Disney Girls Don’t Have Sex – Part 5



Miley Cyrus was once again on her way to see her good friends turned secret lovers Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez. Once again they had been very cryptic about what they would actually be doing, just that she was going to have the privilege of meeting two girls who just so happen to be part of this special Disney girls club that Miley now so desperately wanted membership into, the former Hannah Montana hoping she could impress these two girls and help her finally gain that membership. Or at least tell her what she had to do to get it.

Of course Miley had been on pins and needles all day imagining who it could be, her mind racing with all the potential Disney girls and which ones it was most likely to be. Then Miley found herself actually considering which ones she’d most like to fuck.

Despite everything Miley had done with Demi and Selena she actually hadn’t considered that before, but ever since Selena had hinted on what they would be doing it was all she could think about. There were so many options, but there were two girls she thought it might be. Two girls she’d like it to be. Two girls Miley found herself wanting to fuck more than she’d ever wanted to fuck anyone before.

Then upon reaching the correct hotel Miley’s heart raced as she saw those exact two girls, her hopes seemed to be all but confirmed just by their presence here. To make matters even better they ended up riding in the exact same elevator going to the exact same floor, the three Disney stars exchanging looks all the way to Selena’s door.

Finally Miley asked, &#034Are, are you two-&#034

&#034Yes.&#034 Vanessa Hudgins interrupted, not wanting Miley to spill the beans in public.

&#034Absolutely.&#034 Ashley Tisdale smirked, almost doing what her girlfriend feared.

Miley returned the smirk and knocked on the door, only having to wait a few seconds before it was opened by a smiling Selena.

&#034Hey guys, come in, come in.&#034 Selena said with barely contained excitement as she stepped aside to allow her fellow Disney stars to hurry inside the hotel room.

Then while Selena was shutting and locking the door Ashley stepped into Miley’s personal space with a beaming smile, &#034Hey.&#034

&#034Hey.&#034 Miley said with a soft smile on her face then grabbed the back of Ashley’s head to pull her into a kiss.

To be fair on Miley there was a second or two where she clearly judged whether the doors were closed enough and whether she wasn’t mistaking the signals. Ashley wasn’t sure how Miley could doubt the latter due to how close they now were, the blonde even glancing down to her lips and then looking back up at her with a blatant look of lust on her face. Of course Ashley had gone through this plenty of times before and she could totally get how a girl could feel nervous in this situation, hence why she had resisted the urge to kiss Miley herself and left it up to the other Disney star to make the first move.

As it turned out she wasn’t waiting long, and better still Miley didn’t cautiously press her lips against her and then pulling back but crashed their lips together by grabbing hold of Ashley and pulling her in. After that Miley practically shoved her tongue down Ashley’s throat, the blonde only briefly pausing in delighted surprise before she welcomed the soft invasion.

For a couple of minutes the two Disney girls became completely lost in making out with each other, only pulling apart because things became a little too heated and they were both in need of some oxygen. That had Ashley feeling a tiny bit guilty about jumping the gun and she turned to her girlfriend with an apologetic expression on her face. Luckily Vanessa seemed to like what she saw.

&#034Don’t stop baby.&#034 Vanessa grinned, &#034Go ahead. I’m sure we could all do with a little something to get us into the mood, and you greedily munching Miley’s muffin sounds perfect.&#034

&#034Oh yes, lick Miley’s pussy Ash.&#034 Demi encouraged eagerly.

&#034You’ll love it.&#034 Selena added, &#034Mmmmm, Miley really does have a tasty little cunt.&#034

Demi and Selena said a lot more but Ashley didn’t really hear it as she was too busy kissing Miley again, the other Disney star kissing her back with as much eagerness as before. This time round instead of just holding the other girl tight to her Ashley slowly and gently cupped Miley’s butt, the brunette returning the favour by immediately grabbing the blonde’s butt which caused Ashley to moan happily into Miley’s mouth.

This kissing and groping went on for far too long for Miley’s liking. It was only a couple of minutes but it felt like a lifetime to the brunette who had spent the entire day creaming her panties in anticipation of this moment, and all Miley had to do was rub her thigh in between Ashley’s legs to prove she wasn’t alone. From the sound of it the other three Disney girls watching them were just as horny although Miley was just as oblivious to what they were saying as Ashley was, first because of her lover’s embrace and then because Ashley started stripping off her clothes.

Miley was only too happy to help this process, lifting her legs and arms up at the appropriate moments so Ashley could remove her clothing. However there was one little detail about all this Miley objected too, &#034Hey, no fair… how come I’m the only one getting naked here?&#034

Instead of replying Ashley grinned mischievously and then pulled her dress up over her head, revealing she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her tiny panties were next to follow, the blonde stepping out of her shoes as Demi, Selena and Vanessa followed her lead, Miley almost literally drooling as she became lost in staring at all the hot girl flesh.

Then she became equally distracted by Ashley’s lips on her neck, collarbone, and then finally her tits, Ashley taking plenty of time to move from one to the other, driving Miley crazy. At first in a good way, but as Ashley’s wicked mouth, tongue and fingers worked over her tits Miley quickly became increasingly desperate to feel her friend moving lower.

For her part Ashley was trying to walk a very fine line. It was clear that her friend needed little or no foreplay, which gave them something in common, however as raring to go as Ashley nearly always was with other girls she knew that no foreplay at all could leave certain parts of her body feeling neglected. Besides, orgasms were better when there was some good build-up. So Ashley ‘f*rced’ herself to lick and suck Miley’s pretty tits for several long minutes, making her fellow Disney stars either moan or cry out in encouragement.

Nevertheless Ashley was happy when Miley’s voice broke through the others, &#034Lower, mmmmmm Gawwwwwdddddd, please Ashley, lower. Go lower. Lick me! Lick my pussy! Mmmmmmm fuck yeah I want you to tongue my twat like a dirty little dyke! Eat my Disney girl pussy! I want another Disney girl to munch my Disney girl muffin. Fuck me like a lezzie slut! Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeessssss, yes, lower. Lower, lower, lower, lower, LOWER OOOOOOHHHHHHH FUCK YES, LICK ME!&#034

Ashley took a few moments to savour Miley’s encouragement and then she kissed her way down the other girl’s flat stomach, receiving further encouragement from the brunette as she went. When she reached her destination, a destination she had been dreaming about for a long time, Ashley barely took a second to enjoy the sweet smell of pure Miley before burying her face as deep as it would go into her friend’s cunt, causing the other Disney star to squeal with joy.

More squeals followed, Miley becoming completely incoherent as Ashley established a slow but steady rhythm, sliding from the bottom of her friend’s pussy to the top with every swipe of her tongue. Ashley made sure to avoid Miley’s clit for the most part. She glided over it a few times, even lingering on it once or twice, and then the same with her friend’s entrance but as always this early stage was about teasing, not pleasing. So Ashley restrained herself, for now, and familiarised herself with Miley’s pussy juice.

In Ashley’s opinion pussy juice was one of the yummiest things in the world, each pussy being similar yet uniquely delicious in its own way. Miley’s cream was no exception and Ashley lapped it up greedily, loving the fact that there seem to be an endless supply of the yummy liquid. Of course that was always the case for Ashley, her skilled tongue easily squeezing all the yummy cream she could handle thanks to years of practising on her beloved girlfriend Vanessa and other hot girls who were eager to spread their legs for her once they had experienced her talented tongue licking their love holes.

Miley definitely planned to spread her legs for Ashley again. All the other girl had to do was ask and Miley would happily let her lick her pussy. And Vanessa. And Demi, and Selena, and any other Disney girl that might be into eating pussy. Hell, if all girls licked pussy this good Miley would never say no to a girl, a very tempting thought as most of the time she was surrounded by good looking people whether it be other celebrities or even her fans offering her their tongues sounded amazing, a thrill running through Miley as she imagined being backstage at some award show and pushing another female celebrity to their knees in the bathroom or something. Or invite some of her fans backstage after a concert to see if they were willing to go gay for her.

After indulging these thoughts for a while Miley realised she was imagining herself being very selfish. Of course she would return this type of amazing pleasure to whoever gave it to her, Miley’s mouth-watering at the memory of just how tasty Demi’s and Selena’s pussies were. She was eager to taste them again, and munch Ashley’s and Vanessa’s muffins, particularly Ashley who was now licking her pussy, oh so good. She also could imagine herself going down on strangers, again either her fans or celebrities she didn’t know, just the thought of it making her feel incredibly slutty.

Then Ashley’s tongue touched her clit and this intense pleasure ran through Miley’s body like an electric current, short-circuiting her brain and stopping any thoughts in their tracks. Ashley then gave her a break of sorts, the blonde sliding her tongue down Miley’s pussy lips before moving to the top again to give her clit the same little flick she had before, her friend repeating this process over and over which caused Miley to let out cries, moans and even squeals of pleasure.

Just when she didn’t think it could get better Vanessa got on the bed and slowly crawled over to her, Miley feeling like a wounded a****l being approached by a lioness, except for the fact that she wanted this lioness to pounce and devour her. Vanessa didn’t pounce but she did devour Miley’s lips with her own, the brown haired girl feeling overwhelmed as she was passionately kissed by one female friend while another went down on her. If that wasn’t enough Selena and Demi joined them, Vanessa pulling away so Selena could have a turn kissing Miley, then Demi had a turn, then Vanessa again, and so on.

After being shared by her friends for quite a while Miley pulled back from her latest kiss with Vanessa to moan, &#034Mmmmm, your girlfriend is licking my pussy sooooo goooooooodddddd! Mmmmmm, your girlfriend is an amazing cunt lapper, ohhhhhhhh, thank you for sharing her tongue with me.&#034

&#034You’re welcome Miles.&#034 Vanessa grinned, &#034Anything for a friend.&#034

&#034And she is good, isn’t she?&#034 Selena grinned.

&#034We should know.&#034 Demi chimed in, &#034She’s licked us all, and made us all cum amazingly hard.&#034

&#034That’s because she is amazing.&#034 Vanessa sighed dreamily, &#034My girlfriend is amazing at everything she does, but especially eating pussy. She loves it, don’t you Ash?&#034

&#034I can’t get enough.&#034 Ashley said truthfully after lifting her now pussy cream covered face from Miley’s love box, &#034Mmmmmm, I’m a pussy slut who just can’t get enough pussy. And yours Miley, mmmmmmmm, yours is such a tasty little cunt, mmmmmmmm, I can’t get enough of it.&#034

&#034Then prove it!&#034 Miley growled, sitting up briefly so she could grab Ashley by the hair and shove her face back into her cunt, &#034Eat me! Eat my pussy you slutty little dyke! Ohhhhhhhhh Gawwwwwwd, make me cum! I want you to lick me out and make me cum amazingly hard just like you’ve done to apparently every other Disney girl you rug munching slut! Mmmmmmm, it’s so unfair you’ve been denying me that mouth of yours, oooooooooh, and that tongue, oh, when you were clearly born to eat pussy. Ohhhhhhhh fuck, make it up to me, mmmmmmm, make it up to me now by making me fucking cum in your face!&#034

Miley was going to say more, much more. She was going to describe exactly how she wanted Ashley to eat her pussy, the whole time telling her what an amazing muff diver she was and telling Vanessa how much she loved her girlfriend’s tongue. She was going to say all that and a whole lot more, but then Ashley slammed her tongue as deep as it would go inside her pussy, almost making Miley cum on the spot. If that wasn’t enough Ashley began almost immediately tongue fucking her, turning Miley into a completely incoherent mess.

As she whimpered, moaned, squealed and screamed in pleasure Demi and Selena simultaneously kissed their way down her chest until they reached her boobs, swirling their tongues around the nipple in front of them and then taking those already hard peaks into their mouths and sucking on them. Meanwhile Vanessa just hovered over her with a huge grin on her face, the former star of High School Musical having a blast watching how her co-star and friends were ravaging Miley’s body.

Of course it was the type of ravaging which was extremely enjoyable, Miley unable to imagine anyone in that moment who wouldn’t love receiving the same treatment. Not that she spent much time thinking about it. No, she was too busy imagining Vanessa’s tongue in her ass, Miley thinking that if she could just move onto her side and get Vanessa lapping away at her butt hole things would be perfect.

Then all of a sudden Miley came and she forgot all about additional stimulation, because with her cum squirting out of her and onto Ashley’s pretty face it felt like she had all the stimulation she could ever need, Miley screaming louder than perhaps ever before as she became truly overwhelmed with the amazing pleasure of being worshipped by three girls who were extremely skilled with their mouths and tongues.

While Miley was lost in her own pleasure Ashley was busy swallowing as much of Hannah Montana’s cum as she could, but there was just so much of it and it was squirting out of the brown haired girl so fast that even an experienced pussy licker like Ashley couldn’t possibly get it all. However she still got a decent amount, enough to know that all her fantasies about how Miley tasted didn’t do justice to the reality and that she really, really wanted some more of this heavenly cream.

Determined to get it Ashley didn’t allow Miley to come down from her high, pushing her tongue into the other girl’s cunt the second that the brunette’s orgasm was over and quickly tongue fucking her to another orgasm. She then repeated this process, making Miley cum over and over again, and from the second one onwards Ashley tightly ceiling her mouth around the other Disney girl’s entrance so she can guarantee at least a majority of the heavenly cream that she craved would end up in her belly where it belonged.

She definitely swallowed more girl cum that way, however as hard as she tried Ashley still couldn’t get it all and honestly there was something else she wanted to try just in case this was her one and only chance to go down on Miley Cyrus. So after half a dozen orgasms Ashley dipped her fingers in some of the escaped girl juices and then pulled out her tongue and replaced it with two fingers. As she pushed those digits up to the knuckles and then started hammering them in and out of her friend Ashley wrapped her lips around Miley’s clit so she can enthusiastically lick and suck it while finger fucking the other Disney girl.

For a while Ashley switched back and forth between these techniques until a clearly horse from screaming Miley whimpered, &#034Oooooohhhhh Gawwwwwwd please, no more, aaaaaahhhhhh shit, I, I can’t take any more! Please Ashley, aaaaahhhhh, I don’t want you to stop, but I don’t think, OH GOD!&#034

Even though she was reluctant to stop Ashley felt proud of herself for getting that kind of reaction out of Miley so there was a huge grin on her face when she finally pulled away, spotted her girlfriend and then held out her fingers which had just been inside the former Hannah Montana, &#034Hey Vanessa, wanna taste?&#034

&#034Sure.&#034 Vanessa grinned, slowly stalking over to Ashley, grabbing onto her wrist and then lowering her lips to those fingers.

Vanessa wrapped her lips around the tips of her fellow Disney star’s fingers and then slowly slid down to the knuckles, sucking gently as she went and then rapidly increasing the suction when she obtained her fingers in her mouth, making Ashley moan nearly the entire time. Once those fingers had been thoroughly cleaned Vanessa aggressively grabbed Ashley’s face and pulled her forwards while diving in for a kiss, the blonde only too happy to open her mouth to allow her girlfriend’s tongue into her mouth, the two stars of High School Musical frantically making out for several long minutes, and eventually stopping for breath and so that Vanessa could lick Ashley’s cum covered face clean.

Meanwhile Demi and Selena each gave Miley a gentle kiss and then convinced her to move so they would have room for what came next, namely Demi lying face down and ass up so Selena could bury her face in between her ass cheeks. Selena was barely patient enough to spread Demi’s butt cheeks and spit onto her cute little back hole before she began licking it, Selena becoming just as lost in tonguing her girlfriend’s backside as Ashley and Vanessa were at tongue kissing each other.

So when the stars of High School Musical finally broke away from each other the sight they were greeted with was Selena Gomez joyfully licking Demi Lovato’s ass, Vanessa calling out, &#034Really? You couldn’t have done that sooner?&#034

Reluctantly removing her tongue from Demi’s ass hole Selena looked at her friend and said, &#034Just because your girlfriend can’t go anywhere without a plug up her butt doesn’t mean I should be denied the pleasure of licking Demi’s ass.&#034

&#034But you could have rimmed her first, then plugged her butt.&#034 Ashley pointed out.

&#034Yeah, but I prefer to have an audience when I eat out her ass.&#034 Selena grinned, before again spitting onto Demi’s butt hole and then pushing that saliva into that little back door with her tongue.

&#034Whatever, just hurry up. I can’t wait much longer to double stuff that big booty.&#034 Vanessa grumbled.

&#034Double stuff?&#034 Miley questioned weakly.

&#034Double anal.&#034 Ashley clarified with a grin, &#034Mmmmmm, trust me Miley, as good as an ass fucking feels there’s nothing quite like getting two big dildos jammed up your ass at the same time. I’m a total whore for it, but this is going to be Demi’s first time.&#034

&#034Selena thought you’d like to watch.&#034 Vanessa added, &#034See how hard I can make a bitch cum by fucking her in the ass.&#034

Briefly moving away from Demi’s ass Selena chimed in, &#034And if Vanessa does a good job I might let her fuck your ass Miley. Mmmmm, but only if she gives a grade A performance. After all, since I got your anal cherry your ass is mine, and I’m only going to let the best butt fuckers borrow it.&#034

&#034Please, you know what kind of butt pounding top I am. I got this in the bag.&#034 Vanessa bragged as Selena returned to licking Demi’s ass hole, &#034Ohhhhh, you just wait Miley, you’re gonna love what you see so much you’re gonna be begging Selena to give me your ass. Mmmmm, and when she does I’m gonna fuck it so hard and deep that you’ll want to be my little anal loving bitch forever. Then after half a dozen ass fuckings, and maybe an anal gang bang or two we’ll let you have a turn taking two cocks up your tight little booty. Mmmmmm, me and Selena will double stuff your ass and make you our double anal whore.&#034

&#034Ohhhhh yeah, Vanessa is the best butt pounding top ever and she is totally gonna turn you into a professional butt slut Miley.&#034 Ashley grinned, &#034A double anal loving professional butt slut just like me.&#034

&#034Or Demi and Selena.&#034 Vanessa said as she and her two fellow Disney stars return their attention to their friends.

At this point Selena had her tongue literally up Demi’s butt, the fact that she had spent most of the day inside this big booty meaning that that soft wet muscle slipped inside Demi’s well used ass hole and deep into her loosened rectum. Once inside Selena swirled her tongue around inside Demi’s bowels, moving in it up and down, side to side, clockwise and anticlockwise, anything to prepare the girl she loved for what was to come.

Unfortunately that meant switching to fingering, which she did, but not before Selena had been able to give Demi a nice long rim job as she pushed first one and then two fingers inside the other Disney girl’s pussy to prepare them for her ass. And finally she pulled away and pushed first one and then two fingers into Demi’s ass, again that sweet booty easily accepting its invasion which was a promising sign, Selena feeling very proud of herself for doing such a good job of ravaging her girlfriend’s ass.

Of course ever since she had hit puberty Selena had been obsessed with Demi’s big bubble butt, and now she could lick it and fuck it whenever she wanted it would be quite frankly a crime against nature if Selena take full advantage of it, the ease with which she was now fingering the other girl’s ass a testament to how much she indulged in her obsession. Not that she would even think of slacking off because of it, Selena thoroughly finger banging Demi’s butt for several long minutes until an impatient Vanessa finally handed her a strap on.

&#034Get on with it then.&#034 Vanessa huffed.

&#034Fine!&#034 Selena said, pulling her fingers out and briefly sucking them clean before asking Demi, &#034Are you ready for this babe?&#034

&#034Yes.&#034 Demi replied nervously, then adding more confidently as Selena strapped on the dildo, lubed it up and then pressed it against her butt hole, &#034I mean, yes, I’m ready for you and Vanessa to double stuff my ass. Please double stuff my ass. I want to get my slutty little ass double stuffed. Please Selena, stretch out my slutty ass with your big cock and get me nice and ready for a double ass fucking. Mmmmmm, I want you and Vanessa to fuck my dyke ass at the same time so I can be as big a lesbian anal whore as you and Ashley, oh yeah, pop my double anal cherry and turn me into one of the biggest anal whores we know. Mmmmm, I wanna be a total butt slut, a little double anal hoe, oh, fuck my fat ass, oh fuck it, oh Selena, Selena I love you, please fuck me, fuck my ass, fuck my big fat ass, I, OOOOOHHHHHH FUCKKKKKK!&#034

Hearing enough Selena pushed forwards, penetrating her girlfriend’s tight little ass hole with a relatively hard thrust which made Demi cry out in mostly pain. Of course the following cries were almost of pure pleasure as Selena stuffed her ass with inch after inch of unyielding strap on cock, only giving Demi a second or two in between each thrust to relax which was not Selena’s preferred way of doing things.

Selena preferred to take her time fucking Demi’s ass. Savour every precious moment of it, and of course teased Demi about it every step of the way. However this time she couldn’t just focus on her own selfish pleasure. She couldn’t even concentrate on Demi’s pleasure. No, Selena had to concentrate on getting Demi ready for what was to come. That meant inevitable pain, so Selena was trying to prepare her girlfriend for that by making Demi’s ass stretch quickly and painfully now so hopefully it would make things easier later. It had when Selena had been on the receiving end.

Fortunately Demi was one of the biggest butt slut Selena knew and unsurprisingly she took every inch of dildo deep into her slutty gay butt. No complaining, no begging for mercy, barely even a few whimpers of pain, Demi clearly getting off on what kind of a twisted anal whore she really was by moaning in delight from having her ass stretched.

She even begged for more the second Selena’s strap on was fully embedded in her butt, Demi letting out a loud groan when she felt her girlfriend’s thighs pressed against her juicy ass cheeks before pleading, &#034Oh Godddddd, fuck me Sel! Fuck me! Fuck me with your big beautiful girl cock! Fuck my big fat booty with your big beautiful girl cock! Mmmmmm, pound my gay butt! Pound my dyke ass hole hard and deep, ooooohhh fuck, stretch me out so I can take both you and Vanessa in my big booty! Make my queer butt nice and loose for you and Vanessa by pounding my fat ass!&#034

&#034You’ve got it baby.&#034 Selena said, grabbing hold of Demi’s hips and beginning to pump in and out of her butt.

As usual Demi continued moaning and begging for more as the butt fucking officially started, those first half a dozen thrusts giving Demi a mixture of pain and pleasure which turned her on far more than it should. Then slowly the pain faded away into uncomfortableness and then into mild pleasure before finally overwhelming ecstasy, Selena once again showing off what a skilled ass fucker she was by quickly and effortlessly loosening her girlfriend’s rectum to the point where Demi was moaning in pure joy with every thrust.

What was slightly unusual was the speed this happened. It was no secret to the members of the Disney girls club that Selena loved fucking girl butt, and her favourite butt to fuck was by far Demi’s curvy gay butt. After all as far as Demi and Selena were concerned Demi Lovato’s ass hole was Selena Gomez’s personal fuck hole, Selena free to use that hole whenever she wanted. All Selena had to do was say the word and Demi would bend over. She’d even spread her cheeks and begged to be butt fucked if Selena asked, or if Demi was feeling particularly naughty. As such ass fucking sessions between them usually lasted for hours, Selena slowly pacing herself so she could enjoy Demi’s big booty for as long as possible. Of course Demi knew exactly why Selena wasn’t taking things slow and honestly it was making her nervous.

That was really unusual, at least when they were securely hidden away in a hotel room. Selena loved fucking Demi in public, especially up the butt, Demi swearing that one of these days she would see a headline reading something like Selena Gomez found ass fucking Demi Lovato, or Demi Lovato likes it in the ass, or Demi’s and Selena’s anal affair. That made her nervous, but honestly Selena fucked her in so many toilets, alleys and closets she had become desensitised to it. But this was a whole new level of nervousness, Demi biting her lip for almost the whole ass fuck but especially at the end. At least at this point Selena seemed in no hurry, both girls falling completely silent as they tried to enjoy their latest round of sodomy while preparing for what was to come.

Vanessa was loving the show, she really was, but she knew from experience that Selena could get lost in the pleasure of butt sex, especially when it involved her precious girlfriend. So Vanessa waited until she was sure that Demi’s ass was thoroughly stretched out then loudly told Selena, &#034Ok, that should be enough. You’re not going to make her any looser, unless you start really pounding that ass, and we both know that if you start you probably won’t stop. So if you still wanna double stuff Demi’s ass you should slow down so I can join you in that tight booty. Then we can really start abusing that pretty little hole.&#034

&#034I’ve got a better idea.&#034 Selena said, suddenly pulling her cock from Demi’s ass, &#034Shove that big cock up her ass and I’ll join you. That way it will be like I’m taking her anal cherry all over again. Mmmmm, you can even butt fuck her for a bit first. You know how much I love watching my girlfriend get her ass fucked.&#034

&#034Yeah we do.&#034 Vanessa grinned, glancing back at Ashley and Miley who had similar grins on their faces and then turning her attention back to Selena, &#034And don’t worry, I’ll fuck your girlfriend’s ass just how she likes it.&#034

&#034You better.&#034 Selena smirked, moving back.

As soon as Selena moved out the way Vanessa got into position behind Demi and admired Selena’s handiwork. That had Vanessa licking her lips, Demi’s pretty little butt hole already gaping a little. Of course when they were done double stuffing it Demi’s pretty little butt hole was going to be a cavernous ruin, but it’s current state was a signed Selena had done her job and what came next would be easier.

Not wanting to waste too much time Vanessa lined up the head of her dildo with Demi’s nicely loosened ass hole and pushed forwards with all her might, easily forcing every inch of her cock into the other girl’s rectum in one long, slow thrust. Then without a moment’s hesitation Vanessa grabbed hold of her friend’s hips and began thrusting the dildo in and out of Demi’s bowels with an ever-increasing speed until Vanessa was butt fucking her fellow Disney girl with every ounce of her strength.

This wasn’t the first time Vanessa had slammed Demi’s ass right after another Disney girl had fucked it. In fact this was a frequent occurrence, especially with Selena being the girl who sodomised Demi before her, and was often the girl who sodomised Demi after her. But it wasn’t often that the butt fucking Selena had just dished out was so gentle, Vanessa feeling she needed to take it upon herself to give Demi’s ass a bit more hard stretching before another dildo was added into the mix. Selena seemed to agree, the other dildo wearing Disney girl calmly watching as her girlfriend was roughly sodomised by her friend, the sound of Vanessa’s thighs smacking off Demi’s juicy ass cheeks beginning to echo around the room along with Demi’s moans, whimpers and even cries of pleasure.

Selena loved watching Demi get fucked. It didn’t matter whether it was a girl or a guy or even what they were doing to her, Selena was so kinky she could get off on watching just about anybody doing just about anything to her beloved girlfriend. However there was just something special about watching Demi being butt fucked by a girl with a nice big dildo strapped around her waist. Maybe it was because Demi loved it so much, maybe because it looked so sexy, or maybe because Selena’s personal favourite thing in the world was violating Demi’s big booty, Selena didn’t know and didn’t care. All Selena knew was sometimes she felt like she could watch Demi being ass fucked for the rest of her life. Then Selena remembered that as much as she loved watching nothing beat fucking Demi Lovato’s big butt and inevitably she would get inside that big fat ass and fuck it for like the millionth time.

Given that she was about to stretch her girlfriend’s ass hole like never before Selena resisted the urge to join in for as long as she possibly could, giving Vanessa a probably unnecessary chance to make sure Demi’s rectum was as loose as possible. Then when she did join in instead of going right for Demi’s back hole Selena moved round until she was kneeling in front of her girlfriend whose head was currently lowered in blissful submission. When she got close enough Selena could even see that Demi’s eyes were closed, no doubt completely focusing on the pleasure like she herself had done many times. This made Selena smile and take a few long moments just to enjoy the look of pleasure on her girlfriend’s face before making her move.

&#034Demi.&#034 Selena whispered, lifting her girlfriend’s chin just in case she was too lost in pleasure to hear her. Once Demi had complied, and blinked her eyes open to look at her, Selena added, &#034Are you ready to lose your double anal cherry?&#034

&#034Yessssssss, oh God Selena please fuck me! Double fuck my slutty ass! Destroy my big booty! Ohhhhhhhh fuck!&#034 Demi moaned happily.

Selena grinned and rested her forehead against Demi’s, &#034I love you Dems.&#034

&#034I love you Sel.&#034 Demi just about got out before Selena kissed her, the two lovers enjoying the simple act of affection which was their lips touching for a few brief moments before Selena got up and moved round.

&#034Ok Vanessa, make room for me. It’s time to give Demi’s butt a serious stretching!&#034 Selena said loudly with a wicked grin on her face.

&#034Fuck yeah! Double fuck her!&#034 Ashley cheered with delight, &#034Double fuck that big fat slutty ass of hers! Stretch it out and fill it like you do my ass! Mmmmm yeah, make sweet little Demi a professional anal whore. Fuck yeah, we all know she’s just an amateur now, but once you double fuck that big sexy booty of hers she’ll be as loose as a professional anal whore and at least twice is eager for it. Mmmmmm, come on, give Demi a serious butt stretching and turn her into as big a butt slut as me!&#034

Really getting into it Miley called out, &#034Fuck yeah, stretch that dyke ass! Stretch that big fat booty and turn Demi into a total anal whore for girls! Mmmmmm, oh God this is so hot, Vanessa, you look so hot fucking that dyke ass, but I bet it will be even hotter when you and Selena double fuck that lesbo butt and turned Demi Lovato’s little ass hole into a loose and gaping open fuck hole which is so slutty it can take two big dicks with these! Oh fuck, I want to see it. I want to see Demi Lovato taking two big strap on cocks up her big fat ass. I wanna see that gay butt get completely destroyed. Please, destroy that queer ass for me. Put on a show for me and Ashley by wrecking Demi Lovato’s queer little ass and destroy her ass hole so bad that we can see deep inside her gay butt!&#034

As Ashley and Miley cheered her on Selena pressed her strap on against Demi’s already widely stretched butt hole and then paused to savour the moment she had been waiting for since before they had even started dating. Pretty much since she had discovered sex Selena had gravitated towards kinky stuff and while most of her early fantasies had been soft and gentle love making it wasn’t long before she was imagining bending Demi over and slamming her luscious rump with a strap on. Sharing Demi’s well rounded booty had quickly followed and while back then Selena had never thought she could make these fantasies come true the double anal seemed extra unlikely. And now she was pushing a strap on into Demi’s already dildo filled ass hole, Selena going super slowly so she could savour the heavenly sight of Demi Lovato’s butt hole stretching like never before.

When finally that ring of flesh stretched wide enough to let the head of the strap on slide through it and into Demi’s butt Selena let out a cry of triumph, &#034FUCK YES! Take it Demi, take it! Take two cocks up your slutty dyke ass you beautiful little bitch! Oh My Godddddd, mmmmmmm, that soooooo fucking hot! I love you for doing this for me Dem. I love you and I love your slutty ass hole stretching for two big girl dicks! Ohhhhhhh fuck!&#034

Demi just whimpered and tried to get used to having two giant cocks in her ass. It wasn’t easy but Demi comforted herself with the idea that losing her anal virginity had been painful and not only had that quickly turned pleasurable but it had made her cum harder than anything else, the ecstasy quickly turning her into a proud anal slut. Well, an anal slut who blushed every time butt sex was mentioned, or Selena bragged about what an ass whore she was, or when her girlfriend made her describe how much she loved getting her big booty fucked. Still, Demi was confident she would end up loving this and it had only been her own nervousness which had prevented her from doing it until now.

Sure enough the pain faded away and was replaced by that weird feeling of being stretched back there which Demi had grown to crave, the feeling so much more intense now she was being stretched so obscenely. Being able to focus on the words of Ashley and Miley helped relax Demi, her entire body shuddering with pleasure as her friends called her every dirty name under the sun in an attempt to heighten her enjoyment. And because they were no doubt getting off on this themselves.

Of course it wasn’t long before Selena was sliding yet more strap on into Demi’s bottom, giving the former star of Sonny with a Chance a whole new weird sensation as she felt Selena’s cock sliding against Vanessa’s inside her rectum. It was a sensation Demi somehow had not been expecting and yet one she grew to love as Selena started thrusting in and out, officially beginning her first ever double butt fucking. Selena was only thrusting a few inches in and out of Demi’s ass hole, each time almost pulling out all the way given there was only a third of the second cock within Demi’s bowels, but it was more than enough for the pleasure to override the pain and thus make it easier for Selena to slide the rest of the strap on up Demi’s butt.

Vanessa waited patiently for Selena to finished stuffing Demi’s back passage full of her fake prick. She didn’t really like waiting but this was definitely one of those circumstances she was fully on board with a little caution. After all she couldn’t imagine what Demi must be feeling right now. Sure Ashley had described the experience in detail, the whole time raving about how much she loved it, but Vanessa couldn’t help but look at Demi’s ass hole being stretched by two dildos and think how much it must hurt, her own ass hole clenching at the idea of being double fucked. Of course at the same time Vanessa was filled with a twisted feeling of dominance and superiority as she watched another girl’s butt hole being so obscenely violated.

It was that feeling Vanessa craved over just about any other. It was why she liked to label herself as a pure top even if the title didn’t quite fit. Because sure, she liked to be fucked, even up the butt sometimes, however nothing could compare to dominating another girl, and nothing was a sign of total dominance like shoving a dildo up another girl’s ass. Two dildos meant the other girl was f*rced to be even more submissive, and in turn Vanessa felt more dominant because of it. Then there was the added kink of Selena being the one to stretch Demi’s ass like this, the girl who was clearly in love with Demi slowly forcing every inch of a second dildo into her rectum while for the most part constantly thrusting in and out of it, Demi squealing in pleasure as her butt hole was obscenely stretched and fucked.



Overcome by all the dirty talk and anal abuse Demi came, her cream squirting violently from her cunt as Vanessa and Selena continued pounding her big butt. It wasn’t easy, Selena and Vanessa having to hold Demi in place best they could while their ‘victim’ became like a Bucking Bronco at the f*rce of her orgasm but this wasn’t the first time the two Disney stars had sodomised a girl. Hell, they had plenty of experience sodomising Demi, and even if she did buck more than usual, and the frequency and f*rce of her orgasms were certainly increased, Vanessa and Selena held on. They even came several times themselves, the stimulators on their clits and the sheer pleasure of butt fucking one of their fellow Disney girls helping them achieve almost as much bliss as Demi was receiving.

Ashley and Miley tried to receive the same bliss from masturbating to the red hot lesbian butt sex going on in front of them, however even fingering each other didn’t quite do the trick. No, right now they felt like they needed something else. Something like a tongue or a dildo inside them, however neither Disney girl wanted to pull their eyes away from this little show to do anything about it. Luckily they were pretty sure they wouldn’t have to wait to join in much longer.

They were right, Demi letting out a final deafening scream before collapsing face down into the bed sheets, Selena instantly stopping as she was clearly worried about her girlfriend. Vanessa quickly followed suit and the two dildo wearing Disney girls slowly pulled their cocks from Demi’s butt and studied the damage they had done to it.

Demi’s butt hole was gaping obscenely wide, far more than ever before, the other Disney girls able to see deep into her bowels via that red ringed crater which had once been a tiny rosebud. It looked so sexy to the young anal sex addicts, four of the five staring for what had to be a couple of minutes, Ashley helpfully spreading Demi’s butt cheeks so they could get an even better look at that completely destroyed ass hole. Normally Demi would do that but she was still too out of it.

She also missed her chance to clean those toys, first Miley greedily swallowing Selena’s strap-on then Vanessa gently pushed her ass flavoured dildo past Ashley’s eager lips. Both Disney stars let out a long moan when they tasted the deepest part of Demi’s butt on those fake cocks, Miley then frantically sucking every drop of Demi’s ass juice off Selena’s dick while Ashley took her time and really savoured the taste of girl butt.

From the very first moment Miley swallowed the head of her cock Selena began encouraging her, &#034Oh fuck yeah Miles, mmmmmmm, suck that cock! Suck the cock that’s just been up my girlfriend’s slutty ass! Suck the cock I just used to fuck my girlfriend’s slutty ass! Suck the cock that, with the help of Vanessa and her cock, I just used to double fuck my girlfriend’s slutty ass! Mmmmmm yeah, taste the deepest part of her ass on that dick you nasty little ATM slut! Get every drop of those slutty anal juices like a good little ass to mouth whore!&#034

After just enjoying the sight for a few moments Vanessa did the same, &#034Mmmmmm yeah baby, suck my cock. Suck my girl cock clean of Demi’s slutty ass juices. Ohhhhhh yeah, that’s it, good little cock sucker. Mmmmmmm you’re such a good little cock sucker Ash, mmmmmm, I love having you sucking my girl cock. Oooooohhhhhhhh yesssssss, that’s it, nice and deep, nice and deep in your fucking throat! Deep throat every fucking inch of that dick because in a second I’m going to shove it up your ass and fuck you until you’re loose enough to take two cocks, and then me and Selena are going to double stuff your slutty ass hole like the slut you are!&#034

That last comment had Ashley practically squealing around the dick in her mouth. She also picked up the speed of her cock sucking, but it made little difference as at that point Ashley had taken the entire length of the dildo down her throat. Sure, there was a little ass juice left on the base but Ashley would have definitely got that eventually. Besides, it wasn’t like Ashley wasn’t fully aware of what was supposed to happen next, it just kind of slipped her mind a little as she had been enjoying the taste of Demi’s ass so much. Now with that sweet flavour completely gone she was eager to get her ass hole double stuffed, or even single stuffed, Ashley’s back hole quivering at the thought of the large cock in her mouth being shoved up her butt.

She wasn’t waiting long as after a little more random dirty talk Vanessa asked, &#034Do you want it, baby? Do you want this dick up your ass?&#034

Quickly taking her mouth off the dildo Ashley happily squealed, &#034Yes, yes, yeeeeesssssss! Mmmmmm, give it to me baby! Give me that dick! Shove it up my slutty ass and fuck me! Mmmmmm, make sure I’m nice and loose back there so you and Selena can double stuff my butt.&#034

&#034Then bend over baby. Let’s show our friends what a real anal whore looks like.&#034 Vanessa grinned as her girlfriend quickly did as she was told, the blonde wiggling that beautiful behind of hers just the way the brunette loved so much, &#034Mmmmm yeah, show off that amazing white girl booty. Ohhhhhhh fuck, I love this ass. Spread your cheeks for me Ash. Show me that hole I’m about to stretch!&#034

Again Ashley quickly complied, this time by reaching back and spreading her ass cheeks as wide as possible to show off her still butt plug stuffed ass. It only remained that way for a few seconds after she exposed herself this way, then Ashley let out a soft moan of pleasure as she felt the butt plug being quickly pulled from her ass hole and being replaced with something much, much bigger.

Unfortunately instead of slamming in right away Vanessa teased Ashley’s butt hole, gently rubbing the tip of the toy against that forbidden entrance, resulting in a frantic Ashley whimpering, &#034Oh God, please don’t tease me Vanessa. Fuck me! Fuck my ass! Fuck my slutty little white girl ass! Fuck me up my little white girl ass and get it nice and ready to be double stuffed. Mmmmm, stretch my slutty ass, oh fuck, OH FUCK, AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCKKKKKKK!&#034

Luckily that was all it took, Vanessa obviously as eager to butt fuck Ashley as Ashley was to be butt fucked, the blonde letting out a loud scream of joy as the brunette slammed into her loosened ass hole. Thanks to the butt plug, and the rough rectum wrecking Vanessa had given Ashley this morning, the first few inches of the dildo slid easily into the blonde’s back passage with very little pain. It was the same story when the rest of the strap-on followed, Vanessa happily showing off just how much of an anal whore Ashley was by quickly embedding the entire length of that fake dick into Ashley’s bowels.

Of course Ashley was only too happy to draw attention to how much she loved this, &#034Oooooooohhhhhhhh Gawwwwwwwd yeeeeeeesssssss, mmmmmmm, every inch! Every inch of your big dick is up my slutty little white girl booty, mmmmmmmm, stretching out my little ass, ooooooooh Goooooooodddddddd it feels so good. I love having your dick in my ass. I love having you inside me, mmmmmmmm, oh baby, fuck me! Fuck me with every single inch of your big dick! Fuck my little ass hard and deep so I’m nice and loose for you and Selena to double fuck my slut ass like the whore I am!&#034

&#034You heard her.&#034 Selena grinned, &#034Give it to her.&#034

&#034Yeah, give it to her good. Destroy that dyke ass just like you did Demi’s!&#034 Miley cheered, &#034Mmmmm, come on, fuck that ass! Fuck it! Oh yeah, that’s it, fuck Ashley’s ass! Fuck it good and show us all exactly what kind of an ass whore your little girlfriend is!&#034

As the room continued to echo with trash talk Vanessa started fucking Ashley’s ass at a slow and steady pace. Well, slow and steady by their standards, a.k.a. much harder than what Selena had used on Demi, but while those couple of newbies had been fucking each other for a year Ashley had been a proud anal whore for almost 10 years. Throughout that time Ashley had been taking it up the butt like it was her job, as in a job she loved so much that she happily worked overtime/weekends, so a mildly rough pounding was nothing to Ashley’s slutty booty.

There may have been a certain level of stretching but Ashley couldn’t remember a time where she hadn’t loved the sensation of having her rectum walls f*rced to expand for a large cock, the perverted pleasure mixing with a real pleasure to make it even better. Ashley especially loved it when Vanessa circled her hips or pushed them up and down thus making the dildo move this way and that inside the blonde’s bowels and making arguably the biggest anal whore of the secret Disney girls club moan joyfully.

Vanessa really was the best, Ashley thought as her girlfriend continued to stretch her ass with that strap on cock. Admittedly she was biased, however the fact that she loved the other girl and that other girl loved her may play a big factor but in Ashley’s opinion nobody could fuck butt like Vanessa. Vanessa was an amazing butt fucker who had been butt fucking other girls for almost 10 years, Ashley the most frequent ‘victim’ of Vanessa’s insatiable anal lust and had been ass fucked to countless orgasms because of it. Of course as exquisite as those orgasms always were nothing beat having Vanessa’s dick up her ass, Ashley’s body shivering with joy as she was once again sodomised by Vanessa Hudgins.

Ashley really was the best, Vanessa thought as she continued to stretch her girlfriend’s ass with her strap on cock. Admittedly she was biased, however the fact that she loved the other girl and that other girl loved her may play a big factor but in Vanessa’s opinion Ashley had the most fuckable butt in the whole entire world. Ashley’s ass was perfect in every conceivable way. The cheeks were firm yet curvy, great for slapping your thighs or your hand into, and the tiny little ass hole in between them was heavenly tight. Yes, Ashley was an amazing piece of ass, the girl the most frequent ‘victim’ of Vanessa’s insatiable anal lust, Vanessa fucking that ass countless times in the last 10 years and still unable to get enough of it. And now she was reunited with that heavenly hole Vanessa’s body was practically shivering with joy of once again sodomising Ashley Tisdale.

Of course there had been other girls, but for Vanessa none as perfect as Ashley. It was why Vanessa practically lived inside Ashley’s perfect ass. Because sure, Vanessa had travelled the world and officially called all sorts of places home but in reality her only real home was inside Ashley’s well rounded booty, Vanessa feeling like she was returning to the place she belonged every time she shoved a strap on up her secret girlfriend’s butt. Or fingered it. Or licked it. Sometimes even spanking it, although she definitely preferred penetrating Ashley’s tight little ass deep and wide and for that she needed a dildo.

Technically that last thought wasn’t true, Vanessa finding herself grinning as she remembered the last time she had fisted her girlfriend’s ass. Ashley had cum so hard with her fist up her ass, Vanessa treating the other girl’s bowels like her own personal punching bag while her fellow Disney star squealed with joy and begged for more. It had been so hot, and made Vanessa feel oddly connected to Ashley in a really perverted way. However as much as they both loved it, particularly Ashley who had been dropping the anvils that she wanted to try taking two fists up her butt, Vanessa definitely preferred using a dildo to stretch Ashley’s ass. After all stretching a girl’s butt wide was fun, but depth was so much better.

Deep anal penetration was definitely the thing which made Ashley cum the hardest, just a few well timed thrusts of the blonde’s super sensitive bowels having her on the edge of climax in no time. Given how many times she had violated that beautiful white girl booty Vanessa was an expert in recognising the signs and part of her wanted to give her girlfriend, the release she wanted. But since Ashley desperately wanted to be double ass fucked Vanessa instead skilfully stretched her girlfriend’s back passage to the best of her ability, keeping Ashley on the edge of an orgasm pretty much the whole time she was preparing her posterior, Vanessa occasionally thrusting up, down and side to side as well as in between the constant in and out thrusts.

The other three Disney girls watched with glee as Vanessa butt fucked Ashley, Miley offering encouragement, &#034HARDER! Come on, HARDER! Mmmmmm, make that bitch cum! Mmmmm, fuck that sweet little ass and make her cum! Don’t you want to make your girlfriend cum? She’s so close I can practically taste it! Go on, do it, fuck that slutty little white girl booty and make her cum like an anal whore! Yeah, make Ashley Tisdale cum like a lesbian anal whore for you Vanessa, pound her slutty ass hard and deep, mmmmmm, do it, butt fuck her like the anal loving bitch she clearly is! Mmmmmm, fuck that ass harder! Harder, harder, harder, harder, HARDER!&#034

For her part Selena stayed silent, partly because she was tired from sodomising Demi and wanted to reserve every drop of energy she had left for double fucking Ashley’s slutty ass, partly because she wanted to enjoy the afterglow of her orgasm and enjoy her handiwork. That included a first occasionally looking away from Vanessa banging Ashley’s butt to stare at the gaping crater which used to be Demi’s ass hole, then Selena found herself cuddling up to her girlfriend and distracting them both with a brief make out session.

Of course all of this only reawakened Selena’s libido and soon she was almost literally aching to get her strap on inside some girl butt. Specifically Ashley Tisdale’s beautiful bubble butt, Selena very slowly moving forward so she could get a better look at that well rounded behind as it was relentlessly drilled by Vanessa’s dildo, Selena’s mouth-watering once she got close enough to see the blonde’s butt hole wrapped around the fake cock which was brutally ramming it.

Selena wasn’t sure how long she just stared at Ashley’s ass hole taking that strap on, all she knew was that one moment she was staring at that stretch back door lustfully, the next one of those well rounded ass cheeks was being spread, providing her a better view, and she was hearing Vanessa’s voice, &#034Care to join me?&#034

Looking up at her grinning friend Selena asked, &#034Are you sure? I mean, don’t you want to be the one to really stretch her ass?&#034

&#034Na! It’s not like this is her first time, and I’m having way too much fun fucking this sweet ass to stop for more than a second.&#034 Vanessa said as she continued pumping Ashley’s pooper, &#034Just make sure you thrusting nice and hard. Mmmmmm, we all know my girlfriend is the kind of filthy little ass whore who likes to feel it!&#034

&#034YES! Slam my ass! Slam my slutty little dyke ass! Oh Vanessa, mmmmmmm, Selena, fuck my ass hard!&#034 Ashley begged, &#034I want you to both fuck my ass at the same time like the total anal whore I am! Please just do it! Please? You both know I’m a total butt slut who loves getting her tight little white ass double stuffed, so do it! Ass fuck me like a little ho. Treat me like your own personal little ass hoe, mmmmmm, good for nothing but butt fucking, oooooooh yes, oh Vanessa, mmmmm, oh God Selena, fuck me!&#034

Even though Selena had heard all the encouragement she needed she waited a little while just to enjoy Ashley begging to be double ass fucked. Then without warning she lifted herself up, got into position and pressed the tip of her strap on against Ashley’s already dildo stuffed ass hole. On cue Vanessa stopped butt fucking Ashley just long enough for Selena to slam forwards and make the blonde’s butt hole stretch wide enough to take the first few inches of the second dildo inside it, Ashley Tisdale squealing violently as her tailpipe was suddenly violated in such an extreme way.

Selena and Vanessa briefly looked over at Miley to take in the expression of surprise mixed with lust on her face, which had very little to do with the double anal penetration. No, that look of surprise was because Ashley’s squeal was almost of pure pleasure, even the likes of Demi, Selena and Vanessa a little taken aback by just what a shameless anal whore Ashley was. Then Selena became lost in filling Ashley’s ass with every inch of her dick while Demi and Vanessa watched, the latter adding her own thrusting to maximise the pleasure for all involved.

Naturally while Ashley’s world began to mostly revolve around the giant dildos rearranging her insides the extreme anal penetration had Ashley smiling blissfully as she reflected on what an ass whore she was. Not just because she was constantly being butt fucked by Vanessa, her fellow Disney girls and various other celebrities, such as the couple of Miranda Cosgrove and Victoria Justice, or because she was such an anal addict that she literally couldn’t go a day without getting her fix, because that was apparently true for a lot of celebrities, especially Disney girls. No, Ashley was an especially notorious ass whore because her butt could be stretched wide and deep and all she would do is moan in pleasure and beg for more.

When getting her ass double penetrated it was kind of hard to talk, even when she had taken so many single and double ass fuckings she had lost count, but soon Ashley would be desperately pleading for more. Until then her moans, groans, cries and whimpers seemed more than efficient to encourage Selena and Vanessa to go to town on her ass. Not that they needed it given how frequently they had sodomised her, both separately and together, over the past few years of having kinky lesbian sex with each other, but Ashley knew they loved to hear it almost as much as they loved to watch her ass hole stretch. Not as much as Ashley loved the feeling of her ass hole being stretched, but nearly nothing could compare to that.

One exception was when Selena finished stuffing her strap on up Ashley’s ass, Vanessa timing the moment perfectly so she was able to thrust her own dildo all the way into her girlfriend’s butt so that Ashley officially had every inch of those big dicks buried in her bowels. The sensations of pain and pleasure Ashley got from that were so good she almost came, the High School Musical star’s eyes rolling in the back of her head as two of her fellow Disney girls stretched her ass so obscenely.

Then they began butt fucking her, at first Vanessa pumping in and out of her pooper, then Selena working against the other brunette’s rhythm, then with her, then not, then with her, then not, then with her, then not, etc. This process repeating until Ashley received the kind of mind destroying climaxes she could only receive through anal sex. And as those rapid-fire orgasms left her a mindless shell she finally found her voice again, Ashley using it to hysterically cheer on the two girls who were joyfully ruining her rectum.


It never ceases to amaze Vanessa what her girl could take, how joyfully she could take it and how desperately she would beg for more until she could no longer speak coherently. Given all the excitement that unsurprisingly didn’t take too long this time round but as usual Ashley continued to squeal in encouragement until she collapsed facedown whimpering mess, Vanessa and Selena only continuing to butt fuck the poor girl because they knew how much the massive anal whore loved being sodomised into u*********sness.

Miley was nice enough to pick up the verbal encouragement when Ashley became a whimpering wreck, however Vanessa didn’t hear a word. She was far too busy listening out for the tell-tale signs that Ashley had slipped into u*********sness and the ass fuck was finally over. Not that Vanessa wasn’t still loving every minute of it, because she was, but even after ten years of building up her stamina she had her limits.

Currently Vanessa’s joints ached and she was drenched in sweat, one glance at Selena telling her that her friend was in the exact same position, figuratively as well as literally. Of course that also meant Selena was getting off on this just as much as she was, the simulators on their clits combining with the sheer joy of fucking such a wonderfully tight little ass, Ashley Tisdale’s tight little ass at that, combining to make them both cum what felt like countless times and still they brutally wrecked their fellow Disney girl’s back passage.

Free of the responsibility of Ashley’s well-being Selena became a mindless a****l, lost in the role of dominant female pounding into another female’s bottom to show her dominance. In turn Ashley became lost in the submissive role of being a lesbian anal orifice, her butt hole just a fuck hole for other women to use as they saw fit. Only Vanessa remained mildly conscious, although in the end it didn’t matter because when Ashley finally slipped into u*********sness it coincided with Selena falling forwards with exhaustion, the movement taking Vanessa with her so that all three girls collapsed in a sweaty heap.

After several minutes of gasping for breath Vanessa pulled her cock out of her girlfriend’s ass, the f*rce of the movement making Selena’s dildo exit Ashley’s ass at the same time creating an audible pop. Before Vanessa could even relax onto her back Miley was greedily shoving her strap on down her throat, the former star of Hannah Montana barely taking the time to savour the deepest part of Ashley’s bowels before stuffing the dildo deeper into her mouth and eventually down her gullet.

If she had more energy Vanessa might have scolded Miley for her selfishness, but honestly she was just too exhausted and the sight of Miley Cyrus sucking Ashley Tisdale’s ass off of her strap on was too amazing to complain about. Equally amazing was just how loose and open Ashley’s ass hole now was, Vanessa almost literally drooling as she studied her girlfriend’s gaping butt hole while the blonde lay almost lifeless on the bed, her subtle breathing the only reason Vanessa wasn’t worried about the girl she loved. After all she had seen Ashley recover from brutal butt fuckings before, and while her ass hole was currently gaping open easily as wide as it had ever been Vanessa was confident her girl would eventually recover.

As if trying to prove this Ashley slowly lifted her ass up into the air and spread her ass cheeks, making sure the other Disney stars got the best view possible her insides via her opened butt hole. Then, after doing that for about a minute like a good submissive slut, she went looking for some ass cream, happily finding it on Selena’s strap on. It seemed Demi had been nice enough to stick to licking the shaft a little, leaving the main cleaning for Ashley who smiled happily at her friend as she approached.

&#034Wanna share?&#034 Ashley offered.

Immediately getting what she meant Demi smiled just as wide as Ashley, then lent forward at the same time as the blonde so they could kiss with the head of the strap on in between them. This was something they’d done many times before, both Disney girls moaning happily as they tasted the deepest part of the blonde’s butt on the toy, Ashley loving the flavour slightly more than Demi but it was a close thing. Like that they slid their way down the toy cock, using their tongues to rub against both the toy cock and each other’s tongues in the most perverted type of kiss they’d ever had before taking it in turns to deep throat the dildo just to make sure they got every drop of Ashley’s ass cream.

All this meant that Miley finished her cleaning first, although she continued the blow job until Vanessa looked down at her and asked, &#034So Miley, want me to fuck your ass? Maybe help turn you into a double ass whore like Ashley and Demi?&#034

Miley smiled around the cock in her mouth.


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