Blackmailed by the sweet shop owner.


I just wanted to tell you about an experience that happened to me when I worked at a sweet shop when I was young.

Let me start off by telling you a little bit about me.

My name is Iona, I am in my teens, have shoulder length brown hair, blue eyes, and wear secretarial type glasses. Dressing to tease is something I just love to do. In fact the less I can get away with wearing, the better. I go in for tiny thin revealing crop tops, the type where you can make out the points of my twin peaks; skimpy tight dresses are also a favourite of mine. If I think I can get away with it; I wear it.

I am smallish in stature, and like showing off my lithe little body. My best feature I would have to say are my long legs; I just love revealing as much of them as possible. I have pert little breasts, but my nipples are out of proportion to them, being rather large. In fact, my last boyfriend compared them to scammell starter buttons!

But that’s enough about me for now; back to the story.

I started working in the shop, and loved meeting all the people that came in through the doors, the different coloured sweets, and the aroma that they gave off was heaven. However; as with all things in this world though, there’s always a fly in the ointment isn’t there ? This particular fly, took the form of the owner of the shop where I worked. A short fat grey haired balding man called Mr. Lucas, in his late sixties I would say. He ogled me when ever he thought that I wasn’t looking, somehow always managing to touch me accidentally when he brushed past; you know the sort.

The thing is that I liked to wear all the latest fashions, but as you can imagine, it took a lot of money to do this, more than I was earning working for him that’s for sure. It was on one of those such days when you realise that you are not going to be able to afford an item you’ve seen in a store which you consider to be essential. ( are we all just gullible or what ) There is only so many times that you can open a till when you are skint, seeing all that money just laying there crying out, “Take me; I won’t be missed” Now I knew it was very very wrong, but the temptation just got the better of me one day, and I took a note from the drawer, and stuffed it into my back pocket, and thought no more about it.

About a couple of days later, when I had almost forgotten about the incident, when Mr. Lucas summoned me into his office. “Come in and shut the door behind you” he said sternly. As I entered, I noticed a small screen on his desk, which gave the view of the shops counter and more worryingly still; the till. “Now then young lady” he said “I have overwhelming evidence captured on the CCTV camera, ( which I had never noticed before ) clearly showing you taking some money from the till; “What have you got to say for yourself”? Well; there was not a lot I could say really was there; I had been caught red handed. Come to think of it now though, I should have known he would be spying on me anyway, being the sort of perv that I took him for.

“Well here’s the deal” he at last said “I can go to the police and have you charged with theft, which means that you will get you a criminal record, or you can agree to my very special terms, which are that you will do anything and everything that I say, whenever I want, for as long as I want….If you don’t, your parents will get to hear all about it, and no doubt it will be reported in the local paper as well, so what is it to be”?

Well what choice did I have? Reluctantly; I had to agree to his terms; I was well and truly stuffed, and was going to be literally too; as you will soon find out.

“Right” he sneered, “Now that you have agreed to my terms, you will come along to the flat above the shop tonight at 6:30 pm sharp young lady, and I was going to add; don’t wear to much in the way of clothing, because you won’t be have it on for very long, but there is no need for me to mention that is there,? as you come to work in almost nothing anyway”?

At the allotted time, I arrived at his flat. The door was slightly ajar. “Come in, come in, don’t waste my time; get in here, and be quick about it” he shouted from the bedroom. On entering he said “Ok now you little bitch, strip off, and lay on the bed face up” I did as I was told quickly, in case he got angry with me for taking so long, even though I was shaking with fright, and reeling from acute embarrassment, wondering what he might have in store for me. He went to one of the bedside cabinets and produced four pairs of handcuffs, and then instructed me to lay down on top of the four poster on my back. Once he was satisfied that I was in the right position, he very roughly manacled my arms; one to either side of the headboard, and then spread my legs wide, and secured them to the end of the bed, leaving me totally naked, restrained and spread-eagled, completely unable to resist anything he might decide to do to me; I was at his mercy.

He then started to undress. Have you ever noticed girls; that the more a bloke is overweight, the smaller his pencil turns out to be ? Especially those with grotesque overhanging beer belly’s; oh well;…. they say that things don’t grow much in the shade! Anyway; where was I, oh yes; when his big fat lilly white body had been revealed to me, I couldn’t help laughing at his so called cock, it looked to me more like the size of a press stud on a very cold day! “You will laugh on the other side of your face my girl” he fumed as his face went bright pink from being made fun of. With that, he came over and laid on top of my body, his weight knocking the wind out of me. He then ground his blubbery torso into me, “So; what do you think of a real man then” he said as he licked my face. I could hardly breathe, let alone answer him. He continued to m***** me in anyway and every way he could think of, to try and humiliate me, fingering my pussy and biting on my nipples as he lay there on top of me, huffing and puffing like an asthmatic ant with heavy shopping!

At last, tired of all his exertions, he rolled off of me, enabling me to at last breathe normally again. “Don’t think that you’ve got away lightly this time my girl, as I have arranged something very special for you tonight” he sniggered.

It was about this time that I could hear footsteps coming up the stairs from the shop below. It was four of his old cronies from the bowling club that he belonged to. “All trussed up and ready to be taken” Mr Lucas said gesturing in my direction. The men’s eyes stood out on stalks. Mind you, that’s not all that stood out of them on seeing me starkers for the first time! “She’s all yours” Mr Lucas announced. “Do what ever you like with her.” and went to sit at the end of the bed to watch the action.

The men were agog; mouths wide open, wondering who should do what to where first. They eyed me up like I was a succulent jelly baby, shall I go for the head, body or legs sort of look? I begged them to leave me alone as I struggled in vain to free myself from my restraints. This only seemed to excite them more, making their cocks stand up even more erect than before, and thicken in girth as well. The boldest of them went and pushed his cock in my mouth for me to suck, while two of the others started to lick my large nipples, and the last old man went for my honey pot, lapping away with his tongue, like he was cleaning off melted chocolate from it’s silver wrapper, interspersed with nibbling on my private bud, sending little electric shocks coursing throughout my body.
Now I know that these were just four old men, but I just couldn’t stop enjoying what they were doing to me, even if I had wanted to. In fact I caught myself panting with desire as they continued their treatment on me. It had got to the stage where I just hoped that one of them would invade my inner sanctum, in fact; all of them; as I was feeling soooo randy, and in need of some hot penis inside to satisfy my primeval urge.

I didn’t have to wait long though, as the one who was seeing to my pussy decided that he needed rewarding for all of his efforts. He moved up my body a bit, then slotted his pecker into my moist entrance. Ooooh; lovely, I heard myself exclaim. He started to build up a good rhythm, my love tunnel contracted around his shaft, as he gave me a good seeing to, pumping in and out of me furiously, completely overtaken by lust.

His mates watched him with envy, desperate for him to explode inside me, so that they could take over where he finished off.

It wasn’t long before he did shoot his load. My body shuddered as he suddenly released his hot white goo deep within me in short squirts, making me gasp and raise my little bottom up to meet his final thrusts.

As he rolled off to one side of me utterly exhausted, another quickly took his place, only too eager to add to the seed store.

Eventually; they all got to make a little warm deposit with their old cum, and then dressed and left, leaving Mr Lucas staring at me, eyes wide, and pupils dilated at what he had witnessed, as the men’s contributions gradually seeped out between my legs, and on to the sheets.

I am to report to him tomorrow at the same time after work, for another one of his “Very Special Nights” ……watch this space for the next instalment!

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