I must first say that I had NEVER sucked cock before much less take a load in my mouth, but after going to a bi swingers party held by

swingingbicouples and user/bifun4u here on Hamsters, I am now a CONFIRMED bi cum slut! They hold these parties for their site members and I

finally worked up the nerve to ask if I could attend one. I told them I was bi but I lied and actually wanted to maybe fuck a few of the girls that

were also there but I was to have found out MUCH more about myself than I ever thought before!

The party was in a large home in Tampa and when I got there, I saw around 50 people milling about and about half were already naked. Women

were cute and hot and there were even some great looking milfs there as well. Everybody was really cool and after about an hour, the party really

cranked up and I watched as several of the women were going down on each other and several men were in one of the bedrooms sucking each

other off while their girlfriends and wives watched. I saw one guy shoot a huge load into a guys mouth and his wife then started kiising him, so she

could taste the cum too I suppose.

I met several people and before I knew it, we were all naked in a huge bed they had upstairs and while I was eating this girls pussy out, someone

starting playing with my cock. It felt good and they then started licking my balls and shaft. I looked around to see which girl it was and shockingly

saw this guy doing it to me. I had never had a man suck me off before but since everyone else was doing it, I figured what the hell! He was really

good at it and I found myself wanting to return the favor. It was his wife I had my tongue buried in so I spun around and took his cock in my

mouth. It was my first time ever doing that but it really turned me on and I knew that maybe, just maybe…I was BI!

As I slid my mouth up and down his shaft, I played with his balls and his wife started sucking my cock. About 12 people were in the room watching

and some were even on there knee’s by the bed sucking cock, including the guys. No one seemed to care who did what with whom so I just rolled

with the flow. The guys cock was really big and thick and he had two of the biggest balls I had ever seen! I rolled them around with my fingers

and I even rubbed his asshole too and that’s when I felt him tense up. His wife whispered out that he was about to cum so I had a big decision to

make. Pull his cock out and feed to his wife or continue on knowing that I was about to catch a big load of cum in my mouth for the very first time

ever. I decided to just take the load and a million thoughts ran through my mind like what will it taste like, will I puke every where and make a fool

of myself or even the thought of to swallow or not to swallow it all down. The guy was shaking all over so I just kept my mouth over the head and

prepared myself for what was to come! He shot a huge load that was extremely warm, wet, gooey and slick and at first, I let it just lay in there, all

over my togue and teeth but I did as feared and gagged a couple times. His wife saw me and she told me to just swish it around some and then

let it slide down my throat. It tasted really strange to me but I did as she said and I finally managed to swallow it all. She came over and squeezed

the head and a little more seeped out and she said to lick that up too. I did that as well and now had a very slimy mouth! It was really cool though

and I found myself really enjoying what I had just done.

Several people in the room must have realized it was my first time so they clapped and I took a bow! We got up and headed back down stairs to

rejoin the party and people were now fucking everywhere! On the sofa’s, chairs, by the pool and even in the kitchen! I couldn’t believe what I was

seeing and had just done myself! After about 10 minutes and a few strong drinks, these two guys and some cute girl asked me to one of the

bedrooms and I went with them. She started off by taking one of the guys cock in her mouth and she was stroking my cock at the same time. The

other guy had her lay on her back and withour missing a beat, she did it and opened her legs. I watched him fuck the crap out of her while she

stoked me and he blew his load in really short order! He pulled out and I watched his cum leak from her pussy. I had this over whelming urge to

eat that cream right ot of her so I took the initiative and dove my face right in! I was now eating my first cream pie and loving it too! It was

delicious and mixed with her wet pussy juice, made me horny as hell by now! I had a huge hard on so I just plunged it in her without even asking

and I shot the biggest load of cum ever in my entire life! When I pulled my cock out, the guy who had fucked her just before me went down over

my cock and licked and sucked it clean, then he ate her pussy out and swallowed my cum from her sweet hole! He raised up and told me how

much he loves to eat cream pies! I watched as the third guy fucked her and once again, I ate the cream from her and licked up every drop!

We headed back downstairs and watched a couple of guys get fucked with strap-ons and saw many more sucking cock and getting fucked! I had a

couple more drinks and went back upstairs to see what was going on and every single bedroom was full of people fucking each other! I saw one

eating this girl out so I went over to her to get a better look. She raised up and told me to take her place so she could go pee. I put my mouth over

her hole and ate till my face was wet! While doing that, I felt someone licking my asshole and playing with my cock and balls from behind. It felt

good and then I felt what had to have been lube get rubbed over my hole, making it slick and greased. I knew that maybe someone was about to

stick a dildo in my ass so I figured why the hell not but to my amazement. it felt like a cock head, not a piece of plastic. I knew right then that

someone was about to fuck my ass so I braced for it and let them use me! At first it was just a little pressure but when the head went in, I thought

the pain would kill me…LOL I held on though and soon, the head had passed and his cock was now deep in my ass and he was pumping me like a

bitch! It felt great though and while he fucked me, I was still eating that pussy until some dude came up to my face and shot his cum all over her

clit! I looked at it, all creamy, wet and swollen and decided to just suck it all out and lick it up! I was slurping away and then felt that guy bust his

nut in me. It was a really warm sensation and he got really slippery in my hole so I knew he had blown his load in me. He pulled out and I raised

up and smiled! I had cum and pussy juice all over my face and now running down my balls and legs from being ass fucked.

I got up, cleaned up a little and went back down stairs to rest but soon found myself sucking a few cocks and even licking some girls toes that had

had a guy cum all over them. At this party no pussy was off limits, no guy went un-sucked and most of the guys had sucked off someone at the place! It was a total ball and I never knew how much of a slut I could be! The rest of the party was equally fun and cum filled and by the end of the thing, I had swallowed 4 loads, been ass fucked twice, eatin three cream pies and had even licked some guys asshole!

I highly recommend going to their parties and or their website because they are LIFE CHANGING to say the least!

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