Cougar’s First BJ


Kathy who lived up the street from me was a married middle aged woman in her late 40’s. With all three of her offspring grown up and out of the nest and her husband traveling as a management consultant, Kathy was home quite a bit. Quite conservative in nature and dress, she was a little big of enigma. Never was one for flirting and who usually wore loose, un-revealing clothing. My wife and I had gotten to know her through block parties and neighborhood events where should would stay and talk but rarely had more than single drink.

One day she asked if I would come over to help her hang a pretty big picture. When she opened the door, my jaw pretty much dropped to the floor. She was wearing a thin, tight, t-shirt with no bra on underneath. Her jean shorts were Daisy Duke short which showed off her shapely butt and legs. I had never seen Kathy dress this way before but for the first time got a good idea of the what she was hiding under her usually conservative wear. It was obvious now that she was in shape, with a nice athletic body, her butt was quite firm for a 48yo although her C-cup tits did hang a bit. Kathy seemed a bit un-easy as she invited me in to her home and seemed to be quite pre-occupied for someone who invited me over. She led me downstairs to their recently finished basement and showed me the picture. I had a very difficult time even looking at her in her eyes, as the nips on her 36c tits poked through the thin fabric kept on getting my attention.

It was all I could do to talk to her, however, I was not alone. She seemed quite un easy and awkwardness in her conversation too. Her body was seducing me, but she did not pick up on the flirting or suggestive talk. Finally, she displayed a little frustration and very matter of factly stated “Hey Bill, I got to level with you. My intention was to seduce you, but I have never done anything like this.” I led her over to the couch and we sat close to each other but slightly turned to face each other. Our knees were touching and I held her hand as she explained that she had a very boring sex life and wanted to explore more. She told me she only had vaginal sex with George, her husband, and that she just recently discovered porn and masturbation. She had been very attracted to me and thought I would be safe to have an affair with because I was married. Wow, I was floored ….. and turned on!

I reached over and pulled her lips to mind and started to kiss her passionately. She was hesitant at first but continued and got into it pretty quickly. She asked if I was attracted to her, and I said yes, very much so and reached out and placed her hand on my crotch so she could feel my hard-on. She tried to pull back but I said I thought you wanted to try something new then I told her to start massaging me, which she did. We made out and I worked a hand up her shirt and found her sexy 36c tits and a set of very hard nips. I helped her off with her shirt then suggested she stand up. She was shaking as I pushed her jean shorts and panties down revealing a freshly a freshly shaved pussy. I asked if she did that for me, and she said “yes” shyly. “ First time I have ever shaved it.” She said that was embarrassed this being the first time a guy has seen her naked other than her husband or a doctor. I reassured her that she was very sexy, pretty and I found her body very pleasing to me. I pulled her to my side and we started to heavily pet, mostly me petting her. Soon, I was fingering her pussy and it was obvious she was in very lustful state of excitement. I started to ask her questions about her sex life, which was pretty much just straight missionary style sex, and how she got into watching porn. I asked her what she liked watching, and she did not answer right away. I pulled my finger from her pussy and as I slapped her pussy I told her “answer me!” in a stern voice. She said softly, “I like to watch blowjobs” as she looked down submissively. I pulled her head up and asked “is that what you want to do to me?”. She hesitated but shook her head affirmatively. Fuck, my dick was pounding with excitement. I went back to fingering her and told her to rub her clit. She obeyed and her breathing started to increase and I knew she was getting close to cumming. “In your fantasy where do you have me cum?” I asked. She did not answer immediately, but eventually said “in the normal place. “ With that she tensed up and let out a whimper as she reached a very intense orgasm.

I let her recover a bit and kissed her. Then I gently pushed her head down to my nipples where she eagerly licked and sucked each. Her tongue darting on my nipples made me urn for her mouth on my hot rod so I whispered to her that is was time for her to suck my dick. I encouraged her by gently pushing her down to my dick where kissed and licked my shaft and head sending shivers through my spine. I said “put it in your mouth” and then felt the softness of her lips and encircle my head taking me about 1-2 inched into her warm wet mouth. She was driving me crazy with the intense concentrated stimulation on my glands and I had to have her slow down. I pushed her head and encourage her to suck a little deeper and slower. She was very eager to try but from the angle my dick started to hit her teeth, which did not feel too good.

We changed positions with me standing and her kneeling in front of me. I pulled my dick up to my chest and had her suck my balls which she did with gusto. Finally I stepped back and she took the hint to start sucking my cock again. Oh wow! I did it feel good this way. I pushed her down gently and soon she was taking 3-4 inches into her mouth. She started to alternate short shallow strokes and longer deeper ones. Every once in a while she would gag, but I reassured her that she was doing it right. I lightly held her head in both hands and started to guide her up and down on my shaft. Her mouth felt wonderful. Light pressure from her tentative tongue and lips, the warmth and wetness combined resulted in pure pleasure the I have rarely felt from a woman. My pace quicken and I started to near a very pleasurable climax but I was just at the edge, having trouble arriving. Finally, I urgently said “suck harder” which she instantly did. This was all I needed as I screamed that I was going to cum. I felt her body tense up along with mine, and I exploded into her mouth. Kathy stopped moving and let me just rock back and forth in her mouth as I filled her mouth with its first load of cum. I did not think I was ever going to stop, but finally my orgasm faded. I gently pulled out of her mouth and looked at my pretty mistress. Damn, she was a mess! Cum all over her face, and dripping from her chin on to her sexy boobs. She had a bewildered look on her face not knowing what just happened. I looked at her, smiled, and said in a very passionate tone “that was awesome!” She immediately smiled in relief realizing she had made me very happy.

I looked at her and said “you are a mess you want me to find a towel.” She looked at me and laugh, “I never imaged it quite like this!” I got a towel from the bathroom but as I came back had an idea. I told her I wanted to do something to show my appreciation before I cleaned her up. I picked her up, put her cum covered body on the couch and immediately dove in to lick her pussy. She moaned and seem to forget she was covered in cum. Kathy started to really move her hips to meet my assaulting tongue. She instinctively grabbed my head with both cum covered hands really hard than immediately backed off. I paused long enough to say, go ahead, I love having my head grabbed, and don’t worry about being too rough. Do what comes naturally.” Almost immediately she grabbed my head again with strong desire. I slide a finger up her soaked pussy and as soon as I hit her g-spot, she let out one hell of a wail as she came. Her body convulsed repeatedly as I tried to keep licking her clit as hard as I could. Finally, she pulled my head away, saying enough! That was awesome – I never came that way or that intensely before. With that we cleaned up and then kissed good-bye promising to repeat our rendezvous in the near future. My first long term affair had started.

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