Fantasy about nudist camps that cater to gays


Like the title says this is a purely fictional story of what I have been thinking about. About a 30 minute drive from my house is a nudist camp that caters to gays and bi`s.I learned about this place from guys posting ads on craigslist wanting to meet up at this camp. Thoughts of sex in the outdoors was getting the better of me so I thought that I would go check it out. Upon arrival I stopped at the main office and checked in paying a $5.00 fee. Drove around for a while just to see if anything was going on and to try and get the hang of the place. Did see a couple of tents set up with families enjoying the outdoors. It is a clothing optional camp so they have a rule to try and keep nudity back from the few roads that run through the camp. After driving all the roads to get my bearings I finally parked at a spot that had several tents set up but I did not see anyone around. It was off the beaten path so took all my clothes off and headed across the field to what looked like a path going off into the woods. If felt so good being naked in the outdoors and walking around. Finally got to the trail and headed on down the path. Walked in several hundred yards when another trail split off so thought that I would go check this place out. Did not go to far at all when It opened up into a small clearing in the woods. At the far side of the clearing was a mattress and two guys having sex. They were fucking doggie style and the sight really was turning me on. My cock started getting hard while I was watching them enjoy the pleasure of sex. All I wanted at that point was to be in the middle of all of that. I started rubbing my nipples and playing with my cock licking the precum off of my fingers. I was startled when a voice next to me says &#034 that is one hot view&#034. I never even heard him walk up on me. I turned to see who it was and noticed a completely nude nice looking guy with a beautiful hard cock smiling back at me. He made a comment about how horny, that the view that he was seeing, was making him. I was unsure of what was expected so I thought that I would take a chance. So I reached over and started stroking his cock and he in turn started stroking mine. I turned to him and started sucking his nipples getting them as hard as his cock was. By now I was completely turned on and could not stop if I wanted to. I slid my tongue down his smooth stomach to stop at the top of his cock which was covered in precum. I started sucking the precum off of his cock while rubbing his balls with my hand. After cleaning all the precum off the head I slowly lowered my mouth onto his cock. The moan from him let me know that everything was good. I started swirling my tongue all around his cock while going down on him. He tasted so good. All I wanted at that point was his cock deep in my mouth. He placed both of his hands on my head and started fucking me in the mouth. God I was so turned on by this time. I pulled his cock out and started licking my way down to his balls where I sucked first one then the other. His moans were getting louder and louder. Enough so that the two on the mattress finally realized that they were not alone so they started watching us. After sucking his balls I spread his legs open enough so that I could run my tongue up inside of his asshole which almost sent him over the edge. After tonguing his ass for a few minutes I slid my mouth back up his hard cock which was really oozing precum by now. Again I took that beautiful cock deep in my mouth while he started face fucking me again. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh god I am going to cum was all I heard as he shot load after load of cum in my mouth. It was all I could do to keep up swallowing so that I would not waste one drop on the ground. After what seemed like several minutes I had finally swallowed all of his cum. I licked his cock and cleaned it the best I could with my tongue. The two guys on the blanket invited us over to join them which we willing did. By then the one getting fucked was sitting on the others cock taking every inch that he could give him. His hard cock flopping up and down each time he thrust himself upon his partners cock was driving me crazy so I did what I had to do and got on all fours in front of him and started sucking his dick. They had been fucking for awhile so both were very close to cumming. After a few minutes of sucking his dick I felt a warm tongue licking my ass. I turned and looked to see my new found friend licking my ass and his cock had returned to a very hard one again. I turned back to my cock and took it back into my mouth and started sucking and licking that beautiful dick. Suddenly I felt pressure on my ass and sure enough my new friends cock slid inside of me. Oh my god what a feeling. I pushed back wanted every inch inside of me. Sucking a dick and being fucked at the same time was the most pleasurable feeling that I could ever have. By now he was thrusting in and out of me with nice long strokes. I was so turned on that the cock in my mouth was really getting a good sucking. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh God I am cumming as the dick in my mouth erupted a huge load of cum inside of my mouth. The taste was great as I swallowed load after load. At about the same time another I am cumming came from his partner as he shot a load of hot cum up inside of his ass. My cock had still not cum and was oozing so much precum it looked like I was cumming. The two in front of us moved back a bit to watch my new friend pound my ass. Oh it felt so good. The one that I had just sucked off slid in front of me and stuck his ass in my face. I could see the cum oozing out of his ass so I proceeded to lick the cum out of his asshole. His partner then went down and started sucking my cock while I was being ravaged by the cock inside of me. It only took a minute or so and a huge moan and a my god ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh god I am cumming escaped from my lips. I shot load after load of cum into his mouth which he swallowed with pleasure. I few minutes later I felt my partners hands on my hips really start pulling on me getting as deep as he could as he shot his hot cum up inside of me. I had never enjoyed sex like I did on this day. After a few minutes of rest we all started getting hard again and then it turned into one big dick sucking orgy. What a good day.

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