Cum to my!(1)


It was a really hot day. Suited up, tie was never so uncomfortable, even wearing light summer suit, started to swear at the moment I reach the street. People was looking at me, almost all wearing tshirts, and women started to wear a week ago those short dresses, and cleaveages appeared suddenly from nowhere.

Who wants winter? I think..but also, I was thinking about my bad luck, dont have any day off until summer passes.

Bus was crowdy, and there you can realized about the funny and weird mix in the air..dirty sweat smell but with oil fragance, from people going to the beach. Also, some ladies (and suited men like me) covered in fresh fragances trying to cover that dirtiness. Strange, but sometimes hot

After a while, entering the office, I saw same mixture. But nobody suited, just me..
Wtf!?? Whats going on in here?!? Air is broken since yesterday they said, it was sent on a circular. We were allowed to wear as we want. will be a hell of a day. Today I do have plenty of meeting, even on that room on the basement..shit, will suffer that one. Basement doesnt have any window, so only fresh air comes from the crappy old (and today broken) air c.

At least, I did realized pretty some cleaveages around. At the time I was going to my office, almost everybody was facing me, thinking Im crazy..but some ladies strangely were biting their pens. Lets see: Im a tall, athletic man, kind of handsome, in a great position on the company with my own office. Single, plus being talkative and funny. You may think about fucking Grey..but no, not that sissy at all lol. Some may be attracted to me, but maybe today being only one suited up..that would be definetely a plus

So, meeting begin at mid morning. Crowdy room, too many new faces..and cleaveages! Didnt realize that until it was too late, what a damn pity, I do guest the meeting, only one not seated, with privileged views, and just noticed 5 minutes before ending. From that moment, my mind passes out. Not looking faces anymore! Quick look around, 5 man (no thanks), 2 old ladies (about to thanks), 3 young women ..and THE cleaveage. Fucking hypnotic, great, big, perfect..must be mine. Inmediatly, had to hide behind my chair, big bulge comes out. It does feel terribly great, but after some days without unloading it, its DAMN big.

Fiuu..meeting finsh and people leave the room. Got 5 minutes before next meeting on damn basement. Can I miss that one? Lets check.. 2 people confirm their assistance (fuck old Larry and..who else??)
I fell into my chair, didnt realize someone was there until she said…
– Wow! That IS a nice presentation.. (THE cleaveage was in front of me, and I even barely can see her face, really, that rack was covering her from my pov)
– Thanks..?
– Im yours…I mean (she blushed..and she made that pause on purpose, so I can notice it, subliminar sex message) Im part of your team now.(which kind of sexy accent is that one?)
– Oh, ok. Welcome onboard. We have an appointment later on.

Confused, I lead myself to dumb basement room (who decided to create that?)While I started to go downstairs and entering the room, I realized..nobody was on that floor. I took a look into wall, written &#034Just for meeting purposes, entire floor under maintenance&#034
Perfect..just me, silly Larry and someone else. Wasted day

After 10 minutes waiting, I decided to pack things. Call Larry, seems he is not working today, dumb lucky old man! But on my first step, THE cleaveage enters the room, followed again by that familiar face…the new girl.
– Im about to leave, nobody is coming and meeting will be suspended.
– Im cumming now (Did I heard so?)
– You are the new girl right?
– Yes sir. Im here to follow your orders (doesnt sound strange..but hot?)
– Ok. Then sit and lets talk about your tasks
– Sure sir, tell me what do you want me to seat.
– hmm…anywhere

Smiling, I do look directly to THE cleaveage, while she takes a look around, but she looks me back and smiles too (did she noticed? ) She starts walking towards me, and accidentally she falls to the ground. On her knees, right in front of me, I do have a perfect view of the whole thing. So pretty, got THE cleaveage, showing part of those (for sure) glorious boobs, and she keeps smiling (was it on purpose?) My mind goes away for a while, imaging how terrible fine must be fucking her so hard, THE rack bouncing, hands tied on her back, leaving so sore the cunt of this whore.. I may be a suited man, but my sexual appetite is fucking strong.

– My lord? Can you help me please? As I was still impacted and dreaming, she pick my hands, but she slide her hand tall along my pants before reaching them…touching my once again..big hard cock. Suddenly I awake from my dirty dream.

– wait, wtf are you doing? (It got me by surprise)
– Im sorry my lord, dont want to dissapoint you. Dont you like that?
–! Cmon, we are at work. And stop calling me sir or Lord (internally, something wants her to keep doing all of it, something big ..that keeps growing)
– Im so sorry my lord. ( but she keeps smiling, and moving her awesome body right and left, like waiting for something)
– What do you want ??
– Im here to please you my lord. You have to tell me what do you want and I will fulfill any desire, will obey you.
– What? (Does these things really happen? And if so..why me?)
– Im your dirty thing, you can do whatever you want with me (she keeps smiling, while she suddenly grab one of her tits)
– Damn…(cant believe it…bl**ds goes down..and here it goes, big bulge again, no chair in between this time)
– Wow, my lord, that Duke of Cummings is so big
– You are..such a whore (would I be able to do it? Nobody working on basement, both wanting dirty sex…)
– Yes my Lord, Im your whore thing. Please give me what I deserve

Then, a switch turns on on my mind, letting savage side take control..(tbc)

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