belonged to me, but I rented them your asshole,&#034 I said. You could barely speak &#034how many,&#034 you whispered. &#034Five or so,&#034 we’re the last words I said. I walked into the shadows so you could’t see me anymore. I continued to jack it while those other guys ran a train on your asshole. The end. (Jenni I hope you liked it.) I love to see a video of you jilling off to it. It took awhile to write it, my dick leaking pre-cum the whole time.

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