Cuckold, and how to have a cuckold lifestyle.


Hi Hamsterites,
So you’d like to have a cuckold relationship with your wife or partner, and need to know how or if it is at all possible, then read further…

I’m going to make this as short as possible. This is only my own experience so their may be another way round, but still, good advice..and it’s from the man’s point of view….

1) you have to have a great relationship. If your relationship is in trouble and you invite competition, then you should hardly be surprised if she runs off.

2)The idea that a man is less for sharing his wife is a myth. To have enough confidence to get into this game in the first place shows balls. If cock size is the issue, then don’t bother. look,, if all the blokes with big dicks pulled the best women, then what the fuck are they doing on xhamster?
I have an average cock, 6&#034, thats plenty because when it comes to orgasums, sex, is in the mind. If your girl wants to enjoy a big dick, you should view it in the same way that you might want a girl with big boobs. i mean? so what?, doesn’t mean you can’t fully enjoy what you have already.

3. not all people want loads of sex. like love, everyone thinks their romeo’s or juliettes. rubbish. not everyone &#034gets it&#034. let me explain….
when you go into a bar all the blokes tell you that their sexual a****ls. Practically every woman you meet will tell you their sexual b**sts……and all would be fucking night and day but only wish their partners &#034understood them&#034. rubbish.
look, the bottom line is that they lie. Most are normal human beings for whom sex is not very important. Seriously. They are the majority. they start great for a couple of years and then it dies away. perfectly normal. you see the bottom line is that just 3 out of ten of us have a high sex drive. and out of that, perhaps with women,,,, one from five. So choose wisely..

4) Be successful. This doesn’t mean you have to be a millionare, but it does help with the logistics. so provide the wealth you need, and don’t spend every minute of the day making it. And don’t be a bore with it.
Nothing worse then a &#034master of the universe&#034 giving it the &#034big one&#034, thinking cause they had champers at the savoy means every one else has to kiss their ass.
Success is to strive for goals and achieve them one by one.

The most useless emotion that fulfills no purpose. If you suffer it then don’t go near cuckolding, or swinging. If you suffer jealousy or envy then don’t bother. It shows your own weakness.

6) Nymphomania.
Yes, you have to find a partner with a high sex drive, but that makes neither you nor her a sex addict. Stay far away from them. look, wanting to enjoy a gangbang together does not make you a sex addict. These feelings are quite normal for those with a high sex drive. Great sex is something to add to an already fine sexlife, not a carrear.

7) Generosity.
A cuckold is generous by nature. He enjoys the pleasure of giving. He yearns for his partner the finest of all things, and not just sex.
He is no wimp. No sissy. Let me explain…
A cuckold is in control but without being controlling. He is a facilitator. He is the medium through which his partner will experience the greatest sex in her life. She will be pleasured with him, through him and because of him. He will be as no lover she has ever had before. She expected the usual lover, maybe slightly better then the last,,,,,but boy!,,,,, you will give her something she has never dreampt of before…
a solid loving romantic with the confidence to share her. To adventure together into the unknown with eachother, and because of eachother.

8) Be openminded,
You will discover more about yourself and your partner then you have ever known with any other. You have to, &#034go with the flow&#034. You will find yourself pondering many new questions about the nature of what your doing and the world around you. Be prepared that not all is as it seems, but also for some delightful surprises.

9) Always put your woman first. Never put a woman down. ever.
Women are as close to perfection as any man can dream of.
If you have proved yourself as the protector, the provider of stability, the wealth maker and the lover she wishes above all others, then cuckolding is just an extension of what you two already have.
But if you’ve been divorced more then twice,,,,, find yourself d***k too often, kick the dog and haven’t seen your k**s in a month, then don’t bother.

Look,,, let me tell you a secret….
Why do you think women are so attracted to black guys,….
a) cock size?…no, cause while a big cock can be a turn on for women, it means more to blokes and their feelings of inadaquacy then it does to her. Once a guy uses his imagination, her juices will follow. same for us too
b) colour. the black on white is a beautiful thing to behold. The contrast is artistically complementary.There’s not much you can do about that, but that’s not why
c) Physicality? no,..anyone can have that……

Why…. mostly culture
You see black men are easier going. Simple. Imagine,,, there’s the three of you naked. naked as the day you were born. It’s then, after the sex, that humour and lightheartedness make a great evening. The ability to follow the sex with banter and jest.
You see your duty as a cuckie is to make the WHOLE evening a delight, and this is so much easier when your not questioning every emotional detail. White european men often have far too many hangups. And here we have a difference too… within the african culture there are many chauvinist attitudes belonging to the victorian era. So just being black is no guarantee either.

Cuckolding is an extension of an already happy relationship.
Cuckolding is an extension of an already successful life.
Cuckolding is for the guys who have already proved themselves to be a man.
If you haven’t achieved much and your already old, forget it.
if your young and very much in love in the traditional sense, then you have a good chance… IF YOU TREAD LIGHTLY!, and remember, it’s no substitute to getting your ass into work.
If your older, your wife loves and has loved you very much, and you want to try something while you can…then go for it. In small steps with months of loving and doing nice stuff about the house that you promised years ago. And when she suspects you’ve found some one else…..then tell her your most deepest never know.

so good luck.
Under the right circumstances the cuckolding lifestyle can be a very beautiful thing

xx Connor

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