Cuckold Vacation Part 1


As I woke up, I watched my girlfriend climaxing on Mike´s huge big black cock as he was nutting all inside her sweet pinkish pussy. They were fucking on the floor and she was trying to stay quiet as she didn’t want to wake me. Her consideration only makes me love her even more.

She kissed Mike goodbye, passionately, as we were about to go on a 2 week vacation with a couple of our friends (two more couples) to an all-inclusive hotel down at Roatan. We have agreed that it is in our best interest to keep our cuckolding rendezvous a secret, and she wouldn’t even flirt with any hung black man no matter how tempting.

Once we arrived at the hotel, the whole squad decided to fetch a couple of drinks and catch a quick bite before calling it a night, as the trip had left us exhausted. We had a good time and each couple retreated to their rooms.

In our rooms, my girlfriend and I started to kiss and one thing led to another and we started to have sex. I tried my best to last as long as her bulls, but that was quit impossible. I could tell she had fun, but it wasn´t as orgasmically fulfilling as she has become accustomed to. Her mind and body quenched a big black cock.

The next three days were exactly the same. I tried my best but the moans were different, her movements were different and she wasn’t fully satisfied. Every night after I went to sl**p, (or pretended to) I heard her masturbate quietly, as she tried to shield my feelings. Her desire for a well hung black man was discernible. I knew something needed to be done.

The next day, we all had a hiking trip planned but I decided to stay because I wasn’t feeling that well (or so I said). I went to every tourist hot-spot I could think of until I found two black men who were perfect for my girlfriend. Jacob was tall and athletic while George was a bit bulky (but exactly how she likes them). After some convincing and offering to pay their room in our hotel (and lend them my girlfriend of course) they obliged.

That night, my girlfriend was exhausted from the hiking trip. She was laying in the bed and I gave her a blindfold and told her to strip. She smiled and agreed but I could see it in her face, she just wanted me to finish as fast as I could till I went to sl**p so she could do her thing and rest. Little did she know that as she put her blindfold on, Jacob and George were coming into our room.

I asked her to open her mouth and as she did, Jacob stuck his dick inside her mouth. Something inside her changed as her body language expressed what no thousand words could; she was delighted. She sucked his cock as I took her blindfold away. George got down and starting sucking her pussy, she was startled seeing not only one, but two bulls ready for her.

Right away, I started to masturbate. Less than a minute had passed as I heard her scream desperately, “please someone stick it in”. George shoved it inside her and I immediately saw a face I hadn’t seen since we left our house, she was coming. With every thrust George made she creamed even more. Astonishingly, that didn’t fence her oral skills as she sucked Jacob´s cock with a passion. After a while Jacob wanted his turn on the pussy so they changed positions. She had completely forgotten I was there.

Jacob started to fuck her doggy while she cleaned all her juices from George´s cock. Slurping every inch of cream that covered his huge black cock. After cleaning all the juices, she started to maneuver down to his balls and ass, giving George the rim job of a lifetime. As I saw her slobbering all over his asshole, I couldn´t remember her ever doing that to me, but there she was doing it to a total stranger. Her face was one of full ecstasy as she finished for the second time. Jacob proceeded fucking her in the ass and she relished every second of it.

After a while, they started to DP her. She moaned crazed by the excitement as this was her favorite sexual act. George´s huge dick inside her pussy; Jacob´s long dick inside her ass, you could tell she was having the time of her life. It´s not her first time, but surely it seems like it as she loses herself in pleasure while it happens. She started to kiss George’s and started to caress every inch of his body all the while getting her ass properly pounded. She looked at me for a second and murmured thank you. I couldn’t hold it any longer and came.

As I went to clean up at the bathroom, I remembered I hadn’t lock the door properly; I´d began to masturbate as it all began, hence I forgot. As I was walking back to lock the door, I saw our friend Lucia watching horrified as my girlfriend had two black bulls pleasuring her simultaneously.

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