Dream Date. Part 1


Part 1 Dream Date..

Sitting along in a booth enjoying 18 yr old scotch, when I hear the clicking a high heels against the wooden floor. All the men and some of the women turn and take you in. You are absolutely one of the hottest women I have ever seen. Wearing a short blue demon skirt white top and very super sexy red heels, but it’s not what you are wearing, it’s your smooth sexy long legs that has my attention. I can see the envy in all the men’s eyes. I ask you to sit and you ask if I’ve been waiting long, in which I reply you are well worth the wait.
This date has been arranged for some time, we have talk on line for several months and finally it’s here. It’s obvious I’m nervous you take my hands and just tell me to relax and enjoy the night. The small talk is relaxing and I’m feeling better when I feel your stocking feet rubbing my leg. I’m so nervous I look around to see if anyone is watching which makes you laugh and move your foot up higher on my leg. You ask me if I’m wearing what you told me to wear? I reply YES of course, nylons over my freshly shaven legs, and my favorite blue thong.
Your foot is now rubbing my fast hardening cock, your such a tease.
The waitress comes with the check and she sees your stocking chad foot rubbing the outline of my swollen cock. She gives you a sly smile.
My dick is so hard a cat can’t scratch it. I can’t believe this is actually happening & with such a absolutely gorgeous gurl. My God I’m so lucky definitely going to make the most of it tonight.
When we get up to leave I put my hand out to help you stand from the booth, and when you stand I tenderly pull you close and kiss you, Slowly and actually lovingly.
While we are walking out of the bar I’m holding your hand, things change when we step outside. I pull you close and our lips meet for a very playful but sexual kiss. My right hand caresses your face and my left is rubbing your back. People walk by are staring and we laugh. Your apartment is not far so we walk arm in arm, stopping every few steps to stop and kiss.
You live on the fifth floor we take the stairs instead of the elevator.
I am in love with the way your ass moves in your skirt. On the third floor landing I grab you and kiss you as our lips touch the electricity in our body is is felt in my toes. I press you against the wall gentle biting your lower lip. My hand is caressing your hair the other has a mind of its own playing in the small of your back just above that beautifully smooth and round ass. You pull me close my cock is about to rip my pants I’m so hard. You raise one leg and let it curl around my leg, giving my hard cock so much more access to fit right between your legs. As we kiss I hear your soft moan which encourages me further. I start to caresses you sexy ass pulling you closer and pressing my cock hard against you. The air comes out of me in a very low sexy moan. You literally jump up and wrap your beautiful legs around my waist, our kiss is deep, hungry, a****l passion. I can hear the moans, and gutter noises coming from BOTH of us.
Oh how I’m falling for you, I can’t stop if I try now. My fingers are exploring your silky smooth ass rubbing, squeezing, exploring. Your pinned against the wall my cock pushing against your crotch. My fingers snake between your ass and your legs when I feel it.
OMG, for the first time in my life my fingers are teasing a hard cock that’s not my own.
I lightly I mean lightly let my fingers move slowly over just the head. MY GOD it feels so big, so hot, so smooth.

That’s when we suddenly both hear the medal door from above slam shut. Footsteps on the stairs, another couple coming down. Quickly we gather our self straighten on clothes, catch our breath and start to climb to your floor. We pass the other couple and start to giggle. We kiss again only quick this time. I whisper in your ear, &#034I want you so bad&#034.

Question is should I continue???????

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