Chapter 14 Chrissie Gets Some Payback


Chapter 14
Chrissie Gets Some Payback

It was late Saturday afternoon when we finally arrived home. Mommy was in
a wicked state of sexual bliss brought on by the humiliating session she
had f***ed me to go through with a professional mistress. Her beautiful
face was flushed with desire. Mommy had grown to love putting me through
degrading experience after experience but this time she had gone way over
the edge. I had been f***ed to service over two dozen faceless men in a
filthy glory hole in a sex shop off a narrow alley in Soho, spending more
than two hours on my knees under the lustful eyes of mommy and the
mistress, moving from one dangling cock to the next on my knees on the
dirty floor. Some of the men had just arrogantly jerked off on my face
while others had demanded the full treatment. I was filthy, covered in
dried cum and my stockings were raggedly torn at the knee. All I could
taste was the residue of the jism so many men had shot into me. My tummy
was slightly swollen; chock full of fresh semen swimming around inside me
vainly looking for a woman’s egg to inseminate. By my own calculations I
had the equivalent of a pint glass of the creamy goo in me and plenty
splattered on my face and chest.

Mommy went into the living room, slipped out of her skirt and lowered her
knickers. Then she wantonly sat on the sofa with her stocking clad legs
splayed and began to play with herself.

&#034Come over here,&#034 mommy said with a purr in her voice. &#034I’m so sorry you
had to service so many men today but I’ve heard that spunk is good for
your complexion. You should be glowing with health.&#034

&#034You can go and shower after mommy is taken care of,&#034 she added. &#034Go down
on your knees and put your filthy tongue to work.&#034

I went on my knees, thanking the heavens the living room floor was
carpeted and began to lick around mommy’s pussy, teasing her before I
worked my magic. As my tongue started to go back and forth on her clit
with just the right amount of f***e she loved, she quickly had a strong
orgasm wrapping her thighs around my ears and squeezing my head tightly.
When her body stopped going through her post coital spasms, she pulled me

&#034Take off your skirt and panties and come sit next to mommy,&#034 she said.
&#034I want to talk to you and I want to play with your little dick.&#034

I flushed with excitement at the thought of that and quickly pulled down
my skirt and slipped off my panties. I sat next to mommy and felt her
touch me, which sent a quiver through my body. After three years of
strong oestrogen treatment my once sub average size cock had shrunk to
about an inch in size and could no longer get hard, but I still enjoyed
it when it was touched, particularly by mommy’s beautiful hand.

&#034When you tried that ill-fated experiment of being a real man, did anyone
ever suck your cock?&#034 mommy asked playfully.

&#034Before I married Heidi she did do it one time to me, but after the
wedding she didn’t seem to be interested,&#034 I replied, enjoying the
feeling of her two fingers playing with my little cock. &#034After she and
Helen started me on the oestrogen treatment and I was chemically
castrated, Heidi did confide about her lovers and how they liked to have
their cocks sucked. I even saw her do it to a couple of men. I guess she
just didn’t like to do it with me.&#034

&#034Of course she didn’t like to do it to you honey,&#034 mommy said with a
little chuckle, looking down at what was once my manhood. &#034Women only
want to suck on a real man’s cock, not a sissy’s little thing. Women want
to be submissive to a powerful man and there’s no better way to
demonstrate that than going down on them.&#034

&#034Heidi used to complain that guys never went down on her,&#034 I said. &#034She
said it seemed like a one way street with the men she went out with. Even
the men who knew she was married and didn’t suspect she had other lovers
didn’t want to lick her pussy. It really bugged her that they didn’t take
her out on dates or even want to be seen in public with her, although one
guy did take her to a swinger’s club and one other guy was generous
enough to pay for a tattoo he had designed to be inked on her ass. I
guess it all worked out in the end for her now that Rob has knocked her
up and they moved in together.&#034

&#034I guess men can just sense a woman’s a slut when they see her,&#034 said
mommy. &#034How many men did she fuck after she married you?&#034

&#034Well, if you count the lovers that she insisted on sl**ping with while
we were engaged, I would say not more than 23 or 24.&#034 I replied. &#034I
shouldn’t have gotten upset about it. I began to understand Heidi better
just a week or so after Helen gave me my first shots at her surgery. The
more feminine I became the better our marriage got. First of all, it took
the issue of sex away and I could talk to her about the problems she had
with her lovers. I’m glad now that Helen recognised that I could never
make Heidi happy in that way and helped me become who I am and that you
are back in my life. I’m even happy that we are both hookers at the same
brothel and I’m proud of the tattoo you and I have with Derek’s initials
on it. It’s like a statement that we are special and good enough to work
for him. Having the breast implants was the final step in the process and
I’m really happy how they turned out.&#034

&#034I’m even happy that Tracie has taken over from Helen, even though she
gets all the money we earn&#034 I added. &#034I know it’s selfish, but I now get
to have the hormone shots more often and I think the combination
treatment she is giving me works better. Helen could be a real bitch and
she liked to see me go through withdrawal, waiting for my next shot. I
can’t work as a t-girl prostitute without the hot rushes I get from the
oestrogen working its way through me and now that Tracie has figured out
a way to shut down the testosterone in me, then there won’t be that
constant battle between the masculine and feminine hormones.&#034

&#034I didn’t think I would like being a hooker either,&#034 mommy said. &#034But I
love it. It is the biggest ego boost in the world for young guys to pay
top dollar to be with a mature woman and knowing that alpha males are
taking care of their sexual kinks with you in the same house is a real
turn on. I love that you still like to lick my pussy after it has been
fucked, and now it is supercharged because you get to lick up the goo
from all the men who have used me at the end of the day.&#034

&#034Look,&#034 mommy said as she held my tiny prick between her thumb and index
finger. &#034There it goes again. There’s a little dribble of sissy juice
leaking out. Did you dribble all afternoon while you were sucking all
those cocks for me?&#034

&#034I guess I will have to change my knickers,&#034 I said with a little laugh.
&#034I really hope you don’t make me go through that again next Saturday. I
want you to get your kicks in life but I didn’t expect our first day off
to be like that. We should come back to work Monday refreshed and looking
forward to it.&#034

&#034I’m sorry,&#034 mommy said with a pretend pout on her face. &#034But you were
the one who first insisted on going down on me just after I had been
fucked by your uncle when you were 13. Ever since then you have wanted me
to do wicked things to you. You were the one who wanted to wake up every
morning and drink a glass of my pee and clean me with your tongue after I
poop and you bought me that riding crop and asked me to punish you. Can
you blame me for not beginning to enjoy it? We both know that you get off
on me degrading you and what better way to do that then to make you
service a bunch of alpha males? I wish I had brought a vibrator. It was
so hot looking at you crawling around and taking cock after cock.&#034

&#034Did you ever want to kiss a man?&#034 mommy asked. &#034How would you feel if
one of your clients wanted to kiss you?

&#034Ugh, I never thought of that,&#034 I replied. &#034The thought revolts me. That
would be like being gay and the last thing I think I am is gay.&#034

&#034But men are using you all day just like a guy would use another guy,&#034
mommy replied. &#034I guess it’s different now that you have completely
feminised yourself and made yourself so beautiful. I guess they can get
off thinking that they can be far dirtier and domineering with you than
they can with a real woman.&#034

&#034I don’t think I ever have to worry about anyone wanting to kiss me,&#034 I
said. &#034I think you’re right. I’m a dirty fantasy to straight guys. None
of them even want to see what’s left of my manhood, which is why they
always take me from behind.&#034

&#034Most guys that see me want to French kiss me,&#034 mommy said with a smile
of satisfaction. &#034And then they want to go down on me and some of them
are really good at that. I have gotten off a number of times. They’re
really sweet, on the whole. Luke is the only one who has been the least
bit dominant with me. I think he kind of senses that I like that. That’s
why of all the men who I saw this week, he was by far the best. I really
would fuck him for free if Derek ever allowed that.&#034

&#034I don’t think there will be anybody like that for me,&#034 I said. &#034It’s
more like wham, bam and no thank you at the end. It suits me because when
it is like that I feel totally submissive and I get the hormone rushes.
They are better than any orgasm I had when I used to be a real man.&#034

&#034You just have a huge thing for being submissive,&#034 said mommy with a
giggle. &#034That’s your hot button. I know I am the one who really pushes
all your buttons. That is quite flattering and once I began to understand
it, I got really turned on being dominant with you. It’s too bad we have
to be careful now because I used to get so wet whipping your butt until
it was covered in red welts. Derek would be furious if your little bum
wasn’t perfect every day now. That’s his big money maker, just like my

&#034It isn’t your pussy people pay for,&#034 I said, looking mommy in the eyes,
still enjoying the sensations of her touching and playing with my penis.
&#034You are a stunner. Look at you! You are 55 years old and you could pass
for 35 easily. You look like my older s****r. You’ve got the tightest
body and men get off on you being so petite and your hair looks great.
You could have been a fashion model, if you just had been tall enough.&#034

&#034How about you?&#034 mommy replied. &#034I bet nobody has mistaken you for a man
in years. You’ve got a tight little body most women would die for and
you’ve got a face like an innocent girl. Now that you have tits you are
complete. Your petite size works perfectly now. We can even share shoes
and you’ve been dressing in my clothes since you were a teenager.&#034

&#034My biggest regret is that I didn’t start you on hormones when you were
young,&#034 mommy added, playfully giving my little cock a squeeze. &#034I should
have realised you would never become a man. You are much better at being
a girl, or a t-girl now. I’ve read about it and if we had castrated you
when you were young than, for all intents and purposes, you would have
grown up to be a girl.&#034

&#034But then I might have hated you for taking away the chance to try being
a man,&#034 I said. &#034I had to find out myself that I could never be the sort
of man who could marry a woman and expect her to be faithful to me. I
guess I had to have someone like Heidi teach me that lesson. I didn’t
even know what the word cuckold meant until I was one. It was important
to go through the humiliation she put me through: having men openly laugh
at me in the face when I took her to the pub where half of the customers
had screwed her in the back room one night when she was pissed. It was
actually a relief when Helen shot the d**g in me that chemically
castrated me, although I didn’t know what it was until a few weeks
afterwards. Then when the oestrogen treatment really kicked in it was
like I couldn’t care that everyone in the neighbourhood knew that I was
married to the biggest slut in town and laughed at me behind my back.&#034

&#034The funny thing is,&#034 I added. &#034They don’t even know it is me now when I
pass them on the street. I went into the pub where Heidi fucked all those
guys that night and the same guys who made fun of me wanted to buy me
drinks. They don’t get that I am still technically married to Heidi until
the divorce goes through. They think I am just a new woman who moved into
the neighbourhood.&#034

&#034Why don’t you scrub all that dried jism off you and go there tonight for
a pub dinner,&#034 mommy said. &#034Let’s see what it’s like. It might be a lot
of fun.&#034

After I stepped out of my second shower of the day, I dropped my original
idea of dressing in white to regain some virginal innocence and decided
to show some leg and wear something a bit daring to get as much attention
as possible from the men who once considered me to be a laughing stock. I
picked out a short black leather skirt and a sleeveless top and pulled up
natural coloured hold ups and slipped on three inch heels. I went a
little heavy on the makeup, using eyeliner, pink lipstick and some
charcoal coloured eye shadow. The healthy glow I had from the hormones
rushing through me meant I never had to worry about blush. I had a
natural glow in my cheeks.

When I came down the stairs and into the living room mommy did a little
double take and, without saying a word, hurried upstairs to dress in
something equally as provocative. When she reappeared she was also
wearing a short skirt, equally tall heels and a clingy top that showed
off her slim figure. We shared spurts from a bottle of perfume mommy had
in her bag before leaving. We looked like two glamorous women out for a
night of fun and we got a lot of lustful looks from men and envious looks
from women as we walked down the street. The pub was one of the new
trendy venues in the neighbourhood that had a menu of cocktails and other
alcoholic concoctions that nobody really drank. It had revamped its menu
a few years ago and now claimed to sell the best ‘pub grub’ in London, a
claim made by virtually every other joint in town. The pub also demanded
that customers reserve dining tables beforehand although I hadn’t
bothered calling to make a reservation: I wanted to prove a point to

The hostess asked us if we had a reservation when we entered the dining
area and approached her podium. I shook my head no and I could see her
look over our heads towards where the general manager worked behind the
bar. His eyes had locked on us the moment we entered the pub, lustfully
examining us from head to toe. She asked us to remain where we were and
went to the bar and had a brief whispered conversation with him and
returned to us with a smile.

&#034We are completely booked but I think I can find a table for you,&#034 she
said. &#034Come and follow me.&#034

We followed the pretty hostess towards the dining area, but were not led
to a tiny table in the corner. Instead she seated us at a table for four
in the centre of the room, within sight of the bar. We took our seats,
careful to cross our legs so the tops of our lacy hold up stockings were

&#034The general manager would like to buy you a round of drinks,&#034 she said,
happily smiling. &#034What can I get you?&#034

&#034I think my s****r and I will just have white wine to start,&#034 I replied.
&#034And thank him for us, please. That’s really nice of him.&#034

&#034That’s the same general manager who got Heidi d***k, fucked her and
arranged for six other guys to screw her in the back room, while he took
videos and pictures,&#034 I whispered to mommy after the hostess had left.
&#034When Heidi insisted on having me come back here with her the next night,
he actually refused to serve me drinks and tried to get me to leave and
demanded Heidi stay for another gangbang. He laughed at me right in my
face and called me a useless dick-less cuckold and told me to never set
foot in the place again. I got really upset with Heidi about that and we
had a big argument. She took me to see Helen the next day and, as you
know, that’s when I was first chemically castrated and the hormone
treatments started. It was really my last night that I was still a real
man. I was technically a eunuch the next day.&#034

&#034For the first time in my life I wish I had a highly contagious and
really nasty STD,&#034 mommy whispered back to me. &#034I’d take him to the back
room right now and screw his brains out just for the pleasure of watching
his cock rot and fall off.&#034

Instead of bringing back two glasses of wine the hostess brought a wine
bucket and nice bottle of French white wine. She opened the bottle and
filled our glasses.

&#034The manager thought you would like to try this new wine we just got in,&#034
the hostess said, with a wide smile on her face mainly directed at me.
&#034It’s from a little vineyard in the south of France that he recently

&#034It’s really nice,&#034 I said to her after taking a sip. &#034Thank him again
for being so kind.&#034

&#034Just think, he’s probably got a raging hard on right now and is dreaming
of fucking you,&#034 mommy whispered to me after the hostess walked away.
&#034I’m sure his ultimate wet dream would be to get both of us in bed. Just
think what a surprise it would be for him to put his hand up your thigh
and reach into your panties and to find your dainty little cock.&#034

We both laughed at that thought; although that was one thing I was never
unaware of. It’s why I am much happier selling my body than I would be if
I had some deluded notion of actually finding romance with someone. In
reality, I have found romance in my love for mommy and really need
nothing more than that. I had no dreams of finding Mr Right. First of
all, I didn’t want to kiss or sl**p with a man. Sure, I got off on being
a submissive sex toy for the right sort of guy, but they weren’t the type
to ever want to French kiss a sissy. The thought of French kissing a man
actually revolted me. I would never put myself in a position where some
man thought he was actually seducing a woman and find out I was really
not what he had bargained for. It was better for me for men to pay for me
knowing beforehand what they were getting.

After we ordered our dinners, we talked about mommy’s husband who I was
curious about. I had never met him and mommy didn’t even have a picture
of him in her purse. I knew he was younger than her and had inherited a
bundle of money. I assumed he was handsome because mommy was pretty
demanding when it came to the sort of man that attracted her.

&#034Do you fuck like bunnies when you are together?&#034 I asked mommy with a
laugh. &#034Is he super hung? I seem to remember you have a huge thing for
huge things.&#034

&#034We did have a lot of sex in the beginning,&#034 mommy replied in a whisper.
&#034Let’s say he is a bit bigger than normal and knows how to use it. But I
don’t think you understand what sort of effect you’ve had on me. We spent
12 years together in a very unusual relationship that was wonderful and I
keep wanting to go back to that.&#034

&#034So, you’re saying you started giving your hubby the Chrissie treatment
and he started liking it?&#034 I asked, keeping my voice low. &#034Did you start
feminising him like you did with me? Maybe with a little punishment
thrown in? How has he adjusted to his new role in life?&#034

&#034It was like taking a horse to water,&#034 mommy said with a giggle. &#034That’s
why I’m not worried about his reaction when he comes up and finds his
precious wife is working as a hooker and he’ll have to line up like
everyone else and pay £500 for a half hour of my time. You know, I might
not actually fuck him the first couple of times he comes to see me. I
just might make him suffer for a few weeks but I’ll be sure to tell him
about all the other customers that screw my brains out.&#034

&#034Be sure to tell the receptionist that he is your husband when he books
an appointment,&#034 I said, barely able to control my laughter. &#034That way
everyone will know that his wife is one of the working girls. That should
embarrass him a bit.&#034

After we had finished our wine and dinner the general manager was
presumptuous enough to pull up a chair and sit down. With a confident
smile he summoned over a waiter and asked us what we would like to drink.

&#034Do you have champagne by the glass?&#034 mommy asked with a glint in her

&#034Actually, we don’t but why don’t I get us a bottle to share,&#034 he said
and then ordered a vintage bottle of Krug champagne from the waiter.
After the waiter returned with an ice bucket and poured each of us a
glass and left the table, the manager raised his glass to ours and
touched them in sort of a toast.

&#034So, let me guess,&#034 he said, directing his gaze at me and studying me
like I was a piece of meat he was about to devour. &#034You’re obviously
s****rs and there’s an age gap. I’d say you are about ten years apart.
You are about 25 and your older s****r is about 35. I hope you know that
you have every man in this restaurant lusting after you tonight.&#034

&#034That’s not far off,&#034 said mommy with a laugh. &#034Chrissie and I are just
ten years apart in age. I can’t believe we haven’t come here before.
We’ll have to make it our regular place. It’s a good thing we took
Heidi’s advice.&#034

&#034Who’s Heidi?&#034 the manager asked with his eyes fixated on my thighs.

&#034She’s a South African blonde woman who used to come here, kind of slutty
and married to a loser,&#034 mommy said, trying to hide her smile. &#034She said
she always got a warm welcome here.&#034

&#034Oh, that Heidi,&#034 the manager said, with a knowing smirk. &#034Yeah, we
always made her very welcome. I had to throw her wimpy husband out one
night because he was getting in the way of our fun. She’s a very giving
woman, if you know what I mean.&#034

&#034I’m sure I do,&#034 said mommy with a little laugh. &#034It’s such a shame about
what happened to her.&#034

&#034I haven’t seen her around for a few months,&#034 he replied. &#034I think she
got a little more than she bargained for a couple of nights she came
here. She had a big thing for me but I’m not the selfish type, if you
know what I mean. Is she OK?&#034

&#034Unfortunately Heidi died recently,&#034 mommy said, feigning a look of
sadness. &#034She had a really nasty strain of HIV that is highly contagious
and impossible to detect and treat. She got it in Africa before she came
to the UK and I think the NHS is trying to track down everyone she had
sexual relationships with, not that they can do much to help them, but
it’s better for people to know, don’t you agree?&#034

Suddenly the manager wasn’t scrutinising my legs or paying much attention
to the bit of lacy stocking top I was revealing. He just went silent and
I could see the colour drain from his face. I was trying to keep my eyes
on the table and resist the urge to break out in laughter.

&#034I guess it is good to know,&#034 the manager replied after a long silent
pause, his voice suddenly a bit shaky. &#034Look, I hope you girls enjoy the
champagne. I’ve got to get back to work but I hope you come back soon.&#034

With that he bounded up and walked quickly away from us towards the back
room. I guess he wasn’t going to go behind the bar for a while. Mommy
looked at me and gave me a wicked smile and then signalled to the waiter
for the bill. It was surprisingly cheap considering we hadn’t had to pay
for our bottle of wine or the champagne we were now enjoying, so we split
the bill and left a generous cash tip and poured the rest of the bottle
in our glasses, quickly downing them. It wasn’t till we were out of the
pub and walking down the street that we allowed ourselves to break out in
laughter. I hope Heidi never takes her new boyfriend, Rob, back there.

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