Finally Taking Granny Susan’s Ass


This is a continuation of my night with Granny Susan and I found out she is one very special GILF. As usual after a few dates I fucked this silver-haired beauty. I was surprised when she admitted had not been laid in ten years. She sure acted like it; this woman went crazy as I fucked her until she had her first orgasm in years. She also gave a fairly decent blow job. But what really interested me in her was what she said towards the end of our first encounter together.

We were almost done when she said “Get the lube and stick your finger in my ass! I loved it when my ex-husband used to do that”. Who was I to refuse this lovely GILF!!! I lubed up my index finger and slowly inserted it into her small ass. She was one kinky GILF and came almost immediately. I pulled my finger out of her throbbing rectum as she fell back on her bed all sweaty and exhausted, panting like a dog. Then she said “let me relax a minute, before you fuck me in the ass”.

We had a drink and rested for about thirty minutes. I told Susan “hey I’m tired how about another time”. Granny Susan laughed and said”don’t worry honey you won’t be tired, I spiked your drink with Viagra and laughed as she led me to the back bedroom. What really turned me on was as we walked to her room I could see that her ass crack was all shiny from the lube I had applied there earlier. Susan lay down in bed with her ass facing upwards. Now, I knew how to turn on these rich classy whores into women who would take my cock anywhere, be it there pussy, mouth or tight asses. Susan knew she was going to be fucked and fucked in her ass for the first time in almost a decade.

Granny Susan lay on the bed and I decided a little anal foreplay was in order. I got some Astro-Glide lube and began fingering her rosebud to get her ready for the larger organ that was soon to follow. I could tell Susan loved this as she squirmed from my finger in her ass just like she did before. As I gently manipulated her ass I added a second finger. After a few minutes I knew she had gotten use to her anal opening being manipulated and was ready for a larger organ.

I then placed Susan on all fours on the edge of the bed. I stood up and aimed my cock right to the center of her ass rubbing the head of my cock against her rosebud. I pushed in and I was surprised when she screamed in pain. After all she had been taking it in the ass for years. It was not like I was entering a virgin ass for the first time. I decided to go slow and gave her about two inches so she could get used to it. Susan whispered “I’m Ok just take it easy”. I knew once I got my cockhead past her anal opening she would be able to relax and get used to a man inside her. I stood still for about two minutes while Susan got used to me being in her ass. Soon, I could tell she was relaxing and I gave her another three inches and began to slowly and gently fuck her ass. An ass that had not been fucked in a very long time.

Then when I was sure she was ready, I grabbed her hips and held her firmly in place. Then I plunged all of my seven inches of man meat into her tight little hole. Susan soon began to moan loudly in pleasure as I held her in place. My cock worked its way in and out of her rectum. Susan had one of the best asses I ever fucked; her ass gripped my cock in a tight hold from the base of my cock to the tip. Then I could tell that her demeanor changed as I reawakened her love of anal sex. I could tell she was beginning to enjoy having a man deep inside her. I began to rhythmically fuck this silver haired beauty and she began to move her ass towards me. Soon we were both fucking in unison. I knew I was pleasuring her with my cock when she let out a loud scream as she had her first anal orgasm. I knew an anal orgasm was more intense so I fucked her ass faster slamming into her all the way until my balls began bouncing off her ass.

Then Susan screamed at the top of her voice, “fuck me, fuck my ass don’t you dare stop!! “. I obliged my granny and fucked her ass for another five minutes. Then I could not take it anymore and I shouted “take my load baby, take it” as I shot a huge load of cum deep into her bowels. I withdrew my cock to look at her sphincter as it closed after I pulled my cock from her ass. I loved to watch this, I saw her anal orifice close and my cum began to drip from her ass. I knew I had given her a good size creampie. Soon rivulets of cum were running down her ass and dripping onto the bed. Susan turned her head and French kissed me saying “thanks, thanks, tonight has been the best ass fuck I’ve had in a long time.

Then Susan said “I know you’re fucking a half a dozen other women in the club, but could you make time for me”? I asked “can have your ass anytime I want”? She replied “definitely baby, it’s yours”. I said how about every Wednesday night. My granny nodded in agreement. Well it looks like tonight I added another GILF to my well fucked friendly group of grannies. This time I got a nice honey who likes to take it in the ass.

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