12 months had passed by since I last shagged my mother in law, Donna said this Saturday morning “I’m going into town and I want you to fuck my mum one last time but do it the rough way” I replied “Are you sure” “Yes” she answered. I dropped her off in town and as she got out of the car she said “The rough way Ok”, I smiled.

As I parked the car near where she lived and let myself in with the spare key we always had, I made myself a coffee and had just sat down when she came in the room from upstairs. We greeted each other and she asked where her daughter was and I replied “In town”. She carried on doing what she was doing and I watched her from the chair.

She was wearing a black top and black trousers, she looked massive in pants as her fat belly was tucked inside them, I looked and thought ‘how can someone so ugly produce someone as beautiful as my wife’. As she disappeared down the cellar I gave myself a little rub and found my erection was rising easily, I heard her come back from downstairs and I sat back down.

When she’d gone into the front room I followed her in and slipped my hands around her waist, she stood still and said “It’s been ages”, as she turned around to face me I pushed her back and fondled her massive tits, she stumbled forward and put her hands on a dresser I continued to feel her tits. As she stood with her legs slightly apart I slipped my hands up her top and again onto her tits.

She groaned slightly as I unclipped her bra and rubbed her nipples, whispering in her ear “lift your arms up” as she did I lifted up her top and took it off, pulling her bra off over her shoulders I kissed them and rolled her nipples, she groaned again. Running my hands over her flabby bum and rubbing my finger up and down her ass crack she moaned again.

My cock was rock hard and as I leaned in to stroke her tits my cock dug into her ass, as it did she groaned again. A few minutes had passed and I moved my hands around to the front of her trousers, rubbing up and down the front she groaned again, I caressed her a few minutes and then unbuttoned her pants, easing them off her hips and onto the floor.

She was wearing, like before, massive black knickers, as I brought my hand around to the front she stood apart a little more as my fingers rubbed the front of her knickers, she was very moist. Fondling her tit with my left hand and rubbing the front of her pussy with my right she was groaning louder, sliding my finger under the elastic and straight onto her wet clit.

Fingering her hard she moaned she was coming as I rubbed faster, then in a matter of seconds she squealed and moving up and down she achieved her orgasm. Standing up I unbuttoned my jeans as she recovered, discarding my clothes I moved her over to the sofa, turned her around to face me I pulled down her knickers and sat her on the sofa.

With my cock in my hand I guided myself into her wet cunt, started to shag her slowly and then building up speed, slowing down and building up again she was moaning with every thrust. After a good ten minutes I pulled out and standing up I helped her up and said “Kneel on the floor” as she did I spread her chubby thighs as I pushed in from behind.

As I fucked her hard she had buried her head in her arms as I fucked her like a steam train. Fifteen minutes later I knew I was close, I pulled out and turned her onto her bum and licked her nipples, she put her arm around my neck as I licked her tits and finger fucked her hole. Parting her legs again I teased her ass with the tip of my cock.

“No No not there please” she pleaded as I teased her, pulling open her thighs she tried to shut her legs, I f***ed them open and with all her juice on my cock as a lubricant I edged into her ass, she cried out as I pushed in, her arm was removed from my neck as I inched my cock into her anus, then once I was in I started to fuck her.

She screamed with every thrust as I fucked her, a few minutes later I pulled out and said “Turn over” as she did I parted her ass cheeks and re-entered her ass, as I built up speed she was crying and moaning, “Rub your cunt” I ordered, but she didn’t. I fucked her tight flabby ass as hard as I could and knew at this rate I wouldn’t last long.

Slowing down but still thrusting she was still crying as I was edging closer to my climax, then I had to make a decision and I knew just what to do, reaching around the flab I flicked her button as I plunged myself up to my balls deep in her ass, a few more strokes and I could feel my orgasm looming.

I stopped and pulled out she said “Thank God” as I fondled her tits and then rubbed her wet cunt again, seconds later I pushed my cock deep in her ass again, shagged her at top speed and knew I’d soon be coming, sure enough I’d done maybe 10 or 12 strokes and I was coming, my sticky seed shot up her ass as I shagged her.

After I deposited my seed I sat on the floor as she stood up and complained that that wasn’t enjoyable as she put her knickers on and rushed to the bathroom. As I made another drink Donna came in and said “Did you?” I said “Yes but she didn’t like it” “Good” she answered. She looked flushed when she came back from the bathroom.

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