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I led Carol into the kitchen and asked where Claire was, “upstairs getting ready”.

Good we’ll put on a little show for her then. I sat on a chair and beckoned Carol to me, so she was standing close. “Hold your skirt up and let me see what you’ve got under there”, slowly she lifted the hem and as I had told her she had tan tights and no panties, her pussy had been freshly shaved. I ran my hands up her thighs, massaged her cunt and squeezed her bum, then hooking my fingers into the top of her tights I pulled them down to her knees. “Legs apart” I commanded, and I easily pushed two fingers into her wet cunt. She started to fuck my hand so I withdrew it, “on your knees and backup so that your head is against a cupboard door”.

She looked puzzled. I released my prick and standing in front of her pushed my prick into her mouth, she didn’t object, well couldn’t object. Slowly I fucked her mouth, as deep as I like so that my balls banged against her chin, what a sight.

I fucked her with long stokes and short strokes so that the bell end of my pricked slipped between her lips. When I was close to cumming I pulled out and told her to call Claire. She called and a small voice from upstairs she was coming, so was I.

Hearing Claire clip clip down the stairs I had an inclin that she had the heels on I had told her to wear. I pushed back into Carol and pistoned my prick in and out fast, Claire appeared in the doorway and stood open mouthed, “come over here and stand beside your mother” I commanded. She did and when she was right next to Carol I said lift your skirt Claire, let me see what I’m going to play with later. She lifted her short skirt, tan tights and white panties, very virginal. “What do you think of your Mothers cock sucking skills” I asked, she giggled in her silly little way. “Put you hand around my cock Claire and give it a squeeze”, she did and I let go with a stream of cum into Carols’ mouth, “Don’t swallow it all” I advised her.

I pulled Carol to her feet, what a picture, lips clasped together holding back my cum, and her nylons around her knees. I took Claire’s hand and whispered in her ear, “kiss mummy and use your tongue”. They kissed and swapped my cum, swirling it with the tongues, I held the back of their heads until I was satisfied they had shared the load between them.

Carol gathered herself together, pulled her tights up, washed her face and reapplied the deep red lipstick. Claire just sorted her lipstick out. I grabbed a beer and sat in front of the fire with the video on and the controls ready, I had loaded a tape of some kinky sex I was keen for them both to view.

I told Carol to go and get two dildos from my bag, she did, both were of a similar size, about 8” long with a 2”girth. Carol approached me and as before I ran my hands up her legs felling her tight bum and hairless cunt through the nylon of her tights. I pushed a finger I into her wet pussy and it was very wet. She lifted her skirt so that I could see myself play with her and her juices were starting to make the tops of her tights wet. Turning her round I squeezed and mashed her bum then lowered her tights, “bend over” I commanded. She bent at the waist and held her knees, using pussy juice I lubricated her anus and then inserted first one then two fingers, she squirmed, “hold still you whore”. Taking one of the dildos I worked it into her rose bud until it was a good 4” inside. Stand and pull your tights up, she did and as she did I turned the control on the end of the dildo so that it quietly hummed and vibrated. She pulled her tights up to keep the dildo in place. “Go and stand in the corner, keep your feet and knee’s together and make sure it doesn’t fall out”. She did and looked fairly uncomfortable in the process.

I let Carol stand for 5 minutes or so then approach Claire who had been sitting on a chair watching. “Up you get and follow me”. I sat in the middle of the sofa and had Claire lay across my lap, face up with her bum in my lap. For 10 minutes I played my hands up her legs feeling her pussy through the tight nylon, her small tits through her white blouse and pushing my fingers in and out of her mouth. I kissed her deep and could taste my own cum in her. Raise your hips and lower your tights and panties, she did, pushing them to her knees, another picture of loveliness I had created. I fingered her pussy which was wet and glistening, then spreading her pussy lips I slowly pushed home the second dildo, it didn’t take much for it to be 5” inches inside her and then I switched it on. I told her to get up but keep the dildo in place which she did and then I had her pull her tights and panties up to ensure the dildo was pressed home.

I had her stand beside her mother and admired the pair, standing in the corner of the room looking quite sweet only they and I knew what was happening under their skirts. I started the video that they could both see and released my cock which had grown hard again, Slowly I wanked as the video showed two lesbians fucking each other with strap on cocks, both had stockings on and one was older than the other, Carol and Claire may get some idea where today was going!

With my prick sticking out from my trousers I got up and took their hands, led them to a chair each and pushed them hard into the chair. Carol squealed as the dildo was pushed deeper into her bottom but Claire gave no reaction. From my bag I took out two cock gags and fitted them, just sit and watch I’ll test you on it later. Be good!

I went upstairs stripped and showered, shaving the whole of m y body and using a sweet smelling skin moisturiser. When I had dried I stroked my shaven cock until a drop of precum appeared at the end, taking it on my finger I tasted it, sweet and salty. I dressed in clothes I had told Carol to buy, a bra which I padded out with stocking s and tights from one of her draws, pantygirdle, tan seamed stockings and 4” black heels, I put on makeup, blusher and lipstick. I believe Carol thought the clothes were for her, she’d be surprised.

I clip clipped my way down stairs and could see them both watching the video, before I had left I had turned the volume up so they didn’t hear me. I stood in front of them both and was pleased with their shocked faces; I masturbated hard close to Claire’s face and when the precum appeared I wiped it off on her eye. I done the same to Carol although it was a close thing I nearly spunked all over her face.

I removed the cock gags and stood Claire up. Feeling her up again I ran my hands over her bottom and pussy feeling the bulge where the dildo was humming away. I removed her skirt and lowered her tights and panties to her knees, I knelt in front of her and took the dildo in my mouth and worked it back and forth, and the dirty little cunt started to fuck it hard so I pulled it out of her. Standing behind her I wedged my cock up the crack of her bottom so that the tip rubbed her pussy lips and stimulated her, she was so was hot, so was I. I’d cum again on this game then have them enjoy themselves. I told Carol to kneel in front of Claire and to take my cockhead in her mouth as it appeared below Claire pussy lips.

Every time I sawed back and forth I could feel Carols lips and Claire gave a shudder as my prick rubbed her. I then stopped pushing so far forward but told Carol to continue to seek my cock head with her lips and tongue, eventually I could feel her tongue licking her daughter’s pussy as well as my prick. I then moved back completely but told her to keep licking, moving to the side what a sight to see, Carol on her knees licking and pushing her head into Claire’s pussy, Claire had her hands on the back of her mothers head and was riding her face hard, Claire’s tights and panties were around her knees. I watched and slowly wanked for 10 minutes until I could stand it no longer. I picked up the dildo that had been in Claire and placed it in Carol’s hand. From the side I pushed my prick into the join of mouth and pussy, then holding Claire’s bottom in one hand and Carols head in the other I fucked both pussy and mouth of the pair.

I took Carols hand, which was holding the dildo, and pointed towards my arse, Carol drove the dildo deep into me making my orgasm even more intense. I came like never before and I spurted cum into Carol’s mouth, over her face and onto Claire’s pussy. What dirty fucking cum buckets these two whores were? I had only been at the house 2 hours; there was a long time to go yet!

A cup of coffee for the females and a beer for me later I decided to play again.

I told Claire to go upstairs and get nylon stocking from her Mothers draw and the baby oil from the bathroom. When she returned I had a semi hard cock just thinking about what next. I had Claire kneel on the floor beside me and put the stocking on the cock, it stiffened up immediately. Slowly she wanked me and squirted baby on to my cock and her hand; slowly she squeezed my cock from its base until her small hand just held the bell end of my cock between her thumb and index finger. Carol sat opposite watching and perhaps wondering. The feeling of nylon and baby oil on my cock was too much and I beckoned Carol over so she knelt in front of me with a good view often action. I told Claire to remove stocking and add more oil, which she did without missing a beat. Then I raised my own stocking covered legs high in the air and held them together, Claire now wanked me towards her mother. I had Claire stand with her back to me wanking me between her legs. With her left hand she took the back of her Mums head and directed her mouth to my cock. She masturbated me hard as Carol’s hot mouth engulfed my cock. Taking carols head in both hands she now used her mother to satisfy me. Not content with the perverted view and feeling was experiencing I had Claire drop her tights and knickers to her knees and tuck the back of her skirt into its own waistband. When I could stand it no longer I pushed Claire out of the way and carol backwards on the floor, then straddling her with my knees against her tits I lent forward and fucked her faced. Close to cumming I felt Claire’s hand between my legs fondling my balls as I let forth I torrent of cum into Carols mouth. Spent I rolled beside Carol then lent over and kissed her deeply tasting my own cum still in her mouth. Claire looked on, tights and panties around her knees and a dildo pistoning in and out of her pussy.

To be continued…………

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