Cuckold Training my Husband


When my husband first admitted to me that he wanted to watch me have sex with other guys he had no idea of the Pandora’s box, or should I say Cassandra’s box he was opening!

Over the last 5 years I have transformed my husband from a dominant and jealous man into a totally submissive cuckold. He used to get angry whenever another man so much as looked at me and now he is completely trained and willingly submits to watching me getting fucked by other men. This is because he knows it is only when my pussy is full of of another man’s cum that he has any chance of receiving any sexual release from me.

In training my husband I had a great deal of help from a good friend of mine Catherine who is a semi-professional dominatrix. Cathy is the one who set out some simple if harsh methods of training my husband and they worked like a charm!

The first month whenever my husband got amourous I referred to him as my little cuck. I also explained that as a little-dicked wimp with only 5 inches he was no longer allowed to have regular sex with me but was only allowed to eat my pussy.

While he ate my pussy I explained in detail how much I was looking forward to fucking all the guys that had been hitting on me. I then allowed him to jerk off but only after he had made me cum with his mouth still on my pussy. I also made him buy me a large black dildo to fuck myself with when I was sexually frustrated. In truth I did miss my husband’s cock but I couldn’t let him know that!

We also started watching porn, something I had rarely done before and it was always of tiny women like me (I am 5’1&#034 and asian) being fucked by well endowed white or black guys. (My husband is white).

During this early time I let him cum on my stomach or tits but only if he promised to lick it off of me and swallow it all. Also while he was jerking himself off I always referred to him as a wimp and cucky while he would call me Mistress or Goddess, which I really enjoy!

During the next month I made him wait on me like a servant giving me back rubs and foot massages, and listening in while I started making phone calls to various guys that I was flirting with over the internet. Many of these guys wanted phone sex so I would tell them in detail how much I was looking forward to fucking them while explaining to them that my husband’s cock was worthless, couldn’t satisy me and would likely never enter my sacred pussy again.

The third month was when I took things to the next level. At this point my poor husband was so sexually frustrated that he was almost constantly masturbating. I found this both irritating and distracting so I purchased a locking chastity device for his penis and made a point of keeping him locked up in it for days at a time. I also wore the key to it on a chain around my neck.

I could not believe how desperate for release this made my husband. He orally serviced me for hours while begging for release from his cock cage. I must admit the power very much turned me on and I came hard on his face and then smiled as he licked up every last drop of my pussy nectar.

Only then did I release him and gave him a foot job which took all of half a dozen rubs with my feet before he spurted his worthless load all over my toes and feet which I then made him clean up with his tongue.

That night after he had showered I locked him up again and this time told him I would not be releasing him until he had found me a well hung lover.

In the following week my husband outdid himself. He found a well endowed 9 inch black guy named Roy that he had met while playing squash with a few months earlier. He knew Roy was well hung from peeking in at him in the shower at the gym. When my husband told me that part I laughed and told him I always knew he was queer. You should have seen how crestfallen he looked when I called him that.

But a few days later my husband was eagerly watching Roy pounding his thick black cock into my tight little pussy while I moaned and told Roy (truthfully) that he was the best lover I had ever had.

My husband knew that I was not on the pill and so was especially traumatised when I urged Roy to cum in my fertile pussy. (I had not told my husband or Roy that I was wearing a diaphram). Soon Roy was erupting inside me and I had one of the most intense orgasms of my life.

Then while Roy was still there I had my husband lay on the bed. I then squatted on my cucky’s face as I leaned forward and unlocked his cock cage. I heard my hubby’s muffled voice say &#034thank you Mistress&#034 and with that I sat up so that a maximum amount of Roy’s potent cum could run into my cucky’s mouth and face.

Once I was confident my cucky was dutifully swallowing everything that was flowing out of my little pussy did I actually lean forward and start sucking his poor little cock back to life. My hubby moaned with relief right away but his now shriveled cock had been trapped for so long that it had trouble growing back to its full size.

Then I noticed that Roy was hard again, and with my husband finally fully erect and on the brink of cumming in my mouth I stopped and told him to leave our bedroom so that Roy and I could have some privacy while a real man fucked me.

I could then tell my husband was kneeling outside our bedroom door and masturbating as he listened to Roy and I fucking all night. At one point I yelled at my cuck husband that he’d better clean up any mess he made on our nice hard wood floors before he went to sl**p!

The next morning I had my cuck hubby make Roy and I breakfast while I told Roy and my hubby what an incredible lover Roy was an how he had touched me in places my pathetic husband never could.

After that first incredible night Roy introduced me to a couple of his other well hung friends. Soon I had hubby trained to phone these studs and beg them to come over and fuck me. This was because the only time I ever released him from his cock cage and allowed him to masturbate was when he was slurping some guys cum out of my well fucked pussy.

During this first year of extreme cuckolding, apart from his birthday and Christmas I never let my husband fuck me. On our next wedding anniversary I arranged for two of my studs to fuck me in a row and cum in me. I then had my lovers watch as I served my husband his anniversary cream pie fresh from my pussy. Finally as a special treat I actually gave my husband a blow job until he came in my mouth. My hubby foolishly watched to see if I would swallow his yucky sperm so instead I french kissed him and made him swallow his own spunk.

After being thoroughly cuckolded, my husband is no longer jealous when other men look at me. Instead he asks me if I like the look of him and if I say yes he then quickly arranges to get their phone numbers for me.

Since some of you asked (when I posted this story previously) yes I am a sadistic bitch. But if my husband, who I dearly love, actually wanted me to end his cuckolding I would. I have (on doctor’s orders) lightened up on the cock caging as it was affecting my husband’s ability to get and maintain an erection. After this I also decided that I missed being intimate with him and so last year for our wedding anniversary after serving him his cream pie (this time from three lovers) I actually let him fuck me. My husband wept with joy and gratitude as he came inside me. It was shortly after this that I became pregnant.

My loving husband insisted I keep the baby even though there was only a slight chance the baby was his. I kept him in the dark as to whether we were having a boy or a girl, and I of course had no idea who the father was, it could have been one of half a dozen men including my husband. I was thinking I could end up having a well hung Tiger Woods if the daddy was black. Instead I gave birth to a very healthy baby boy whose biological daddy was obviously white and, judging from the surprised look on the nurses’ faces when my boy was delivered, extremely well hung.

I was so happy with how things turned out and how loving and supportive my hubby has been as a cuckolded father, that I have promised my husband the next time I get pregnant I will make sure it is his . I am hoping it will be a girl.

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