Disney Girls Don’t Have Sex – Part 3



Sometimes, it was like nothing had changed between them. Demi would enter Selena’s hotel room, or vice versa, and it was like it used to be. Like it had to be whenever they met up in public. They smiled, more often than not hugged each other tightly, and then became completely lost in conversation. The difference was when they were alone they could slip in the words ‘I love you’, both knowing without a doubt that they didn’t mean as friends. After that they would snuggle, either lying in each other’s arms or spooning. Other times they would, as Selena liked to call it, passionately do everything but have sex.

Other times there would be no words, or at least none of the non-dirty variety, one of them, normally Selena, would push the other, normally Demi, up against the nearest wall and ravage her.

This was definitely the latter, not that Demi was complaining. In fact since she shared the unfortunately very public trip back to Selena’s hotel room Demi had noticed the look in her girlfriend’s eyes so Demi knew exactly what was going to happen when they were finally alone. And it made Demi just as anxious to get to the other brunette’s room as Selena was, both girls practically aching with need for each other.

That was why Demi parted her mouth the moment she felt Selena’s tongue brushing against her lips, which was about a second after the door to Selena’s room had been slammed closed.

By the time Demi’s back hit the wall the two were frantically tongue wrestling with each other, Selena pressing her body tightly against Demi’s before the horny Disney star began grinding herself against her girlfriend like a bitch in heat. Selena smiled as Demi grinded back, then both of them became completely lost in their first kiss since their very passionate morning with Miley.

Thoughts of their friend who was due to arrive any moment, and eventually the need for oxygen, had Selena breaking the kiss, f*rcefully turning Demi around and carefully pushing her face first against the wall.

&#034Stick your ass out!&#034 Selena demanded, roughly smacking Demi’s derriere hard enough to make Demi cry out and her fleshy cheeks jiggle. Then Selena smiled wickedly as Demi did what she was told without hesitation, Selena unable to resist giving her girlfriend’s ass another firm slap before practically growling, &#034Don’t move.&#034

&#034Wait are, are you sure we have time for this?&#034 Demi asked, already having a pretty good idea what was on Selena’s kinky mind, &#034I mean, Miley will be here any minute.&#034

&#034And God forbid she should see me having my wicked way with you.&#034 Selena teased, pressing herself against Demi from behind and whispering in her ear, &#034Because, we wouldn’t want to corrupt her or anything, right Dems?&#034

Demi let out a soft moan as she felt Selena’s already hard nipples pressing into her back through their clothes and Selena’s hips grinding into her butt. Then, forcing herself to concentrate, Demi said, &#034I’m ok with the corrupting, I just think we should wait until she gets here and be honest with her.&#034

&#034You mean like how we originally seduced her?&#034 Selena questioned mockingly.

Demi blushed, &#034Well… that was different.&#034

&#034How?&#034 Selena asked, and then when Demi didn’t answer added. &#034And how would talking with her go? Hey Miley, can we take it in turns fucking you up the butt? Because we both really, really want too fuck your virgin ass. Especially me, because Demi promised me that I could be the one to go first and pop your anal cherry.&#034

&#034Do you always have to mock me?&#034 Demi pouted.

&#034I wasn’t…&#034 Selena started, but quickly stopped herself. She was so used to playfully mocking everyone around her, especially Demi that sometimes she forgot what her best friend turned girlfriend had gone through, and sometimes she could be reminded of it by similarly the most meaningless things. So Selena switched gears, gently wrapping her arms around Demi and kissing her softly on the cheek before whispering, &#034Ok, maybe I was a little. And I’m sorry. But I was just trying to argue my case, I swear.&#034

&#034And you did.&#034 Demi said, smiling at Selena’s concern for her, &#034And you’re right. I still hate being so sneaky, but this is probably the best way to ease Miley into the idea of up the butt fun. Just don’t get carried away before she gets here.&#034

&#034Awww…&#034 Selena complaint, &#034Come on Demi, couldn’t I just get a butt plug or some anal beads or something? Just stretch out your ass a little bit?&#034

&#034I thought that’s why you insisted on some after lunch anal fun?&#034 Demi shot back with a faint smile.

&#034No, that was because it had been 24 hours since your last butt fucking. And you know you’re not allowed to go any longer than that without getting something rammed up your ass.&#034 Selena practically growled as she began grinding into Demi’s ass again, &#034But if you didn’t want to break out the toys until Miley gets here I guess I could settle for just sticking my tongue up your butt.&#034

&#034That… that sounds nice…&#034 Demi said softly, biting her lip as Selena dropped to her knees behind her and started slowly pulling down her pants and panties to reveal her bubble butt.

Selena was also biting her lip, the slightly older girl savouring the moment of exposing her slightly younger lover’s perfect butt.

As their bodies had matured Selena had found herself increasingly drawn to Demi’s butt. Like the rest of Demi’s body it had become perfect in Selena’s eyes, however to Selena as perfect as her girlfriend’s body was her ass was even more perfect. Like, super perfect or something. Selena didn’t even know if there was an appropriate term for it, she just knew she was pretty much in love with Demi Lovato’s perfect butt.

Those round juicy cheeks were perfect. Not too big or too small. Just right. And tucked away in between those cheeks were two tasty little holes known as Demi’s pussy and ass hole, a.k.a. the holes Selena spent most of her free time pleasuring.

Once her prize was fully exposed Selena let Demi’s pants and panties fall down around her ankles and then she spread her wonderfully rounded ass cheeks so she could get a better look at those holes she loved playing with so much.

Selena licked her lips at the sight of Demi’s pussy, the girl who played a female wizard on TV briefly considering altering her plan so that she could spend some time eating her girlfriend’s pussy. Like maybe an hour or two. However Selena quickly reminded herself that the reason she was skipping that kind of fun was that she didn’t want to wear Demi out. Besides, once her eyes locked on to Demi’s tight little puckered rosebud Selena was licking her lips again, this time delighting in the thought of following through with every little part of her original plan.

That Selena took her time removing her pants and panties didn’t surprise Demi. Selena’s obsession with her butt was no secret, Selena always seeming to find the time to tell Demi just how much she loved her butt, and to show her how much she loved it, at least once a day. However even though it was no surprise Demi still blushed as Selena stared with shameless lust, first at her ass, then at her holes.

Demi couldn’t help it. Whenever Selena, or some other pretty girl, stared at her lustfully she tended to get embarrassed and occasionally even giggle like a schoolgirl. It was even worse when it was a certain part of her Selena was lusting over. Demi was aware just how silly that was, especially considering the kinky things she and her girlfriend had done to each other over and over again. It probably had something to do with her self-esteem issues as she felt she could pull off cute Demi didn’t feel she could pull off sexy, especially not with the much sexier Selena around.

As usual Selena brought Demi out of her thoughts, in the usual way, that being the other Disney girl beginning to do naughty things to her. This time round it was Selena burying her face between Demi’s spread butt cheeks and sliding her tongue out and over Demi’s puckered little hole.

Even though she knew it was coming the first lick was sudden and Demi gasped, although it did turn into more of a moan halfway through. When Selena’s tongue slid over Demi’s ass hole for the second time the slightly younger girl just moaned softly in pleasure, Demi continuing to moan as Selena got down to some serious ass licking.

Demi rested her cheek against the wall and tried to grip it as hard as she could as Selena started using all her butt munching tricks. Sure, at first it was just gentle licks, but it wasn’t long before Selena was swirling her tongue around Demi’s little back door, and even pushing her tongue inside Demi’s butt. Selena’s tongue didn’t get very far into Demi’s ass, but it was deep enough to make Demi squirm and wish there was something bigger stretching her ass hole. That wish would of course be granted very soon, but there was definitely something to be said for Selena’s tongue, the slightly older girl quickly beginning to use it to skilfully fuck Demi’s butt.

After a few minutes of Selena tongue fucking Demi’s ass, Selena making sure to keep spreading Demi’s ass cheeks nice and wide so she could get her tongue as deep into the other girl’s back passage as possible, there was a loud knock at the door.

Demi hoped Selena would answer it as she didn’t trust her own voice not to let on that there was something sexual going on, which would be really bad if it wasn’t Miley. However Selena seemed so preoccupied with tongue fucking her butt Demi wasn’t even sure she had heard the knock. Selena certainly didn’t pull her tongue out of her ass to answer when the knocking was repeated, Demi waiting until the third time before finally answering, &#034Who, ohhhh, who is it?&#034

Outside the door Miley Cyrus smiled to herself. She should have known those two lovebirds would start without her, &#034It’s Miley.&#034

To Demi’s annoyance this was the moment Selena pulled her tongue out of her ass, meaning Selena probably heard the knocking and purposely ignored it and thus forcing the slightly younger girl to embarrass herself by moaning out a response to the knocking. However Demi could never stay mad at Selena and this time would be no exception.

&#034It’s open Miles.&#034 Selena called out as loud as she could before turning her attention back to Demi’s butt hole.

Selena deliberately salivating for a second or two, ensuring that she had a nice big collection of saliva for her to spit onto Demi’s ass hole. She hit her target dead on as the door handle to her hotel room began to move, Selena quickly burying her face in between Demi’s ass cheeks and gluing her mouth to her girlfriend’s butt hole. Just before she began loudly sucking at that little hole Selena let go of Demi’s butt cheeks, making sure her face was even more buried in between those luscious globes of flesh.

That was how Miley Cyrus found her two famous friends.

Yesterday, the day before, and all the days before that the sight of Selena Gomez’s face buried in between Demi Lovato’s butt cheeks would probably have paralysed Miley with shock. Maybe even caused her to faint or something. After all having a vague suspicion that her two female friends were into each other was one thing, walking in on them pleasuring each other was another. However while she was surprised at their boldness after her previous night with them the main thing Miley was feeling right now was annoyance that Demi and Selena hadn’t waited for her.

Briefly considering that her friends were lucky that no one else was outside Miley slowly close the door behind her and quickly moved over to her friends.

&#034H, ooooooh, hey Miley.&#034 Demi moaned.

Miley smiled, reached out to cup Demi’s face and then gently pulled the other girl in for a kiss. It was soft, sweet and sadly short, Miley only breaking it so she could reply, &#034Hey Demi.&#034

Then Miley quickly returned her lips to Demi’s, the two Disney girls exchanging a long, soft kiss, their lips just lightly brushing against each other at first before their tongues intertwined and gently massaged each other.

Selena switched back to licking Demi’s butt hole so she could watch her two friends kissing, something she enjoyed for several minutes before no longer being able to resist pulling away from Demi’s ass so she could ask, &#034Do I get a kiss?&#034

Miley reluctantly broke her kiss with Demi and answered, &#034Depends… was it your idea not to wait for me, or Demi’s?&#034

&#034Demi’s.&#034 Selena lied, and then when she got a look from Miley added something which was technically true, &#034Both of us.&#034

Miley continued giving her a look for a second or two, then she smiled, knelt down and leaned in. However before their lips met Miley stopped and asked, &#034Where you licking Demi’s pussy or her butt hole?&#034

Selena considered lying for a moment before answering truthfully, &#034Her butt hole.&#034

That was what Miley had thought, and even though she did her best not to show it that thought made her a little bit hesitant. However after only pausing for a second or two she smiled, grab two handfuls of Selena’s hair and roughly shoved the other girl’s lips against her own.

Miley liked the fact that it was now Selena who was taken aback by her boldness, the younger girl in a weird way enjoying a brief seconds that she got to slide her lips across Selena’s without a response. Of course the reason her heart was pounding was because she was indirectly tasting another girl’s ass hole for the first time, her heart rate only increasing when she found it didn’t taste gross at all. In fact Miley liked it. She, Miley Cyrus, liked the taste of her friend Demi Lovato’s butt on her other friend Selena Gomez’s lips.

Loving the sheer perversion of the situation Miley slid her tongue out over Selena’s lips, her friend quickly granting her access to her mouth where Miley got an even better taste of Demi’s ass. The world famous teen icon loved every second of it, Miley kissing Selena with ever increasing hunger and intensity until they were f*rced to pull away to gasp for oxygen.

&#034So, yesterday when you said we’d be doing other things, you meant butt licking?&#034 Miley panted breathlessly, &#034You want me to lick Demi’s butt hole? Finger fuck it? Then do the same to your butt hole? Like you did to mine yesterday? Because I’m totally up for that.&#034

Selena paused for a moment, a little taken aback by Miley’s enthusiasm. Although it was very welcomed, a wicked little smile crossing Selena’s face right before she replied, &#034Well, yeah. That’s something we were hoping you’d try…&#034

Not giving Selena a chance to say anything else Miley quickly turned her attention to Demi, spread the other girl’s butt cheeks wide and quickly slid her tongue over her fellow Disney star’s butt hole. Miley did this so fast partly to shock/impress her friends and partly to show she could be just as kinky as them. But mostly it was because she didn’t want her nerves to get the better of her.

Instantly Miley knew she’d made the right decision. Demi’s butt actually tasted pretty good, better than she’d dared to hope, and the lick made Demi let out this cute little gasp which alone made diving tongue first into licking girl butt worth it for Miley.

Another thing which made not hesitating to lick Demi’s butt hole worth it was the surprise mixed with lust that Miley saw on Selena’s face when she turned back to look at her. Yet another thing was the grin Selena gave her right before asking, &#034So, what ya think?&#034

&#034Not bad.&#034 Miley said, pausing for a second before adding, &#034I liked the little gasp she made.&#034

&#034Yeah, I know what you mean.&#034 Selena grinned as she watched Miley turned her attention back to Demi’s butt hole, &#034I love the little sounds she makes when she’s getting licked. Or fucked. Or… whatever.&#034

Miley grinned briefly as Selena trailed off, not needing to glance back to know that all of her friend’s attention was now firmly on her licking Demi’s ass, that attention and the taste of Demi’s butt becoming increasingly addictive. After all, like most celebrities, Miley craved a captive audience, her tongue working on Demi’s ass hole now very much the centre of attention of the whole room. And sure the whole room consisted of two girls not including herself, but this butt licking meant as much to Miley as any other performance because she still felt she owed Demi and Selena a lot of pleasure after last night and clearly this was a good way to replace that. Sadly she didn’t really know what she was doing, but what Miley lacked in experience she made up for in enthusiasm. That enthusiastic licking led Miley to become very familiar with the taste of Demi’s butt, every lick making her love that taste more.

After a few minutes of just watching Miley lapping at Demi’s ass hole with increasing enthusiasm Selena called out, &#034Try swirling your tongue around Demi’s butt hole… good, now suck on it. Suck on my girlfriend’s fucking ass hole. Mmmmmmmmmm, yeah that’s it Miles, lick and suck my girlfriend’s ass hole! Oh that’s sooooooooo hot and nasty! I love it. Harder! Show me what a dirty little butt licker you can be!&#034

&#034Yeahhhh, gonna lick Demi’s ass real good!&#034 Miley moaned, her Tennessee accent coming in thicker than usual, &#034Gonna be a nasty little butt licking slut for you girls, eat out Demi’s hot little ass then do the same to yours Selena! Mmmmmm, I’m gonna be your personal butt licker tonight!&#034

&#034Mmmmmm, sounds real good.&#034 Selena grinned, &#034But if you really wanna be a nasty little butt licking slut, how about spitting on Demi’s ass and rubbing it in with your tongue?&#034

Grinning at this request Miley quickly turned her attention back to Demi’s ass hole, spat on it and then rubbed it in with her tongue. Miley then repeated the process, sometimes spitting onto one of Demi’s butt cheeks which really seemed to please her friends, Demi moaning happily while Selena continued talking dirty, &#034Ohhhhhh yeah, lick her fucking cheeks! Cover my girlfriend’s ass cheeks in your fucking spit! Mmmmmm yeahhhh, that’s so fucking nasty! Nice work Miley! Now bury your face in her butt! Push it in between those shapely cheeks of hers so you can get your tongue nice and deep in her ass! Mmmmmmmmm, oh yeah, lick her ass real deep and make her moan like the little lesbian slut she is. Make her tell you just how much she loves the feeling of another girl’s tongue up her slutty little dyke ass!&#034

Recognising her cue Demi loudly moaned, &#034Ooooooooooh I love it! I love the feeling of another girl’s tongue up my slutty little dyke ass! Mmmmmmmm I’m such a slut for getting my ass hole licked by another girl! I can’t get enough! I love it! I love it almost as much as I love getting my pussy licked by another girl! Ohhhhhhhh, I love girl tongues lapping at my slutty little fuck holes because I’m a total lesbian slut! Mmmmmmmmm, yesssssss, just like that Miley, lick my butt nice and deep! Mmmmmmmmm, get your girl tongue up my slutty lesbian butt!&#034

Demi kept talking dirty best she could but it became increasingly difficult. Demi loved getting a rim job, especially when she knew she was moments away from getting sodomised by a nice big strap-on dildo, and Miley was showing more enthusiasm than she had dared hoped for. Hell, she wasn’t even sure if Miley would be up for trying a little butt munching, Demi more than half expecting that she and Selena would have to spend some time talking their friend into it. She was happy to be wrong, but the more Miley ate her ass out the harder Demi found it to concentrate on anything that wasn’t the pleasure she was receiving.

For a while Selena picked up the slack, proving that she had a more filthy mouth than anyone might have guessed. However slowly Selena seemed to become distracted.

It started with Selena playfully nipping and kissing Demi’s ass cheeks, working carefully around Miley who seemed completely lost in worshipping Demi’s butt hole with her mouth and tongue. After that Selena started slowly kissing her way up Demi’s body, journeying up from her ass, around her side and up to her tits. Demi moved away from the wall slightly to give Selena enough room, her girlfriend quickly making it worth her while as her hungry mouth latched onto a nipple and started sucking.

Selena spent a long time licking, sucking and nipping Demi’s tits with varying amounts of roughness in between little outbursts of dirty to which became increasingly frequent until it seemed Selena had become as lost in worshipping Demi’s boobs as Miley was lost in worshipping Demi’s ass. However just as Demi was reaching the edge of her first orgasm since her lunchtime butt fucking Selena pulled herself away from Demi’s tits, gave her lips a quick but passionate kiss, then dropped to her knees and buried her face in Demi’s twat.

Immediately Demi’s right hand gripped the wall almost painfully while the fingers of her left hand gripped tightly to Selena’s hair, Demi pushing her girlfriend’s face as deep into her cunt as possible as she came in the other girl’s mouth. And as wonderful release flooded her body a blissful grin crossed her face as she basked in the knowledge that not only was this pleasure caused by her girlfriend Selena Gomez’s tongue in her pussy but also her friend Miley Cyrus’s tongue in her ass.

This of course had been part of Selena’s plan. Break the ice and get everyone in the mood for some butt fun. Getting to swallow Demi’s cum was an extremely tasty bonus, although Selena felt a little guilty for hogging it all for herself. Not enough to pull away from Demi’s pussy as the heavenly liquid was still flowing, but once she had most of Demi’s first cream of this fuck session in her tummy Selena pulled away with the intention of sharing some of the leftover cum on her face with Miley.

As it turned out Miley was still busy trying to get as much of her tongue as possible into Demi’s butt, but with a few light taps to her shoulder Miley reluctantly pulled away from Demi’s butt hole to look at Selena.

Smiling at the confused look on her friend’s face Selena pressed her lips to Miley’s, the other Disney star quickly getting the idea and kissing back, allowing the two girls to share the flavours of Demi’s pussy and ass. That lasted for quite a while, Selena happy that Demi stayed in place the whole time and when the kiss finally ended Miley was quick to start licking the cum and pussy cream from her face.

After giggling softly, and Miley had licked her face a few times, Selena reached out, slapped Demi’s butt and said, &#034Demi, go get on the bed. You know the position.&#034

Demi blushed slightly but did as she was told, reaching down to pull off her pants, panties, shoes and socks as she stepped out of them before she headed over to the bed. Right before she reached it Demi pulled off her shirt and then her bra, meaning she was completely naked when she got on all fours in the middle of the bed.

The other two girls watched her go, Selena waiting until her girlfriend was in position before whispering in Miley’s ear, &#034Still want to get nasty with us?&#034

&#034Uh-huh,&#034 Miley nodded.

&#034Then go play with her butt some more.&#034 Selena said, adding as Miley started moving towards Demi, &#034See if you can get a finger up her ass this time.&#034

At the suggestion Miley popped her index finger into her mouth and gave it a long, thorough suck. Then, eager to try fingering ass, Miley quickly got into position behind her friend, spread one of the other girl’s cheeks with one hand and then pressing her wet finger to Demi’s butt hole. However then Miley second guessed herself. Not about actually fingering Demi’s butt, that she still wanted to do, she just wasn’t sure Demi’s ass hole was wet enough for that kind of action. So just to make sure Miley lent her head down and spat on Demi’s back door before pushing her finger through it.

Both Demi and Miley gasped simultaneously, Miley noting with relief that Demi’s gasp didn’t sound too pain filled or anything, and the other girl didn’t complain even as Miley slid her finger as deeply inside Demi’s butt as it could go. Of course Miley gasped at feeling just how tight Demi’s ass was and just how much perverted pleasure she got from sticking her finger up Demi’s butt.

This wasn’t something she’d spent a great deal of time thinking about or anything but now Miley was fingering another girl’s butt she was actually really enjoying it. The feeling of tightness, the other girl’s moans, the fact that she was essentially fucking another girl in her most private of holes, it all felt so… good. Not that Miley could really analyse how she felt right now, not when her eyes were locked onto her finger sliding in and out of Demi’s ass hole.

Selena watched with a wicked smile on her face as Miley finger fucked Demi’s butt, her little plan of introducing Miley to the wonders of anal going even better than she’d dared to hope. However the next part would be an extremely big step and despite her appearance she was very nervous. That was why she spent quite a while watching the ‘Miley fingers Demi’s ass’ show before finally Selena pushed herself to move onto the next stage.

Slowly and quietly Selena moved over to her travelling bag and pulled out the strap-on which she had already picked out. Then just as slowly and quietly Selena stripped off her clothes, strapped the dildo around her waist and then approach the bed.

Throughout this preparation phase Selena had more than half expected Miley to turn to look at her at any moment, at which point Selena had intended to reveal her true intentions. Well, her true intentions for Demi. That she hoped to take Miley’s anal virginity right after giving Demi a butt fucking would probably become very clear to Miley, and if her friend asked her directly about that Selena wouldn’t lie. But now she was standing in front of the bed with the dildo strapped around her waist that she hoped to ass fuck the other two girls with Selena wasn’t so sure she was doing a good job of hiding her nervousness anymore.

Still, she had come this far, and Selena refused to chicken out on her chance to take the anal cherry of Miley Cyrus.

So pushing herself onwards Selena got onto her knees on the bed beside Miley, the extra dip in the bed finally making Miley look at her.

Almost immediately Miley’s eyes dropped down to the dildo around Selena’s waist, her face flashing with first surprise, then fear, then apprehension, then possibly a little lust. After that Miley’s face seemed to become a mixture of all four and a whole bunch of other emotions, the look no less confusing when Miley looked up at her.

&#034I… I thought you were saving your cherries for…&#034 Miley began, before a blush filled her face, &#034Oh… oh, right… I get it… you’re gonna…&#034

&#034Stick it up her butt.&#034 Selena helpfully finished.

&#034Yeah…&#034 Miley said softly, an extremely long silence filling the room before finally the younger girl gave a weak smile and added, &#034Cool.&#034

&#034Really?&#034 Selena questioned.

Miley blushed again, &#034Yeah, but… are you sure she can take it?&#034

&#034She’s taken bigger.&#034 Selena grinned.

&#034Oh… cool.&#034 Miley blushed again, before pulling her finger out of Demi’s butt and moving back a little, &#034Well… do it then. Butt fuck her… shove that big cock up her ass. I wanna see it.&#034

Grinning happily at this reaction Selena pushed the tip of her strap on against the puckered bull’s-eye in between Demi’s butt cheeks and then paused, savouring the moment and especially the look of nervous lust on Miley’s face. Then to make the seemingly perfect moment even better Selena called out, &#034Demi, spread your cheeks for me.&#034

Selena’s grin seemed to get even wider as Demi pressed the side of her face down against the bed sheets, slowly reached back and spread her ass cheeks as wide as she could. Again Selena savoured the moment, this time mostly concentrating on her girlfriend offering up her ass hole to her as something for Selena to use for her pleasure.

As usual savouring the moment gave way to impatience and Selena found herself unable and unwilling to stop herself pushing forwards. This provided her with another moment Selena tried her best to savour, that being the sight of Demi’s butt hole slowly stretching to take the head of her strap-on inside it. However Demi’s ass hole was very used to being violated by now so it seemed to easily stretch wide enough to take the head of the dildo and every following inch.

It didn’t exactly feel easy for Demi who at one stage was digging her nails into her ass cheeks to try and take her mind off the painful feeling of her ass stretching to accommodate the big fake cock. However Demi had taken and given enough ass fuckings to know that any initial pain would be more than worth the wonderful ecstasy she’d soon be receiving, and even though it was so embarrassing to admit even to herself the fact was that painful feeling of her rectum stretching actually brought her a perverted amount of pleasure.

Of course Demi was happy to see the pain go, especially as it was perverted enough just to feel a dildo sliding deeper into her ass and then beginning to pump in and out of that forbidden little hole, fucking her in a place she was never supposed to be fucked.

&#034That’s it Demi, moan for me.&#034 Selena said softly, adding in a slightly more cheeky tone, &#034Moan for me as I fuck your tight little butt hole. Moan because I’m fucking you up your dyke butt so good. Let Miley know how awesome it is to take it up the ass.&#034

Demi was only too happy to oblige. She would have done so even if Miley wasn’t around as she knew how much Selena loved it when she moaned for her. And it worked both ways, Demi honestly not able to think of a more beautiful sound than that of a moan from her beautiful girlfriend Selena Gomez.

Of course Selena had become an expert at butt fucking, or at least an expert at fucking her butt, so it would have been much harder for Demi not to moan. There had even been a few times where wandering hands had led to all sorts of kinky activity in public places, Demi blushing as she remembered one particularly energetic fucking session in a public toilet where at one point she had found herself bending over the seat with Selena slamming a strap-on in and out of her ass. Not moaning in pleasure then had been torture, Demi smiling happily but this was not one of those torturous times she had to remain quiet.

It was a very good thing as the following moment Demi felt Selena’s hips pressing against her ass cheeks, the pleasurable feeling of knowing every single inch of her girlfriend’s strap-on dick was now inside her ass so overwhelming that Demi knew there was no way she could have kept quiet if she’d had too. As it was Demi allowed her eyelids to flutter closed and a loud moan to escape her lips, gently removing her own fingers from her ass cheeks so she could enjoy the feeling of Selena’s hips pressed against her dildo stuffed backside.

As Demi savoured the moment Selena turned to Miley with a grin and said, &#034See, I told you my girl would take every inch up her slutty little butt.&#034

&#034Wow.&#034 Miley murmured, staring in amazement at the two girls’ bodies pressed against each other, &#034I can’t believe… that’s so… Gawwwwwwwd, fuck her! Fuck her ass! I wanna see it… I wanna see you butt fuck her! I wanna see you fuck her up the butt! I wanna see a girl fuck another in the butt! I wanna see two girls butt fucking! I wanna see lesbian anal sex!&#034

&#034Oh trust me Miley, we’re going to give you one hell of a show.&#034 Selena promised with a huge grin on her face before she took a firm hold of Demi’s waist and began gently pumping the full length of her strap-on dildo in and out of her girlfriend’s ass.

The main reason Selena took so long pushing her strap-on up Demi’s butt was trying to maximise the pleasure while minimising the pain for her girlfriend. However Selena had to admit to herself that she enjoyed prolonging the act of inserting a dildo into Demi’s round little bubble butt. It was a turn on to shove a nice long, thick man-made cock into the usually tiny hole that was in between her girlfriend’s shapely ass cheeks, Selena wanting to savour pushing every single inch into Demi’s back door. This time was no different, Selena’s eyes locked onto Demi’s butt hole as it stretched to take inch after inch of strap-on dick.

For Selena Gomez there wasn’t a single sight in the world that was more beautiful than that of a dildo strapped around her waist slowly disappearing into Demi Lovato’s ass hole. It was right up there with watching a dildo strapped around her waist pumping in and out of Demi Lovato’s ass hole, something Selena got to enjoy throughout the slow process of shoving her strap-on up Demi’s ass and once the entire length of the cock was buried in Demi’s butt.

As the butt fucking got underway Selena continued lustfully staring at her strap-on sliding in and out of Demi’s ass hole. She couldn’t see it as clearly now that Demi’s butt cheeks weren’t being spread, but truth be told Selena really loved watching her cock disappearing in between those to full round cheeks and burying itself in that now nicely stretched out shit hole. It was just another one of those beautiful sights which Selena got to enjoy every time she fucked Demi up the ass, the sight of her dick sliding in and out of those juicy butt cheeks reminding her exactly why she had her girlfriend bending over for a butt fucking as many times a day as she could.

Time passed. It could have been minutes, it could have been hours. Selena guessed the former, although kind of felt like it was the latter. Regardless after she had butt fucked Demi like this for a while Selena decided she wanted a better look at her girlfriend’s ass hole. However before she could slide her hands down to Demi’s shapely ass cheeks and spread them wide another pair of hands seem to appear out of nowhere and beat her to it.

Selena blinked in confusion for a few seconds. She’d become so lost in the sight of her strap-on entering and exiting Demi’s forbidden hole that the rest of the world had fallen away and Selena had completely forgotten about Miley which was really a big mistake. She should have at least been giving Miley the odd glance to make sure she was still ok with everything that was going on. Luckily that seem to be the case considering Miley was now staring at Demi’s butt hole with the same focused intensity that Selena had been staring at it only moments ago.

Grinning at this latest development Selena asked, &#034Enjoying the show Miles?&#034

&#034Yeah.&#034 Miley mumbled, barely acknowledging her friend as she continued to stare at her other friend’s ass hole.

&#034It’s pretty captivating, huh?&#034 Selena continued, not entirely sure she had Miley’s full attention but considering the topic of conversation was her girlfriend’s ass she would be happy to repeat herself if necessary, &#034I used to dream of doing dirty little things to Demi and butt fucking her was one of my most frequent fantasies, but I never dreamed I would love it as much as I do. Mmmmmmm, I definitely never imagined that I’d find the sight of a dildo pumping in and out of her tight little ass hole so… hot. But I do. It’s so naughty and wrong, mmmmmm ohhhhh, and I can’t get enough.&#034

&#034It is pretty hot.&#034 Miley agreed, still not taking her eyes off Demi’s butt hole stretching for Selena’s strap-on.

&#034Wanna see something else which is just as naughty, wrong and hot?&#034 Selena asked.

There was a short pause, Selena almost repeating herself before Miley finally murmured, &#034Sure, what?&#034

Showing rather than telling Selena pulled her strap-on completely out of Demi’s butt and then said, &#034Turn around Dem.&#034

Knowing exactly what her girlfriend wanted Demi slowly lifted her upper half so she was on all fours, turned around and moved so that her lips were directly in front of the fake cock protruding from in between Selena’s legs. Of course while that was exactly what Selena wanted Demi added a little extra, her eyes slowly sliding up her lover’s sexy little body until the two girlfriends were staring into each other’s eyes, Demi giving Selena her best pleading look, silently begging for the other Disney girl to give her the permission she needed.

Selena was only too happy to give it, &#034Suck my cock Demi. Suck the cock that was just up your butt!&#034

&#034Oh my gosh!&#034 Miley gasped as she watched her friend and fellow Disney star Demi Lovato open her mouth, wrap her lips around a dildo which had been inside her ass and begin to suck on it.

For a few moments Miley just knelt there, still where she was a few seconds ago which meant she was only a few inches away from where Demi was sucking on that cock, Miley getting a up close look at her friend beginning to bob her head up and down on that fake dick. At that distance Miley could even hear the gentle sucks Demi was giving the dildo… the first few inches of the dildo which had been in the deepest part of Demi’s butt… Demi tasting the very deepest depths of her bowels on that dildo!

&#034Oh my God!&#034 Miley murmured, her mind slowly waking up from the daze it had been sent into from watching Demi going ass to mouth, Miley becoming more awake and more vocal with every passing second, &#034Oh my God oh my God oh my God oh my God oh my God oh my Gawwwwwwwd! Fuck! Fucking fuck… FUCK! That’s… that’s so fucking hot!&#034

&#034Really? You like it?&#034 Selena questioned, unable to hide her relief. For a brief second Selena thought she went too far, but Miley’s reaction seem positive.

It continue to be so, &#034Fuck yeah! Oh my Gawwwwd I can’t believe how hot that is! It’s so… nasty. You two are nasty lesbian sluts, and I wanna be just like you! Mmmmmm, I got so hot from watching you fuck her up the ass, and now you’re feeding Demi her own ass… fuck, it’s so nasty, and wrong, and sick, and disgusting, and gross, and I wanna fucking try it!&#034

&#034Are you sure?&#034 Selena grinned.

&#034No, but I wanna do it anyway.&#034 Miley said, &#034I wanna taste another girl’s ass on a cock. Mmmmm fuck, feed me Demi’s ass Selena! Please, let me taste Demi’s butt on your fucking cock!&#034

&#034Mmmm, I don’t know.&#034 Selena said playfully, &#034What do you think Dems? Should we let Miley taste your yummy ass on my cock?&#034

A selfish part of Demi wanted all of her own yummy butt juice all to herself, but she didn’t mind sharing with Miley if it meant they got to further corrupt Miss Hannah Montana. So, after somewhat reluctantly removing her mouth from Selena’s strap-on, Demi softly moaned, &#034Sure. If she wants to be a nasty lesbian slut like us let her. Mmmmmm, let Miley Cyrus act like a nasty lezzie slut and taste another girl’s ass on a strap-on cock! Ohhhhh yeah, oh Miley, suck that cock! Taste my yummy butt hole on that cock so you can be a nasty dyke slut like me and Selena!&#034

Just before Demi finished talking Miley lent forward so her lips were almost pressing against the head of the dildo. Then she hesitated.

Miley had surprised herself by volunteering for this. It was so nasty, so gross, so sick and so very wrong and yet just thinking about it made her so hot. She was nervous, and terrified that it would be horrible, but just like she did before she went on stage Miley Cyrus took a deep breath and just went for it, only instead of walking out on stage to a bunch of screaming fans she opened her mouth and took the head of a dildo which had just been up another girl’s butt into her mouth.

Of course the toy had just been thoroughly sucked on by Demi, which thought helpful in giving Miley the courage to take the strap-on into her mouth. Ironically Miley was then disappointed that all she could really taste was Demi’s saliva.

Suddenly determined to taste Demi’s ass on Selena’s cock Miley began lowering her lips down the shaft, the head of the dick hitting the back of her mouth as she reached as far as Demi’s lips had gone. Then taking another deep calming breath Miley lowered her head down even further on the toy, allowing the long man-made poll to slide into her throat just so she could taste Demi’s butt on the lower half of the dildo.

To Miley’s delight she instantly loved the taste, the inside of Demi’s butt tasting just as good as her butt hole. Happy with this discovery Miley sucked greedily on that part of the strap-on, and when the taste was all gone the pop-star began bobbing her head up and down on the toy, taking as much of it down her throat as she could so she could suck up those yummy ass juices. It wasn’t easy, Miley choking almost violently and occasionally even having to pull away to gasp for breath, but it was totally worth it is Miley felt like a total slut sucking on that ass flavoured strap-on cock.

Meanwhile Demi and Selena had been watching with bated breath as Miley tried ass to mouth for the first time, both fearing the younger girl was going to freak out on them and both breathing a sigh of relief when Miley started greedily sucking on the strap-on and then bobbing her head up and down. After that Demi and Selena just enjoyed the show for a few long minutes, neither wanting to do anything to put Miley off the sexy little show she was giving them.

However after a little while Selena couldn’t resist softly moaning, &#034Mmmmmmmm, yeah that’s it Miley, suck my cock! Suck it like a little cock sucking slut. Yesssss, you’re a cock sucker now Miley! Mmmmmm, oh yeah Miley Cyrus is a cock sucker! I had you sucking off my security guards, making you swallow their cum and take their loads right in your face, and now you’re sucking my cock! And I don’t have any sperm for you to swallow, but I do have some of Demi’s yummy butt juice for you to greedily gobble the fuck up! And you are, aren’t you? Mmmmmmm, ohhhhhhh yesssss, Miley Cyrus is tasting my girlfriend’s ass on my cock like a little ass to mouth whore! And that’s what you are Miley, a little ATM whore!&#034

Fearing that Selena’s words might be interpreted as a little hostile or harsh Demi tried to soften the dirty talk a little, &#034She’s right Miley, you’re a little ATM whore now. Just like us. Mmmmmmm, I and Selena are total ass to mouth sluts! We love tasting our own and each other’s’ asses on big fat juicy strap-on cock! And you look sooooooo fucking sexy sucking that cock. You’re a hot little cock sucker, just like me and Selena. Mmmmmm fuck Miles, you have no idea what watching you tasting my ass on Selena’s cock is doing to me. I, oh… you’ve never looked hotter! Hannah Montana has never looked hotter than with a cock flavoured with my ass in her mouth!&#034

Demi and Selena continued talking dirty as Miley sucked the strap-on clean, every filthy little word driving Miley to give the best blow job she could possibly give. Miley could have never imagined she would have liked such obscene words being flung her way or that she would practically be insane with lust from sucking the taste of another girl’s ass off of a dildo, but here she was desperately trying to get every drop of Demi’s butt juice off Selena’s strap-on. Unfortunately no matter how hard she tried Miley couldn’t get the last few inches down her throat. That was very frustrating for the pop sensation, however she quickly let it go in favour of sliding her tongue up and down the shaft, concentrating mostly on the bottom of the toy so she could lick the last few drops of Demi’s ass juice.

&#034Wow, look at her go. She really does love it.&#034 Demi beamed.

&#034Yeah, Hannah Montana loves the taste of girl butt.&#034 Selena agreed.

Quickly removing her tongue from the now thoroughly cleaned dildo Miley lifted herself up until she was looking Selena right in the face, then with a smile said, &#034It’s Miley, bitch!&#034

With that Miley shoved her tongue down Selena’s throat, giving the dildo wearing Disney star a turn at tasting Demi’s butt. Unsurprisingly Selena seemed to love it, her hand sliding into Miley’s hair seconds after Miley gently grabbed her face, the two girls passionately sharing the taste of another girl’s ass for a few long breath stealing seconds. Then Miley dropped back down to kiss Demi, this time the lip lock being a little more gentle but no less passionate.

For about a minute Selena watched the hot little show of affection, in some ways loving it while at the same time aching to restart the butt fucking. Thus after a full minute was over, although it felt a lot longer to Selena, the star of Wizards of Waverly Place called out, &#034Demi… DEMI! Bend over. I wanna have some more fun with your butt, so that means you’ve got to bend over. Thems the rules. Whenever I’m in the mood to fuck your beautiful little bubble butt you’ve got to bend over and offer me your ass hole like a good little anal slut! And you know why that is, don’t you Demi?&#034

&#034Yeah I know.&#034 Demi blushed. Of course she had pressed her face down to the bed sheets and stuck her ass in Selena’s direction the moment her girlfriend had commanded her to bend over. Demi had even reached back to spread her ass cheeks so she could better offer up her back door to Selena and her strap-on cock. But Demi knew that wasn’t enough. Not that she really minded dirty talk, but Demi couldn’t help blushing as she said, &#034It’s because my butt hole is your property. You own it.&#034

&#034That’s right Demi.&#034 Selena said happily as she pressed the tip of her strap-on against her girlfriend’s once again tight looking ass hole, &#034Now tell Miley.&#034

Without hesitation Demi lifted her head out of the bed sheets enough so she could look up at Miley when she said, &#034Selena owns my butt hole. My butt hole is the property of Selena Gomez.&#034

That submissive little outburst was quickly followed by a gasp of pleasure, Selena loving the fact that there wasn’t even a little bit of pain in Demi’s tone as once again her ass hole was stretched wide by a strap-on cock. True, there was a chance Demi might have been hiding it, but Selena truly believe they had gotten to her favourite part of butt fucking when the girl on the receiving end had become nice and loose back there, the girl dishing out the ass fucking now only able to cause the girl taking it up the ass nothing but pure pleasure.

The way Demi was moaning as Selena pushed the dildo into her butt and the fact that every single inch seem to slide into Demi’s back passage like a knife through butter told Selena she was right. It was certainly all the excuse Selena needed to start really hammering Demi’s ass, the slightly older girl building up the pace slowly at first but eventually pushing her girlfriend’s hands off those juicy round butt cheeks of hers so the sound of Selena’s hips smacking off Demi’s bubble butt could start echoing throughout the room.

As she was an expert on fucking Demi up the butt Selena was able to bring her girlfriend pretty damn close to an orgasm before she pulled out and made Miley her little ass to mouth slut again. Then Selena repeated the process, sometimes making Demi taste her own ass, other times making Miley taste girl butt, but most often making them both do it so she could enjoy the sight of two girls sharing the butt flavoured toy. Meanwhile Selena pushed Demi ever closer to an orgasm until she was almost making her girlfriend cum every time, Demi beginning to let out these little whimpers of frustration every time the dildo was pulled out of her needy back passage which broke Selena’s heart.

Selena didn’t like denying the girl she loved anything, however it was the only way to prolong one of their favourite activities. More importantly every denied orgasm insured that whenever Selena inevitably made Demi cum it would be spectacular, Selena knowing from experience that when it came to orgasms long build up was key. Besides as much as Selena always wanted to drag this out because she was pretty much addicted to fucking her girlfriend’s beautiful butt having Miley watching, and participating in the ATM fun, only made it better, Selena wanting very much for Miley to see Demi cumming incredibly hard from being sodomised.

Because of Miley’s enthusiasm for all the kinky anal fun when Selena was pretty sure she couldn’t build Demi up anymore, and didn’t have the patience to do so anyway, Selena turned to Miley and asked, &#034Do you wanna see Demi cum?&#034

&#034Oooooooh yes, make her fucking cum!&#034 Miley said enthusiastically, &#034I wanna see Demi cum from getting fucked in the ass. Do it Selena! Fuck your girlfriend’s ass until she cums!&#034

&#034Do you hear that Demi?&#034 Selena grinned, turning her attention to Demi who she began sodomising a little more gently, &#034Miley wants to see you cum from getting fucked in the butt. She wants me to fuck your slutty little dyke ass until you cum. Fuck you up the butt until you cum all over the bed. Should we let her? Should we let her see just how hard you cum from getting fucked in the ass like a nasty little anal whore? Is that what we should do Demi? Should we show Miley just how much of a lesbian anal whore you really are?&#034

&#034Mmmmmmmmmm, oooooohhhhhh yessssssss! Yes please Sel, make me cum!&#034 Demi moaned joyfully, trying to speak as loudly and as clearly as she could as Selena continued butt fucking her, &#034I wanna cum soooooooooo bad! Oh Gawwwwwwwwwd, show Miley how hard I cum from getting my slutty dyke ass fucked! Mmmmmmmmmm, oh Selena, Selena… oh baby, you always make me cum so hard, but when you butt fuck me, mmmmmmmmm fuckkkkkkkk, I always cum so good. Oh fuck, I’m such an ass slut! Your ass slut. I’m a slut for taking it up the ass for you Selena, I’m a slut for getting my lesbo butt fucked by my beautiful girlfriend and her strap-on cock! Mmmmmmmm ohhhhhhhh Selena, ahhhhhhh fuck, show Miley what I really am baby! Show her I’m a nasty little lesbian anal whore! Mmmmmmmmm ooooooooh yeeeeeeeesssssssss, a dyke slut who loves it up the butt! Oh, ohhhhhhhhhh, ooooooooohhhhhhhhh, I’m your ass slut Selena! I’m Selena Gomez’s lesbian ass slut! I’m, ooooooooohhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmm, I’m Selena Gomez’s bitch!&#034

&#034That’s right Demi, you’re my bitch!&#034 Selena growled, beginning to pick up the pace, &#034You’re mine and don’t you ever, ever forget it!&#034

&#034I won’t, oh fuck I won’t!&#034 Demi squealed happily, &#034I’m yours Selena. I always was and I always will be!&#034

Sometimes Demi found it a little disturbing just how much Selena got off on dirty talk, but in truth it turned her on nearly as much as her girlfriend. It helped that no matter what nasty, similarly insulting thing they said ultimately they were attending each other’s needs. They both wanted to be called naughty things during sex, so in a twisted way it was all out of love. And ultimately what really made them hot was the idea that they belong to each other.

Demi was Selena’s. Selena was Demi’s. She was hers and vice versa. Forever and always.

No matter whether it was Selena calling Demi her bitch, her slut, her whore, her dyke or whatever it always meant the same thing, and that rushed Demi towards her climax more than anything. Well anything except that big strap-on pounding in and out of her ass. Even then it was Selena attending to Demi’s dirty little desire to get fucked in the ass, so the perverted act of anal sex came from a place of love. And that didn’t change, even when Selena’s hips began crashing into Demi’s butt cheeks Demi felt like she was being spanked and that big dildo brutally pummelled her back passage in a way which made sure Demi was going to be loose and aching back there for hours.

Of course walking around with a sore and gaping butt hole was a small price to pay for the ecstasy Demi was feeling now, Selena having easily butt fucked her to the edge of climaxing with a record time thanks to those rectum wrecking thrusts.

This time instead of slowing down Selena smacked Demi’s butt and yelled, &#034YOU’RE MINE DEMI! ALL MINE! WHAT ARE YOU?&#034




Demi lost the ability to speak coherently as she experienced the type of wonderful climax that only Selena could truly give her. Getting her butt fucked always made Demi cum hard and she had taken it in the ass from men and even women who were stronger than Selena and able to use that strength to pound Demi’s pooper through climax after climax harder and faster than her petite girlfriend. However Demi loved Selena and a reminder that she belonged to this beautiful girl always made her orgasms that much harder, in this case turning already big explosions of pleasure into supernovas of ecstasy, the first climax sending Demi to the stratosphere while the ones that followed it caused her to become a completely mindless a****l, lost in the heaven of the lesbian butt fucking.

Miley loved watching Demi and Selena going at it like this. Sure, this was the first time she was watching them ass fuck, but right now there was a very familiar aspect to it which Miley had grown to love. That being of course just how totally into each other the two girls could become.

Both of her friends tried extremely hard to keep her involved throughout this and their last amazing session together but there were moments where Demi and Selena became completely lost in each other. One totally focused on giving pleasure to the other, while the other was totally focused on receiving it from her. It was beautiful.

Miley had never seen two people into each other as much as Selena and Demi were. Sure, Miley was getting to see them being incredibly intimate with each other in a way she’d never been with anyone, but still she found herself hoping she could find that. Someone she could become so lost in. Someone she’d love that much. Someone who even through the kinkiest and deprived of acts could look at her like she was the most beautiful thing in the world. Like she was their soulmate.

At the very least Miley wanted to try what Demi and Selena were now doing, the Tennessee girl watching in fascination as one of her fellow Disney girls ass fucked another through climax after climax, cum squirting out of Demi like a fountain for what felt like hours until finally the two brunettes collapsed exhaustively onto the bed.

For about a minute or so the two girls stayed like that, Selena nuzzling Demi’s neck affectionately as she rested on top of her. As her energy returned to her Selena bit down on Demi’s neck, gently marking the other girl as hers, something which had become something of a tradition with them. It woke them up and reinf*rced their feelings of belonging to each other. Although like all the other times Selena was careful to gently kiss and lick the marked skin, concluding this little ritual by essentially kissing the pain away.

Once she had the strength to continue Selena turned to Miley and asked, &#034Wanna see what a well fucked butt hole looks like?&#034

The second Miley nodded her head Selena quickly pulled her strap-on out of Demi’s ass and sat back. In turn Demi pushed her ass back up, reached back and pulled her cheeks wide open to make sure the two other Disney girls got the best view possible of her gaping butt hole.

&#034Wow.&#034 Miley murmured, feeling oddly turned on and seeing just how loose and opened Demi’s ass hole seemed after its hard fucking.

&#034I just love stretching her ass like that.&#034 Selena confessed, &#034It reminds me how hard I made her cum. And more importantly that stretched little butt hole of hers will remind her how hard I made her cum.&#034

&#034And how hard you fucked me.&#034 Demi added dreamily as she continued lewdly displaying her gaping ass hole.

&#034Yeah, and I love how it reminds her of the exact same thing.&#034 Selena beamed, finally tearing her eyes away from her girlfriend’s butt so she could look at Miley, &#034I can totally tell just by looking at Demi’s butt she’s going to be thinking about it whenever she tries to walk round or sit down afterwards. Not that she can ever really stop thinking about me fucking that cute little bubble butt off hers.&#034

Miley bit her lip and then after a brief pause and ask, &#034Do you really like it?&#034

&#034Uh-huh.&#034 Demi replied, finally letting go of her ass cheeks so she can lift her head up and look back at her friend, &#034It felt kind of weird at first, and it always hurts little, but I love how it makes me feel like a total anal slut. You should really try it. Nothing makes you feel sluttier than a loose, gaping butt hole.&#034

Getting the hint Miley bit her lip again as she looked between Demi, Selena and Selena’s strap-on dildo which suddenly looked bigger than ever. The thought of trying to get that monster through her tiny butt hole made Miley’s rosebud clench with fear. On the other hand despite yesterday’s wild pussy eating party she had enjoyed with her two fellow Disney girls Miley didn’t think she’d ever seen someone cum as hard as Demi had when Selena was slam fucking her ass.

&#034I don’t know.&#034 Miley eventually said.

&#034Don’t you wanna be more adventurous?&#034 Selena pushed, &#034Fuck around a little, but not lose your cherry? Well trust me Miles, butt sex is totally the best way to do that. There’s nothing quite like getting fucked in the ass by a nice big cock, as we’ve just shown you, and you can bend over for as many guys and girls as you want and stay a technical virgin.&#034

&#034If you wanna think about it we’ll understand.&#034 Demi said firmly, briefly glancing at her girlfriend just to remind her that’s what they’d agreed, &#034But if you’re going to lose your anal cherry I definitely recommend letting Selena do it. She took my anal cherry and was really gentle, and no one knows more about anal than her.&#034

&#034Yeah, I’m a total anal expert.&#034 Selena smiled proudly.

&#034More like total ass slut.&#034 Demi teased, &#034She gets really cranky if she doesn’t get her ass regularly fucked. Same thing happens if she doesn’t get to regularly pound girl butt.&#034

&#034Hey, sometimes I’ll settle for a little butt licking.&#034 Selena pointed out, then grinning at Miley, &#034In fact, why don’t you see how you feel after you’ve had my tongue in your ass? Huh? I remember how much you loved me licking your cute little butt hole last night. How you moaned when I tongue fucked your ass. Mmmmmm, and you definitely liked my fingers in your butt, didn’t you Miley?&#034

&#034Well, yeah.&#034 Miley blushed, and then nodded, &#034I, I guess that would be ok.&#034

&#034Great.&#034 Selena grinned, that grin slowly becoming wider and wicked looking as she said something she’d always wanted to say to Miley, &#034Bend over. Push your fuck-able little ass into the air so I can give you a nice long butt licking.&#034

Miley continued blushing a little bit but did as she was told, slowly turning onto all fours on the bed and then looking back so she could watch Selena get into position behind her. Miley was expecting Selena to go right for her ass hole but instead the other girl pressed her lips to Miley’s ass cheeks in a long soft kiss and then began covering the soft yet firm flesh in kisses.

It felt… weird. But not necessarily a bad weird. Just, weird.

Selena and Demi had done this to her last night of course, but Miley had been preoccupied with the heaven that had been eating pussy for the first time in her life, and more often than not her pussy had been getting fingered at the time which only distracted her further. Now Miley’s whole world revolved around Selena literally kissing her ass, the kinky act making Miley increasingly turned on.

Maybe it was because of the anticipation of what was to come, maybe it was the taboo aspect, or maybe it was the way Selena was passionately worshipping her, but whatever it was Miley found she liked it.

Of course it had nothing on what Miley felt when Selena suddenly spread her right ass cheek, spat on her ass hole then pressed her tongue to that puckered rosebud, gently using it to rub the spit into her butt hole.

Miley moaned, surprised at just how much pleasure she felt just from Selena licking her butt hole. Before this had been a nice little addition to the pleasure she was feeling from having her pussy finger fucked and/or acting like a total carpet munching dyke slut. Now, like the butt kissing moments ago, Miley became completely enthralled by the feelings in this tongue lapping at her back door, everything that quickly followed just making Miley moan louder in pure twisted pleasure.

It had been extremely tempting for Selena to bury her face in between Miley’s ass cheeks and attack the other girl’s ass hole with her tongue. Her girlfriend made things even more difficult, Demi sliding underneath Selena so she could wrap her lips around the strap-on which Selena had just used to pound fuck her ass deep and hard. However despite having Demi tasting her own ass on the dildo in between her legs and having Miley’s ass at her mercy Selena remained strong. She wanted to slowly turn up the heat until Miley Cyrus would be begging her to take her anal cherry, and that was exactly what Selena was going to do.

After the initial butt kissing phase Selena moved on to gently lapping Miley’s butt hole, occasionally spitting on that tiny hole she desperately wanted to fuck partly to provide some extra lubrication and partly to increase the lewdness of the act.

Over a slow period of time Selena began licking Miley’s ass hole more firmly. Then she started trying to push her tongue inside that tight little orifice. Selena did her best, first bobbing her head back and forth, pretty much literally fucking Miley’s back hole with her tongue in an attempt to get it inside. When that didn’t work Selena wrapped her lips around Miley’s butt hole and in between long hard sucks which further lubricated that little hole she pushed her tongue against it as hard as she could, trying to push into that tight little virgin hole without success.

Finally Selena stuck a finger into her mouth, sucked on it for a few seconds, and then pressed it f*rcefully against Miley’s ass hole. That worked, both Disney girls crying out in pleasure as Selena’s fingers slid inside Miley’s butt hole right up to the knuckle.

&#034Mmmmmm, you’re sooooo tight.&#034 Selena sighed dreamily, the words pretty much falling out of her mouth without permission. Deciding to go with it Selena added, &#034Hannah Montana has got a tight little ass hole. Ohhhh mmmmm, it feels so good. I love it. I love the feeling of this tight little ass hole on my finger!&#034

For a few moments Selena stopped talking and concentrated on beginning to finger fuck Miley’s butt, Selena partly pausing so as not to push Miley too much too soon, and partly because she briefly became lost in the sight and the feeling of her finger pumping in and out of Miley’s butt hole.

&#034Does Hannah like it?&#034 Selena teased, &#034Does Hannah Montana like my finger in her tight little ass hole? Huh? Does Hannah Montana like getting her tight little ass fingered? Does Hannah Montana like having her tight little ass stretched by another girl?&#034

&#034Please stop calling me that.&#034 Miley protested weakly before gasping out in pleasure as Selena twisted her finger around inside her butt.

&#034Ok.&#034 Selena said softly, before beginning to finger fuck Miley’s butt harder, &#034Do you like it Miley? Do you like having my finger in your tight little ass?&#034

&#034Yesssssss!&#034 Miley moaned, loving the harder butt finger fucking, &#034I love it! Mmmmmmmmm, oh I love your finger in my butt! It feels so good. Oh fuck me, fuck me Selena! Fuck my tight little ass with your finger! Ohhhhhhhh fuck, I want another girl to finger fuck my tight little dyke ass! I want…&#034

&#034Another finger in your dyke ass?&#034 Selena suggested after she spat on Miley’s ass hole and then pressed her middle finger against it.

&#034Oh Gawwwwd YES! Stick another finger up my butt! I want aaaaaahhhhhhhh!&#034 Miley cried out as Selena pushed a second finger into her butt, her rectum stretching as wide as it had ever done before.

As Selena had been fingering Miley’s butt Demi had been greedily sucking her own ass juice off the dildo still firmly strapped around her girlfriend’s legs. It hadn’t taken that long, Demi able to take every inch of the fake cock down her throat with practised ease so she could get every drop of yummy butt juice. When it was all gone Demi continued bobbing her head up and down on Selena’s cock, slobbering on it as much as she could to make sure it would be as wet as possible for Miley’s virgin ass.

Part of Demi wanted to keep sucking until Selena was ready to ass fuck Miley, however in her current position it was a bit of a pain to keep bobbing her head up and down. Besides, she had an idea how she could help stretch Miley’s butt.

So after removing her mouth from the toy and pulling herself out from in between Selena’s legs Demi got into position behind Miley, looked at where her girlfriend’s fingers were pumping in and out of her friend’s ass hole and said, &#034Wow, that’s so hot.&#034

&#034Yeah, it really is.&#034 Selena said dreamily, before offering, &#034You want a go?&#034

&#034Why don’t we do it together?&#034 Demi suggested softly, sucking one of her fingers and then pressing it to Miley’s back door to show what she meant.

Grinning wickedly Selena called out, &#034Hey Miley, do you think your tight little dyke ass can take another finger?&#034

&#034Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhh, shove another finger up my tight dyke ass!&#034 Miley moaned joyfully, crying out as she felt a third finger stretching her ass hole and then entering her back passage, causing a sharp pain and then blissful pleasure to flood her body, &#034Oh my Gawwwwwd yes! Yesssssss! Mmmmmm Selena, your fingers feel so good in my dyke ass!&#034

&#034Oh, it’s not just my fingers Miles.&#034 Selena said softly.

Lifting herself up slightly and looking behind herself Miley whimpered softly as she saw that now both of her fellow Disney girls were finger fucking her ass, a revelation which caused her to moan, &#034Oh fuck, oh fuck you two are so naughty. Mmmmmm, you’re so nasty for fingering my ass together. It’s sooooooo wrong, so dirty, you’re both so fucking dirty, but it feels sooooooooooo fucking goooooooodddddd! Oh fuck me, fuck my ass! Fuck my ass with your fingers you dirty girls! Mmmmmmm, is this what you do for fun? Fuck girls’ asses together? Is that your favourite thing to do as a couple?&#034

&#034We also like licking pussy. And getting our pussies licked.&#034 Selena pointed out, &#034So, I guess you could say fucking girls is our favourite thing to do as a couple. Isn’t that right Dems?&#034

&#034Maybe our second favourite.&#034 Demi smiled, leaning in to kiss Selena gently before adding, &#034Our favourite is fucking each other. Or at least, it’s mine.&#034

&#034Mine too.&#034 Selena said quickly, and just in case there was any doubt she kissed Demi and added, &#034I love you Demi. Making you feel good will always be my favourite thing.&#034

&#034Me too. I love you Selena.&#034 Demi smiled as her true love kissed her again, this time the two girls becoming lost in the gentle display of affection, so much so they almost forgot to keep fucking Miley’s ass. Almost.

Butt fucking Miley together like this was way too much fun for them to stop, although it was something of a struggle not to neglect the kiss or the anal finger fucking. They just about managed it, something they were both proud of, but they were too busy keeping it up to concentrate on much else, even Miley’s continuous dirty talk becoming nothing but white noise to them as they lovingly kissed and fingered Miley’s butt.

This seemed to go on for quite a while, then Selena heard something which grabbed her interest enough to break the kiss with Demi and murmur, &#034What?&#034

&#034I said, you still wanna fuck my ass with that strap-on?&#034 Miley repeated.

&#034Fuck yeah!&#034 Selena quickly replied.

&#034Well then… beg for it.&#034 Miley said huskily as she looked back into Selena’s eyes, &#034Beg to fuck my virgin ass.&#034

Pausing only briefly to smile Selena quickly began to beg, &#034Please Miley, let me fuck your virgin ass. I wanna take your virgin ass. I wanna take Miley Cyrus’s virgin ass. I wanna fuck Hannah Montana up the butt. I want Hannah Montana’s anal cherry. I want to take Hannah Montana’s anal cherry more than anything I’ve ever wanted before, except Demi Lovato’s anal cherry, which I already got. I took Demi Lovato’s anal cherry and made her my anal slut, and now Miley I wanna do the same to you. I wanna take your anal cherry and make you my anal slut. Please? I’ll do it so good. I’ll butt fuck you so good you’ll be a total anal addict. You won’t be able to go another day without getting a serious ass fucking again, just like me and Demi. You won’t want to bend over, you’ll need to bend over. You’ll be spreading your ass cheeks for girls and guys all day long and still you won’t be able to get enough cock up your ass! And you’ll totally thank me. You’ll thank me for turning you into an ass whore, thank me by bending over whenever I want a piece of your ass! So give me your ass Miley. Give me your virgin ass so I can make it loose and slutty. I’m begging you, please let me open up your ass hole and leave it gaping. Please? I desperately want to be the lucky girl who gets to pop Miley Cyrus’s anal cherry and be responsible for turning Disney’s poster girl into a total anal slut!&#034

&#034Take your fingers out of me.&#034 Miley ordered, then when the other two girls reluctantly did she pressed her face down against the bed sheets, reached back and then spread her ass cheeks. She then waited for what felt like an eternity, savouring the moment. Then Disney’s poster girl Miley Cyrus softly said, &#034Do it. Fuck my ass. Take that big cock and shove it right up my virgin ass! Make me an anal slut. Make me your anal slut. Take my anal cherry Selena! I want oh, I… I want you to butt fuck me. I wanna get butt fucked. I wanna get fucked in the butt. Oh my gosh… oh… fuck me… FUCK, FUCK ME UP THE ASS SELENA! AH FUCK, OHHHHHHH, FUCK ME IN MY DYKE ASS! I WANNA GET ASS FUCKED BY ANOTHER GIRL! AH, AH, AH, AH, SHIT, FUCKKKK, I WANNA LOSE MY ANAL CHERRY TO A GIRL! AH SELENA, OH, OH AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH FUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKKKKK!&#034

Miley tried to keep encouraging Selena as something which felt like a baseball bat pressed against her tiny ass hole. It became increasingly difficult, Miley practically screaming as she felt her virgin butt hole slowly being f*rced open wider than it had ever been before. Finally her back door opened wide enough to allow the head of the strap-on to pass through, Selena’s dildo finally pushing past that tight ring of flesh and into Miley’s butt.

After an initial cry of pain Miley gritted her teeth as she willed herself to relax, the pop star relieved to find that not only was the agony nowhere near as bad as she was expecting but it faded reasonably quickly. It was replaced by an unpleasant dull ache, but also this almost indescribable feeling of obscenely twisted pleasure.

Miley had just lost her anal cherry. She, Disney’s Hannah Montana, idle to teens everywhere, platinum selling artist, household name Miley Cyrus had just lost her anal virginity when another girl shoved a strap-on dildo up her ass.

The same thought was echoing in the minds of Demi and Selena, several minutes ticking by as both girls just stared at the sight of the head of Selena’s strap-on buried in the now f*rced wide open hole in between Miley’s spread ass cheeks. The only difference was that there was an additional thought echoing in Selena’s head, that being she did it. She took Miley’s anal cherry. She, Disney star Selena Gomez had just taken the anal virginity of the biggest female star in the current Disney generation Miley Cyrus.

Part of Selena felt like she could have spent hours just enjoying that fact. And she would. But being the first to slide a dick into Miley Cyrus’s butt wasn’t enough. Selena wanted to fulfil her promise to turn Miley into an anal slut, and to do that first she needed to get every inch of the dildo around her waist into Miley’s ass.

Determined to do just that Selena grabbed a firm hold of Miley’s waist and slowly began pushing inch after inch of strap-on cock into the other Disney girl’s butt, stopping regularly every time she heard Miley let out a sound which seemed remotely pain filled. That meant Selena was stopping every other second, but it gave her a chance to savour pushing her strap-on up Miley’s ass, her eyes never leaving the younger girl’s widely stretched butt hole as she pushed inch after inch of dildo through it and deep into Hannah Montana’s bowels.

After what seemed like an eternity to both girls Selena’s hips came to press against Miley’s spread ass cheeks, soft gasps echoing throughout the room as Miley, Selena and the forgotten Demi took a moment to savour the fact that Miley Cyrus had taken every inch of that big strap-on dick up her virgin butt.

Wanting to tease her friend Selena softly said, &#034Congratulations Miley, you’re not an anal virgin anymore. It’s gone. Your anal cherry is popped. Miley Cyrus now has a cock completely buried inside her now formally virgin butt. Hannah Montana has just lost her anal virginity. Hannah Montana has a dick in her ass. Mmmmmm, Hannah Montana look so good with a dick in her ass. Does it feel as good as it looks Miley? Do you like having a dick in your ass?&#034

&#034I, ah, I… I don’t know.&#034 Miley whimpered softly.

&#034Does it hurt?&#034 Selena asked, ready to pull out even though she didn’t want too.

&#034A little. But it feels good too.&#034 Miley blushed, &#034It’s… nasty, and wrong, and dirty, and naughty, and… I kind of love it.&#034

Selena grinned, loving that familiar tone of embarrassment mixed with lust. It was a tone Demi used a lot, especially when Selena was fucking her up the ass, and Selena loved hearing it now. It fuelled her to murmur in a husky voice, &#034You kind of like it huh? Well, I think I can make you love it. I think I can make Hannah Montana love taking it up the butt. And I’m going to do it. I’m going to make you an anal slut Miley, just like me and Demi.&#034

As she had begun talking Selena had tightened her grip on Miley’s hips and for the last sentence she started ever so slowly pulling her strap-on out of the other girl’s butt. The second that dildo began to move Miley let out a cry, quickly followed by a noise Selena couldn’t really identify, and then finally a moan. The last sound brought a huge smile to Selena’s face, and although all the sounds out of Miley’s mouth were not currently all unmistakably of pleasure Selena was confident it was only a matter of time, especially as Miley let out a loud moan when Selena reinserted the fake cock into her fellow Disney girl’s back passage.

Selena continued that technique, only pulling a few inches of dildo from Miley’s ass hole before firmly pushing them back in. She only did it slowly at first, and more often than not paused between pulling out of Miley’s butt and pushing back inside it, only very gradually increasing the pace. Obviously the main reason for this was to loosen Miley’s rectum until Disney’s Hannah Montana was begging to get her butt fucked nice and hard so she could cum like an anal whore. However just as importantly Selena was once again savouring the moment.

She was butt fucking Miley Cyrus. She, Selena Gomez, was fucking Miley Cyrus in the butt. Alex Russo was fucking Hannah Montana up the butt. The biggest female Disney star of her generation, maybe the biggest star Disney had ever produced, maybe even the most popular teen star ever was currently face down, ass up and spreading her ass cheeks so Selena could watch the dildo strapped around her waist sliding in and out of this teen idol’s ass hole.

There were no doubt countless men and women who would have loved to have taken Miley Cyrus’s anal cherry, but they never would because Selena had done it. Whatever happened next she, Miley, Demi and anyone else they trusted enough to tell would know that Selena was the first to know the joy of ass fucking Miley Cyrus, Selena especially loving the fact that whenever Miley would think of her from now on she would always be that girl who took her anal virginity? And even thinking about all the people who would never know the truth turned Selena on, knowing none of them or anyone else in the world would be the first to fuck Miley Cyrus up the ass because Miley Cyrus’s anal cherry would always be hers. Now and forever.

As those wicked thoughts flooded her mind Selena’s eyes zoned in on where Miley was still spreading her butt cheeks for her, providing Selena with a perfect view of her strap-on pumping in and out of her fellow Disney girl’s stretched butt hole. Selena became lost in the beautiful sight for what seemed like hours until Miley was clearly moaning in pure pleasure with every thrust, the sound enough to wake her up enough to realise she was being selfish. After all while she had been promised Miley’s back door cherry Selena had promised in turn to share.

With that in mind Selena suddenly pulled her dildo all the way out of Miley’s butt, turned and pointed her dildo at her girlfriend and said, &#034Hey Demi, you wanna be the first to taste the deepest part of Miley’s butt?&#034

Demi had been so completely captivated by watching Selena fucking Miley’s butt it took a few moments for her to get the hint, but she quickly recovered with a smile and a nod. Then not giving Selena the chance to make her beg for it or anything Demi quickly swallowed the head of the strap-on cock and began joyfully sucking on it.

The moment she tasted the deepest part of Miley’s butt Demi moaned lustfully. In her admittedly biased opinion it didn’t taste quite as good as the deepest part of Selena’s butt however for better or for worse Demi was an ATM slut and thus immediately loved the sweet taste of Miley’s inner depths. With practice ease Demi bobbed her head up and down on the cock, quickly allowing the shaft to slide all the way down her throat so she could get every drop of Miley’s ass juice. Also she got to give Selena a really thorough blow job which was almost just as important.

&#034Are you seeing this Miley? Are you seeing how much Demi loves the taste of your ass?&#034 Selena asked as Demi continued sucking her cock, eventually adding when Miley didn’t move from her position, &#034You can take your hands off your butt cheeks you know, if you want to see Demi sucking your butt juice off my cock.&#034

There was a brief pause and then Miley slowly took her hands off her butt cheeks, lifted herself up and turned her attention to Demi’s bobbing head.

&#034Wow, that’s so hot.&#034 Miley said, blushing when she added, &#034Can I try?&#034

&#034Really? Miley Cyrus wants to taste her own butt?&#034 Selena said in a mock disgust voice before grinning, &#034Maybe next time. If you ask nicely. But first I think we should get Demi more involved with the ass fucking.&#034

&#034I don’t mind just watching.&#034 Demi said after she removed her mouth from the dildo, &#034But if you insist, could I spread Miley’s ass cheeks for you? Cause I’d really like a nice close-up look of your cock sliding in and out of her butt hole.&#034

&#034Oh Demi, that’s a great idea.&#034 Selena beamed, her smile widening has Demi quickly kneeled beside Miley and spread her ass cheeks, &#034Mmmmm yeah, spread those cheeks for me. Make sure we can both see Miley’s sexy little butt hole stretching for my cock.&#034

This was probably their most obviously rehearsed dialogue yet but either Miley didn’t notice or she didn’t care. It could logically be either given all three girls were clearly focused on Selena pushing her strap-on back up Miley’s butt, Selena and Demi completely transfixed by the sight of that dildo slowly pushing back into Miley’s loosened rectum while the Disney star on the receiving end of the butt fucking was clearly focused on the feeling of the toy cock re-entering and then completely filling her bowels once again.

Once she had the strap-on dick all the way inside Miley’s butt it didn’t take long for Selena to re-establish the same slow pace she had been using to sodomise Miley with before. The only difference was this time Selena was pulling almost half of the dildo from Miley’s ass and then pushing it back in with every thrust, Miley clearly loving it from the way she was moaning and even begging for more, &#034Yessssss oooooooh fuck me! Fuck my butt! Ohhhhhhh Selena! Butt fuck me! Oooooooohhhhhhh myyyyy gooooossssshhhhh yeeeeeeessssss!&#034

However just as it seemed Selena was about to get down to some serious butt pounding she pulled the dildo out of Miley’s ass hole completely and then pressed it to Demi’s lips.

Knowing what was expected of her Demi immediately swallowed the head of the cock and sucked on it greedily. Again Demi moaned as she tasted the deepest part of Miley’s ass on the dildo as she continued to suck it, bobbing her head up and down on the shaft once the tip was clean and easily taking inch after inch down her throat. The whole time Demi continued spreading Miley’s ass cheeks so whenever Selena was ready she could just pull the strap-on cock out of her girlfriend’s mouth and shove it right back into Miley’s waiting ass hole, something Selena did a lot sooner than Demi would have liked.

While Demi was completely lost in greedily sucking the taste of Miley’s ass off of the dildo Miley complained, &#034I thought you said I could clean it next time?&#034

&#034I said maybe.&#034 Selena pointed out, and then right before shoving her dick back up Miley’s butt added, &#034But don’t worry, you’ll get your chance real soon, I promise.&#034

It obviously didn’t come soon enough for Miley who continued to complain as Selena cruelly teased her. It was kind of selfish but Demi really didn’t mind considering she was really benefiting from the teasing, Selena repeatedly switching from Miley’s ass to Demi’s happy to clean mouth, Demi sucking Miley’s anal juices off the fake cock with the same eagerness she showed the first time if not more as she grew to absolutely adore the taste of Miley’s ass. It still wasn’t quite as tasty as Selena’s ass, but Demi still loved every moment of the ATM action, which was more than can be said for Miley.

&#034Come on Sel, either let me taste my own ass or make me cum already!&#034 Miley moaned in frustration, &#034Please? You were sooooooooo right about ass fucking, it’s awesome, and I’m soooooo ready to cum, just please fuck me hard already! Or at least let me taste my own slutty little ass. That would probably make me cum.&#034

&#034Try asking again without sounding annoyed.&#034 Selena said before quickly adding, &#034And like you really want to be a nasty little girl who loves the taste of her own ass.&#034

Getting the hint Miley said as sweetly as she could, &#034Please Selena, please, please, please, please can I suck your cock? I wanna suck it right after it’s been in my ass like a nasty little slut! Please Selena, let me be a nasty little slut who loves the taste of her own ass! I wanna be an ATM slut just like you and Demi! I wanna be a slut with her virginity intact like you two! I wanna be a cock sucking, pussy licking, ass tasting anal slut who does all kinds of dirty things while staying a technical virgin! Help me become that by letting me taste my own fucking ass on your cock!&#034

&#034I suppose that’ll do.&#034 Selena said, pulling her dildo from Demi’s mouth and then inserting it into Miley’s ass, &#034Just give me a second to flavour the cock. Oh and Demi, you know what to do.&#034

Nodding happily Demi quickly grabbed another strap-on dildo from their luggage. The idea was to surprise Miley, but in a last-minute change of plans Demi decided it would be nicer, and maybe even a little hotter, to strap the cock on in front of Miley which was exactly what she did, her friend’s eyes widening as Demi pulled the harness up her thighs and then tightened it around her waist.

Deciding she might as well explain what was going on Selena firmly smacked Miley’s ass to get her attention and then said, &#034You see Miley, me and Demi agreed she could be the first to lick your pussy if I could be the first to fuck your ass, but that didn’t mean we weren’t going to share your holes with each other. I mean, there was no way I wasn’t going to eat your delicious little pussy after Demi had you writhing in pleasure on her tongue, just like there’s no way I’m going to be greedy and keep your tight little ass hole all to myself. So if you want to taste your ass on my cock you’re going to have to take Demi’s cock up your ass first. Do you have a problem with that Miley?&#034

&#034No.&#034 Miley said softly, quickly adding with a moan, &#034Fuck me Demi! Mmmmmm, you wanna fuck my butt just like your girlfriend is doing right now? Mmmmmm ohhhhhh, you wanna butt fuck me? Go ahead, I freaking love it up the butt! Ooooooh aaaaahhhhhh yesssssss mmmmmm, your girlfriend turned me into a butt slut just like you turned me into a lesbian slut! Ooooooooohhhhhhh yeeeeessssss, thanks to you two I’m a total dyke slut who loves eating pussy and getting her pussy eaten and her butt fucked by other girls! Mmmmmmmmm gosh, you two are turning me into such a slut!&#034

&#034That’s kind of the idea.&#034 Selena grinned, giving Miley’s ass one long thrust before suddenly pulling out of the other girl’s ass hole and then spreading Miley’s ass cheeks for her girlfriend, &#034She’s ready for you Demi. Miley Cyrus’s butt hole is nice and loose and just waiting for your big cock. Mmmmmmm, see how Miley’s butt hole is gaping already? So open and ready for you? Ready for more cock? Hannah Montana just waiting to get fucking sodomised!&#034

&#034I can see.&#034 Demi beamed as she kneeled behind Miley and pressed the tip of her strap-on against the other girl’s still slightly open back door, &#034But don’t you think it should be Miley spreading her cheeks for me?&#034

&#034You’re right Dem, it should be.&#034 Selena grinned, that grin widening as the second she let go of Miley’s butt cheeks Miley’s hands grabbed onto them and pulled them wide apart, &#034Miley should probably be still begging for your cock too.&#034

Not giving Demi the chance to agree Miley quickly started begging, &#034Please Demi, shove your cock up my butt! I wanna feel your cock up my butt soooooo bad! Please, fuck me just like Selena did. Maybe a little harder. Gosh, I feel so empty back there. It was so weird to get stretched there, but now I just feel empty. My butt feels empty and I want some cock to fill it. I want your cock to fill my butt Demi. I want a replacement for your girlfriend’s strap-on. I want you and your girlfriend to take turns butt fucking me! Mmmmmm, I want you to share my butt hole! Take turns fucking my ass and feeding me my ass juices! Stick cocks in me from both ends! Fuck me from both ends like a total slut! I want oooooooooohhhhhhhhh!&#034

Demi smiled as she gently pushed every inch of her dildo into Miley’s butt, mostly happy because the whole time Miley moaned joyfully. Truthfully though this was just as much a dream come true for Demi as it was for Selena.

Growing up Demi mostly fantasised about Selena, so much so that anyone else was a distant second, but a frequent distant second had been Miley Cyrus. She was just so cute, and Demi had always found her accent really sexy. In recent years Miley had really filled out, and the idea of ass fucking the Disney megastar was an amazing turn on. And now to actually see maybe the most popular Disney girl ever bending over for her and spreading her ass cheeks was beyond amazing. Demi didn’t even think she could come up with accurate words to describe how this felt, so she didn’t even really bother. Instead she just focused on pushing every inch of her strap-on into Miley’s ass and then… then she concentrated on fucking Miley’s ass.

Fucking Miley’s ass. Ass fucking Miley Cyrus. Fucking Hannah Montana up the ass. That’s what Demi was doing. Demi was thrusting a strap-on dildo in and out of the ass hole of the most famous Disney girl of her or maybe any generation.
Just as Demi thought her brain was going to overload she felt something turn her head to one side and then there was a soft pair of lips pressed against her own.

Quickly she realised it was Selena, but before Demi could really start kissing her girlfriend back Selena pulled back slightly, gave her a wicked smile and then whispered huskily, &#034You look really hot ass fucking Miley Cyrus.&#034

&#034Thanks.&#034 Demi gulped.

&#034Keep it up.&#034 Selena commanded softly, &#034I wanna watch my girlfriend fucking Miley Cyrus up the ass while I turn Miley into a total ATM slut.&#034

With that Selena kissed Demi again, this time the lip lock lasting a lot longer as Demi was ready for it and pushed her tongue into Selena’s mouth before her girlfriend could get away. Selena hesitated for a moment before massaging Demi’s tongue with her own, the two Disney girls becoming almost completely lost in each other, Demi feeling quite pleased with herself that she managed to keep fucking Miley’s ass while kissing her very distracting girlfriend.

Miley wasn’t as impressed. She definitely liked what she saw, even letting go of her ass cheeks so she could lift herself up and get a better view. But Miley wanted to take Selena’s cock in her mouth while taking Demi’s cock in her ass. She had begged for it plenty of times now and she felt she should get it. Of course she was getting the impression that if she complained it would only delay her getting what she wanted, and as inpatient as Miley was she was very much getting a thrill out of getting gently ass fucked by a girl who was kissing her girlfriend.

The kiss kind of seemed like it lasted for an eternity to all three girls but it was definitely Miley who was most happy when it ended, especially when Selena quickly moved around so that she was kneeling in front of her.

Selena briefly considered scolding Miley for moving or make her fellow actress/singer again beg to taste her own ass, but honestly Selena, and Miley, had waited long enough for this. So Selena simply pressed her dildo to Miley’s lips and said, &#034Suck.&#034

Miley briefly looked up nervously at her friend, and then even more nervously at the cock. She wanted to do this. She had thought about doing this since she watched Demi do it. But she was still really nervous. Of course like with all things she was nervous about Miley took a long calming breath, opened her mouth wide and quickly swallowed the head of the cock.

For the briefest of moments Miley considered whether she liked the taste. It was… interesting. Not really bad or good, at least not at first. Then her taste buds seem to get used to it, and as she found herself unnecessarily reminding herself over and over exactly what it was she was tasting Miley found herself liking it more and more with every passing second.

What she was doing was so wrong, so perverted, so nasty, so dirty, and she loved it. She really loved it. And as she began to firmly suck on the head of that cock Miley concluded she didn’t just like the taste of her own ass, she loved it. She, Miley Cyrus, idle to millions of teens everywhere, loved the taste of her own ass.

&#034Wow… you really love it huh?&#034 Selena said softly almost in disbelief as she watched Miley beginning to eagerly bob her head up and down on the dick, a smile slowly crossing her face as she added. &#034Miley Cyrus loves the taste of her own ass! Miley Cyrus is a total ATM whore who loves tasting the deepest part of her butt on my big strap-on cock! Mmmmmmm Miley, you’re such a whore! You really are just like me and Demi now. Or at least you will be. Mmmmmm, yessss, right now you love the taste of the very deepest part of your ass, but when we’re done with you you’re going to crave it. Little Hannah Montana is going to crave the taste of her own ass, just like Alex Russo and Sonny Monroe do, isn’t that right Demi?&#034

&#034That’s right Selena.&#034 Demi agreed almost in a gasp as she continued rhythmically pumping Miley’s butt, &#034You’re, oooooooh, you’re going to need to eat ass like regular food, mmmmmm, a couple of times a day or else you’ll find yourself starving for it! Mmmmmmm, ohhhhhhhh, just like me. If I don’t taste Selena’s yummy ass, or my own, or some other girls, at least a couple of times a day I go crazy. I also can’t take it if I don’t get fucked in the ass regularly, or oh, get to eat pussy, ooooooohhhhhh, or get my pussy and ass eaten. Mmmmmm yessssssss, we’re both like that, ooooohhhhhh ahhhhhhh mmmmmmm, and you’re going to be just like us Miley. You’re going to be a lesbian whore who craves getting fucked!&#034

Miley was faintly aware that Demi and Selena continued saying all manner of nasty things but she was so busy taking it in both ends like a little whore she had no idea what was being said. She just knew she was in heaven. An extremely kinky, perverted heaven that Miley never wanted to end. Or at least at first she never wanted it to end. Then Demi and Selena began switching positions, each girl taking turns to fuck Miley’s ass and feed Miley her own ass. They switched over and over again until Miley wasn’t sure who’s strap-on was in her ass and who’s strap-on was in her mouth, and each time she found herself tasting a dildo fresh from her butt and a renewed enthusiasm for the dildo pounding her butt hole Miley was driven maddeningly close to climax only for her to be denied.

As she was having so much fun tasting her own ass while at the same time taking it up the ass Miley ‘suffered’ through the torturous pleasure which seemed to last for an eternity. However the pop star had her limit, which was why inevitably when a strap-on was removed from her mouth Miley found herself whimpering, &#034PLEASE MAKE ME CUM! Ooooooooh Gawwwwwwwwd, make me cum! I need to cum soooooo bad, mmmmmm, please, ohhhhhhhh yesssss, mmmmmmm, I’LL DO ANYTHING!&#034

&#034Anything huh?&#034 Selena grinned. She had pulled her strap-on out almost all the way, just the head of the dildo remaining in Miley’s ass, nice and ready to be quickly pulled out and then immediately replace by Demi’s dick just like the two lesbian lovers had been doing for who knows how many minutes. However this time instead of pulling out Selena thrust f*rcefully forwards, burying every inch of the strap-on cock back inside Miley’s butt. At almost the same time Selena lent down so she could softly murmur in Miley’s ear, &#034Are you gonna let us fuck this tight little dyke ass again?&#034

&#034Yesssssss!&#034 Miley moaned.

&#034What are you going to let us do?&#034 Selena pushed.

&#034Fuck my dyke ass again!&#034 Miley quickly replied, &#034Mmmmmm, you both can fuck my dyke ass whenever you want from now on! Ooooooh, oh gosh, mmmmm Gawwwwd, just say the word and I’ll bend over! Ohhhhhh Selena, I’ll bend over and spread my ass cheeks for you and Demi! I’ll let you two girls ass fuck me whenever you want a piece of my tight little dyke ass!&#034

&#034Really?&#034 Selena asked, liking the sound of that, &#034You gonna be our little butt slut? Bend over and take it up the ass for either one of us, even if we’re backstage at a concert or awards show or something? You gonna keep thousands of your teen fans waiting while me and Demi use your queer little butt for our pleasure?&#034

Getting into the spirit of things Demi added, &#034How about cleaning up after yourself? Are you gonna clean up all your yummy ass juices from our dildos after we’ve pounded your tight little dyke butt with them? Are you gonna be a good little ATM slut? And what about butt licker? Are you gonna lick our tight little queer girl butts like a good little butt licking whore? Huh? You gonna be our slut for all things anal?&#034

&#034Yes, yes, yessssss! Mmmmmmm, I’ll be your anal slut!&#034 Miley practically screamed, &#034Oooooooooh Selena, Demi, mmmmm, I’ll let you fuck my ass whenever you want! Just say the word, ohhhhhh, ahhhhhh, ugggggghhhhhh, oooooohhhhhh, just say the word and I’ll bend over and take it up the ass for either one of you, mmmmmmmmm, lick your yummy asses, ooooohhhhhh Gawwwwddddddddd fuckkkkkkkkk, I’ll suck on toys which have been up my ass or up one of yours, mmmmmmmmm fuuuuuccccckkkkkkk, I’ll be your total anal whore, just please make me cum!&#034

&#034How about our bodyguards?&#034 Selena pushed, for now ignoring Miley’s plea, &#034I know you loved sucking the cum out of their cocks, letting them unload all over your pretty face, swallowing as much as their yummy goodness down your throat as you could, but how would you like to take one of their cocks up your butt? How would you like to feel a guy’s cock throbbing deep within your slutty little ass? To feel his cum shooting deep inside this beautiful little butt of yours, half a dozen guys lining up behind him to get their turn ass fucking teen sensation Miley Cyrus, using your ass as their own personal cum depository, your dumper becoming a fucking cum dumper, how would that make you feel Miley? Would you like it? Do you want to be a real anal slut and let girls and guys fuck your tight little ass?&#034

&#034Yeeeesssssss!&#034 Miley moaned, &#034I wanna be a cum dump! I wanna feel a guy cum in my ass! Mmmmmmm, oooooooh fuck, I want my ass to be used as a cum depository! Mmmmmmmmm Gawwwwwwwwd, and I want to have a guy cumming in my mouth at the same time! I wanna be a total whore, get fucked in both ends by guys at the same time, and feel a big gooey load shoot down my throat while another one is shooting right up my fucking ass! I wanna be a cum slut! Ahhhhhhh fuckkkkkkk, Selena, make me a slut! Mmmmmmm, fuck, I’ll put on a fucking show for you, let anyone you want fuck me in the ass, mmmmmmmm, ooooooohhhhhhhh aaaaaaahhhhhhh, just please, ohhhhhhh, fucking let me cum!&#034

&#034Anyone?&#034 Demi chimed in, &#034You’ll take a butt fucking from anyone as long as you get too cum?&#034

&#034YES!&#034 Miley snapped, &#034You can let your security guys literally gang bang my ass, mmmmmmmmmm ohhhhhhhhhh, fuck it yourself as long as you want, ooooooooh fuckkkkkkkkk, shove whatever you want up my butt, ahhhhhhhh, anything, I’ll do anything!&#034

&#034Well.&#034 Selena said thoughtfully, exchanging a look with Demi, &#034We might have a few friends who’d like to butt fuck you. Would you bend over for them?&#034

Fighting her initial urge to simply say yes Miley instead asked, &#034Like who?&#034

Again Selena exchanged a look with Demi before decreasing the speed of her thrusts and replying, &#034Like other Disney girls.&#034

This definitely got Miley’s attention, &#034Who?&#034

&#034Selena…&#034 Demi began.

&#034Relax Demi.&#034 Selena said before turning back to Miley, &#034You promise not to tell anyone, right Miles?&#034
&#034I, oh… absolutely.&#034 Miley nodded.

&#034And you promise not to tell them we told you?&#034 Selena pushed before explaining, &#034We’re not supposed to tell until you’re properly broken in, but I think you’re close enough.&#034

&#034Selena.&#034 Demi warned.

&#034Or we could just give you a couple of names.&#034 Selena said, glancing over at her girlfriend, &#034Like the sluts who begged to join in the fun tonight, and will probably ambush Miley the second we give them the green light. If not before.&#034

&#034Fine.&#034 Demi said, turning to Miley, &#034But seriously Miles, you’ve got to promise not to say anything, ok?&#034

&#034Ok. I promise.&#034 Miley said.

&#034Ok.&#034 Demi said, biting her lip, &#034Well… there’s Vanessa…&#034

&#034She loves fucking ass.&#034 Selena interrupted excitedly, &#034Just ask her girlfriend Ashley.&#034

&#034As… as in Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgins?&#034 Miley said in disbelief.

&#034Uh-huh.&#034 Selena grinned, &#034Those two rug munching sluts have been fucking each other since the first High School Musical.&#034

&#034Wow… so the thing with Zach?&#034

&#034Is just like the thing with me and Justin. Totally staged to hide the fact that we’re in love with our ‘best friends’ who we’re secretly dating and doing very, very naughty things too.&#034 Selena explained, &#034Plus doing naughty things to other girls and guys which would be totally scandalous if it got out. Like for example, Selena Gomez fucking Miley Cyrus up the butt.&#034

&#034Sel, don’t you think this can wait?&#034 Demi asked before quickly switching tactics to something she knew her girlfriend would be more likely to respond too, &#034Besides, I want to see you make Miley cum from getting her butt fucked.&#034

&#034Sure Dem, Miley just as to tell me whether she’d bend over for our friends or not.&#034 Selena said, before quickly correcting herself, &#034Well, for Vanessa. Ashley is a total bottom. Probably because she spends so much time with Vanessa who just loves butt fucking girls. And she’s really, really good at it. I and Demi know from experience…&#034

&#034I’ll do it.&#034 Miley quickly interrupted before Selena could say anything else, &#034Mmmmmm, I’ll totally bend over for Vanessa. And I’ll eat Ashley’s pussy, or whatever she wants, mmmmmmmmm fuck, I’ll bend over and take it up the ass for whoever you want, ohhhhhh, fuck whoever you want with my mouth, just please, please make me cum!&#034

Smiling wickedly Selena lifted herself up and began to pull her strap-on out of Miley’s butt when Demi stopped her, &#034No, I think you should do it Sel. I think you should make Miley cum right now. She’s waited long enough.&#034

&#034Don’t you want to make her cum first?&#034 Selena said in confusion, &#034You know, like we agreed?&#034

&#034I know, but like I said before one hard butt fucking is more than enough for a first timer and I don’t want you to have to try ass fucking Miley when she’s sore and tired.&#034 Demi said, quickly adding, &#034Besides, I think I’m going to save my strength for… later.&#034

Grinning widely Selena said, &#034Well, if you’re sure.&#034

&#034I’m sure.&#034 Demi confirmed before leaning in to give a soft kiss, &#034I love you Selena.&#034

&#034I love you too Demi.&#034 Selena said softly, the two girls staring lovingly into each other’s eyes for a brief moment before Selena turned her attention to Miley, slapping her fellow Disney star on her now no longer virgin butt, &#034Ok Miley, tell me again how badly you want to cum!&#034

&#034I, I, ohhhhhhhh, oh Selena make me cum!&#034 Miley pleaded a Selena began to get down to some serious butt fucking, the pace of the thrusts seeming to increase by the second, &#034Mmmmmmmmm, I wanna cum! I wanna cum soooooooo bad! Oh Selena, mmmmmmm, please, ahhhhhhh fuck, make me cum! Fuck my ass hard and make me cum! Make me cum like an anal whore! Turn me into a total anal whore, oooooooohhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmm, turn me into a total anal whore just like you and Demi! You want to turn me into a slut just like you two? Then do it! Make me as addicted to anal as I am to eating pussy! Ooooooooooh Gawwwwwwwwd, it feels soooooooooo goooooooddddddddd mmmmmmmmmm ohhhhhhhh, oh Selena, I’ll bend over for you. Demi, whoever you want, just please, please, please, please make me cum! I need to cum! Please make me cum like an anal whore! Make me your anal whore! Mmmmmmm, make me your anal whore, anal slut, whatever you want just please make me cum! Please! I’ll do anything! Mmmmmmmm ahhhhhhh fuckkkkkkk, I’ll let you butt fuck me backstage at concerts right before I’m about to go on, take it up the ass right before an interview, suck off every one of your security guards, let any guy you want cum in my ass, ahhhhhhh fuck, I’ll totally be your anal slave, your lesbian bitch, whatever you fucking want, just please make me cum! Oh, oh fuck, oooooooohhhhhhh Gaaaaaaawwwwwwwdddddddd please! I need to cum, I need to cum, I need to cum, I need to cum, I need to cum oooooooohhhhhhhh Seeeeeelllllleeeennnnnnaaaaaaaa!&#034

Miley tried to keep her begging as coherent as possible but it became increasingly difficult thanks to the movement of the dildo within her bowels. At first the increase in power behind those thrusts had been barely noticeable which frustrated Miley incredibly. Then all of a sudden Selena got down to some serious sodomising, the sound of her hips smacking off Miley’s ass cheeks not only echoing throughout the room but threatening to drown out Miley’s begging completely. It didn’t quite go that far but the now hard pooper pounding turned Miley’s mind into a jumbled mess until she had no idea what she was actually saying, and eventually she wasn’t really saying anything, her world-famous voice flooding the room with nothing but screams, cries and moans.

The only reason Miley even tried to keep talking was that she was afraid Selena would slow down, or even just threaten too, if she didn’t keep telling the other girl how badly she needed to cum. However the more incoherent her words became the harder Selena seem to butt fuck her, which confused the already extremely dazed Miley. Wanting to make sure this heavenly rough butt pounding wouldn’t stop Miley started slamming herself back again Selena, Miley timing it so that she thrust backwards every time Selena thrust forwards so the ass fucking would become even harder. As an added bonus this seemed to drive Selena onwards, the two girls increasing the pace until they can increase it no more at which point they will like wild a****ls frantically fucking each other, both girls completely lost to the perversion of anal sex.

Well, Miley wasn’t completely lost. On some level she knew what was happening to her, and she was loving every minute of it, but it kind of felt like an out of body experience. Miley knew there was a perverted pleasure the likes of which she’d never known racing through her body which started from deep within her bowels, filled her entire back passage and then spread throughout her body, ending in an explosion in her brain. She knew Selena’s thighs were smacking into her butt so hard it was like she was being spanked, and her rectum was being brutalised in a way which would have been painful if not for all the pleasure. And she knew the pleasure she was currently receiving was nothing compared to what she was about to experience. Yet for a few long moments she felt so disconnected from her body, even from the entire world, Miley felt like she was experiencing these things from a distance. Then she came.

As hard as the previous orgasms Selena had given her were they were insufficient to prepare Miley for what happened when she came from getting fucked in the ass. One moment she was floating in a cloudy heaven, the next it felt like there was a nuclear bomb going off inside her. It was almost painful, Miley’s entire body feeling like it was clenching one minute and then shaking the next, and there was this liquid which shot out of her like a fountain which took us some time to realise was her cum, and her poor mind got absolutely fried. And it just didn’t stop. Selena didn’t stop, the other girl relentlessly ass fucking her through climax after climax.

With her last coherent thoughts Miley thought about Ashley and Vanessa, specifically the two of them getting butt fucked by Demi and Selena. They’d never been as close friends as Demi and Selena, but the thought of Ashley and Vanessa loving it up the ass, and being addicted to pussy, and cock, and cum, it was all just so unbelievably hot. Miley had been telling the truth before, she definitely wanted to fuck them both. Taste their pussies, let them taste hers and fuck her in any way that they wanted.

And Miley wanted to meet these other friends Selena had talked about, these other Disney girls who were sluts just like Demi, Selena and now Miley were.

Selena hadn’t intended on letting Miley know about anyone else just yet. That hadn’t been part of the plan. However it was unlikely Miley wouldn’t be up for more fun considering how much she loved everything so far, and if Miley would have any second thoughts Selena was going to do everything in her power to make sure Miley got over any lingering insecurities so she could join the Disney Girls Club.

It had been easy convincing everyone else that Selena should be the one to seduce Miley, and most of the other girls were unhappy Selena had taken this long to do it, however Selena and Demi were the closest to the prey and the last thing anyone wanted to do was rush Miley. After all Miley Cyrus was arguably the biggest Disney girl of all time so bringing her into the group was a big deal. It had to be handled carefully as failure was not considered an option, partly because for the Disney Girls Club not to include the most famous Disney girl just seemed wrong on paper, but mostly because every member of the group wanted to fuck Miley. Selena had been determined not to let them down, and overall she’d been doing a pretty good job so far.

Even if she couldn’t convince Miley to let a guy fuck her in the ass or to seduce another girl, which was to be the final stage of her initiation, the Disney Girls Club would happily welcome a pussy licking Miley Cyrus who loved it up the ass into their group with open arms. Truth be told the rest of the group would probably settle for just a pussy loving Miley, however Selena was determined to make Miley not just love it in the ass, but actually crave it. Miley Cyrus was going to be addicted to taking it up the butt, just like Selena, her girlfriend and their close personal friends.

Determined to achieve her goal Selena brutally butt fucked Miley for what seemed like hours. There was no teasing thrusts, no slowing down, and no checking to see if Miley was okay, just a relentlessly hard butt pounding. It was exhausting. Luckily Selena had been sodomising her girlfriend for years, often multiple times a day, and had ass fucked a lot of other girls, including every member of her little club, so she was an expert on delivering a long hard butt fucking which was exactly what she gave the younger girl.

She made her cum dozens of times, pushed through orgasms of her own, and even continued the relentless rectum wrecking as Miley collapsed face down on the bed, the only thing keeping her ass up being Selena’s firm grip on her hips. As Miley kept moaning, whimpering and screaming into the bed sheets Selena kept ass fucking the other girl, the savage sodomy not slowing down for a second even as Selena thought she was going to pass out from exhaustion.

Finally Selena felt a hard slap to her ass which awoke her from her delirious state long enough to hear Demi tell her firmly, &#034That’s enough Selena. ENOUGH! Can’t you see she’s had enough?&#034

&#034No, no… mmmmmmm fuck me more…&#034 Miley moaned weakly.

&#034See, she’s fine.&#034 Selena tried, and then when her girlfriend gave her a look quickly added, &#034Ok, how about just one more orgasm?&#034

&#034For her or you?&#034 Demi asked with a raised eyebrow.

&#034Both.&#034 Selena answered, again quickly adding after another look, &#034Please Dems, I’m almost there. Mmmmmmm, so is Miley. Oooooooh, ohhhhhhh, see!&#034

Not pausing in her thrusting Selena reached down and rubbed her fingertips over Miley’s pussy, making sure to linger against her clit so Miley let out an extra loud cry of pleasure. Then Selena pulled her hand away and almost literally shoved it into Demi’s face, her cream coated fingers only a couple of inches away from her girlfriend’s eyes.

&#034She’s soaking.&#034 Selena said, pausing for a moment to greedily suck Miley’s cum and pussy juice from her fingers before continuing, &#034A couple more thrusts and she’ll cum, then I’ll stop. I promise.&#034

Demi gave her girlfriend a sceptical look, then turned to Miley and asked, &#034Is that what you want Miles?&#034

&#034Yeeeeeeeesssssssssss!&#034 Miley cried out joyfully, &#034Make me cum, mmmmmmmm oooooohhhhhhhhh, make me cum!&#034

&#034Ok.&#034 Demi shrugged, turning to smile wickedly at Selena, &#034But I’m helping.&#034

With that Demi reached underneath Miley and slammed two fingers deep into the other girl’s soaking snatch.

Immediately her hand was drenched in girl juice, but despite the fact Miley was shaking in ecstasy Demi chose to believe that Miley wasn’t cumming, just getting used to having Demi’s fingers inside her while Selena’s strap-on was slamming in and out of her well stretched ass hole. Demi also chose to believe Miley didn’t cum for the next few minutes as she fingered her friend, gently at first but gradually picking up speed until she was pounding the other Disney girl’s pussy almost as hard as Selena was pounding Miley’s ass.

There were a few selfish reasons why Demi did this. First and foremost she loved pleasuring another girl. Every time Miley moaned, squeezed her fingers or coated them in her cream Demi’s queer little heart fluttered. Pleasuring boys was fun, but Demi knew deep down she was mostly a lesbian, and her sexual preference meant she really loved being inside another girl. The feeling was indescribably good, every little spasm, cry, and extra bit of juice on her fingers reminding Demi that in her heart she was a little homo.

It was also pretty fun to feel Selena’s strap-on cock moving inside Miley’s butt as her fingers moved around in Miley’s pussy. The wall of flesh inside Miley separating the dildo and Demi’s fingers seemed almost non-existent, Demi absolutely adoring the erotic feeling of double penetrating Disney superstar Miley Cyrus with her beloved girlfriend Selena Gomez. It was almost enough for Demi to want to insist on taking Miley’s cherry with a strap-on so she and Selena could sandwich Miley in between them. Almost. Well, she did want too, but she would never f*rce Miley to give up something that precious. Maybe after Miley found the right person to take her real cherry. That could be hot.

Another reason was that while Demi was fingering Miley she was still pretty much face to face with Selena who looked so beautiful when she was butt fucking another girl. Selena always looked beautiful, but ass fucking another girl always gave her this extra happy glint in her eye which Demi found extra intoxicating to look at. She didn’t love it to the point where she would let a friend suffer for it, whether it’s because of her warning or the fingering Miley seemed much more awake now so Demi decided she could accept that it had been more than a few thrusts since she last tried to get Selena to stop fucking Miley’s ass.

There was a somewhat selfless reason Demi wanted this to continue of course. She wanted Selena to cum. Miley too, although that part was easy. Selena however seem to be hanging on, trying to extend this as long as possible even though Demi wasn’t so sure that was fair on the now extremely exhausted Miley. So, quickly devising a wicked plan, Demi gently took one of Selena’s nipples into her mouth and sucked on it. Then she bit it gently. Then she did the same to the other. Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, and then suddenly up to give Selena a long lingering kiss.

Then Demi looked Selena in the eye and softly said, &#034I love you.&#034

To Demi’s delight her plan had the desired effect, her actions sending Selena to the very edge of orgasm and her confession of love sending her over the edge. Sure the bashing of Selena’s clit had something to do with it, as did the sheer perverted enjoyment of sodomising Miley, but both girls knew instantly that it was Demi’s words which had been the trigger.

Glumly acknowledging that a deal was a deal Selena slowed down to a complete stop, pouted, and softly said, &#034You’re mean… and I love you too.&#034

In response Demi smiled and kissed her girlfriend, the two lovers becoming completely lost in the lip lock for several long moments. Then without warning Selena pulled away from Demi’s lips, pulled her strap-on out of Miley’s butt and spread her friend’s cheeks wide apart so she could survey her handiwork.

Selena grinned widely. Miley’s once tight little virgin butt hole was now a red ringed gaping crater which showed no sign of closing any time soon, a fact which proved Selena had done a great job of breaking Miley’s ass in. Well, Demi had helped too, but the rough ass fucking had been all her so Selena thought it was fair she should give herself most of the credit, even if she wasn’t going to share that information with her girlfriend.

Even though she knew it was really perverted Demi enjoyed the sight of Miley’s gaping butt hole too. She blamed her extremely kinky girlfriend of course. Then again it wasn’t like Demi had stared longingly at Miley’s butt and envisioned doing naughty things to it before she and Selena got together so it probably wasn’t entirely fair, although Demi had never actually believed she would get to see deep inside of Hannah Montana’s ass like this.

After a few minutes of staring deep into her fellow Disney girl’s bowels Selena unstrapped the dildo from around her waist, brought it up to her lips and took it into her mouth, all without taking her eyes off Miley’s gaping ass hole. She continued staring at that well fucked hole as she sucked on the strap-on. Well, there was one brief moment when her eyelids fluttered, but apart from that Selena continued enjoying the sight of the damage she had done even as she pushed the fake cock all the way down her throat and ravenously sucked it clean of all the yummy ass juices.

When she was sure she had got every drop of Miley’s butt juice off her dildo Selena finally tore her gaze away from Miley’s well loosened ass hole so she could turn her attention to the dildo still firmly strapped around Demi’s waist.

In a flash Selena dropped her knees and swallowed the head of the cock, her eyelids fluttering and a loud moan escaping her lips as she again tasted the deepest part of Miley’s rectum on a strap-on dildo.

Unlike before when she had been rushing to clean her own dildo so she could get to Demi’s dildo Selena took her time, savouring the flavour of the very deepest depths of Miley’s bowels by lazily sucking on the head of the dick before beginning to lower her lips down on the shaft. Selena also bobbed her head on the toy and slurped on it loudly, settling down to give the fake dick a thorough blow job, and hopefully get some attention in the process.

Demi knew exactly what Selena wanted, and while she had no problem giving it to her there was no rush. If anything the teeny tiny break from the fucking was a good thing as it would allow them both to regain their strength for what came next. Besides, Demi really loved watching Selena suck cock, especially when the cock was strapped around her own waist.

Not that Demi was the only one enjoying the show, a brief glance at Miley proving that her friend had finally found the strength to move, Miley choosing to lay down so she could watch Selena sucking Demi’s dick clean. Demi briefly smirked at the fact Miley was lying on her side, Demi knowing from experience that Miley wouldn’t be sitting down for a while. Then Demi reached down to gently grab hold of Selena’s head and began giving Selena what she wanted.

&#034That’s it you nasty little cock sucker, clean that cock!&#034 Demi said while gently stroking Selena’s hair, &#034Suck that cock clean of Miley’s slutty little ass! Mmmmmm yessssss, you like that don’t you? You like the taste of ass? You like being a little ass to mouth whore? You do don’t you? Yeahhhhh, you’re an anal whore, just like me, mmmmmmmmm, and just like Miley.&#034

Demi briefly paused so she could look up at Miley. Her friend was blushing, which made a wicked smile cross her face. That smile only got bigger when she lowered her gaze to see Selena easily taking every inch of her strap-on down her throat.

&#034Ohhhhhhhhh fuck yes, deep throat that cock Sel! Mmmmmmmmm, you look so sexy when you deep throat baby!&#034 Demi practically gushed, trying to sound more dominant after she tightened her grip on Selena’s hair and she began ‘forcing’ Selena’s head up and down, something which had her girlfriend moaning happily, &#034I said fucking deep throat that cock! Take every inch you fucking ATM whore! Mmmmmmmm, oooooooh Selena, you’re a slutty little whore Selena, mmmmmmmm, just like me and Miley! All three of us, we love eating each other’s pussies, tasting each other’s butts and fucking each other’s asses! Isn’t that right Selly?&#034

&#034Yesssssss!&#034 Selena half moaned, half choked as Demi pulled her off the now thoroughly cleaned cock, &#034We’re all slutty lesbian whores who love anal! Especially me! Mmmmmm, please Demi, fuck my butt! You and Miley have been butt fucked, now it’s my turn! Please slam my slutty butt hole until its gaping wide open like yours and Miley’s are!&#034

&#034You’re right Sel, it is your turn.&#034 Demi smiled softly as she went down and gave her girlfriend a gentle but extremely passionate kiss before adding with a smirk, &#034So bend over for me you dirty little anal slut. Show me that slutty little butt hole which wants to be fucked so bad!&#034

Selena had started returning the smirk almost immediately which grown into a lustful grin by the time Demi had finished speaking, at which point Selena quickly got into position on the bed. Face down, ass up, her hands spreading her butt cheeks as wide as possible to provide a bull’s-eye for Demi’s cock. Or as it turned out, Demi’s tongue.

Even though she felt so horny that Selena was pretty sure she could have taken the saliva coated dildo in her butt with little to no pain it was hardly surprising when Demi lent down and slid her tongue over Selena’s puckered rosebud. Certainly the little gasp that passed Selena’s lips was definitely a result of pleasure than of surprise. After all, Demi knew how much she loved getting her ass licked. And she knew just how she liked her ass being licked, so it wasn’t long before Demi started really going to town on Selena’s butt hole.

Not that Selena didn’t encourage her first of course, &#034Mmmmmm, that feels soooooooo gooooooodddddd Dems! Mmmmmm yessssssss, lick my ass! Lick my tiny little ass hole! Get that tiny little back hole of mine nice and wet, make sure it’s ready to take your big cock! Mmmmmmm, more! Tongue my ass hole! Tongue it good! Come on Demi, you know how I ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeessssssssss! Just like that! Again! Ohhhhhhhhh yesssssss, ohhhhhhhh tongue fuck my butt hole! Tongue fuck my tiny little butt hole! Mmmmmmm ooooooooooh Demi!&#034

Once Demi finally stopped gently lapping her butt hole Selena moved her hands off her butt cheeks, hoping her girlfriend would get the message. Much to Selena’s delight she did, Demi pulling those cheeks wide apart herself so she could continue to rapidly slide her tongue clockwise and anticlockwise around Selena’s ass hole. Then Demi started sliding her lips all over Selena’s perfect little bubble butt and burying her face in between those well rounded little cheeks, Selena continuing to moan shamelessly as she began getting a really thorough rim job.

&#034Yeeeeeeesssssssss Demi, mmmmmmmmm oooooooooooh yes, eat me baby, eat my ass! Eat out my slutty little ass! Ohhhhhhhh fuckkkkk yesssssss!&#034 Selena moaned, &#034You lick my ass sooooooooo gooooooodddddddd! Mmmmmmm, such a good little butt licker! Mmmmmmm ohhhhhhhh, Demi Lovato is such a good little butt licker! Demi Lovato is my personal butt licker! It’s what your tongue is for Demi! Mmmmmmm ooooooooh, your tongue was made for licking butt and lapping cunt! Mmmmmmmm, fuck, use that dyke tongue of yours Demi! Use it to fuck me! Fuck my ass Demi, fuck it! Fuck it with your tongue! Mmmmmmmm, then fuck it with your cock! Oooooooohhhhhhhh mmmmmmmm yessssssss ohhhhhhhhhh Demi, fuck my ass, ooooooooh, butt fuck me with your tongue and strap-on cock!&#034

Happily giving her girlfriend what she wanted Demi began jerking her head back and forth in a thrusting motion, fucking Selena’s ass with her tongue. At first it was more figuratively than literally as her tongue only really poked at Selena’s puckered hole, however that was only really because Demi was teasing her girl. When she decided her lesbian lover had begged for it enough Demi spat on Selena’s butt hole and then pushed her tongue f*rcefully against it, not stopping until her tongue slid past Selena’s tight little anal ring.

&#034Ooooooooohhhhhhhhh Demi!&#034 Selena cried out, momentarily becoming lost for words as Demi entered her ass.

A small smile crossed Demi’s face at this. She knew how much Selena loved to get anally penetrated, her little ass slut girlfriend shutting up momentarily just because Demi had managed to get a little of her tongue into Selena’s butt. Of course neither girl was going to be satisfied with that, Demi quickly beginning to literally fuck her girlfriend’s ass with her tongue. She was unable to go very deep, but pulling her tongue out and spitting on Selena’s back hole helped, as did swirling her tongue around the tiny opening and even pressing her mouth against it for a gentle sucking. However what really got Demi into Selena’s back passage was shoving her finger up her girlfriend’s butt.

&#034Mmmmmm yesssssss Demi, stretch me out! Stretch my ass hole out!&#034 Selena groaned eagerly as Demi’s finger slipped all the way into her butt with ease, &#034Stretch that tight little hole of mine with your finger, mmmmmmm, shove as many fingers as you want up my butt so you can fuck me. Mmmmmmm ohhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk yessssssss, stretch me out back there so you can butt fuck me! I wanna be butt fucked by my girlfriend! Please Demi, ahhhhhhh Gawwwwwwwd, butt fuck me! Fuck me in the butt!&#034

&#034But I am fucking you Sel.&#034 Demi countered with a grin, &#034I’m fucking your tight little butt with my finger, mmmmmmmm, and it feels so good. I love the way your ass feels around my finger. It’s so tight. Can’t you feel it?&#034

&#034Yeahhhhhhh, I can feel it, mmmmmmm, but I want more! Please give me more! Please Demi, AHHHHHH, ohhhhhhhh!&#034 Selena cried out and then moaned as Demi pushed another finger into her slutty butt, only a brief pause following before Selena added, &#034Yessssssss, fill my butt, oh Demi! Fill my butt with your fingers, tongue and strap-on! I want you to stretch out my ass like only you can! Mmmmmmmm, you know how much I love getting my ass fucked, ooooooooh ahhhhhhh, but nobody does it like you do Demi! Please, lover, fuck me with everything you’ve got!&#034

Hearing Selena call her lover, something she’d once dreamed of, had Demi fucking Selena’s butt as hard as she could for several long minutes, Demi even twisting her fingers inside Selena’s rectum to make sure she would attack all the most sensitive places within her girlfriend’s backside. Then without warning Demi pulled her fingers out and shoved her tongue into Selena’s ass, this time burying it all the way in and then immediately beginning to jack-hammer it in and out of her lover’s butt. After about a minute of that Demi went back to finger fucking Selena’s ass, switching back and forth mainly between those two techniques, only pausing so she could spread Selena’s butt cheeks and spit directly onto her butt hole. She sometimes spat onto Selena’s butt hole anyway, or onto her own fingers, ensuring her spit would slide inside Selena’s back passage.

For a while Demi became completely lost in worshipping Selena’s ass. Then out of the corner of her eye she noticed Miley kneeling next to her and beginning to plant gentle kisses all over Selena’s left ass cheek. Pulling away from Selena’s backside Demi opened her mouth to ask Miley how she was feeling but before she could get the word out the other girl pounced on her.

Under the circumstances Demi wasn’t going to refuse a kiss and happily accepted Miley’s tongue into her mouth, although it took a second for her to realise why Miley moaned at the beginning of the kiss. Then Demi blushed.

Miley was tasting Selena’s butt on her lips and tongue. In turn Demi was probably tasting the remnants of Miley’s butt on Miley’s lips and tongue as a result of all the ATM action. These realisations were of course a hell of a perverted turn on for both girls, the two of them becoming lost in making out with each other for several long moments.

This greatly displeased Selena, &#034Hey, no fair! It’s my turn to be fucked, so stop making out and do it! Fuck me! Please Demi, fuck your girlfriend’s slutty little ass. Butt fuck your girlfriend. Fuck your girlfriend up the butt.&#034

Demi smirked into her kiss with Miley, wondering if Selena cared that Demi knew she was trying to manipulate her by using the word girlfriend. Of course Demi didn’t really mind, but on this occasion she chose to punish her girlfriend by ignoring her for a little bit and just concentrating on kissing Miley. Then when Selena began really sounding frustrated Demi decided to get back to giving the girl she truly loved what she wanted. She was just going to be selfless about it and thus offer Miley the chance to get involved again.

&#034You wanna turn?&#034 Demi asked breathlessly when she finally broke her kiss with Miley.

&#034Licking her ass?&#034 Miley asked, looking over at Selena.

When Demi nodded her head Miley simply grinned and then dived down to bury her face in Selena’s butt cheeks. Miley practically smothered her face in them for a few seconds, then pulled away to spit on Selena’s butt hole before sliding her tongue over that puckered rosebud so she could lick up that saliva. Then she kept licking, sliding her tongue all around her fellow Disney girl’s ass hole. She even began sucking on that forbidden orifice, and pushing her tongue inside it, Miley doing every last little thing she could think of as she acted like a total ass licking slut.

It was amazing she was horny again after all those orgasms Selena had given her, but Demi and Selena just had this effect on her. Miley couldn’t really understand that, and she wouldn’t try, she just wanted to enjoy being a kinky lesbian slut. Perhaps just as importantly, if not more so, Miley wanted to reward Selena for what she just did for her, and from the sounds of it she was definitely succeeding.

&#034Aaaaaaahhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk, Miley, mmmmmmmm, fuck me with your tongue Miles, fuck me hard!&#034 Selena moaned joyfully. &#034Mmmmmmm, fuck me with your fingers, fuck me with your tongue, ohhhhhhhh, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me! Fuck me like the anal slut I am! Mmmmmmm fuck, your tongue feels so good in my ass! Ohhhhhhh Miley, more, yesssssss, shove your tongue all the way into my ass you nasty little ass licking whore! Mmmmmm yeah, you like the taste of my dyke ass just like Demi does, mmmmmmmm ahhhhhhhh, because you’re a dyke now Miley! You’re an ass loving dyke just like me and Demi! Mmmmmmmmm fuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkkkk, oooooooh, oh, you’re going to be fucking addicted to eating ass from now on, because me and Demi turned you into a butt eating slut!&#034

Miley certainly couldn’t argue, especially as she was so ravenously eating out Selena’s ass, but like Demi before her Miley found herself being distracted. Again it was by another girl kissing Selena’s butt cheeks, however this time Miley didn’t pull away from Selena’s ass and another tongue joined her in licking that puckered opening. Even then for a while Demi and Miley tongued Selena’s ass together for a little bit, two friends exchanging a playful look as they made Selena moan incoherently for them. Then they started massaging each other’s tongues as they slid them over Selena’s ass hole before finally pulling away from Selena so they could concentrate on kissing.

Not making the same mistake that Demi did Miley made one of her fingers slid into Selena’s butt, ensuring the other girl would remain happy as Miley enjoyed kissing Demi. Out of the corner of her eye Miley realised Demi had the same idea, though she slightly beat her to it. That didn’t seem to deter Demi who grinned into the kiss, pressed her finger against Selena’s already finger filled butt and thrust forwards f*rcefully.

&#034Ooooooooohhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeesssssssssss!&#034 Selena squealed as a second finger entered her ass, it only taking a few moments for her to realise what had happened as Demi and Miley quickly began pumping their fingers in and out of her butt at different times. After looking back to confirm Selena moaned, &#034Yeeeeeeesssssss, fuck my ass with your fingers! Both of you ass fuck me at the same time! Mmmmmmmm fuck, make sure I’m nice and stretched out for Demi’s dildo! I want my slutty ass loose for my girlfriend’s cock!&#034

&#034I don’t know Selena. Me and Demi have both already got a finger inside of you and you’re still soooooo tight. I’m not sure you can take Demi’s big cock up your ass.&#034 Miley teased.

&#034Oh I can take it.&#034 Selena assured, &#034Mmmmmmmm, I take it up the ass all the time. Maybe more than Demi. Ahhhhhhh yessssss, I’m a total anal whore who can’t get enough of it up her slutty little ass! You’ll see Miley, mmmmmmmmm fuck, I love getting my ass stretched out and fucked hard!&#034

&#034Really?&#034 Miley questioned, pressing her middle finger against Selena’s already filled ass hole.

&#034Really!&#034 Selena quickly said gleefully, &#034I love getting my ass stretched like a little anal slut! Mmmmmm Gawwwwwd, fuck, tell her Demi! Tell her how I took your whole fist in my slutty little ass!&#034

&#034It’s true.&#034 Demi nodded, before quickly adding, &#034But that was after about an hour of me pounding your butt with a strap-on, and speaking of which…&#034

&#034Just one more thing first.&#034 Miley interrupted her friend, sliding her middle finger f*rcefully into Selena’s butt hole.

&#034AAAAAAHHHHHHH yeeeeeeeeeesssssssss!&#034 Selena squealed in delight, &#034Fill my ass! Fill it up with your fingers! Mmmmmmmm, oh Demi, shove another finger up my butt! &#034I wanna feel you and Miley stretching my ass together, ohhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh, four fingers, mmmmmmmm two from you, two from her, oooooooh Gawwwwwwwd, fuck me! Please, both of you, finger fuck me! Mmmmmmmm fuckkkkkkkkkk yessssss, finger fuck my ass like the little anal whore I am!&#034

&#034Well, since you asked so nicely.&#034 Demi said, gently pushing her middle finger into Selena’s hole alongside the three fingers that were already inside it.

As Selena once again squealed in delight Demi quickly began butt fucking her girlfriend with her fingers, quietly smiling to herself as Miley copied her actions. At first they were out of time with each other as they had been before, but then every so often Demi or Miley would sink up with the other so that they were thrusting a combined four fingers in and out of Selena’s butt at the same time. After that Demi started randomly pushing sideways when she was fully embedded in Selena’s butt, further stretching the other girl’s back passage and getting it ready for the fucking to come. Miley quickly started copying this too, the two friends spending several minutes stretching out their fellow Disney girl’s ass hole.

Eventually when she felt Selena’s ass was loose enough, and she had teased Selena enough, Demi pulled her fingers out of Selena’s butt and asked, &#034Do you want to take my cock in your ass now Selena?&#034

&#034Yeeeeeesssssssssss!&#034 Selena quickly responded.

&#034Then spread those cute little ass cheeks of yours and beg me to give you the type of deep, hard butt pounding you always crave so much.&#034 Demi ordered.

Before Miley had finished pulling her fingers out of Selena’s butt hole Selena pressed her face down to the bed sheets, reached back and spread her ass cheeks as wide as she could.

Then Selena started to shamelessly beg, &#034Please fuck me! Fuck me Demi! Oh please fuck my tight little butt! I want it so bad. I need it so bad, please Demi, give it to me! Fuck me. Fuck my butt. Give me the type of deep, hard butt pounding I crave. Please Dems? I need it! I need a deep, hard butt pounding. I need to have my butt pounded deep and hard. Butt fuck me Demi, fuck me up the butt like the little butt slut I am! Fucking fuck my slutty ass! Ohhhhhhhh yessssss, that’s it, shove your cock up my ass! Ass fuck me! Get that big cock in my ass, mmmmmmm ahhhhhhhh, fuck me, and fill my butt with dick, ahhhhhhh ooooooooh DEMI!&#034

Selena’s begging ended with the joyful cry as she felt Demi’s strap-on finally sliding into her ass.

After that brief pause Selena went right back to begging, &#034Yessssss, that’s it, stuff my ass! Stuff my ass full of your big cock Dems! Mmmmmmm, fuck, get every inch of your big cock deep in my slutty little ass! I wanna feel every inch of your cock inside my tight little ass. Oooooooooooh Gawwwwwwd, please Demi, give it to me. Give me every inch of your girl cock. Yeahhhhhh FUCK, my lezzie ass wants it. Please? You know how my lezzie ass loves girl cock more than guy cock, mmmmmmmmm, and my lezzie ass especially loves your girl cock. Mmmmmmm, I love your girl cock Demi, please give it to me! Give me your girl cock! Ohhhhhhhh Demi, shove every inch of your girl cock up my slutty little lezzie ass!&#034

Demi obliged, ever so slowly, Selena finding it hard to keep the frustration out of her voice as her girlfriend slowly filled her ass with strap-on cock. Of course, she got it. Demi didn’t want to hurt her, and while that was pretty much impossible when it came to violating Selena’s forbidden hole Demi was doing everything possible to minimise the pain. That meant things like pushing against Selena’s butt hole as gently and as slowly as possible, using a seemingly even slower speed to push the rest of the dildo into her ass and when she finally began the butt fucking it was torturously slow. Most of the time the dick wasn’t even in all the way before Demi started slowly pumping in and out of her horny butt hole which felt more like a tease than an real ass fucking as Selena spent most of it wishing the entire girl cock was in her butt.

Ironically Selena wouldn’t want it any other way. At least not from Demi Lovato.

Ever since she lost her anal cherry Selena hadn’t been able to go a day without getting her slutty butt fucked. It was like an addiction. She craved it, and the longer she went without it the more desperate she became to feel something inside her ass. Demi was a loving, understanding girlfriend but she couldn’t be around 24/7. Sometimes they were f*rce to be part for weeks at a time, far too long for Selena to go without indulging in her cravings. That Demi understood that made Selena love her all the more, and in a weird way it was those other fucks which proved to Selena who her soul mate was.

Whenever Selena had taken a guy’s cock up her ass he had always struggled to be gentle with her. Some lasted longer than others but all ended up pounding her ass deep and hard a lot sooner than Demi. Not that Selena didn’t like it, having her forbidden hole used for pleasure, and ultimately getting turned into a cum dump, was extremely hot. Selena especially loved it when a guy blew his load up her butt, often cumming herself in the knowledge that sperm would be leaking out of her well fucked ass for hours. And other girls could be just as in patient and rough, often making Selena cum harder and more often than guys as their girl cocks never went soft and relentlessly drilled her ass for what seemed like hours.

It seemed no one can resist roughly ass fucking her for long, except Demi. Demi would spend what felt like an eternity stretching out her ass, making sure that when the rough ass fucking finally began Selena’s rectum would be so loose and ready for it that it would give her more pleasure than any other butt fucking, Demi never failing to put everyone else to shame. And Demi would slap Selena’s ass, and call her all the nasty names she could think of, and yet somehow no matter how kinky and depraved it would become Demi would always make sure Selena felt loved, that everything she did was because she loved her. Selena didn’t get that from anyone else, and she didn’t want too, just like she didn’t want to receive any other form of butt fucking from Demi. At the same time Selena couldn’t help enticing Demi to at least give her every inch of her cock.

&#034Please Demi, mmmmmmm ohhhhhhhh, more! Give me more! Please!&#034 Selena begged, &#034I want every inch of that cock! I want it in my ass! Please Demi, ahhhhhhhh Gawwwwwwwd, fuckkkkk, give it to me!&#034

Demi knew Selena was ready for it, that pushing every inch of her strap-on into her girlfriend’s butt would barely hurt Selena at all. However Demi also knew that deep down Selena love to be teased, and just as importantly the more she teased her now the harder Selena would cum later. That was why Demi spent what felt like hours pumping her strap-on cock in and out of her girlfriend’s ass hole, mostly just using half of the length at first, then adding and subtracting inches at random. On more than one occasion Demi slid the toy almost all the way into Selena’s ass, only about an inch separating her thighs from the other Disney girl’s ass cheeks. Then she would pull the dildo almost the entire way out and start fucking Selena’s butt with only the first few inches. That never failed to really get Selena moaning in frustration.

&#034Please Demi! Give it to me!&#034 Selena whined, &#034Mmmmmmm ohhhhhhh, shove every inch of that cock up my slutty lesbo butt! Oooooooooh fuck, fuck me, oh Demi, mmmmmmmm fuckkkkkkkk, I need it soooooooo bad! Shove every single inch of your girl cock deep into that slutty little lesbian ass of mine! Please? I fucking need it so bad, and you know I can take it. Mmmmmmmmm, you know I can take every single inch of your girl cock deep into my slutty little queer butt. Oh Demi, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!&#034

Selena’s whining was cut off with a loud gasp when Demi finally pushed every inch of the dildo into the other girl’s butt. It wasn’t a gentle thrust either, only the tip of the strap-on dick inside Selena’s ass, Demi even pulling back to stretch the other brunette’s anal ring, before slamming forward with all her might, knocking the wind out of Selena when she finally gave her what she wanted.

It took a moment for Selena to get over that thrust, her eyelids fluttering as she savoured the feeling of Demi’s thighs against her butt cheeks and every inch of that big dildo deep within her bowels.

When that moment was over Selena started moaning shamelessly, &#034Ohhhhhhhhh Demi, mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhh fuck me! Fuck my butt. Fuck me up my slutty lesbian butt. Mmmmmmmm fuck, show Miley what a lezzie anal whore I really am. Show her that I love being your little bitch who takes it up the butt! Mmmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh, butt fuck me hard and deep. Pound my pooper! Slam fuck my tight little ass and remind me that it’s yours, mmmmmmmm, all yours!&#034

Grinning happily at Selena’s words Demi started to sodomise her girlfriend again, this time firmly reinserting the entire length of the shaft with every thrust. How many inches she removed from Selena’s butt were more random, and while her thrusts became consistently firm Demi was careful to keep the butt fucking at a reasonably slow and gentle pace. After all while the way Selena was moaning told her that her fellow Disney girl was ready for a rough butt pounding Demi wasn’t ready to give it. She still intended to tease Selena for a lot longer first.

Of course Demi’s reasons for settling into a firm but gentle pooper pumping pace weren’t entirely selfless. Despite being in a switch relationship Selena had a tendency to act like a top and to treat Demi like a bottom. Worse still Selena knew fully well she could get Demi to do anything, and while that never really bothered Demi there was something very the****utic about moments like this when she was the one in charge, when she was definitely the top and Selena was definitely the bottom.

Added to that having Miley watch them was giving Demi this odd sense of power. It felt like Miley was looking at her with awe, like she didn’t think Demi had it in her to be dominant and was finding it a huge turn on. Demi didn’t know if that was true, but she found the idea oddly compelling, like she was proving to Miley she could be just as much a top as Selena could. And Demi felt like she wanted to do exactly that.

Then there was the fact that Demi genuinely loved fucking Selena’s perfectly shaped ass. Demi loved any act of giving the girl she loved pleasure, but there was just something extra special about butt fucking Selena. For example seeing Selena in such a submissive position was intoxicating. Even when Selena finally stopped spreading her ass cheeks so she could grip onto the bed she was still bent over in front of Demi and sticking her ass up in the air as something to be used for their mutual pleasure, the forbidden little hole between Selena’s butt cheeks offered up as a sacrifice to kinky lesbian fucking. And of course that just meant Demi got the pleasure of feeling her hips gently smacking against Selena’s perfect little bubble butt. She also got to stare at those cheeks, at her dildo disappearing in between them and deep into the hole usually hidden between them that was now stretched wide for her strap-on, Demi wondering how anything could look more perfect.

She sort of got lost in butt fucking Selena so Demi was a little taken aback when Miley decided to join in the fun again. However Demi quickly recovered, smiling as she watched her friend gently spreading her girlfriend’s cheeks with both hands while kneeling right next to Selena’s butt and looking up at her expectantly.

&#034Do you want something Miley?&#034 Demi grinned.

&#034Yeahhhhh… I wanna suck your cock.&#034 Miley practically growled, &#034I wanna taste the deepest part of Selena’s butt on your cock. Please Demi, I’ve tasted your butt and mine, now I wanna taste Selena’s. Pull that big dick out of Selena’s butt hole and shove it right into my mouth! Fuck my face with that ass flavoured cock! Please? Let me be a total ATM whore just like you and Selena. I wanna have tasted all three of our asses on a strap-on cock tonight. Please Demi, stuff that butt flavoured dildo into my mouth and mmmmmmmm!&#034

Miley was cut off from begging when Demi quickly pulled the strap-on out of Selena’s ass hole and immediately inserted it into Hannah Montana’s mouth.

For a moment Miley just closed her eyes and moaned, savouring the perversely sweet flavour of the deepest part of Selena’s butt on the head of the dildo. Then she began to suck on the toy, gently for the first few sucks but quickly increasing her suction until Miley was ravenously slurping at the fake cock, eagerly trying to suck up every drop of Selena’s anal juices.

&#034Mmmmm, that’s it Miley, suck that cock!&#034 Demi encouraged, gently placing her hand on the top of Miley’s head before continuing to encourage, &#034Suck that cock like the little cock sucker you’re becoming. That’s what you want to become, right Miles? What you want to be? Yeahhhhhh, Miley Cyrus wants to be a great little cock sucker. A great little ass to mouth slut. Just like me and Selena. Mmmmmm ohhhhhhh, and you’re doing a great job. You’re doing a great job sucking my cock, cleaning it of all Selena’s butt juices like a good little ATM whore, mmmmmm, you’ll be just like us in no time, won’t she Selena?&#034

&#034I think she’s like us already.&#034 Selena countered, &#034I mean just look at her… sucking that ass flavoured cock like a total ass to mouth whore. Mmmmmmmmm yeah, she’s definitely one of us now. Won’t be long before we start introducing her to our very special friends, having her show them what a great little slut we’ve turned Miley Cyrus into. Mmmmm yeah Miley, suck that cock! Take every inch down your throat so you can get every drop of my ass juice you nasty little ATM whore! Ohhhhh yeahhhhh, just like that, suck it!&#034

Miley really wanted to meet these mysterious friends. At the very least she wanted to party like this with Ashley and Vanessa so much so she might approach one or both of them with or without the permission of Demi and Selena. Of course she’d much rather get to have some fun with all four of them, and she definitely wanted to keep in the good graces of Demi and Selena anyway, so it was probably better that she be patient. Regardless as much as her mind threaten to wander into thoughts of future fun Miley needed to concentrate on the task at hand if she wanted the future fun to happen.

With that in mind Miley bobbed her head with increasing enthusiasm on Demi’s cock, for a while taking an additional inch with every bob of her head until the toy hit the back of her mouth. After that Miley concentrated on sucking that half of the dildo for a while, sometimes pausing so she could give the shaft an extra hard sucking before beginning to move her head up and down again. Eventually Miley relaxed her throat as best she could and then started taking the toy down her gullet. Inch after inch slowly invaded her throat, Miley choking and gasping around the large poll as she struggled to take as much as she could. Luckily Miley had Demi and Selena cheering her on, and the sweet taste of Selena’s ass which was also an incredible motivator, those two things eventually allowing her to deep throat the entire length of the dildo and greedily suck it clean.

Shortly after that Demi pulled her strap-on cock out of Miley’s throat and pushed it back into Selena’s butt so she could start briefly sodomising her girlfriend again before then switching back to Miley’s mouth. Over and over again Demi repeated this process, Miley eagerly sucking the dildo clean every time while Selena became ever increasingly annoyed she wasn’t being allowed to join in the ATM fun.

Eventually Selena cried out, &#034Fuck Demi, ohhhhhhh fuckkkkk, please stop teasing me baby. Oh Gawwwwwwwd, fuck me, fuck me harder, mmmmmm, or at least let me taste my yummy ass. Please Dem, I can’t take any more.&#034

&#034Which would you prefer?&#034 Demi asked softly as she continued lazily pumping Selena’s pooper, &#034Do you want a hard ass fucking, or to taste your yummy ass?&#034

Selena bit her lip and thought about this for a long second. She loved the taste of ass, especially her own, but she was so overwhelmingly horny right now the one thing she truly wanted above all else was a hard ass fucking. So she answered truthfully, &#034Ass fucking. Fuck my ass hard, oh Demi, mmmmmmmm fuck! Do it Demi. Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh Gaaaaawwwwwwwwddddddddd yeeeeeesssssss! That’s it, HARDER! FUCK MY ASS HARDER! OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH GAWWWWWWWD DEEEEEMMMMMIIIIII! SLAM MY ASS! POUND ME DEEP! HARDER, DEEPER, OH FUCK! OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH FUUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKK DEMI!&#034

Selena kept begging until she could no longer form coherent sentences. Even then she kept trying, but that best it was a secondary focus for her. Her main focus was slamming herself back against Demi’s increasingly hard thrusts, the sound of the two girls flesh smacking together echoing throughout the room as they finally got down to some wonderfully rough butt fucking.

Sexually pleasuring each other had always come so easy to Demi and Selena. With others there could be hesitation and nervousness at first, sometimes a little trial and error to find out what their lovers liked, but when it came to each other it always just felt so natural. It was one of the many reasons they were both convinced they belonged together. However while their first magical time together had been so easy since then they had only got better and better at fucking each other, and fucking in general.

For example the first time they tried butt fucking Demi had slowly stretched out Selena’s ass until Selena had begged for a hard butt pounding, and then when Demi had given it to her they had both immediately become lost in it. Now, when they had the time, Demi would spend what felt like a lifetime stretching Selena’s back passage, feeding Selena her own ass, talking dirty and anything else she could think of, ignoring Selena’s pleased to just slam fuck her ass until Selena thought she would go crazy with need. Then and only then would Demi finally give her what she wanted, just like she was doing now, and all that build up meant that it seemed like it only took seconds to get Selena to the edge of orgasm. However Demi wouldn’t let her go over that edge. She would keep her there for what felt like another eternity no matter how much Selena begged.

Not that that stopped Selena, the deliriously horny girl struggling to f*rce coherent words out of her mouth as she continued slamming herself back against the anal invading dildo, &#034FUCK ME DEMI! FUCK ME! OOOOOOOOOOOOH FUCK ME! FUCK MY ASS! SLAM MY SLUTTY LITTLE BUTT, OHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKK, YESSSSSSSSS MMMMMMMMMM, FUCK ME DEMI! FUCK ME AND MAKE ME CUM FUCK ME AND MAKE ME CUM FUCK ME AND MAKE ME CUM!&#034

Of course sooner or later Demi gave Selena what she wanted. What she needed. She always did, which was one of the many reasons why Selena loved her.

The fact Demi made her cum harder than anyone else didn’t hurt.

Selena had been ass fucked by a lot of men and women since she’d first taken it up the butt. Some of the most famous stars in Hollywood had slammed her slutty little bubble butt with their cocks or strap-ons. Most of their bodyguards had butt fucked her too. And there was that one time Demi arranged for her to be anally gang banged by a few of their friends, Selena getting her ass slammed for hours until she couldn’t even move. She could remember laying on her stomach, her whole body quivering and aching, her ass hole gaping wide open with cum leaking out of it, Selena feeling like she would never recover from the rough butt pounding she had taken. And that was nothing compared to the time she, Demi and a few other Disney girls had ended up ‘partying’ with some WWE divas, one of them who had literally pounded Selena’s poor pooper for two whole hours only to then pass Selena around like a piece of meat after she was done with her. Yet none of those people could make her cum like Demi.



Sometimes Selena would say she or her ass belonged to someone else. She did this for her own selfish fantasies, or to turn the person she was with on, or to simply make Demi jealous. Mostly it was all three, but she never meant it. She was Demi’s, and Demi was hers. That thought above brute strength or skill or anything else made Selena cum hard, this time being no exception of those words sent her over edge of a monster orgasm. It was followed by another and another and another in quick succession, Demi skilfully turning Selena’s mind to mush she continued relentlessly sodomising her.

Pleasuring Selena was Demi’s favourite thing to do in the world, and since nothing made Selena cum harder than a brutal butt fucking this was a position that had become part of Demi’s daily routine.

Demi had always been a butt girl. She loved every part of her girlfriend’s perfect body, but her cute little ass had always been Demi’s absolutely favourite part. The part she’d always fantasised about the most. However in her wildest dreams she hadn’t fantasised about slamming Selena’s ass this roughly, and in some ways it felt like a crime to so brutally violate such a perfect little butt hole. Of course Demi would do anything to make Selena happy, even if that meant doing something that would ensure Selena wouldn’t be able to sit down properly for hours afterwards. Yet there was a very twisted part of Demi which liked that, and she blamed that on Selena.

When they had first got together Demi quickly realised Selena was even more of a butt girl than she was and at first it had been a struggle to keep up with Selena’s kinky anal ways. However as time went on Demi became lost in the wicked debauchery which had become part of her routine, so much so she was now just as addicted to taking up the ass as Selena was, and she was just as addicted if not more to pounding butt as Selena was. Most of all the two girlfriends seemed obsessed with ass fucking each other.

It was probably the dirtiest, naughtiest, nastiest thing they did together. After all, they were literally misusing their butt holes by hammering big dildos in and out of them until those tiny little exit only orifices were gaping wide and aching from the abuse they had taken. Yet as wrong and as perverted as it felt it also felt so unbelievably good, both in the giving and the receiving. And while they enjoyed using a variety of different ways nothing was quite as good for Demi or Selena as using a cock strapped around their own waists, or to feel the other take them with a strap-on. It just felt extra kinky. Primal even. And through it all no matter how brutally they sodomised each other they knew in their hearts what they were doing was still lovemaking. No matter how kinky things got between them it was always lovemaking.

Truthfully these hard butt bangings weren’t just about lovemaking for Demi. It was always one of the most important things, right up there with simply making Selena feel good, and right below that was her own selfish pleasure, but there was one reason which Demi never told Selena about, something which in these moments when the butt fucking became brutally hard that threatened to become more important than all of the other reasons. That reason was that Demi wanted to prove that she was the one for Selena.

She needed to prove it.

Deep down Demi knew Selena loved her. They were soul mates and no matter what happened they would always be together. But Demi had always been a very insecure girl and there was the tiniest bit of doubt remained inside her which substantially grew whenever Selena was with someone else. Sure, Demi had agreed to enjoy their youths by being with other people, but that didn’t mean that when it came time for her and Selena to get together she could control her urge to make sure Selena knew who she belonged too.

That was why Demi kept pushing the issue, &#034KEEP TELLING ME SELENA! KEEP TELLING ME YOU’RE MINE!&#034

&#034I’M YOURS! I’M YOURS! I’M YOURS! I’M YOURS! I’M YOURS!&#034 Selena mindlessly repeated over and over again as Demi continued slamming her butt hole.

Miley waited for an invitation to join but it never came. Eventually Miley got the message that Demi wanted to keep Selena to herself, at least for now. It was either that or Demi figured it was simply unnecessary, or perhaps it would be too much for Selena to take. Miley kind of got that considering how hard Selena’s cum was squirting out of her so hard and so frequently it reminded Miley of someone stepping on a hose and then randomly letting their foot up every so often so liquid would quickly gush out. Only there was more screaming, along with other lewd sound of pleasure as Miley’s friends brutally butt fucked in front of her.

Despite how exhausted she was and how much she’d already cum the perverted sight of her two fellow Disney girls frantically ass fucking in front of her pushed Miley to finger herself to a couple of very nice orgasms. They weren’t the mind blowing climaxes Miley had received when it was her getting the hard butt pounding, the type that Selena was now clearly receiving, but they were still very satisfying, Miley feeling so relaxed that if it wasn’t for all the screaming she would have probably drifted off to sl**p.

Considering that Demi and Selena had to be just as tired as she was Miley was extremely impressed with how long the hard butt fucking lasted. It seemed to be an eternity before Selena finally collapsed face first on the bed sheets, Demi’s grip on her hips the only thing keeping her ass in the air, and even then Demi continued relentlessly pounding her girlfriend’s butt at the same brutal speed as before as Selena just whimpered in delight. It was only when those whimpers seem to vanish that Demi finally allowed herself to stop, her dildo completely buried within Selena’s ass as she slowly lowered herself down to the bed sheets, moving Selena’s body so that the two lovers were lying in a spooning position.

After the brutal display of anal fucking it was kind of jarring to see such a loving display, which was made even sweeter by Demi gently kissing Selena’s neck and cheek in between soft whispers of, &#034You did so good baby… I love you so much…&#034

&#034I love you too.&#034 Selena whispered softly back when she finally stopped shaking from the after-shocks of her orgasms.

Demi grinned and continued nuzzling Selena’s neck, noticeably nipping at the flesh in between gentle kisses. Once Demi had bit down firmly enough to leave a mark Selena moaned with delight and then turned her head back enough so that the two lovers could become lost in a sweet, loving kiss for a few long seconds. Then Selena broke the kiss, grinned wickedly and began moving as fast as she could. That wasn’t very fast, but it seemed like it to the two other tired girls.

To Selena it seemed to take only a second for her to pull herself forward so the dildo left her ass with a pop, and another second for her to gently pushed Demi onto her back so Selena could lean over her, almost like they were in the 69 position, and quickly swallow the head of the cock which had just been inside her ass.

Tasting the deepest part of her butt had Selena moaning joyfully and then greedily sucking on the head of the strap-on until she had cleaned it up every drop of that sweet flavour. Then she quickly lowered her head down, taking every inch of the dildo down her throat with ease so that she could have all her yummy ass juices to herself.

Sure, that was very greedy of her, but Miley had gotten more than her fair share. Now it was Selena’s turn, something she took full advantage of as she began bobbing her head up and down on the full length of the shaft, sucking ravenously until she got every drop of her delicious butt juices.

As Selena went ass to mouth the other two Disney girls admired how well Demi had butt fucked her girlfriend. Selena’s butt hole was easily gaping as wide as theirs, if not more so, both Disney stars finding perverted enjoyment in the sight of the other girl’s extremely stretched red ringed ass hole.

After spending a couple of minutes just staring deep into Selena’s bowels via her gaping butt hole Miley turned her attention to Demi, moving over to her so she could give her a gentle kiss before asking, &#034So, what next?&#034

Demi just smiled wickedly.

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