Black Lucky men in lanzarotte part 1


Ive decieded to tell you why im so obsessed with cuckolding and black men fucking my wife

This story is completley true and both of us have never spoke of it to anyone or each other since it happened.

This happened in Sep 2002 about 8 months after we had first met. We booked our first holiday together in lanzarotte , i was 26 and she was nearly 22 and we were still fucking like rabbits on our honey moon period , smoking weed and drinking loads . My wife had the typical curvy hipped bubble bum body of a fit 21 year old
We had been shopping for weeks buying new gear for our holiday , our biggest purchase was a jvc camcorder which we plan to record lots of holiday sex on it

We had checked into our hotel called the flamingo, it was just outside the main busy bit and really just perfect for us .
We spent two days just drinking ,smoking ,playing pool and having sex. One of the anal sex videos is actually in my videos in our profile. This was one of the videos that survived, all will be explained later.

Now on the third night we had gone out to linikers bar sitting on the outside bit watching the football , smoking and drinking ,when we got a wiff of weed in the air from someone smoking it nearby , we hadnt brought any weed with us and had planned on going with out it all holiday but now we both fancied a smoke and a walk on the beach .

I had heard ( dont know where) that the local black guys ( lucky lucky men ) who sold sun glasses etc were really d**g dealers and you could get anything from them .

Well two black guys came around selling sunglasses and i guess i just bottled it so on the third my future wife caught his attention , he came over and showed us his sunglasses and fake tag heur watches , a third guy came around the bar 10- 15 mins later and my wife caught his attention , he greeted her with a big smile and started to pull out all the ladies glasses he had until i stopped him and asked him if he had any weed . His smile changed , he looked like he was about to batter me , said something about british being all the same and stormed off . We just laughed and ordered another couple of beers , after another ten mins i walked off to the toilet and was gone at most maybe five mins , as i come back to our table i seen the same black seller that we had upset a little while ago.

He left before i reached my wife , smiled and winked at me as he left the bar down the steps. I asked my wife what he wanted and she said if we still wanted some weed we should meet him by the sunbeds over the road on the beach.

We finished our beers and walked over to the sunbeds , the guys was allready there. He was a lot friendler now and introduced himself as oboh , he said he was from nigeria and he was sorry about before in the bar but the local police had been workin with tourists to try and set the lucky lucky men up .

He said he could get us anything we wanted but we told him we only wanted weed. He told us no problem but he didnt carry it with him but if we payed him now we could follow him to his flat and he would sort us out .

My wife looked at me as to say this felt a bit dodgie but we both were a bit buzzed from the beer and went along with oboh to his flat. We walked for nearly twenty mins. My wife and i took turns in carrying our video cam bag which was fairly small by modern day standards but still a decent size bag with all its stuff with it , oboh offered to carry it but there was no way i was gunna let him , no offence but he looked like a hundred metre sprinter and some of videos we took already had my mrs taking my cock up her arse and cumming in a big way .

After a little while longer we walked up a gravel alleyway between houses and villas to what looked like a deralict building , oboh beckoned us in but by now she was more than a little spooked , i told her to wait there and i would sort things out no problem.

Oboh took me around the back of the house down some steps and into a basement , he undid a padlock and went inside , inside was very clean. It was one big room with 3 mattresses on the floor where it looked like three people were living here , a large brown dog also greeted us looking like it wanted some affection so i gave it a couple of strokes before it went outside.

I heard voices coming down the steps , it was oboh two friends , one was a huge guy with dreadlocks and the other guy about my size , they spoke to each other in what must of been nigerian , the big guy getting quite cross with oboh before calming down and all laughing about something. I had started to shit a brick now and felt uneasy about all this now.

The huge guy pulled a joint out his pocket , he lit it and said is this what youve come for with a smile , he passed it over to me after he had taken a drag , i felt a bit intimidated but the big guy just said &#034you gotta try before you buy eh &#034. Thats kinda all i remember until i came around colapsed on one of the mattresses. My wife was now in the room also looking like she had had a smoke , it cant of been just grass as we both smoked a fair bit to know what the affects were. We had been to amsterdam together and tryed some of there strongest shit, we still dont know what we smoked untill this day .
I tryed to get up but my body was like jelly, theres no way i could stand , they were all standing around my wife but she looked like she was enjoying the attention

The big guy snatched the cam bag off my shoulder and began to open it. He switched it on and pressed play. He face lit up when he seen the video playing that we had made just the night before .( you can find the videos in our profile under loud anal orgasm)
He spoke to the other guys in a excited voice , next thing they were making me smoke more of the joint and also my wife.
My wife was just standing there whilst all three of them bound my arms and legs with a plastic wrap of some sort. Oboh shoved a tshirt over my eyes and a stuffed a sock tightyly in my mouth , he wrapped the plastic around my head too to keep it on.

I was lucky, they had not put the makeshift blindfold on very well and i could see quite clearly out of my left eye enough to see what was going on .

They had switched some music on quite loud to muffle any of my wifes screams, it was her turn now

My mind raced, how had we gotten here , how could i help her. They were going to **** and abuse her and I couldn’t do anything about it but watch.

They all stripped down to there boxer shorts , i could tell there cocks would be massive. My wife was just standing there straight faced allmost accepting what would happen to her .

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